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Monarch Butterfly Garden is a nature blog filled with tips, ideas, and resources designed to guide you through the challenges of creating a successful butterfly garden and raising healthy monarch butterflies.
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My name is Tony Gomez and I am the author of MonarchButterflyGarden.NET. This blog was born from two great passions: 1. Raising Monarch Butterflies  2. Gardening

When I was 8 years old, my parents enrolled me in (what I thought was going to be) a boring summer school course. Little did I know, this ‘boring’ class would ignite a great passion that still burns with excitement 30 years later.

One day Mrs. Baker, our teacher, took us down to a nearby pond and showed us some milkweed plants. On some of the leaves were little white dots. She plucked a couple of the dotted leaves and marched us back to the classroom. A few days later those little white dots (monarch eggs) turned dark as something miraculous was about to emerge…baby monarch caterpillars! Over the next few weeks we watched them transform to larger caterpillars, to chrysalises, and finally into magnificent monarch butterflies.

I was mesmerized by this incredible 30-day transformation and something about it spoke to my soul. More than 30 years later, I am still amazed by monarchs and still enjoy raising them. A few years ago, my passion led me into a garden…

On a warm August day, I was driving with a friend down a residential street in Minneapolis. I looked out the window and saw one of the most amazing spectacles I had ever seen…dozens of monarchs flying around a patch of purple flowers. We turned around and pulled up to the curb for a better view…simply amazing!

While I had grown milkweed and a few purple coneflowers, I never imagined it was possible to attract huge groups of monarch butterflies. At that moment, I vowed to create a garden with the sole purpose of supporting and attracting swarms of butterflies! I was pleasantly surprised when I achieved that goal after only a couple seasons:

Liatris ligulistylis is a popular monarch migration snack
Butterfly Garden Party
I am writing this blog so that you can also experience the magic of monarch butterflies. This blog will be a great resource if you:
  • Have (or want to start) a butterfly garden that attracts monarchs…and lots of other pollinators!
  • Want tips and techniques for growing big, healthy milkweed and nectar flowers
  • Like beautiful pictures of flowers, butterflies, and all stages of the monarch life cycle
  • Raise monarch butterflies
  • You’re interested in their amazing fall migration
  • You want to promote the conservation of monarchs and other precious pollinators

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I look forward to bringing you the magic of monarchs, Tony

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