Twelve Days of Butterflies-Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2019

12 Butterfly Gifts for the Holidays

Twelve Days of Butterflies 2019- 12 butterfly gift ideas to make a butterfly lovers heart flutter.

Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next five Saturdays three new butterfly gifts will be posted, until I’ve revealed all twelve gift ideas on November 30th. Before I started this annual butterfly gift ideas list 6 years ago, I had no idea how many wonderful butterfly-themed gifts existed. Based on research and recommendations, I strive to include unique ideas to help you find the perfect butterfly gift for someone special in your life.

And now, without further ado…The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2019!

Screen Printed ?? Shirts


Day 1- Believe Monarch Butterfly Christmas Shirts

Believe Monarch Butterfly Christmas Shirts

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

How many butterfly gifts capture the magic of monarchs and Christmas? Here’s one you can believe in…

Believe Christmas Monarch Butterfly hoodies and t-shirts
  • Choose from 6 styles of shirts including 1 women’s cut option
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes youth to 3XL (see sizing chart on linked page below)
  • High quality screen-printing with vibrant colors that are fade resistant
  • affordable US shipping starts at $3.99 for first shirt, & $2.50 for each addt’l shirt |International shipping starts at $9.99
  • Order by Thurs. November 21st for pre-Christmas delivery (After that, Christmas shirts not available again until November 2020)

Choose and Buy your Believe Monarch Christmas Shirt by Clicking Here


Day 2- Peace On Earth Monarch Butterfly Christmas T-shirts

Peace on Earth Christmas Monarch Butterfly Shirts

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A second butterfly shirt that captures the magic of the monarch migration and Christmas! Wear these festive butterfly shirts all holiday season long…

Peace On Earth Christmas shirts in both women's and unisex styles and sizes
  • Choose from 6 styles of shirts including a women’s cut option
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes youth to 3XL (see sizing chart on linked page below)
  • Design contest winner voted on by our community
  • High quality screen-printing with vibrant colors that are fade resistant
  • affordable US shipping starts at $3.99 for first shirt, & $2.50 for each addt’l shirt | International shipping starts at $9.99
  • Order by Thurs. November 21st for pre-Christmas delivery (After that, Christmas shirts not available again until November 2020)

Choose your Peace on Earth Monarch Christmas Shirt by Clicking Here


Day 3- Butterfly Garden Flags

Elephant Butterfly Garden Flag- Butterfly Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Monarch Butterflies on yellow flowers butterfly garden flag

Butterfly Flags bring life to your house and garden, even on the rainiest of days

  • Standard Garden Flags are 12″ x 18″
  • Standard House Flags are 28″ x 40″
  • Both designs are fade resistant- click each photo/link for more details
  • Flag holders sold separately- see links below
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy the Elephants & Butterflies Garden Flag

Find the Monarch Butterflies on Yellow Flowers Garden or House Flag

Butterfly Garden Flag Stand

House Flag Poles


Day 4- Butterfly Garden Sign

Aluminum Butterfly Garden Sign- Gift idea for gardeners

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Butterfly Signs bring life to your garden or home, even on cold, rainy days ☃️

Hummingbird Crossing Garden Sign- garden gift idea
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Original Art
  • Screen printed design for best quality
  • 2 holes drilled for hanging rectangular signs, 1 for square
  • Rectangular sign 10″ x 15″, square signs 12″ x12″
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Butterfly Garden Sign with White Background

Hummingbird Crossing Garden Sign

Bee Crossing Garden Sign


Day 5- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds!

Milkweed Seeds Mix 6 pack- Butterfly Gift Idea
Starter Pack

Why is milkweed a good butterfly gift idea?

Milkweed is the lifeblood of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a valuable tool we can all use to help support the struggling monarch population across North America…

  • Milkweed is the conerstone of a successful monarch butterfly garden
  • Choose over 25 milkweed varieties to fit your region and growing conditions
  • Milkweed is a must for those who want to raise monarch butterflies
  • Milkweed is the gift that will come back every year to support new generations of monarchs

Don’t forget that monarchs also need fuel in the form of nectar…especially late in the season as they fly an impossible distance to reach overwintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico and coastal California.

Tithonia rotundifolia ‘torch’ (Mexican sunflower) is a  favorite annual nectar plant that can be planted across North America and blooms continuously throughout the summer until first frost:

Mexican sunflower seeds are the perfect gift for a butterfly gardener looking to attract more monarchs.

One of the best ways to give the gift of milkweed or nectar flowers is by giving gift certificates to online sellers that have a wide range of vendors selling milkweed. This means the giftee will be able to find almost any type of milkweed they are looking for.

Below are 4 fantastic online resources to find milkweed seeds and also plants in the warmer months ahead…they also give the recipient the option to find other gift options if a garden isn’t in their immediate future.

5a. Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions

Annual Milkweed Seeds and Nectar Seeds- Butterfly garden Gift

Host milkweed and parsley seeds to support monarch caterpillars + black/anise swallowtails. Zinnia Seeds added for a continuous blooming nectar source for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.

