Twelve days of Butterflies- Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2022

12 Butterfly Gifts for Happy Holidays

Twelve Butterfly Gift Ideas for Christmas and the holidays. 12 Days of Butterflies 2022

Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next three weeks new butterfly gifts will be posted here, until I’ve revealed all twelve gift ideas on Saturday, December 10th. Before I started this annual butterfly gift ideas list 10 years ago, I had no idea how many wonderful butterfly-themed gifts existed. Based on research and recommendations, I strive to include unique ideas to help you find the perfect butterfly gift for someone special in your life.

And now, without further ado…The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2022!


Day 1- Monarch Butterfly T-shirts

Grow the Migration Monarch Butterfly Gardening Shirts

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Share your passion for butterflies all year long with butterfly t-shirts. These make great gifts for family or friends or as a gift to yourself as you await the return of your fluttering friends next season. We now have 14 designs to choose from:

Believe Santa with Monarch Butterflies Christmas Shirts
  • Available in both Women’s and Unisex Style Shirts
  • Available in Various colors
  • All shirts made from high quality materials- check size and fabric info on each shirt for details
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated shirts
  • 14 Unique Butterfly Shirt Designs to choose from

Find Grow the Migration Monarch Butterfly Shirts by Clicking Here

Find Believe Christmas Butterfly T-shirts by Clicking Here

Click Here for 14 Butterfly Shirt Designs for All Seasons


Day 2- Butterfly Lamps

butterfly lamp

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Light up the dark with the beauty of butterflies

  • Versatile can be used as lamp or night light
  • Dimmer switch controls light level
  • Artist-designed stars and moons all over butterfly front
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated

Purchase a Celestial Stars and Moon Butterfly Lamp by Clicking Here (sold out for season)

Click Here for MORE Majestic Butterfly Lamps


Day 3- Hand Crafted Monarch Jewelry

Monarch Chrysalis Transformation Pendants
Inspirational Butterfly Gifts

This gift idea was featured on our first twelve days list back in 2013 …I’m including it again because it’s still a community favorite and glass artist Jude has made a few updates this year…

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Jude has captured the stunning beauty of the monarch chrysalis by crafting hand blown glass into stunning replicas of both the vibrant jade chrysalis and the transparent almost born butterfly into exquisite pendants and earrings. In 2022, she’s added monarch butterfly pendants. Here are some of the details:

monarch chrysalis earrings new butterfly pendant
Chrysalis and Butterfly
  • The pieces are 1” and are made to look as life-like as possible. She even fuses 24k gold directly into the glass to recreate the chrysalis’ elegant gold markings
  • Jude has been making these nature-inspired beauties since 1998 and has improved her process over the years, to make the chrysalises look real
  • Jude also makes monarch butterfly pendants
  • Your transformation chrysalis comes with a 14k yellow gold-filled 20″ chain and a lovely gift box.
  • The chrysalis represents positive change and transformation and can be given as a gift of inspiration or accomplishment
  • This idea was given to me by several community members and they all have rave reviews for Jude’s pendants
  • Get Free Shipping when you use code 22freeship at checkout<<<<<

Choose and Buy your Chrysalis (or Butterfly) Design by Clicking Here



Day 4- Give the Gift of Milkweed Seeds…and Info!

4 Pack of Native Milkweed Seeds- Garden Gift Idea
4-Pack of Milkweed Seeds
milkweed seeds 6 pack

Why is milkweed a good butterfly gift idea?

Milkweed is the lifeblood of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a valuable tool we can all use to help support the struggling monarch population across North America…

  • Milkweed is the conerstone of a successful monarch butterfly garden
  • Choose over 25 milkweed varieties to fit your region and growing conditions
  • Milkweed is a must for those who want to raise monarch butterflies
  • Milkweed is the gift that will come back every year to support new generations of monarchs

Purchase the 4-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

Purchase the 6-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

In case your gift recipient is new to the wide world of milkweed, this book will make the perfect companion gift to your seeds:

4a. New Milkweed Book from Author Lynn Rosenblatt

pom pom paradise milkweed book 1

Click Here to Purchase the Pom Pom Paradise Milkweed Book Here

Still not sure what type of milkweed seeds to purchase for your favorite butterfly gardener? Purchase a milkweed gift card from one of our recommended vendors…

4b. Joyful Butterfly Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants…and More!

Joyful Butterfly has emerged as one of the top online nurseries for supporting monarchs and other precious pollinators. They carry a variety of milkweed plants and seeds you’ll need to support a bounty of butterflies in your own back yard:

Purchase a Joyful Butterfly Gift Card Click Here

4c. Amazon Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Amazon has a massive marketplace where you’ll find many nurseries selling milkweed seeds and plants online.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Here 

4d. Etsy Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Etsy is a place for selling home made products and crafts, and that includes garden seeds and plants. This marketplace is growing quickly and there are a surprising amount of milkweed species available here from reputable sellers and home gardeners.

Buy an Etsy Gift Certificate Click Here

4e. Butterfly Organza Bags for Gifting seeds

Butterfly Organza Bags for Milkweed Seed Gifts

Organza bags can be used to tie around seed pods to collect seeds outside, and they also make great gift bags for seed stocking stuffers.

Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds


Day 5- Butterfly Book for Kids

My, Oh My…a Butterfly! (from Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

my oh my butterfly dr seuss bookjpg

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Get the next generation of butterfly enthusiasts and lepidopterists inspired at an early age with a rhyming butterfly book that speaks to kids..

  • Butterflies for Kids gift for nature loving kids ages 3-6
  • Interesting Metamorphosis book for kids and easy to understand
  • 47 pages filled with filled with vivid descriptions, interesting illustrations, and amazing facts
  • Hardcover, Paperback, or Kindle for your convenience
  • Prime Shipping available

Buy a Cat in the Hat Butterfly Book Here


Day 6- Caterpillar Cages with VIEWING WINDOW

Butterfly Cages with Viewing WINDOW for Raising Monarchs- Butterfly Gift Idea
Clear View WINDOW on One Side of Cage

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from less than 5% to over 90%.

