The Twelve Days of Butterflies- Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2014

12 Butterfly Gifts for the Holidays

Butterfly Gift Ideas: Twelve Days of Butterflies 2014
Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next five Saturdays (November 8th  through December 6th) new butterfly gift ideas will be revealed.

The Twelve Days of Butterflies 2016 List has just been released so click here to see this season’s Butterfly Gift Ideas List. That’s 12 more unique butterfly gifts to consider this Christmas and holiday season…


Featured Butterfly Gift for 2014

Day 1- Transformation Pendants by Jude Rose

Monarch Chrysalis Transformation Pendants
Inspirational Butterfly Gifts
This gift idea was also featured in 2013…I’m including it again because of the fantastic feedback from last season.

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Jude has captured the stunning beauty of the monarch chrysalis by crafting hand blown glass into stunning replicas of both the vibrant jade chrysalis, and the transparent almost born butterfly. Here are some of the details:

12 Unique Butterfly Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers and Gardeners

  • The pieces are just over 1” and are made to look as life-like as possible. She even fuses 24k gold directly into the glass to recreate the chrysalis’ elegant gold markings
  • Jude has been making these nature-inspired beauties since 1998 and has improved her process over the years, to make the chrysalises look real
  • Your transformation chrysalis comes with a 14k yellow gold-filled 20″ double rope chain and a lovely gift box.
  • The chrysalis represents positive change and transformation and can be given as a gift of inspiration or accomplishment
  • This idea was given to me by several community members and they all have rave reviews for Jude’s pendants

Choose and Buy your Chrysalis Design by Clicking Here


Celebrate With Butterflies

Day 2- Lolita Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Lolita Social Butterfly Wine Glass Butterfly Gift

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A chic, affordable, gift for those who love to celebrate life. I am listing two beautiful nature-inspired themes that should make the recipient look forward to a glorious spring in their butterfly garden…

Lolita Wildflowers Hand Painted Wine Glass

  • Each glass is carefully hand-painted with vibrant designs and colors
  • The glasses represent the celebration of life and the love of spring flowers and butterflies
  • Lolita’s signature wine cooler recipe is stylishly printed on the bottom of the stem.
  • Glasses ship securely in signature round gift box with padding for extra protection
  • Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Free or lost-cost shipping through other amazon or eBay vendor links below

Purchase a hand-painted Lolita ‘Social Butterfly’ Wine Glass Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00266BB04 butterfly gift ideas

Purchase a hand-painted Lolita ‘Wildflowers’ Wine Glass Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00B84RNGQ butterfly gift ideas


Day 3- Butterfly in Heart Christmas Ornament

Butterfly in Heart Ornament Gift Idea


Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

There are far too few butterfly options for decorating the Christmas tree. This one has a subtle butterfly design, but still makes a statement. If your gift recipient doesn’t celebrate Christmas, who says it can’t be hung from a menorah?

  • 7″ high is a great size to stand out on the tree while leaving plenty of room for other ornaments
  • Faux jewels still retain an elegant Victorian flair
  • Beautiful home decor that can be featured through the holidays and  into Valentine’s Day
  • Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime

Buy a Butterfly in Heart Holiday Christmas Ornament Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005NB6DZ2 butterfly gift ideas


Day 4- Intro to Butterfly Photography

Close Up Photography in nature 2014 Book

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Help a friend or loved one relive the most cherished moments in their garden with beautiful butterfly pictures. Before diving into butterfly photography and taking fab photos in the flower garden, it’s helpful to understand the opportunities and challenges of  nature photography. This knowledge will help an aspiring photographer to make the best equipment decisions for their particular situation going forward…

  • John and Barbara Gerlach are recognized nature photography professionals
  • Learn about macro photography techniques
  • How to mix natural light and flash photography for best results
  • Equipment recommendations from camera to accessories
  • Shooting sharp images
  • Info for shooting flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies
  • Available in paperback or kindle format

Buy Close Up Photography in Nature Bookir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0415835895 butterfly gift ideas


Raise Butterflies

Day 5- Metamorphosis on Bluray or DVD

Metamorphosis on Bluray or DVD- Butterfly Gift Idea 5

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging show butterfly transformation as you’ve never seen it before. A great gift for sci-curious minds of all ages. Monarchs are featured as well as other less familiar members of the butterfly family.

