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  1. Hi Tony, thanks. For. All your great advise. Been growing milkweed for several years now both outside in jugs and indoor in zone 5. Wondering if you have any advise on getting purple milkweed to grow. Last year I got only one small plant out of about 20 seeds. I cold stratified the seed and sowed seeds both inside and outside.. I got more seeds from a different vendor this year hoping that helps.
    A word of caution to new growers, keep your different varieties far apart. I planted common, swamp, showy and butterfly to close together and the swamp weed took over. I did here pretty good luck moving several plants but it was time wasted.
    Also any advise on overwintering plants in jugs. I buried some in leaves last fall hoping I’ll have a nice batch of year old plants this spring. Thanks for your help. Plant more milkweed.

    1. Hi Pete, check out our purple milkweed page for more info and propagation techniques

      There is no need to overwinter A. purpurascens plants indoors…they should thrive with their natural winter growth cycle outdoors in zone 5.

  2. Hi there,
    A lot of my milkweed from last year in pots didn’t make it. I cut my big one back to stop a lot of OE. I’m in California. Milkweed is so expensive and I’m on a budget. I raised so many monarchs last year I can’t wait to do it again. What can I do to lessen the cost of milkweed. Too late to plant?
    Thank you
    Sallie in Orange County CA

  3. Hi Tony. Southwestern Ontario here(zone 5b). Decided to attempt a few seeds this year and picked up some tropical milkweed seeds. Would now be the time to start them or would it be better to wait until mid-March? The late frost date is around the start of May.

  4. Tony,
    So thankful that winter is over and that spring is trying to come at last. Saw a few butterflies over the weekend, not monarchs just the cabbage whites. Am so excited one of the October planted A. curassavica has flower buds and two of them are a sturdy foot tall and several others of lesser stature. Sorry that Minnesota got creamed with more snow we just had rain. Enjoy the daffs and some of the other very early spring flowers at a little later than normal bloom date but every thing looks so very healthy as the fresh green foliage always does. Hope you are finally getting some spring weather here in northern Indiana.
    Brian from Ossian

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the update and excited to hear you are seeing your first butterflies. I am actually located in the south metro of Minneapolis which was the lucky side of the storm. We got mostly rain and about a slushy inch of rain that was all gone the next day. It was 75 yesterday! everything is starting to green up here (finally) and we’ll soon discover what survived one of our coldest winters of ALL TIME! Happy spring and keep us posted on your garden….and its visitors.

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