  • Choose your Size: Baby Cube= 15″ x 15″ x 15″h, TALL Baby= 15″ x 15″ x 24″h, BIG Cube= 24″ x 24″ x 24″h,
  • Raise 10 monarchs at one time in Baby Cube + Tall Baby Cages
  • Raise 20 monarchs at one time in BIG Cube Cage
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Cages with Viewing Window– recommended for indoor use or outdoor use in an area protected from elements or indoors
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars that crawl on zipper can’t ‘lock you out’
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Find the Tall Baby WINDOW Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 24h”)

Find the Baby Cube WINDOW Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 15h”)

Find the BIG Cube WINDOW Butterfly Cage Collection Here (24″ x 24″ x 24h”)

6b. Poo Poo Platter BENDABLE Caterpillar Cage Liner

Soft Bendable Poo Poo Platter Cage Liners for easy Caterpillar Cage Cleaning

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Removable insert makes cage cleaning easier and also makes the cages more portable with accessories inside.

  • 14″ bendable platter fitted for baby cube and tall baby caterpillar cages.
  • 22.5″ bendable platter fitted for BIG Cube or Monarch TOWER caterpillar cages
  • Makes cleaning easier with a removable insert: empty, rinse, replace, repeat
  • Slip-resistant silicone floor- floral tube rack won’t slide when moving cage
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Get 14″ Poo Poo Platter Cage Liner for Baby Cube + Tall Baby Cages

Get 22.5″ Poo Poo Platter Cage Liner for BIG Cube and Monarch TOWER Cages


Day 7- Caterpillar Cages with CLEAR MESH for 4-side Viewing

Clear Mesh Caterpillar Cages- Watch Caterpillars grow through the butterfly life cycle from all 4 see-through sides.
See-Through View

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from less than 5% to over 90%.

  • Tall Baby Dimensions 15″ x 15″ x 24h”
  • additional height makes it easy to fit large cuttings or small potted plants
  • Raise 10-15 monarchs at one time
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Cages with Clear Mesh for 4-side viewing- recommended for indoor use
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars can’t ‘lock you out’
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Find the TALL BABY CLEAR MESH Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 24h”)

Find the BABY CUBE CLEAR MESH Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 15h”)

Find The MONARCH TOWER CLEAR MESH Butterfly Cage Collection Here

7b. Poo Poo Platter BENDABLE Caterpillar Cage Liner

Soft Bendable Poo Poo Platter Cage Liners for easy Caterpillar Cage Cleaning

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Removable insert makes cage cleaning easier and also makes the cages more portable with accessories inside.

  • 14″ bendable platter fitted for baby cube and tall baby caterpillar cages.
  • 22.5″ bendable platter fitted for BIG cube and monarch TOWER cages.
  • Makes cleaning easier with a removable insert: empty, rinse, replace, repeat
  • Slip-resistant silicone- floral tube rack won’t slide when moving cage
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Get 14″ Poo Poo Platter Cage Liner for Baby Cube + Tall Baby Cages

Get 22.5″ Poo Poo Platter Cage Liner for BIG Cube and Monarch TOWER Cages


Day 8- Floral Tubes & Short Peg Racks SYSTEM for Feeding Caterpillars

Raising Butterflies Gift for feeding caterpillars- Large floral tubes + floral tube rack holder

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A superior system for feeding caterpillars, keeping milkweed fresh, and spacing out caterpillars across your habitat

Little Hole floral tube LIDS- use on fat cat floral tubes for thin-stemmed milkweed cuttings
For Thin Milkweed (or other host plant) Stems-NO Drowning Baby Caterpillars!

Large Floral Tubes + Holding racks system saves milkweed…and time:

  • 48ml large floral tubes hold more water for less refilling
  • Flat Tube Lids (don’t pool water or caterpillar poop)
  • Short Peg Racks Prevent Chrysalis from being formed on rack
  • Stop wasting milkweed- leaves won’t dry out and have to be thrown away
  • Lids are sturdy and easy to remove and put back on tubes
  • Use for milkweed or other host plants to feed those very hungry caterpillars OR
  • Use with nectar flowers to feed adult butterflies
  • Easy to Clean tubes in sink or dishwasher, clean lids in sink
  • Racks keep plants upright and secure
  • Set up makes it easy to space out caterpillars
  • Caterpillars won’t be crawling around in frass 💩
  • Purchase as a tube/rack bundle, 8 pack tubes only, or 2 racks only
  • Add 8 little hole lids for thin-stemmed milkweed for just $4.99
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

CLICK HERE to see ALL Floral Tube and Rack Options

Not sure which raising supplies are best for a gift recipient? Send a Butterfly e-Gift Card<<<


Day 9- Lang Butterfly Calendars for 2023

2023 Lang Butterflies Wall Calendar

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Admire beautiful butterfly art throughout the year while getting ‘butter’ organized for 2023.

2023 Butterfly Wall and Pocket Calendar
  • Pocket wall calendar has dual storage pockets for each month
  • Store prescriptions, appointments, bills, invitations, receipts, etc…
  • Both calendars illustrated with beautiful butterflies and garden flowers by artist Jane Shasky
  • Lang Butterfly Wall Calendar is 14″ x 13″
  • Lang Pocket Calendar is 12″ x 12″
  • Prime Shipping Available

Purchase a 2023 Lang Butterfly Wall Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2023 Butterfly Note Nook Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2023 Mini Butterfly Calendar with Stand Click Here


Day 10- Butterfly and Wildflower Planners for 2023

wild flower magic 2023 planner

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A Planner filled with the nature-inspired artwork will give you inspiration to plan for a better year ahead…onward and upward for 2023!