  • stunning photography, fascinating science and an inspirational conclusion all wrapped into one
  • If you’re thinking about raising butterflies, this is a good precursor to help understand the amazing changes that will take place
  • Already raise? This will help explain some of the baffling mysteries of butterfly transformation
  • Intelligent design or evolution? Watch for yourself and make your own conclusions
  •  Extras include a video Q and A
  • Ships free with Amazon Prime

Buy Metamorphosis on Bluray or DVDir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0052P61WO butterfly gift ideas


Day 6- Raise Your Game

Raising Monarch Butterflies Guide- Butterfly Gift Idea 6

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Raising monarchs is an awe-inspiring gift of nature we should all be so lucky to witness. But when some try, their experience is cut short by disappearing caterpillars and deadly diseases. There’s a better way to raise healthy monarchs and I’ve layed out my process in a convenient PDF guide.

  • Milkweed options for keeping caterpillars fat and happy
  • Time-saving tips for caterpillar care
  • Learn to raise with at least a 90% survival rate
  • Recommended raising tools and resources
  • Avoid deadly monarch diseases
  • Release your butterflies safely
  • Receive free book updates via email
  • Give as a gift (when filling out payment details click the gift box icon to leave recipient’s email address and a message)

Buy a Raising Monarchs Guide Here


Day 7- Four Stage Raising Cage with an Important Accessory

Four Stage Raising Cage for Raising Monarch Butterflies- Gift Idea 7
‘Large’ Kritter Keeper with ‘Queen’ Size Pantyhose

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

One of the most important raising tools that will determine your success raising monarchs is a good raising cage.

Many of the well-intentioned DIY caterpillar cages are killing monarch butterflies before their time because they allow caterpillars to escape and spread disease because they’re difficult to clean. I use several different cages, but I believe this is the best cage to raise monarchs all the way from egg through butterfly because:

  • Adding pantyhose to the lid makes the cage escape-proof for even day-old caterpillars
  • Pantyhose keep humidity in keeping leaves fresh longer for eggs/caterpillars
  • Lid snaps shut securely with pantyhose attached
  • Easy to see small caterpillars crawling up clear plastic sides
  • Super easy to clean…just empty, rinse, and dry
  • lightweight and portable
  • Pantyhose can be removed from lid after caterpillars are one week old
  • Caterpillars can form their chrysalides on cage roof
  • Roof center is high enough to set lid down on a table when there are chrysalises attached
  • Large size cage will hold 8-10 large caterpillars comfortably

Bonus Idea: present this gift as two boxes and give them the pantyhose first. I guarantee they’ll never guess what’s in the second box!

Find a Four Stage Raising Cage Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=ur2&o=1 butterfly gift ideas

4 Pack of Queen Size Pantyhoseir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0064ETAJI butterfly gift ideas


Wear Them Out

Day 8- Artist Designed Monarch Butterfly Scarf

Artist Designed Monarch Butterfly Scarf- Butterfly Gift Idea 8

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A bright and stylish reminder of monarch butterflies even when they’re thousands of miles away in Mexico.

  • Springtime in a scarf
  • 100% polyester
  • Realistically designed butterflies by artist Harold Feinstein
  • 19″ x 59″
  • Ample length for tying in a variety of styles
  • Alternatively wear draped over shoulders
  • Versatile enough to wear as daywear or for a night on the town

Purchase an Artist Designed Monarch Butterfly Scarf Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HQ1ZP38 butterfly gift ideas


Day 9- Butterfly Forest T-shirt

Butterfly Forest T-shirt- Gift Idea 9

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Vibrant, life-like butterflies will have you wondering…is this where all the butterflies go each winter? It would be any butterfly lover’s dream to discover this incredible forest, but for now, they can experience this magical t-shirt instead.

  • Photo realistic designs that turn heads
  • Environmentally friendly water based inks and dyes used for printing
  • fade resistant
  • Reinforced double-stitching on all seams
  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • High quality t-shirts that last for years

Buy a Butterfly Forest T-shirt on Amazonir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000HBTLBG butterfly gift ideas


Day 1- Transformation Pendants by Jude Rose


This is the featured  butterfly  gift for 2014.

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Jude has captured the stunning beauty of the monarch chrysalis by crafting hand blown glass into stunning replicas of both the vibrant jade chrysalis, and the transparent almost born butterfly. Here are some of the details:

Total Transformation Monarch Chrysalis Pendants by Jude Rose

  • The pieces are just over 1” and are made to look as life-like as possible. She even fuses 24k gold directly into the glass to recreate the chrysalis’ elegant gold markings
  • Jude has been making these nature-inspired beauties since 1998 and has improved her process over the years, to make the chrysalises look real
  • Your transformation chrysalis comes with a 14k yellow gold-filled 20″ double rope chain and a lovely gift box.
  • The chrysalis represents positive change and transformation and can be given as a gift of inspiration or accomplishment
  • This idea was given to me by several community members and they all have rave reviews for Jude’s pendants

Choose and Buy your Chrysalis Design by Clicking Here


Garden Butterflies

Day 10- Seedy Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer Milkweed Seeds

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A gift certificate is a guaranteed winner for anyone on your list that may be difficult to buy for. If the recipient isn’t interested in the seeds/plants I’m suggesting here, they have the option to buy whatever they want from an online store that has the widest selection of gifts this side of the moon!

