6 Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover (or Friend)

Butterfly Gifts for Valentine Bliss

6 Valentine Gift Ideas for a favorite Butterfly Lover (or friend) in your life. Butterfly Gift ideas
Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. These butterfly gift ideas help bring happiness to hearts, and hopefully make your valentine’s heart flutter with delight.

Is your valentine a fan of butterflies or butterfly gardening? If the answer is yes, these valentine gift ideas should satisfy your butterfly lover much longer than a box of chocolates!

These 6 gift ideas are not only for the butterfly lover in your life but could also be shared with someone trying to make you feel fine this Valentine’s.

6 Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover (or Friend)

Valentine Gift Idea 1- Binoculars for Viewing Butterflies

A perfect day in the butterfly garden is when you walk through and the butterflies accept you as part of the garden wildlife. However, sometimes they can be skittish and a little elusive. How can you overcome this problem so you can enjoy your garden butterflies without scaring them away? Why, with butterfly binoculars, of course!

6 Valentine Gift Ideas for a Butterfly Lover- Pentax Papilio butterflying binoculars help them watch butterflies undetected from afar or focus in for more details close up.
See what you’ve been missing! ?

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

  • If your partner/friend has poor vision, this will allow them to enjoy the vibrant sights of butterflies from great distances or in depth at close range.
  • Great idea for those with limited mobility. Binoculars allow them to zoom in on the butterflies without taking a step
  • Do you and your honey like to sit on the patio while sipping a cool beverage? Butterfly binoculars let you relax without missing any butterfly action in the garden
  • 5 star rated binoculars by actual butterfly enthusiasts that have used them
  • Good for bird watching and focusing in on other garden wildlife too

Purchase Pentax Papilio II (Butterfly) Binoculars Here

Valentine Gift Idea 2- Butterfly Shower Curtains

Valentine Gift Idea- Butterfly Shower Curtain

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Blue Butterflies and Monarch against blue and white flowers for a stunning shower curtain- butterfly gift idea

Butterfly shower curtains add daily butterfly beauty to a home, even in the dead of winter. ⛄️

  • Stunning bathroom centerpiece
  • Vibrant colors, choose from several styles
  • A gift the whole family can enjoy
  • five star customer reviews

Choose from a Wide Variety of Butterfly Shower Curtains on AMAZON by Clicking Here

Choose from a Wide Variety of Butterfly Shower Curtains on ETSY by Clicking Here

Valentine Gift Idea 3- Butterfly Valentine Cards

28 Large Butterfly Valentine Cards for School Classmates or your Butterfly Friends

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Butterfly greeting cards are a good choice  for school classmates or your butterfly friends.

  • 28 cards w/envelopes can accommodate most classes
  • 3 styles of Creative Die Cut Card Designs
  • Includes a wooden stylus for scratch art
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up
  • Prime Shipping Available
  • five star customer reviews

Buy School Valentine Cards by Clicking Here

Find more Butterfly Valentine Cards by Clicking Here

Valentine Gift Idea 4- Friend Angel Figure w/ Butterfly

Friend Angel Figurine with quote- butterfly gift idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Forever Friends Butterfly Figurine- Valentine Gift Idea

A butterfly gift for a special friend in your life…

  • Hand painted and well-detailed
  • High quality resin
  • Comes with a beautiful gift box
  • Prime Shipping Available
  • five star customer reviews

Choose a Butterfly Friend Angel by Clicking Here

Valentine Gift Idea 5- Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle T-shirts and Hoodies

If your butterfly valentine likes to wear her heart on her sleeve, a mother of monarchs butterfly life cycle shirt makes a great gift idea:

Mother of Monarchs Shirt- Valentine Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

  • Choose from 5 styles of quality shirts
  • High Quality screen-printing is fade resistant
  • Available in a variety of colors including Valentine Red
  • Sizes Youth to 3XL (see sizing chart on linked page below)
  • Order by Thursday Feb 1st for pre-Valentine’s Day delivery ❤️

Choose your Mother of Monarchs Life Cycle Shirt by Clicking Here

Valentine Gift Idea 6- Fairy Garden Statue

A bronze fairy beauty with a butterfly on her foot…

Bronze Fairy Garden Statue with Butterfly on Foot- Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

  • Valentine gift idea for a butterfly gardener
  • Premium sculpted cold cast bronze for high quality antique look
  • Protective coating for outdoor placement
  • Measures 14″ tall

Purchase a Bronze Fairy Garden Sculpture w/ Butterfly

Choose your Butterfly Garden Fairy Statue here

If you’d like more butterfly valentine gift ideas, be sure to check out our recent twelve days of butterflies that was posted during the 2023 holiday season or click the photo below for more info on Jude’s ever-popular monarch chrysalis pendants and earrings…

Hand Made Monarch Chrysalis Earrings with gift box included- butterfly gift ideas

I hope these Valentine gift ideas help send a loved one flying as high as the butterflies!

Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. I loved your heart filled with butterflies under “Three gifts for a butterfly lover.” Did you create it? I was wondering because I would love to have a flag to hang outside my house for Valentine’s Day with just the heart filled with butterflies.
    Did you ever look into large magnets to put on the side or back of our cars? I had recommended this to you a year ago. You responded and said that you were interested in doing that. I had had one created about five years ago with the saying”Monarch Midwife -Helping Monarchs along the trail” Unfortunately after a period of five years the coating started to peel. I am interested in creating/getting/purchasing a new one to replace it!

  2. I just got a Monarch shower Shower Curtain.

    I also wanted to know when I should start my indoor planting for tropical milkweed. I live in New York city zone 7b.

    1. Hi Johannes, I typically start seeds 4-6 weeks before moving them outdoors.

  3. Hi Tony, I saw a comment elsewhere on your blog about potential problems switching cats to giant milkweed from other types. My giant milkweed plants are finally big enough to spare a leaf, so I tried feeding it to one of my cats. He ate it and promptly vomited and I’m not sure he’ll live. I emailed the nursery to ask about pesticide use, however I have had these plants for several months so I thought we’d be safe by now. Do you have any input about giant milkweed? We have been feeding tropical, but I hoped to branch out.

    We’ve released 26 healthy butterflies so far this year and have 75 chrysalis in various stages of development. Last year’s total was 286. 🙂 Couldn’t do it without your great info!

    1. Hi, I have heard a couple other raisers mention this issue with switching to giant milkweed…it sounds like something that should be researched. I hope your caterpillar recovers! congrats on all your recent raising success….

  4. Hi Tony, this blog is super informative. My kids want to give Showy Milkweed seeds to their friends for Valentines Day. I was contemplating giving a few seed balls per child. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Would planting seeds directly in the ground in February be successful? If not is there a variety of milkweed that would be successful if planted by amateurs in northern CA in late Feb?


      1. Hi Linda, I have not heard this issue before. Have you tried another browser or a different device?

        1. I used a different device and was able to place an order.
          Thank you very much!

  5. Your butterfly magnets at only $2.99 are inexpensive enough to include inside a Valentine card and give to friends. I add a packet of Milkweed seeds.

  6. I’m living in Tucson, AZ. 5 years ago I started a Butterfly garden with a dozen milkweed plants. It’s now full of over 200 milkweed plants, lantana, blue mist, Mt. Lemon Daisys and a nice little green house where the chrysalis hang, protected from the heat, the cold, the wind and occasionally, the rain. Last year I had over 1,000 Monarchs hatch and fly off. Many are still here, mating, laying eggs and providing lots of beauty in and around the fountain and across the entire backyard. Good luck to everyone who decides they can make a difference!

    1. That sounds like HEAVEN!! I live in Wisconsin and we just finished wind chills of nearly -50….so I was just picturing your lovely greenhouse and it truly made me smile!!! You are an inspiration to us butterfly helpers….:) Tina

    2. Hi Alice Ramirez, How wonderful that you are able to raise over 1000 Monarchs in a year! Congratulations!!!
      I live in Minnesota and I feel very fortunate to raise 40 during the summer. Today 3/14/20 we are in the 30’s and sunny, snow is almost all gone for now…. so we know it won’t be too long B4 the butterflies will make an appearance up here…..I can hardly wait! Judy Anderson

  7. A gift certificate to a nursery that offers butterfly plants without pesticides is a welcome gift to butterfly lovers everywhere…great idea Chris!

  8. My wife is giving me a homemade gift certificate to get some milkweed from our local native nursery this spring. A Valentines Day gift for both myself and the Monarchs!

  9. Etsy.com
    Handmade Monarch Butterfly Mug
    By Judy B Freeman
    $30. Really pretty

  10. Butterfly sandals
    Susan Mango, Monarch butterfly sandals $59.95
    And Amazon has one pair left $58.99
    I wish I knew how to send you a picture. Please go look at them!!!
    PS. I love your website and recommend it to everyone!!!

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