2023 Lang Butterfly Planner
  • Wild Flower Magic planner is printed in full, vibrant color and is 5 x 7 inches
  • Lang butterfly planner is 7.75 by 9 inches
  • Both planners have Sturdy and Colorful covers
  • Both planners have sturdy spiral bindings
  • ✯✯✯✯✯ Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy a Wild Flower Magic 2023 Planner Click Here

Find a Lang 2023 Butterfly Planner Click Here


Day 11- Tea and Coffee

heat changing butterfly mug for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A daily-use butterfly gift for those who love to sip on hot drinks, and/or get their daily dose of caffeine inspiration.

black white butterfly mug
  • heat changing mug has butterfly names printed on bottom
  • Choose from heat changing mug (14 oz) or black and white mug (16 oz)
  • Drink Coffee, Tea, or decadent Hot Chocolate
  • Comes with gift box for gift recipient
  • heat changing mug must be hand-washed
  • ✯✯✯✯✯ Customer Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy a 14 oz Heat Changing Butterfly Mug Here

Buy a 16 oz Black and White Butterfly Mug Here


Day 12- Holiday Butterfly Gift Card

50$ Gift Card to Monarch Butterfly Life

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A gift card from our shop let’s the recipient choose their own butterfly cage size and raising supplies to fit their needs. If you think a butterfly lover might fancy one of our shirts, a gift card allows the recipient to choose the color, style, and size that fits them to a tee…

Monarch Butterfly Life Gift Card- Choose Your Amount
  • The Gift of Choice
  • Choose the amount $25, $50, $100, $200
  • Choose the butterfly graphic showing the correct amount
  • No additional processing fees
  • Our gift cards never expire
  • Send to recipient via email now or schedule email delivery OR
  • Email to yourself and print for gifting in person

Purchase a Butterfly Gift Card here

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2022 and Thank You for being part of the MBG Community. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🦋🎁

Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. I would go with #1 because I love wearing my monarch shirts or #12, to restock my supplies.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I would love to receive Day 3 of Monarch jewelry. I’ve been raising Monarchs for the last 4 years and desperately miss them when the season is over. That way I can have them with me all year long. ❤️

  3. All of the gift ideas are beautiful, truly. I love the chrysalis jewelry because it is so unique . It is also a great conversation piece and I believe it would be a great way to bring awareness to the importance of butterflies in our world.

  4. I’ve been ill, MD can’t figure out what’s up,, Christmas has become a challenge. Meant to get milkweed seeds and sow now.. weather perfect for cold stratification, , told my granddaughter we need to order some soonish…but would live to win some.
    I would love to give my sister the BE THE CHANGE mug. She exemplifies this, and has gotten into planting pollinators in her garden areas after hearing about all Mallie and I do to help the monarchs.
    Thank you

  5. Every single item is wonderful!
    The lamp is charming!
    The book wonderful for kids. The poo poo platter great for easily cleaning cages!!
    You’re doing a great job with these items!

  6. The gift I think would be best to give or receive is #4; milkweed seeds.
    Gifting oneself or others the joy of providing nourishment for hungry Monarchs is a true gift in and of itself.

  7. Lots of great gifts! I would love the butterfly light. I would have it on to shine every night all year long.

  8. The gift card to me is the best gift to give as it offers the receiver the option to choose what would be best for them whether it be supplies, a butterfly light, tee shirts, jewelry, seeds, books, calendars, planning books and more. As I’m older, (grandmother) I really like the “My Oh My A Butterfly” book as it give me the option to share my passion with the grandkids who already have experienced seeing me care for the cats through all the stages and experiencing the final release back into nature.

  9. Oh my goodness! Too many choices to only pick the 2 I would most want. I would want them all!! But I think the T-shirts are great because you can wear different ones year round to spread the word and get people interested in the mission and start conversations. That’s what I’ve been doing with my “Believe” one this week! And then of course the gift card- that way someone could get 1 or more things that truly fit them and their likes! All of the items are wonderful, and I really appreciate your helpful tips and info you share. I work for a senior facility and I started them raising Monarchs 2 years ago and it has really brought our community of people from different backgrounds together. Butterflies, such small delicate creatures, are pure magic. 🙂

  10. I love the jewelry I would like to give to my granddaughters and would also like to wear myself!

  11. My daughters & I have been raising and releasing monarch butterflies for the passed 3 years. 2022 our best year of 55 releases.
    You offer so many gift choices for the monarch butterfly enthusiast. My first choice would be, Grow the Monarch t-shirt which depicts how important it is to have a butterfly garden to attract this beautiful species. ( of course must contain milkweed plants )
    Just a short note your readers of this contest may find interesting! My daughter is caring for an injured female monarch she released in September. We call her Scottie and she is now 3 months old. I purchased the small cube 15×15 which is a perfect size for her since she is unable to fly. When she isn’t out for feeding or just a change of scenery the enclosure keeps her safe. We are all amazed by this little miracle and thankful she continues to do so well!

  12. I would give myself the jewelry, my sister the planner because she’s always late for something, our friend the coffee mug because their house sits on a natural wetland, my niece the gift card because she now has 2 little girls that would love to raise butterflies and my other sister the “I believe” t-shirt because she loves Christmas and is a child at heart.

  13. I would give or get Day 12 of Monarch gift cards Because they can get what they want .

  14. I think, although the calendars and planners are beautiful and could very well be my pick, I decided on the Kids book, as my top choice. I think we need to educate as early as possible, developing the love of these flying beauties, through the miracles of nature. I got my 3 year a copy and she loves it.

  15. I spend my winters planning and waiting for Spring so I can watch my butterfly friendly garden and my patch of milkweed come back to life. Once these beautiful creatures start visiting and dropping their eggs, the best part of my summer begins. I enjoy watching those eggs morph into the beautiful butterflies and am proud to have participated in the cycle of their lives. Any supplies I can find to continue sharing my love for these beauties with others would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Thanks for your fantastic newsletter! I’d love give the cages to those in my family just starting out with monarchs. I’d love to plant the variety of seeds and they would make wonderful gifts. The t-shirts would be great conversation starters. I’d love to share the book with different groups of kids that I teach about monarchs.

  17. Oh boy! Either of the Jude’s monarch chrysalis necklaces…. New beginning or total transformation are nice because I rear monarchs and I also talk at Garden clubs. I’ve reared 401 healthy ‘babies’ this year! If I’m wearing this people would obviously comment and ask me what is that? Which would lead into me talking about saving monarchs and planting native plants.

  18. I would order some seeds to make sure I have many monarchs in my garden and I would also love to have the Monarch cage so that I can help monarchs grow from caterpillars into more beautiful monarchs

  19. OMG! This is a difficult choice. I have several of the items and have gifted others. I lead a butterfly garden community project “Mariposas del Mundo.” At this moment the gift I would most like to receive is the Butterfly Lamp. I love the inclusion of sun,moon & stars into the magic of butterflies. It speaks to me with all the beauty of butterflies and dreams in this world. The dimmer switch allows variety of lighting effect based on other ambient conditions. It’s beautiful and would love to come home with me.