  • Find countless milkweed seeds, milkweed plants, nectar seeds, nectar plants all in one place
  • Both eBay and Amazon have seeds/plants available from nurseries as well as home gardeners
  • eBay has a slightly better seed/plant selection than amazon most of the time
  • Amazon gift cards come with a free holiday card and envelope
  • Choose how much you want to spend
  • If recipient doesn’t want seeds/plants they can buy “anything under the sun” with either gift card
  • Free shipping on gift cards
  • Last minute shopping? You can print out gift cards too

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00JDQLYAC butterfly gift ideas


Day 11- Monarch Butterfly Bronze Garden Sculpture

Bronze Monarch Butterfly Garden Sculpture- Gift Idea 11

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

It’s always nice to have one or two pieces of butterfly garden decor on hand for those times when the butterflies may be on a little garden break. This is a high quality sculpture at an affordable price…

  • Realistic colors and butterfly markings
  • Solid bronze and stylish
  • Cast in the traditional lost wax method for fine detail and lasting beauty
  • Hand finished
  • 4″ high and weighs 4 lbs.
  • Free Shipping

Buy a Design Toscano Monarch Butterfly Bronze Garden Sculptureir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B005EIWT34 butterfly gift ideas


Day 12- Waterproof Men’s and Women’s Gardening Shoes

Waterproof Slip-on Gardening Shoes- Butterfly Gift Idea 12

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Good, convenient gardening shoes are a must for any gardener. During the season, most gardeners are in and out constantly, and having to put on shoes (plus tie them!) is a royal pain.  And for those rushing out to snap photos of elusive butterflies, every second putting on shoes is a second your beautiful subject might be flying away! If you’re unsure about the best size to buy for a gift recipient, I’ll refer you back to gift idea #10…

  • High quality garden clog
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to clean with garden hose
  • Women’s shoes come kiwi or geisha blue
  • Men’s shoes come in black
  • Slip on/off convenience
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Interior liner for comfort
  • free shipping

Find Women’s Premium Garden Clogs Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000GXSHAG butterfly gift ideas

Find Men’s Premium Garden Clogs Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000QGZHO2 butterfly gift ideas

For those of you receiving these butterfly gift ideas via email, I will continue to send helpful Butterfly Garden Tips all throughout 2015 to help you attract more monarchs and other beneficial pollinators to your garden!

If you’re not signed up to receive free gardening, raising, and gift giving ideas, you can Sign Up Here. I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2014. See you next year!
Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. Hi Tony,
    There is a beautiful set of Monarch luggage and carry on at Amazon.

  2. The butterfly is the logo for the disease lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE) as it symbolizes hope and rebirth, not to mention how uplifting and and beautiful butterflies are. I have lupus and the colours and lightness of butterflies bring so much joy to my life as well as others that I want to do what I can to help them thrive. I would love the butterfly scarf because it’s beautiful and makes a statement about how lovely butterflies are, not to mention that it can be worn year-round and with any type of clothes. It would stimulate conversation about butterflies and lupus to raise awareness about them both. I also love the glass with the butterfly on it for the same reasons. Lupus drastically impacts my activities but gardening is one of the few things I can do and I enjoy it immensely because it helps the environment and the butterflies and I like adding beauty to this world.

  3. Hi everyone, thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments you left for the twelve days of Butterflies Contest. I used to assign each of you a number, and then randomly picked 4 winners. Here they are:

    1st prize: Gary Smith
    Milkweed Seeds: Enid
    Milkweed Seeds: Andrea
    Milkweed Seeds: Owen
    Milkweed Seeds: Judith

    I will contact all the winners by email tomorrow with instructions. Have a great night, Tony

  4. Loved the monarch Butterfly Bronze Garden Sculpture but am considering buying the Bringing Home the Butterflies book and the 4 Stage Raising Butterflies kit. Thanks for the information on growing milkweed. Your site has been a helpful resource.

  5. I would love to give or even receive the 4-stage raising cage. The caterpillars need to be kept safe so they won’t escape. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas !!!

  6. Thanks, Tony, for this list–all of them are great gifts! I would like the Metamorphosis DVD. It would be great for giving butterfly programs. I give a lot of programs on monarchs and butterflies.

