9 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Butterfly Lovers

Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. But they hold an extra special place in the hearts of many mothers…perhaps they feel like kindred spirits with the brave (but weary!) monarch females returning home to find fresh milkweed for their children.

As magnificent monarchs migrate north across the US toward Canada, butterfly excitement is taking hold of gardeners across North America. These best mother’s day gift ideas will multiply that excitement tenfold for butterfly enthusiasts that anxiously await their return.

If your mother is a fan of butterflies, butterfly gardening, and/or raising butterflies these mother’s day gift ideas will potentially bring her joy for years to come…

~ 9 unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardeners ~

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 1- Monarch Butterfly Garden Flags

Choose from an assortment of bright, colorful garden flags to add cheer to the butterfly garden, even on the darkest of days.

Butterfly Garden Flag- Gift Ideas for Butterfly Gardeners

Why will this best mother’s day gifts idea be the perfect gardening gift for her?

  • Beautiful butterfly designs add an artistic flair to the garden
  • Garden Flags can be switched out during the season to celebrate the change of seasons
  • They’re like greeting cards to every garden visitor
  • If the butterfly markings are life-like, don’t be surprise to see a visitors give the flag a close inspection
  • If mom doesn’t have an existing garden flag, make sure to get her a flag stand too
  • Most flags are available with two day amazon prime shipping

Find a Butterfly Flag for Mom Here

Buy a Butterfly Garden Flag for Mom on Etsy

Find a Garden Flag Stand here

Mothers Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 2– Monarch Butterfly Mama Kit

A unique gift idea for a nature loving mom that wants to see her babies grow up into something amazing…in just 30 days! Give mom the gift of knowledge and all the tools she needs to raise happy, healthy, monarch butterflies.

Butterfly Gift Idea for Mom- Tools and Info for Raising Butterfly Babies

Why will this mother’s day gift idea be a cherished gardening gift for her?

  • Nurture and protect monarch butterflies inside for release back to nature
  • Increase the monarchs survival rate from under 5% to over 90% by raising indoors
  • Gives gardening moms more opportunity to see butterflies in their garden
  • A fun activity for mom or the entire family
  • Raising Book is available in print or a downloadable PDF and can be read instantly on a computer, tablet, phone
  • 4 Cage sizes + helpful raising accessories to make raising easier, and more successful
  • Cages and supplies ship to US and Canada…fast shipping

Choose a Caterpillar Cage + Raising Butterflies Supplies for Mom

Not sure which raising supplies mom wants/needs?

Buy Mom a Monarch Butterfly Life Gift Card

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 3- Monarch Butterfly Earrings

Beautiful little butterflies accent her outfit, and make great conversation starters…

Monarch Butterfly Earrings- Gift Idea

Why is this a perfect gift for mother’s day?

  • Choose Monarchs or an assortment of colorful butterflies
  • Sterling Silver French ear wire
  • Lightweight
  • 2-3 Day Shipping w/Amazon prime
  • 5 star Customer Rated Reviews

Find Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Earrings on Etsy

Find Monarch Butterfly Earrings Here

Mothers Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 4– Mother of Monarchs Butterfly Life Cycle Shirt

A unique butterfly t-shirt design for monarch mamas who loving support monarchs by gardening or raising them through the life cycle from tiny egg to magnificent monarch…

mother of monarchs turqoise blue vneck mother's day gift ideas for gardeners

Why is this a good mother’s day gift?

  • High Quality Screen-Printed Shirts
  • unique gardening gift for her w/ original design
  • Choose from 6 styles of shirts
  • Variety of Colors
  • Sizes from XS to 3XL
  • Lightweight
  • Order by Monday, April 19th to insure delivery by Mother’s Day

Find Mom a M.O.M. Butterfly T-shirt Here

Buy Mom a Grow the Migration Gardening T-shirt Here

Buy Mom a Garden for Life T-shirt Here

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 5- Collapsible Utility Garden Wagon

This little red wagon makes the perfect garden assistant for mom, but also has many other uses…

Collapsible Garden Wagon with No Assemply Required is a gardeners dream for plant sales and hauling precious plants around the garden.

Why is this a good mother’s day gift for a gardener?

  • Folds to 8″ thick
  • No assembly required
  • Choose from Blue, Red, Camouflage, or Pink
  • Rubber wheels won’t ever go flat
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Multi-use utility wagon for park, beach, groceries, plant sales, pets, etc.
  • 2 Mesh holders for drinks or small garden tools
  • 2-3 Day Shipping w/Amazon prime
  • 5 star Customer Rated Reviews

Find Mom a Utility Garden Wagon Here

Mothers Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 6- Binoculars for Butterflies

A perfect day in the butterfly garden is when you walk through and the butterflies accept you as part of the garden wildlife. However, sometimes they can be skittish and a little elusive. How can you overcome this problem so you can enjoy your garden butterflies without scaring them away? Why, with butterfly binoculars, of course!

Good Mother's Day Gifts- Pentax Papilio butterflying binoculars will help mom watch butterflies undetected from afar or focus in for more details close up.

Why will mom cherish this unique butterfly gift for gardeners?