  20. As my husband and I are just beginning our journey with saving the Monarch butterflies, I would love one of the tall butterfly cages! Will definitely look into purchasing one of these as well as the poopoo liner for the bottom of cage. We did plant swamp and common milkweed seeds late fall and also have a large wildflower area.
    Friends of ours raise monarchs and shared great information with us and we’re looking forward to starting this journey in the spring 2023!

  21. They’re all such good ideas! I LOVE the lamp but I have to go with the seeds, Day 4, to keep to plant myself and to share!

  22. Thank you, Tony for the wonderful newsletter! Always a bright spot to my day!
    I would choose the butterfly lamp #4. Beautiful design, fits everywhere, versatile, use in any room for any age! For me!
    Also the caterpillar cages! # 6? I think??great way to start your children? Grands and great grands on a delightful, lifelong love of beautiful Mother Nature!! The best gift u can give a child is a glimpse of a something beautiful that will live on long after we all have gone!

  23. SO hard to pick…I would choose Day Four (Milkweed seeds) and Day 11 (Butterfly mugs). I would choose those two because I love to give milkweed seeds as gifts, I think everyone needs to know about and plant milkweed! And the mugs so that, after people get their milkweed going, they can sit and enjoy the visits from beautiful monarchs while sipping coffee or tea.

  24. Beautiful gift ideas! Personally, I love the t-shirts. They raise awareness about Monarchs and they are super cute. : )

  25. There are many nice choices for gifts but I would choose #5 – My Oh My a Butterfly, the Cat in The Hat book. What better way to show your children and grandchildren how awesome butterflies are.
    My second choice is #7 – a caterpillar cage with clear mesh on four sided viewing. My daughter bought a cage last year and we loved watching the caterpillars prepare their cocoons and finally emerge.
    As a result I planted my first butterfly garden this fall and am anxious to see what happens next summer.

  26. The milkweed seeds are at the top of the list for me. I plan to get them started at home and then share them with the neighbors. Hoping to be a community of butterflies!

  27. I have day 2 and day 6 and a butterfly cage. I am being really good so Santa sends me the beautiful butterfly mug!!!

  28. I think the gift I would choose would depend on who I am buying it for. I love the chrysalis pendant but I would rather have an ornament to hang on my tree of the chrysalis.

  29. The gift I’d like to most give is The Milkweed seeds.

    Milkweed seems to be almost extinct in our area. I believe that’s part of the reason for sadly seeing such a massive decline in the population of Monarchs.
    Just a few years ago It was very common to see milkweed growing in the rural woods and along roadsides of several surrounding counties.
    Now it’s rare to see any.
    There has been so much timber clearing, new homes built and road construction that a lot of milkweed and wildflowers have been destroyed.
    This year I only saw 1 plant alongside a stand of pine trees. This was a former area of plentiful milkweed.
    As we all have noticed there are very few areas, backyards, nature trails and just afternoon exercise walking to thankfully enjoy the beautiful flight and fancy of Monarchs.
    Friends and family have been intentional to plant and share as many as possible butterfly loving flowers.
    So, for the love of flora and fauna we’re on a mission to do our part increasing butterfly populations.

  30. Some great gift ideas! I think I’d like a to give or get a Butterfly Mug 😁

  31. Day 11 Tea and Coffee Mug: I didn’t know about the heat changing butterfly mug and actually bought one for a friend who also has a butterfly garden. I was drawn to it because it is different and who doesn’t like to wake up to a hot beverage and see colorful butterflies appear!

    A few other monarch gift ideas I just discovered are below, made by a Mexican artist, Gorky Gonzalez who is reviving the ceramic art and design of historic Mexican ceramics:

  32. Such a splendid variety of gifts to choose from in this 12 Days of Butterflies – Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2022. ALL of the gifts are outstanding and each one would serve to remind the recipient of the beautiful butterflies that adorn our flower gardens throughout the Spring and Summer. For me? These are my first picks: Day 2 – the Butterfly Lamp is amazingly designed; Day 5 – What kid would not like My, oh My…a Butterfly Book for Kids from the Cat in the Hat Library ( I have a grandson that helps me in my garden, he would like this book); and Day 6 -Big Cube Monarch Cage…I counted 87 chrysalis hanging in different areas of my garden this past summer and could have used one of these cages. No wrong answer here. Thanks.

  33. I think that Day 3 would make an outstanding gift. The collection is truly unique! And considering the are made via hot glass by hand, I know how #1 difficult it is to work with (been there, done that), and #2 almost impossible to do it with consistency!
    They are beautiful!

  34. All the gifts are great but it’s all about the seeds. Everyone should plant seeds, give seeds and collect seeds. All my friends get some seeds and instructions on how to plant them as present. Even if only part of the seeds get planted that’s more plants for the monarchs. Plant more milkweed.

  35. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one, but I think I would love to get the heat changing mug. That way I could enjoy it throughout the year with my morning coffee.

  36. If I had to only choose 1 item it would be day 2. The beautiful lamp would look amazing in the room in seeing up for my Mother who is 87 yo. She lives in WI and I’m in TX.
    I go home twice a year to visit for 2+ weeks at a time. This is for medical appointments etc. She always says I don’t stay long enough. I’ve told her she will need to come to TX for a visit. At 87 yo this seems impossible in her eyes. It’s all planned with family members to get her birth directions. Now it’s up to her to get ready for this posibleity. She’s not ready and in not going to WI any other times. We lost her “favorite” child and provider last year. The next move is hers.
    Thank you.

  37. I would love the Day 2 butterfly lamp. It is a beautiful way to be reminded of butterflies all year long.

  38. I would choose the butterfly lamp for both a gift to myself and a gift for others. It is so beautiful!!!

  39. I would like to give one of the butterfly cages to my son as a gift. Raising monarchs is one of our favorite summer activities!

  40. While I think all of the gifts are wonderful, my personal choice would be a Monarch Life gift card! That way, I could get whatever I needed to enhance my butterfly habitats!

  41. I really would like to get the poo poo platters. I have considered ordered some in the past, but the shipping is more than I want to pay.

  42. I can find good reasons for all the gift ideas!! Right now I could use the new poo platter. It’s a great improvement over the clear ones.