  7. I think that the “Four Stage Raising Cage with an Important Accessory” is an amazing idea because I run a school environmental club, and as part of our MEHPAF (Mary Ellen Henderson Pollinator Awareness Fund), we are building a monarch butterfly habitat. We need to do some research on the life processes of monarchs, and what better way to do it, then observing all four stages of the monarch’s life. In order to build a proper outdoor ecosystem we have to make sure it is compatible with the butterfly’s needs and if we do it with a Four Stage Raising Kit, we can build from what we observed from the kit on a small scale, into creating a full scale butterfly habitat.

    Now aside from the environmental club, it would be awesome to have a butterfly kit. This is because I recognize, after much research, the importance of pollinators, and I feel I could become more passionate about them by observing one type of pollinator’s life process, the butterfly. Now aside from becoming more passionate about pollinators, the few animals that go through metamorphic mutations are just plain cool to watch! Metamorphosis is almost like a miniature evolution, in which the creature goes through many phases, adapting to its surroundings and necessities, in a short, watchable amount of time. Over all, the Four Stage Raising Cage seems pretty amazing.

    My name is Colter Adams, and I am a 7th grade student at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, and the president and creator of my school environmental club. If you would like to see our website, click this link;

  8. Of the 12 Days of Butterfly gifts I would most like to give are the t-shirt because my boyfriend & I bought a house this year & we have had 3 monarchs hatch & we are so inspired to keep planting milk weed & other plants that attract them.We have been learning & getting exercise & enjoying making our yard so pretty.

  9. All of the gifts are impressive but if I had to decide on only one it would be the Transformation Pendant. Then I would wear it and hopefully start a conversation about planting milkweed to increase Monarch population!

  10. I love everything from The Twelve Days of Butterflies but the Monarch Butterfly Scarf called out the loudest. I was so concerned I wouldn’t find it under my Christmas tree that I bought it for myself & have already worn it once. It is gorgeous! All winter it will remind me of monarchs past & future . It is an “all seasons” scarf which is great!

  11. Either butterfly pendant would be wonderful to have, not just for the reminder of how butterflies transform
    themselves, but how anyone is capable of transforming himself.

  12. My favorite to give or to receive in Day 1, Transformation-New Beginnings. I would wear it not only for its beauty but also because it would generate compliments and comments, which would lend me an opportunity to educate the admirers about the Monarch transformation, migration, and importance to our world in general. Thanks, Tony, for your work!

  13. I already have “Bring Home the Butterflies” , and I just splurged on the butterfly scarf. Only 3 left now at Amazon! I would love for Santa to bring me the jade chrysalys pendant. Thank you Tony for your wonderful website.

  14. I like the butterfly t-shirt best. People ask me about butterflies when I wear any clothes with pictures of butterflies on them. I could tell them about my beloved Monarchs for hours. This gives me a chance to let people know about the decline Monarch, hopefully they will help in some way.

  15. I would love to recieve the butterfly photography book for Christmas. The butterfly/gardening season goes by so fast it’s great to capture the beauty and preserve it forever!

  16. I would love to give the jade pendant as it appears to be a finely made and beautiful piece.

  17. No doubt day one! If I have to pick one of the two, probably the “total transformation” one but I love both.
    Thx Tony, and thx for the comment you left on the picture of my Monarch, it meant a lot!

  18. My favorite has to be the Butterfly Christmas ornament. When my mom was in hospice, she ALWAYS had butterflies flying at her room window and she enjoyed watching them so much. When she passed the hospice gave me and each of my sisters a Monarch butterfly magnet. That year (2yrs ago) my butterfly bush was loaded with Monarchs. Since then every time I see a butterfly I think of her. When I saw the ornament I knew that this year I would want to purchase four of the ornaments for my sisters and myself to hang on our trees or where ever year round to remind us of our mom.

  19. I would love the Monarch garden sculpture. With this I could always enjoy the beauty of a Monarch even if the real one wasn’t always there!

  20. Tony,
    What a great idea. As December is upon us, day 9 the forest butterfly shirt gets me thinking of summer and butterflies what happy memories.

  21. I really like the Butterfly Forest T-shirt. I already ordered one. It is actually more like a night shirt…but I LOVE it!

  22. I do love the transformation necklace for all the reasons that everyone has stated. But those garden clogs would be great. I had crocs-holes let the dirt in-had another pair and they cracked. Perhaps asking for the shoes will get them for me because I can’t see anyone getting me the transformation necklace 🙂

  23. Day 9, the Butterfly tee shirt. Because that’s what I wear out in the garden. And this is beautiful!

  24. All of the gifts are wonderful and so difficult to just choose just one. The PDF guide would be wonderful to have, for the more we know about raising butterflies the better off we all are. Thank you Tony for all you do for the monarch butterfly kingdom.

  25. My favorite is the New Beginnings transformation pendant by Jude Rose. It’s not just beautiful, but by wearing it one is inviting people to ask about it – it is so unique – and therefore creates the opportunity to teach people about the monarchs.

