Father’s Day Greeting with Monarch Male

A Father is a Guiding Light whose Love Shows Us the Way- Father's Day Greeting

A Father is a Guiding Light whose Love Shows Us the Way

Do you know someone who’d like to be a Monarch Dad for 30 days? Check out our butterfly cages and helpful raising accessories to find a unique father’s day gift idea.

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  1. Hi Tony
    Happy Father’s Day.
    I’m a little concerned bc I only saw one monarch so far and found one egg which has become a 2 instar.
    I’ve plenty of common milk weed and planted various type of milk weed from seeds.
    Hopefully it’ll be just a late start.
    Thank you

  2. I have 2 big cubes and use the 2nd for my chrysalis’ and sometimes I have to add potted plants in it for extra cats(as sometimes I have a bunch). I have some wire that I am stringing with paracord to move my chrysalis’ to. I saw a note about using “the shoelace” method in the cube to tie the chrysalis’ to. Can you do this in the baby cube?

  3. What is the best time to cut back my common milkweed so that I have fresh, new regrowth for more Monarchs? How much should I cut it back when it is a large flowering plant.?

    1. Hi Bonnie, I would cut back after they’re done blooming, though some people have cut back before to delay blooming. You could always try cutting some at different times. I’m not sure there’s a ‘right’ answer to your question…

  4. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the Father’s Day greeting card!! My husband loved it!! He helps me
    with the monarchs and also preparing our butterfly garden.

    HOpe you have a great Father’s day too!!!

  5. Thanks for your enthusiasm. It’s very appreciated and needed.

    I’m interested in growing honevines for Monarchs. Some websites I’ve read claim that honeyvine doesn’t have the same cardenitoids as other Asclepias. Will the Monarch’s protection system be compromised if I grow honey vines?

    1. Hi Pam,

      I’ve never heard about any research regarding this particular issue. I know many people have successfully raised monarchs with honeyvine. The main issue I hear with it, is that it can be very invasive. We are planning to grow some in a container…

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