  43. I would most like to receive the “Be the Change” butterfly mug. The reason being…it is a daily reminder of the miracle transformation of the monarch, and that we all have the capacity to be part of beautiful transformations in our own lives and the lives of others. This is especially important in the world today.

    1. I would most love the wild flower planner diary as we have moved into a new house and I’m growing a lot of plants from seeds. I keep meaning to track when and where I’m planting as I tend to forget! Would also track weather patterns and what grows well where in this new area.

  44. I love everything on this list! But my favorite item is the chrysalis necklace by Jude Rose. Whenever I wear them people ask what it is, which opens the conversation about Monarch conservation. I have a native milkweed nursery, so I give them a package of seeds to plant at their house..

  45. I need the Day 8 Water Tubes! I’ve had a couple good caterpillars drown and it’s sad.

  46. I would love the poo poo platters. I have several mesh enclosures and I spend so much time cleaning up after our little babies every day. I have gotten some in the past but none like shown. I love the flat edge format (Cats cannot crawl under and get stuck) and bendable material for cleaning.
    We all know the commitment it takes to raise these miracle creatures and with the time saved having this type of platter I could help more Monarchs out! (Especially with having a full time job too!)
    I am on the 4th year and every year I am able to help more- this year was 109!

  47. I love the Day 2 butterfly lamp. They are beautifully designed and would look nice in any room. I like that there is a dimmer switch so you can brighten a room or just use it for mood lighting. The lamp would make a great gift as it’s so beautiful. I’d love this for a gift too!

  48. I love the mesh cubes. I have two large ones but want to get a small one for the Swallowtails I have to winter over. I raise three types of butterflies, Monarch, Swallowtail and Fritillaries. I love my butterflies!!

  49. I would like to give the Butterfly Book for children to the Day Care that I work at. Once in a while they take a field trip to see my butterfly garden, caterpillars and chrysalis. Then I would like to use the milkweed seeds to start plants to give to each of the children to take home to start their own gardens.
    I enjoy trying to raise caterpillars to butterflies and taking photos of them before I release them.

  50. My two favorites are the organza bags to share seeds and the butterfly book for kids. I have raised monarchs for six years and have lots of milkweed in my yard that I share. The seeds would make good gifts. I also have a 1 yr old grandson I would love to share this process with. He would love reading this book with me.

  51. My favorite is Day #5, the Dr. Seuss children’s book. It’s never too early to introduce the next generation to nature and the miracle of Monarch butterflies. I have two grandchildren, 22 and 24 months, and they will have this book under the Christmas tree.
    All the gifts were outstanding this year!

  52. I would love to receive Day 8 – Floral tubes & short peg racks system for feeding caterpillars. It would make my life so much easier raising and feeding the caterpillars. It would also make the milkweed last longer. I increase the number I raise every year.

  53. Day 3 is the most beautiful and unique gift I have ever layed eyes on. I am in love with it. The monarch chrysalis is so perfect and a work of art in itself. And I’m glad someone made earrings out of it to look as life-like as possible. I’d love to have those dangling from my ears. Especially after having released almost 200 for the first time this year. Beautiful.

  54. This is a tough choice, but I think the top pick for a gift to give or receive would be Day 4, the variety of milkweed seeds. Supporting native plants and incorporating them into our landscapes and gardens is a vital first step in attracting monarchs. My first priority this spring is to get as many seeds in the ground around my property as I can!

  55. I would love to receive 7b, the caterpillar silicone poo poo platter. I have the cages and large floral tube peg systems so the platters are next on my list. What a great idea for easy clean up 😀

  56. I would want the green chrysalis jewelry pendant for myself! I have been looking at it ever since y’all started offering it! Been raising monarchs now for about 4 years now so I have most of the other things! I also have one of the tshirts too!! I would buy seeds for others but actually give seeds away already! I love the butterfly dr Seuss book though!! I gotta get one of those!! For my grandkids too!! I love these ideas!! Thank you! 🙂

  57. Day 2 The Butterfly Lamps. This lamp would a a great touch to my Butterfly Decor.

    Thank you.

  58. I would love the gift of Milkweed seeds. This is a gift that once planted, is a gift that keeps on giving. It is also vital for the propagation of our pollinators.

  59. My first choice would be day 10 the planner. It is beautiful and it would come in so handy. My second choice would be day 3, the jewelry. They would make a beautiful gift
    I count the days until the monarchs show up again. I love the Mexican Sunflower as the flower to attract the winged beauties. I also have swamp milkweed, common milkweed and butterfly bushes as lures. In 2021 I would see as many as 15 Monarchs fluttering about the plants. (Mostly arguing over the plants) This year I was lucky to see 5 at a time. So next year I will be planting more attractive plants for the

  60. I’m going to gift the children’s book to my daughter who’s 3. She loves to help me raise the babies from the monarchs that visit our garden. She also loves to read, so it would be the perfect gift.

    And I would love to receive the poo poo plater, because that would help keep our butterfly cages clean easier. And I also love the butterfly jewelry!!

  61. I would gift the mugs or the cute believe tee shirt or calendar or seeds. I am putting seeds in a clear ornament this year to give to my friends hoping they will plant them in their garden. There was so few monarchs this year so hoping for more this year. I have Jude’s necklaces and get so many comments on them when I wear them. I would love any of these gifts for myself. Keep telling my husband but he doesn’t do online shopping. So I have to order for myself. My love of monarchs keeps me going and believing that anything is possible. And seeing the amazing journey that these little guys make is truly a gift from God. I keep believing. Thanks Tony for all ur work u do to help us raise these amazing creatures!! Cathy Kennedy.

    By the way I have 49 Eastern Black Swallowtail chrysalis in my home just waiting to emerge when the time is right.

  62. The poo poo platter would be great to keep the cages clean and the tubes for cuttings are always helpful.

  63. I ordered day 11 tea and coffee butterfly and the bee mugs to my sister in Texas and my 2 school monarch garden partners. Though a couple states apart, we send seeds back and forth. I would love to receive day 3 monarch necklace. It is beautiful. I even left it up on computer screen to see if the hub got the hint. Seeing the colors appear amazes me every time.

  64. The color changing Be The Change mug stuffed with seed packets are my choice for a perfect gift. The set would be inspirational and actionable, too.