  26. Love the Christmas ornament and the four-stage raising cage. Of course any milkweed seeds are always welcomed!

  27. I would love to give the day 1 gift because not only is the monarch butterfly chrysalis beautiful but it is also an important symbol of nature and change. I can’t believe that a a simple caterpillar can make such a drastic change into a beautiful butterfly with wings. I want to help preserve the monarch population for all future generations to see and appreciate. Thank you for your help in doing this everyone. Let us join together and bring the monarch population higher. I love the day 1 gift and the day 10. I love the day 10 gift because I enjoy planting butterfly gardens and could use a better variety of milkweed for monarch butterflies to lay eggs on.

  28. If I win, I’d like to have the seeds. The winners would be my caterpillars, butterflies, me and later my family and friends (later seeds)

  29. I love all of the Monarch gift ideas. If I had to choose one, it would be the “Transformation Pendants”. They are very elegant and very realistic. Being a nature lover and having experienced the pleasure of raising Monarchs for the first time, and the Eastern Black Swallowtails (too numerous to mention), for the first time, I am hooked on them. Their beauty and their incredible life cycle is astounding. To wear a pendant in respect of the Monarch, would not only be awesome, but would serve as an educational/teaching piece, to anyone who sees it and wonders what the pendant is. There are many people who do not know what a chrysalis is, let alone what it looks like. Sharing the experience of raising Monarchs and other butterflies, can spread the interest and hopefully, become wonderfully contagious. Learning from my newly found ‘hobby’, I encourage others to participate in the quest to save the Monarchs. I already have my neighbor hooked on raising Monarchs.

  30. Hi Tony it’s hard to just pick one! I love them all. But if I just had to pick one I would love to give the four stage raising cage as a gift to my Mom. This past summer I purchased some Swamp Milkweed for her garden and she was hooked about finding and raising Monarchs that she found on the Milkweed in her very own yard.

  31. I love them all. but my favorite pick would be day 11, the butterfly bronze stature!

  32. Hard to choose, all selections are nice. I like the Bringing Home the Butterflies Book, as additional tips are always helpful. I also like the Garden Sculpture, as it would be a nice addition to any butterfly garden.

  33. I would love to have Day 6, Raise Your Game. I’ve had no luck finding butterflies in the wild for the last two years. Hope they come back this year!

  34. All of the gifts are wonderful, but I like the Butterfly Forest t-shirt best. It would be a great gift for many of my butterfly-loving friends, too.

    1. I am looking for a t-shirt with a large caterpillar on the front and a

      Monarch on the back. It is excellent quality, have seen it and need the source

      for resale. Thank you

      B. Shook

  35. I would be happy and proud to give or receive any of the gifts but my favorites are the pendants and the garden sculpture. BTW I saw a Monarch in my garden yesterday. The first in weeks!

  36. The Total Transformation is my favorite. Beautiful. Love necklaces…..Thanks for all your info Tony….

  37. I would pick the butterfly ornament and I would leave it up all year. It would look real nice hanging in my window with my collection of prisms and crystals.

  38. On my Xmas list would be New Beginnings. I have the Total Transformation and it is beautiful. I love it.

  39. I love the scarf; I know several who would LOVE to have it! Thanks for the great list of items.

  40. The Transformation Pendant would be wonderful for someone who lost a loved one.
    It reminds me of transformation between life and death.
    We change but do not die.
    They’re beautuful, absolutely beautiful. And for anyone who releases Monarchs.

  41. The gardening clogs would be a great gift idea for myself. Metamorphosis DVD and butterfly kit for nieces and nephews. I better get busy with my online purchases.

  42. My first pick would be the butterfly sculpture, the second would be a tie between one of the cages or the scarf. All the jewelry is lovely.

  43. I would LOVE to receive the Total Transformation Pendant. As a Christian, I think it’s a great reminder of what we are trying to achieve in our lives – a total transformation from our selfish, earthly centered lives to that of a spiritual life where we try in every way to please God.

  44. I would love the Total Transformation pendant because of how beautifully realistic it is made. For someone who loves monarchs, it would be an elegant way of showing others that part of the magical metamorphosis.

  45. Hi Tony, Thanks you for your posts on raising Monarchs! I would choose the Total Transformation pendant because it would cause people to be curious and ask questions. Then I could begin to spark their interest in Monarchs and teach them about these delightful creatures who need our help. Thanks and Merry Christmas! Val.

  46. I have been raising monarchs for the past 7 years, collecting eggs in neighborhood alley-ways and raising them off my front porch. During this time, I have attended conferences, including the one at the Chicago Botanic Garden this year. For more on that, you can read this excellent blog post from the Center for Humans and Nature by Gavin Van Horn. If you are interested in monarchs and were unable to attend the conference at the garden, here is what you need to know.

