Monarch Transformation Pendants are Inspirational Butterfly Jewelry for Women

Monarch Transformation Pendants and Earrings by Glass Artist Jude Rose

Monarch Chrysalis Earrings and New Butterfly Pendant
New Butterfly Design in ’22

Monarch Chrysalis Butterfly Jewelry

Jude has captured the stunning beauty of the monarch chrysalis by crafting hand blown glass into stunning replicas of both the jade newly-formed monarch chrysalis, and the transparent almost-born chrysalis. Here are some of the pendalicious details:

'New Beginnings' Monarch Transformation Pendant- Inspirational Butterfly Jewelry Hand Crafted to look like a Real Monarch Chrysalis.
Glass and Gold Monarch Chrysalis Pendants and Butterfly Jewelry by Glass Artist Jude Rose
  • The pieces are just over 1” and are made to look as life-like as possible. She even fuses 24k gold directly into the glass to recreate the chrysalis’ elegant gold markings
  •  Jude has been making these nature-inspired beauties since 1998 and has improved her process over the years, to make the chrysalises look made by monarchs
  • Your transformation chrysalis comes with a 14k yellow gold-filled 20″ double rope chain and a lovely gift box
  • The Jade Chrysalis is called ‘New Beginnings’ for those going down an exciting new path
  • The transparent almost-born chrysalis is called ‘Total Rebirth’ for those who are making or have made a commitment to a life changing transformation
  • Both chrysalises can be given as a gift of inspiration or to recognize and celebrate an important accomplishment
  • Jude’s Jade Chrysalides are also available as Chrysalis EARRINGS 
  • Butterfly jewelry for mother’s day gift, birthday gift idea, baby shower gift, graduation gift idea for daughter, Christmas gifts for mom, gifts for teachers, a gift for someone in recovery, butterfly gift ideas, etc…
  • I have given this butterfly necklace as a gift, and know others who have purchased this butterfly jewelry too. All have given Jude’s monarch transformation pendants a glowing 5-chrysalis review!
monarch transformation pendants- new butterfly design

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    1. Hi Patti.

      I’m Jude, the chrysalis artist chiming in. I totally agree about that black line. I’ve tried for years to include it, but have yet to find a technique that works or doesn’t seem heavy-handed. I’ve used glass paint, like the kind used for stained glass, I’ve tried skinny black lines of glass, I’ve tried regular paint. Everything ends up a failure. My best success ever was using an industrial strength Sharpie and razor blades. Well, there’s something particularly unglamourous about Sharpie with 24k gold, so the current design is how I make them. 🙂

      Thanks for looking!

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