  65. If I were to pick any of the above to give as a gift, I would pick #7. The butterfly cages are a great way to get a young person excited about learning something as simple as nature. Children today need to know and learn the gifts that nature gives to us.
    I remember when I was young how curious I was and would spend hours watching wildlife. That is still with me and is probably why, even at our age, why we got into raising Monarchs the last several years.
    Observing nature is a great learning experience and the butterfly cages, along with the accessories is a good start.

  66. I would love to receive the Chrysalis and Butterfly handmade jewellery. It is absolutely stunning and certainly depicts the beauty of our monarch butterflies and how we can all take part in ensuring that these wonderful creatures flourish and remain with us for centuries to come.

  67. If I won or would give the gift to someone I would choose the seeds, and the organza bag. We can never have enough milk weed plants.

  68. I would love to receive Jude Rosé’s jewelry! Her work is beautiful and so realistic. Bonus, she’s from Wisconsin. Same as me. And I love supporting local businesses.❤️

  69. Would like Day 7 the clear mesh with 4 side viewing cage. The cage we now have has many holes in it and have decided to keep it in the house next time so this would be great.

  70. The gift I’d most like would be the Dr. Seuss book, “My Oh My, A Butterfly!” I’d love to read it to my 2-year-old grandson. I think he’d love it!

  71. The holiday butterfly gift card seems ideal to me. Right now all of my monarch butterfly supplies are stored away while I gear up for another Minnesota winter! I am being honest when I say that I won’t know until spring what supplies I will need for monarch season 2023; I give away cages and tubes to friends and neighbors who express an interest in raising their own monarchs so I’m always surprised when I bring out my supplies at the end of the snowy season!

  72. I would like to receive the wildflower planner. I lost my mom in September and we always did our plant shopping and gardened together. We both had butterfly gardens. A friend brought butterflies to release at her funeral and several roosts were spotted in the area after her passing. I want to continue her gardens for my dad and this would help me plan them while keeping her close .

  73. Be the change mug. I was talking to a co-worker wondering why I was so devoted to the butterflies that I rescue them next to the interstate and take them home to raise them by hand. Sometimes I take them to work and have them munch next to my desk. I said, “You love your dogs. Would you put a dog park next to the Interstate and leave the gate open?” How are my butterflies any different than your dogs?

  74. I would most like to receive 6b, the bendable poo poo platter. It would be so helpful for keeping my cages clean!

  75. I love the day 3 the monarch chrysalis necklaces so beautiful. I’d love one! My cousin likes butterflies too and I know she’d love it as well for a gift. I also love the milkweed seed packets. I’ve been trying to grow my own for a couple years now. I realize I’ve been doing it wrong so hopefully this year I can figure it out. I’d love to start my own Monarch Butterfly Garden! ❤️💚🐛

  76. So many beautiful, creative and artistic gifts!! I would choose the tall butterfly cage. I have purchased several in the past and given as gifts. It’s so rewarding to see someone else become as enthused about raising monarchs as I am. Merry Christmas!

  77. I would love to have and give my mom one of the Butterfly lamps. They are beautiful and we love Butterflies.

  78. I love all the items. So hard to choose, I would love to get the $50 gift certificate to by more milkweed from you . Have no luck with seeds, I am 75 and retired. God bless us all

  79. Ohh my goodness!!! There are so many wonderful choices in this collection of gifts! I absolutely love the chrysalis earrings and necklace, as well as the butterfly light! Stunning!❤️ The mugs, planners, and milkweed seeds with the organza bags would make fabulous gifts for my family and friends too.

  80. For myself I would like the butterfly mugs for my office. Always drinking coffee with colleagues and mentioning about my Monarch friends. My office is a central gathering spot for coffee. My students do math projects on monarch color ratios and/or fractal dimensions comparing pictures of male and female monarchs I raised and then freed.

  81. Would love to gift the milkweed seeds in the organza bags. To receive, am in love with those chrysalis earrings and necklaces. Absolutely stunning work. And that wood butterfly lamp is gorgeous too.

  82. I like the t-shirt gifts! I already gave my dad the Christmas shirt and asked him to buy the garden shirt for me!

  83. Books ,and seeds ,for the younger ones. The jewelry is stunning ,and exciting .That and the coffee mugs for grown ups ,to sit outside with our cats ,and Dio coffee or tea .

  84. I would like to receive a butterfly t-shirt. The reasons are I can wear it to help promote butterflies and their importance in ecosystems. Also wearing a butterfly t-shirt is a great conversation starter.

  85. This summer was my first time raising monarch caterpillars I found in my garden and had to borrow a cage for them so I’d love to get either Day 7 tall clear mesh cage, 7b poo poo platter, or 6 day cage with viewing window or day 8’s floral tubes and peg rack system to be ready for next summer.

  86. I have to share that the milkweed seeds are what I would choose because I feel it’s something I can easily gift and educate others about how we desperately need milkweed planted to save these amazing creatures. If I had to choose a second item it would be the chrysalis jewelry because it would be such a great conversation starter to help educate others of how dire tge need is to save this species.

  87. I love the butterfly book for kids as I raise Monarch Butterflies at my home using your cages

  88. I love them all but am particularly taken with #11, the heat changing mugs.

  89. Choosing the best gift idea was a toss up between days 4, 5, 8 & 10. Unfortunately I have no young children in my life these days and I feel like the tubes are something I can use just a few more of I am going to say that the milkweed seeds from Day 4 are the best gift to give and to receive. Mostly everyone I know would be willing to plant milkweed and I cannot have enough in my yard!

  90. I would like to receive the Day 4 gift idea-milkweed seeds.
    We recently moved and are establishing a garden at our new house, so we could use the seeds!

  91. I would love to have a tall mesh cage with the viewing window either for myself or to gift one to start someone else raising monarchs. The transformation chrysalis pendant is very unique and would start many a conversation, I’m sure. There are so many good choices here!

  92. Day 8. Peg and tubes for cages…I worked very hard this fall and hand planted 500 milkweed seeds.
    Along with pollinator gardens. Added twelve more enclosures.
    I wear t shirts daily to encourage saving monarch butterflies.
    I sure would love a gift like this.