    Anyway, I am writing to say that the one gift I wish someone would buy me this Christmas would be one of the two beautiful monarch chrysalis ornaments designed and created by Jude Rose. I first saw these at the Chicago Botanic Garden Pollinator Conference. It is hard to choose just one, and if I had the means I would purchase them both. They are so true-to-life — It is just like looking at the miraculous transformation. But, due to tough financial conditions at our home this Christmas, we will not be sharing any gifts with anyone in our family – so these beauties will have to be a dream – not a reality for me. Still, it does give one hope that there is an glass artist out there that is so careful with her work and lovingly observant of nature. Each pendant is a work of art! Thank you for sharing your vision with our world as it brightens us all !

  47. There are so many beautiful gift ideas,I and hardly choose. I have Jude roses chrysalis, would love to have the “almost born” one. The rearing cage is great too.. As are all the others. Thank you Tony, for your dedication to Monarch survival.

  48. Bringing Home the Butterflies is my choice to spread the word helping Monarchs to thrive.

  49. My favorite gift is the Monarch Butterfly Bronze Garden Sculpture. It is stunning and would look beautiful near any of my potted tropical milkweed plants. It’s December and we have finished a major rainstorm in Southern California, but I sheltered my plants and still have many caterpillars, chrysalis, and a few monarchs fluttering in my yard.

  50. WOW!!! Each of the 12 butterfly gifts are exquisite and each can contribute to sharing the knowledge and concerns for these beautiful wonders of nature. THANK YOU for the “treat”!

    Jude Rose’s pendants are a wonderful way to begin conversations and spread the “word”! The works show the marvel and intricacy that these caterpillars’ transformations display. ANYONE who would have the chance to view either of the pendants couldn’t help but be intrigued and would feel inclined to learn more about the wonderful world of butterflies. The pendants are no less stunning than being witness to the actual miracles performed by these delicate and complicated animals.
    BUT I remiss if I neglected to mention the DVD! What a wonderful way to share the miracle that these creatures work so diligently to create!

    I feel that education is a key to the survival of ANY of the many species on Earth–how can you care for, learn about and work for something which is not in your scope of awareness?

  51. the gift that I would most like to give and receive would be the Intro to Butterfly Photography book; I raise butterflies and just recently bought a Canon PowerShot to capture some of the exciting moments while raising them and spotting them in the garden, so I would love to learn more about how to take the best possible pictures. On the other hand, my sister does professional Photography and she had always told me she’d love to try doing Macro shots like some of the closeups that I’ve done with butterflies, so I know that book would be a great gift for her, too. 🙂 This list is great, though! I will definitely be bookmarking a lot of these!

  52. My pick would be the Total Transformation pendant. It’s absolutely stunning and so lifelike! It would be a reminder to me through the winter months of the good we are all doing for these magnificent creatures. And a great learning tool to others who are not familiar with monarchs!

  53. I would love the Four Stage Raising Cage. It would help me a lot with my Monarchs this coming spring 🙂

  54. They are all beautiful but my favorite are the necklaces because seeing them makes me feel soooo happy when a new butterfly is about to come into the world. Happy and de-stressed:)

  55. I love a contest! My first pick is the painted wine glass, love me some wine and sometimes while gardening. All the items on the list are lovely.

  56. The Total Transformation necklace is my very favorite. Thanks so much for hosting the contest and for all you do to help the Monarchs!

  57. I would like to select two of the gifts that you have chosen. A “summery” gift and a winter gift. For the summer I would love to have the bronze Monarch garden sculpture for my garden so that on days when the Monarchs choose not to bless me with their presence I would still have their bright colors lighting up part of my garden. My ” wintery” gift would be the lovely scarf because it would attract compliments from others and then I could tell those people about the plight of the Monarchs and all of the efforts being done to save them.

  58. All of these are beautiful and special in their own ways and would love any of them but guess the transformation necklace has my vote! I have been trying to think of a way to make something like this but could never come anywhere close to this. Thank you for all your info and keeping everyone’s interest in Monarchs going!!! Love Monarchs!!!!

  59. Gee, Tony, it is really difficult to pick a favorite. I want them all!!! I love the necklaces, but I also really like the t-shirt. I also like the book and the video. Information is always a welcome guest. Of course, practically, I need another Kritter Keeper. I have utilized your pantyhose remedy for the newborns. In fact, I have about a dozen babies in my large keeper right now. I am quite pleased to say I could fill another one tomorrow. I have caterpillars and eggs galore. I am blessed. I truly enjoy your newsletters and your Monarch adventures. Please keep up the great works. And if you have any milkweed seeds to share, please put me on your contact list. May you have a beautiful Christmas season. God bless you and yours.