  • If mom has fading vision, this will allow her to enjoy the vibrant sights of butterflies from great distances or in depth at close range.
  • Great idea for those with limited mobility. Binoculars allow mom to zoom in on the butterflies without taking a step
  • Does mom like to sit on the patio while sipping a cool beverage? Butterfly binoculars let her relax without missing any butterfly action in the garden
  • 5 star rated binoculars by actual butterfly enthusiasts that have used them
  • Good for bird watching and focusing in on other garden wildlife too

Purchase Pentax Papilio II (Butterfly) Binoculars Here

Mother’s Gift Idea for Gardeners 7- Milkweed Plants

This is the perfect time for giving the gift of butterfly plants. It’s too late to gift milkweed seeds unless your mother is ok with her plants being too small to support monarch life until next season. Keep in mind, a milkweed patch should have a 6 plant minimum to support monarch life. Otherwise, those hungry caterpillars will exhaust mom’s milkweed supply faster than you can say milkweed emergency!

Good Mother's Day Gifts- Milkweed Plants and Plugs will help mom to attract and support monarch butterflies this season.
Milkweed for Mom!

Why will mom like this butterfly gift for gardeners?

  • Milkweed Plants and plugs will give you monarch-ready plants this season
  • Milkweed seeds are harder to start, so save poor mom some extra work up front
  • Milkweed can be difficult to find at local nurseries
  • A gift for good– the monarch butterfly population needs our help so this gift is also eco-friendly
  • Milkweed will come back every year to greet your mother, and a new generation of monarchs, bees, hummingbirds, and beneficial pollinators!
  • Swamp Milkweed and Tropical Milkweed are two milkweed options that are easier to find and favored by monarchs and plant lover mothers

Find Milkweed Plants Here

Buy Gift Certificates from Joyful Butterfly Nursery (1 mother’s day design option)

If you and mom are Minnesota gardeners, give mom the royal treatment by taking her to the Friends School Plant Sale this Mother’s Day Weekend where they have eleven different milkweed varieties available! Check for local plant sales in your region too!

Inspirational Mothers Day Gift Idea 8 for Butterfly Lovers – Monarch Chrysalis Pendants

Handmade glass blown replicas of the amazing monarch chrysalis. Monarch Transformation Pendants are a gift of inspiration that reminds the recipient that positive change is always possible, even in impossible situations.

Inspirational Monarch Transformation Pendants for Mother's Day- Hand Crafted Monarch Chrysalis Butterfly Jewelry by Glass Artist Jude Rose
Hand Made Monarch Chrysalis Earrings with gift box included- butterfly gift ideas

Why will mom cherish this nature-inspired unique butterfly jewelry?

  • Hand made to look as real as possible
  • Chose From New Beginnings and Total Rebirth Chrysalis Pendants
  • Glass artist Jude Rose has been making these for almost 20 years, and has improved her design process over the years
  • Transformation pendants come with a 14k yellow gold-filled 20″ double rope chain and a lovely gift box
  • The perfect accent piece for mom’s summer wardrobe
  • Raving reviews by Jude’s satisfied customers…including my mom!
  • Green Chrysalides also available as EARRINGS

Choose your chrysalis gift by clicking here

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Gardeners 9– Garden Shoes

Every gardening mother needs a good pair of gardening shoes and these are them 😉

womens waterproof garden shoes mother's day gift ideas for gardeners

Why will mom like these garden shoes for her?

  • Waterproof for rain or garden use
  • Easy to slip on/off
  • Eco-friendly- Made in the USA with 100% recyclable material
  • Comfort insoles for aching feet
  • Find the perfect style and size to fit your mom
  • Quality construction and long lasting

Find Rain and Garden Shoes for Mom

I hope at least one of these unique mother’s day gift ideas for her will be a great fit for your mom, and make her heart flutter with joy.

Please comment below to share your favorite  mother’s day gift ideas for gardeners you have have given/received on past holidays, or which butterfly gifts you like best…
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  1. I read somewhere about covering the milkweed after the caterpillars have eaten it all so it can regrow new milkweed. I just wanted to know what to cover the plants with.
    Thank you!

  2. I love all of these gifts, but tried clicking on the one with the chrysalus nwcklaces to see thw prices, but was very dim and said somethibg about Firefox not letting you scroll? I am using my phone, so not sure what the problem was

    1. Hi Dawn, it’s a specific issue with Jude’s store and the firefox browser. This is what the message says:

      “ATTENTION: Right now Firefox does not allow you to scroll and checkout. All other browsers seem to work fine. Hopefully I can resolve this soon, if possible.”

  3. I really like all the gift ideas! However, I will be asking to get a copy of your online guide for raising more Monarch Butterflies as one of my mother’s day gifts! Thanks, Tony

    1. Hi Valerie, I’m happy to hear you like the gift ideas. I hope you have a fantastic experience raising monarchs this summer!

  4. I love the milkweed plant idea for a mother’s day gift! That, along with a pair of sloggers would make a great gift. I absolutely love my sloggers and always get compliments on them. I like to wear them around when it’s raining in addition to the backyard. They wipe right off for easy cleaning and are SUPER comfortable! More comfy than my running shoes. I love wearing them. Thumbs up, Tony!!

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