  93. I have a new niece that I would love to teach butterfly rearing to. She’s young yet but once she watches me and the magnificence of butterflies I’m sure she will be ready to start her own garden.

    The organza bags would be awesome to share seeds with my Master Gardener friends here in Virginia

  94. I love the Chrysalis Jewelry as most people have never seen a chrysalis or know what one is. Also the Dr Suess Book, as it promotes children to learn and respect butterflies!❤️

  95. it’s such a difficult choice because so many of the gifts are perfect. I think to receive I would pick either the cage with the viewing window, or the milkweed seeds. The cage so that I could see the caterpillars and butterflies better, and the seeds of course because we need to plant more milkweed across America. The gift I would gift to someone would be my own My oh My a Butterfly book. If we can get kids started young on supporting monarchs in their habitats, we can really make a difference. Thank you for all you do!

  96. “My, oh my, a Butterfly” book to give – I bought two for my grandchildren!
    And to receive – a calendar is always welcome – I also gift them!
    And of course I would love to receive the large tubes and holding racks for my cages!

  97. The most direct way I could contribute to the mission is to plant more milkweed, and we’d love to have a greater variety, so the seeds would be first pick. Second choice is the mesh butterfly cage which I could give to a friend to start them on their journey.

    1. I LOVE gift number 5, the Cat In A Hat book for kids. It teaches kids to respect Monarch butterflies, caterpillars, (butterfly) eggs, and even much-needed (pesticide-free) milkweed!

      I am 51 yrs old, and just learned about what I call ‘the magic of Monarchs’ a few years ago. Knowing what I know now, I really don’t understand why an adult never told me about this amazing transformation as a kid.

      EVERY child should be taught about these amazing little creatures so they are more likely to help protect them, and increase their population. This is something they can begin doing right away. Even if their parents do not wish to invest in tents, potted plants, etc, I dare say the majority of parents would AT LEAST buy their child an inexpensive pack of milkweed seeds to plant and care for.

      Lastly, I believe this book could help reduce the number of kids who want/use a ‘butterfly net’ (which I wish were illegal), considering this sort of education is sure to help people of all ages better understand the importance of protecting the lives of these precious beauties.

  98. I would most like the butterfly T-shirt to spread the word. I would love to gift a seed pack. I started with plants in the garden and once I found the cats…the rest fell into place. What fun!

  99. I would love to be able to give my gardening friends a gift card to get what they would like from your lovely collection! You never know what someone would really like, so this way they can pick it out themselves!

  100. I would buy a variety of milkweed seeds. I planted my last milkweed plants in the wrong place and they were badly damaged by too much water. I have researched where to plant them now and I want as many as possible.

  101. Reading is a top priority in my life having been a teacher. I taught my students all about monarchs and we raised many through the years. I love the Dr. Suess book and the accuracy it portrays. A real winner!!!

  102. I choose #1 as a gift to give or receive because it reflects our true mission as Monarch Butterfly protectors to Grow the Migration. The Tshirt logo makes people think of something that makes them happy. As I share my journey with the Monarch with others, it brings an awareness of how important their existence is not just them but our survival as well. Thank you.

  103. I love the jewelry, especially the green chrysalis necklace. It is very special to me because finding one was what started my journey of raising butterflies. Years ago I found a green chrysalis in the grasses of my raised bed and was smitten by the delicate jade color and golden dots! I read as much as I could about monarchs and then slowly bought supplies over the course of a few years. I now collect eggs in August and rear as many healthy butterflies as I can, tagging them for their travel to Mexico.

  104. I would most like to receive the new beginnings jade chrysalis pendant. Besides being beautiful, it would make a great conversation starter and a wearable reminder of the beauty and miracle of the butterfly life span.

  105. How can I choose one! What a fantastic selection! I know, I could always use more mesh cages and liners as in 4 years, I have released over 470 monarch butterflies! I am branching out beyond t-shirts (all things monarch) and would LOVE the necklace or lamp! Thanks for the consideration, Happy Holidays!

  106. I would love to get a Monarch Butterfly T-shirt because I would consider it a conversation starter. I take any opportunity to talk to people about raising monarchs and the importance of growing milkweed.

  107. Day 4 I like the seeds to gift and to receive! We need to grow more milkweed for the Monarchs. I also love the jewelry – beautiful!

  108. I love the Butterfly Lamp. Before my mother became ill, she use to love to watch the caterpillar on all my milkweed plants, then watch the cocoons as they opened and then as the butterflies would fly away, she was in awwww. She is now in a Living Care facility and has Dementia, but she still asks my all the time about the cocoons and butterflies. I give her cards all the time with different butterflies on the card. I even bought her a butterfly sheets/pillowcases for her bed. She was thrilled and tells everyone how her daughter raises butterflies. haha God bless her. The butterfly lamp would go great with her room. Happy Holidays, thanks you

  109. There are so many things I like. The calendars are always nice to give and the jewelry looks so authentic. Coffee mugs are a great gift as is the book for kids.

    1. #5 the Butterfly Book I would like. This next butterfly raising time, I want to share my cages of the various stages of butterflies to a class of school children. I want donate the book to the school. That is my plan.

  110. I loved the butterfly light, but I think I’d ultimately choose to give (or receive) the Dr. Seuss book. My son loves books and is very interested in butterflies. He’s the one that pointed out our first Monarch this year.

  111. I would order the lamp but it is sold out. My next wish would be for the tall baby clear mesh cage as I enjoy raising Monarchs and could always use another or share with my neighbor who I introduced to raising Monarchs

  112. I would give Day 10, the butterfly and flower planner. Planners are practical for most people. AND to be reminded of the butterfly every day? A gift that lasts throughout the year.

  113. I really like a few things!
    *The butterfly light! It didn’t Say that it was out of stock.
    * Dr Seuss book – oh my a butterfly
    * Be the change mug! It’s a good reminder for life too! 🦋😃

  114. The item that I would gift to someone would be the Dr.Seuss butterfly book. I thought was an amazing idea. We need to keep future generations aware of how important butterflies are, especially the Monarchs.

  115. My favorites were the coloring changing mug and poo poo tray. I also need floral tubes and hopefully milkweed stays longer. My daughter would love the nightlight.

  116. All are wonderful, but think Milkweed Seeds would be the choice I’d make.
    You can never have too many milkweed plants/seeds.