  60. Thanks Tony for featuring so many beautiful and meaningful gifts. I would like to buy all of them, but my absolute favorite is the Transformation Pendants by Jude Rose. I like both New Beginnings and Total Transformation. I was also charmed by the Bronze Garden Sculpture. However, seeds would be a real new beginnings if I share the plants with every one that wants to help the Monarchs, and I would personally love to see and share the DVD Metamorphosis. Thanks for your interesting Newsletter.

  61. If I had to pick only one present to receive, I would love the Bronze Garden Sculpture.

    The butterfly Christmas ornament is a close second on my list (although I would not say ‘no’ to any of the other gifts!)

    Such a wonderful collection of items, there is surely something for everyone on your list!

    1. Thank you Dorothy…I really tried to list a wide range of ideas so there would be something for everyone to enjoy. Glad you approve!

  62. My favorite gift idea to receive and to give is the Bring Home the Butterflies/Raising Monarchs book because it would help Monarch enthusiasts, myself included, to improve their butterfly gardens and their raising techniques. This book could also help to spread the love of Monarchs and create new enthusiasts!

  63. I would give video! I watched it this weekend and learned so much about butterfly metamorphosis.

  64. Boy, if I could afford it I would buy for myself as well as for some of my wonderful butterflies buddies. Thanks. GS

  65. I have ordered the new begings pendant for my wife for Christmas and the raising butterflies for myself. Raising butterflies is such an awesome experience. Thank you for all of this information, so many great choices.

  66. They are all great but I would love to win the sculpture as it would go great with my water garden which is surrounded by butterfly plants. If not, I would certainly love the t-shirt as I am always wearing them.
    Great job with the emails.

  67. All of gift ideas are wonderful. My favorite are transformation pendants. Not only are they absolutely beautiful but you can wear it everyday as reminder to yourself and all those who see it of of these graceful gental beauties.

  68. I would love to receive the Bluray DVD most of all. I have always been in awe of the metamorphosis of a flightless insect into one that can fly once it goes through metamorphosis.

  69. 4 stage raising cage would be the BEST gift for someone else, so we can bring the FUN to others!!! Seems so simple talking until it’s time to explain HOW to raise the butterflies!!! Thanks for ALL the info Tony…and Merry Christmas!!! Looking forward to SPRING!!! Gary

  70. I would love any or all of these. However my favorite is Transformation necklace or pendant because it makes you know when to expect your butterfly hatching. My husband and i babysat a chrysalis for 16 days and she just hatched Wednesday. We were so proud. We grew the species one butterfly at a time. We have another due in a week or so.

  71. I like a number of these, but my favorite is the Day 9 T-shirt. A close second is the Day 12 Garden Clogs.

    BTW, be careful ordering milkweed seeds (at least from Amazon). I started to order native milkweed seeds on Amazon, but then I read the reviews and found that in at least a few orders, the seeds had come from overseas and the order had caused problems with US customs. At least that is what I remember. So check the source of the seeds when you are ordering online. It can be a problem to have agricultural products sent in from another country.
    I order from Native American Seeds as they have some varieties that work here in Texas. Giving several packets of seeds would be a nice easy-to-mail gift as well. So this gift idea still works.

    1. Good points about buying seeds Cheryl…ebay/amazon are great resources but you have to pay attention to who you’re buying from. I try to stick with US companies or gardeners that have outstanding feedback. There are plenty of good options for purchasing on both ebay and amazon, but I usually start looking on ebay for the wider selection. If you look at my milkweed resources page, I have recommended vendors listed at the bottom:

      Recommended Milkweed Vendors

  72. I bought the Butterfly forest tee. Suppose to be buying gifts for others but I cannot resist these nice things!!! Heehee!!!

  73. I would love the set up kit as a gift to protect my baby caterpillars next year, also i already purchased the butterfly ornaments for my daughter who got into this wonderful “raising of the monarchs”.

    thank you
    Happy Holidays to all


    I will vote on this Total Transformation Pendant, I have had so many compliments on it.

  75. I love the Transformation necklaces. To see it for real is an amazing thing to behold.

  76. It is a rough choice, as I like so many of the items. I think that I choose the scarf, but I plan to purchase the DVD too. Thank you so much. I still have three Monarch caterpillars on my Milky Weed.

  77. I have 2 favorites from this outstanding list, and the first one is the Butterfly in Heart Christmas Ornament which is so elegant and gives a celestial feeling of love which is present especially during the Christmas Season and sought for throughout the year.

    My second favorite is the Bronze Garden Sculpture. This one is a real delight with a very detailed, realistic looking Monarch resting on a quartz. It would surely bring me much satisfaction at any time and especially when relaxing in my garden swing and enjoying my many outdoor projects.

  78. Thank you Tony for all your informative & interesting emails! If I had to choose one of the gifts to give or receive, I would choose the “Total Transformation Pendant” because it is elegantly designed and is reminds me of how remarkable one of God’s creations are in this world.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  79. I would most like the milkweed seed, as I have had a difficult time finding it for our zone which is 9. We try and plant to accommodate birds and butterflies.

    Thank you,

    Bonnie HInes

    1. I am replying to your post directly as you may not read my “favorites” comment at the bottom of the list. I also live in Zone 9 (in east Texas), and I order milkweed seed from Native American Seeds ( — I think). They have a “Sustain the Migration” kit that includes 6 different types of native milkweeds. Most of these should grow in my area.
      I don’t know if they will work for your location, but since it is the same zone, they might. Just a thought.

    2. Hi Bonnie, I have a milkweed resource page with 18+ milkweed species both native and non-native in case you want more info or to purchase seeds/plants. Milkweed may not always be easy to find locally, but there are a lot of good options online. If you scroll to the bottom there are vendor recommendations too. Hope this helps:

      Milkweed Resource Page

  80. Purchased the hand painted wine glasses and the butterfly ornament as gifts for a friend. Both gifts arrived quickly and were packed with care. The wine glasses were even more impressive than in the picture and I know my friend will love them. This is a great gift for a gardener who also happens to love wine! Love your Christmas Wish List, Tony, and thanks for posting it again this year!

  81. Hands down, the Total Transformation necklace would be no. 1 on my list. A 20″ chain is the perfect length but I think the double rope distracts from the beauty of the pendant and a smooth gold chain would be more appropriate. Still, it’s definitely a winner in my book. I also liked the DVD, garden sculpture and the garden clogs.


  82. to enter the contest: I would love to receive the T-shirt gift, that would get the most use. I would consider giving # 2,3,6 or almost any gift, just depends on the recipient which is the best choice. Love them all, really.

  83. I have purchased a number if these great ideas for myself and as gifts. I ordered the green chrysalis from Jude fir myself It is indeed a work of art and so very realistic! I docent at a butterfly house and I wished many times that I had a pendant that looked like that. Now I do!

  84. Just received 2 Jude Rose pendants that will be Christmas gifts for my wife and daughter. Beautiful.

  85. I love the new Beginnings Transformation Pendant because it is so real life like and it’s so amazing to see how in real life one is formed. I took a video of it happening this year it took over 20 minutes for the molting process.

  86. I bought the beautiful butterfly scarf for a lady friend at the hospital I volunteer at. I just thought it was so vibrant and she wears scarves a lot. Can’t wait to see it. Hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe today.

  87. Hard to pick. I guess my favorite would be the garden sculpture. The chrysalis necklaces are also amazing – so real!

  88. Monarchs…I love monarchs…..when we moved here to WI along our road are locust trees here & each fall they were covered in the migrating monarchs…I have pictures I took( and need to do something with!) of this… sadly, in the last few years this is not to be anymore, so I began finding the caterpillars and bring them to their metamorphosis …I was captivated! my FAVORITE is the Jade Rose pendants as there is nothing more magical of what occurs inside and they captivate me…..I hope to learn more about raising them and cultivating more milkweed here on our little farm.

  89. I hope Santa brings me all of these for Christmas!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful gift ideas. I have a few butterfly friends to shop for. I especially love the chrysalis pendant. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  90. I’d love to receive the Total Transformation pendant, because it would remind me of the sweetness of the moment, whenever a butterfly emerges.

  91. My favorite is the Butterfly Sculpture as I would love to have this in my garden. My second favorite is the Chrysalis necklace which I think is a beautiful work of art.

  92. Hi, I received these from my hubby last Christmas. I found a leaf necklace of my moms and its PERFECT!!! I also receive many compliments!!!!!

  93. Thanks for the warning about the Metamorphosis DVD and its agenda. For those who would want a more explicit description, Amazon’s product listing details the message that this video presents.

    1. Hi Mary, I wouldn’t call it an agenda. It’s definitely not the main point of the movie, but I know some people get offended by religious implications so I thought I would mention it. I have watched the movie, and that’s definitely not the main point of it. There’s a lot of interesting science in the movie and I believe most butterfly enthusiasts would enjoy it, regardless of their beliefs.

  94. I have one of the jade necklaces. It is absolutely beautiful. I’ve had many people ask me about it!

  95. Jude also has another necklace that has both chrysalises on a golden branch. I couldn’t decide which necklace I liked better, so this one solved the problem. I ordered it a week ago and am anxious to see it.

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