  117. I like the calendar planners because that is an easy way to keep track of daily activities and appointments. Also like the organza bags for milkweed seeds as I always have tons of them and it would make it easier to give them away.

  118. I would love to have the 4 pack of seeds so I can feed MORE cats next year! It’s getting difficult to find the plants here so seeds would be perfect to allow for a larger group of caterpillars to munch and grow! The option to find the varieties that grow here naturally is fantastic too! We need MORE natural milkweed plants to grow all over our nation! Thank you for helping us bring back more monarch communities!

  119. I would love to get some of the butterfly books. As a teacher, I enjoy sharing monarch information and experiences with my students and seeing their looks of wonder when they see a caterpillar morph into a chrysalis, or a butterfly eclose for the first time. Reading books aloud is a regular part of our school day. What better way to get kids more excited about butterflies than with butterfly books?!

  120. The cat in the hat butterfly book is a great idea to teach nieces and nephews about thr importance of monarchs.

  121. Oh my goodness, each one got better than the last, but I really love the butterfly lamp!

  122. I would like the Cat in the Hat book or the new poo poo platters. I don’t have that book in my library so I’ll be getting that. Would love to try out the new silicon liners.

  123. Hands down, the earring chrysalises! I’ve been wanting a pair for a while. They’re great ways to start conversations about monarchs, native plants, and threats to pollinators, which protecting and promoting are part of my job!

  124. My favorites are the milkweed seeds (can never get enough), the t-shirts especially the Santa one and the butterfly light, so beautiful. I would love the Dr Seuss book too but don’t have any young ones on my list

  125. I love the idea of the butterfly cube with the viewing window! Such a great idea. I need to add another cube for the spring season!

  126. I believe the children’s book is a great idea, getting children involved at an early age,will increase the number of people to help Monarch butterflies.Teach about the life cycle,how to have healthy butterflies,so we can increase the population.Lets face it….they are beautiful and you can’t have too many , the more-the merrier.

  127. I love the organza bags for seeds. I often trade with friends and what a nice bag to put the seeds in when giving a gift.

    1. #5 the Butterfly Book I would like. This next butterfly raising time, I want to share my cages of the various stages of butterflies to a class of school children. I want donate the book to the school. That is my plan.

  128. I love the butterfly tshirt! Xl! I created a monarch butterfly garden 4 years ago, just for the butterflies. I am rewarded every year with monarchs!

  129. All these ideas are wonderful! I have shared with my neighbors the wonderful joy I get in raising monarchs. The cages and tubes are a great help as I’m hoping to help increase the monarch population each year.

  130. I live in a senior community and am called “Monarch Mama” for my raising of monarchs every spring and fall. If I were to win, I would especially love to receive Day 4, milkweed seeds. They would be given to members of our gardening group to encourage others to plant milkweed. There’s never enough!

  131. So many great choices! I would get the book for my boys for a fun way to learn more about butterflies because thwy love to read and they love butterflies.

  132. I would love the butterfly calendar. I love raising my monarchs and this would add them to my kitchen. Merry Christmas to all

  133. I would like one of the butterfly mesh cages. I have raised some monarchs but used an old reptile cage. One of your cages would simplify the process.

    1. There were so many great gift ideas. I think the one I would most want to give & to receive are the seeds. I’ve got several varieties of milkweed now but would love to have more. The more you have the better chances monarchs have to survive. I have lots of enclosures but you need the milkweed plants to get the monarchs. You can’t help them w/o the plants.

  134. I would give the Monarch chrysalis necklace to someone or myself even. When it is worn, it opens up an opportunity for anyone that sees it to learn about butterflies and the importance of planting milkweed plus creating a propagation garden.

  135. The thing I would most like to receive is Day 8- Floral Tubes & Short Peg Racks SYSTEM for Feeding Caterpillars. I already have a couple and they are great- but I could use more!

  136. I would most like to receive the milkweed seeds! Can’t grow enough and like experimenting with different varieties.

  137. Wonderful ideas!! The mesh cages and fat cat floral tubes have been integral to my monarch project, but the item I would MOST like to receive is that awesome Christmas themed BELIEVE shirt! It’s so cute, unique, and a great way to keep the “conservation conversation” going during the cold season!

  138. Loved day #5 Cat in the Hat children’s book about butterflies. It’s a wonderful and fun way to get the next generations to appreciate nature and want to take care of it.

  139. Beautiful calendars, planners, and coffee mugs – my favorite gifts to give!

  140. Thanks for link, got a lot of my shopping done. Going to be a lot of smart and happy kids at Christmas. Plant more milkweed. Best gift for your best friends.

  141. Was wondering what to get for Christmas for a friends 3 year old daughter. Nothing came to mind until I saw “My, Oh My…a Butterfly! (from Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)”. Just ordered it. Maybe a bit advanced for her but she can have years to come… Thank you for this gift suggestion!

  142. I just ordered 2 copies of, “My, Oh My – a Butterfly!” for my grandchildren! What a lovely idea. Thank you!

  143. I’m so glad to see you selling the Dr. Seuss butterfly book. It is the most accurate one I’ve ever seen and I’ve recommended many times when talking about monarchs and other butterflies.
    I read many times to my granddaughter when she was younger.

  144. After finding out that the Butterfly night light is sold out, looked at another one and found out that it was ordered by people and didn’t have lights in n it, bad reviews
    I would be interested in purchasing something but don’t want to get something that’s not good quality.

    1. Hi Rita, unfortunately, the lamp sold out shortly after we posted it…there are many other alternatives that have great reviews so I would choose one of those options if anything peaks your interest. Have a good week!

  145. Milkweed seeds are always good for friends who have gardens. I often collect the seeds and put and put in Organza bags or put a packet of seeds in a Christmas card.

  146. It looks like the lamp is sold out?
    Seeds are always a great idea, and the organza bags!

    1. The t shirts and seed packages are my favorites. The shirts show my interest and raise awareness. The milkweed seeds mean it would be possible to grow some varieties that aren’t readily available where I live.

  147. I finally got to order some seeds, and it will be a good start for the future butterfly and hummingbird garden I had.
    Thank you very much, I love the magic and beautiful Monarch butterflies, from the day I saw the first tiny cat munching away to my first release here in Virginia.

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