Buy The Annual Milkweed & Nectar Seed Pack from Joyful Butterfly

5b. Ebay Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

For years, eBay offered the best big marketplace to find a wide variety of milkweed seeds and plants. It still probably has the widest selection of milkweed available, but the competition is catching up fast. eBay sells everything under the sun, and a good gift certificate choice for the budget-conscious buyer.

Purchase an eBay Gift Card Here

5c. Amazon Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Amazon has many of the same milkweed sellers as eBay, and more seem to be migrating over. Like eBay, amazon sells everything and a gift certificate here is a great choice for those who value product reviews from other customers.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Here   OR

If you know someone that wants to start a butterfly garden, this 6-pack is a collection of tried and true species that attract and support monarchs. These varieties can be grown across most of the US, but common and swamp will not thrive in continuous growing regions.

Purchase the Milkweed Seed Collection pictured above

Purchase Mexican Sunflower ‘Torch’ Seeds

5d. Etsy Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Etsy is a place for selling home made products and crafts, and that includes seeds and plants. This marketplace wasn’t on my radar until recently, but there are a surprising (and growing) amount of milkweed species available here from reputable sellers and home gardeners. A fantastic gift certificate for those who value home made goods and crafts.

Buy an Etsy Gift Certificate Click Here  OR 

Buy ‘Torch’ Mexican Sunflower Seeds 

5e. Butterfly Organza Bags for Gifting seeds

Butterfly Organza Bags for Milkweed Seed Gifts

Organza bags can be used to tie around seed pods to collect seeds outside, and they also make great gift bags for seed stocking stuffers.

Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds

5f. Milkweed Seed Ornaments for Decking the walls…or Gifting seeds

Most likely, your milkweed seeds have already been separated from their fluffy white companions, but it you’ve got some fluff to spare (or a crafty substitute) you can make your own milkweed seed ornaments just like community member Patti S:

Milkweed Seed Ornament- Deck the Halls or a unique way to gift seeds

Find Clear Ornament Balls to fill with Milkweed Seeds and Fluff


Day 6- Butterfly & Hummingbird Calendars

Goldistock 2020 Large Wall Calendar- Butterfly Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Admire beautiful butterfly art throughout the year while getting organized for 2020.

Goldistock 2020 Large Wall Calendar- Butterfly Gift Idea
2020 Butterfly Pocket Calendar- Butterfly Gift Idea
  • Pocket calendar has dual storage pockets for each month
  • Store prescriptions, appointments, bills, invitations, receipts, etc…
  • Beautiful butterflies and garden flowers by artist Renee Charisse Jardine
  • Large Wall Calendars are 12″ x 24″
  • Lang butterfly calendars feature original artwork of Jane Shasky
  • Five ✯ Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Purchase a 2020 Large Butterfly Wall Calendar Here

Purchase a 2020 Large Hummingbird Calendar Here

Find a Lang 2020 Butterfly Pocket Calendar on Amazon OR

Purchase a Lang 2020 Butterfly Pocket Calendar Here


Day 7- Giant Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures

Monarch Fine art Sculptures- Large butterfly life cycle art

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Artist Randy Peterson with his monarch life cycle art sculptures- butterfly gift ideas
Massive Monarch Art for Floor Stands, Ceilings, or Walls

A truly unique butterfly gift that can be use as eye-catching house decor or for educational purposes:

  • Handcrafted by artist Randy Peterson from Paper Mache and Acrylic
  • Large sculptures range from 12.5″ to 25″ tall (visit each product page for specific details)
  • Pieces range from $75-$300
  • Durable but not a toy: Randy has used his original pieces for over 50 presentations and they still look good as new
  • Great for nature centers, children’s museums, churches, children’s rooms, classrooms, or any room in your home that celebrates nature
  • Hanging caterpillars and chrysalides come with a swag hook to hang from ceiling or check out alternative hanging options on Randy’s site:

Fine Art Sculptures of the Butterfly Life Cycle


Day 8- Mother of Monarchs Butterfly Life Cycle T-shirts

Mother of Monarchs Butterfly Life Cycle shirt- berry

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A shirt for women and girls who support monarchs by growing butterfly gardens and/or raising and releasing magnificent monarch butterflies.

Mother of Monarchs Butterfly Life Cycle v-neck shirt
  • Choose from 5 styles of quality shirts
  • Available in a variety of colors and unisex sized shirts and hoodies youth to 3XL (see sizing chart on linked page below)
  • Design contest winner voted on by our community
  • High quality screen-printing with vibrant colors that are fade resistant
  • affordable US shipping starts at $3.99 for first shirt, & $2.50 for each addt’l shirt | International shipping starts at $9.99
  • Order by Monday, December 9th for pre-Christmas delivery (After that, shirts not available again until Spring 2020)

Choose your Mother of Monarchs Life Cycle Shirt by Clicking Here


Day 9- SMALL Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies

Baby Cube Butterfly Cage- Raise Monarchs Nature Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from less than 5% to over 90%.

Tall Baby Butterfly Cage for Raising Monarchs- Butterfly Gift Idea
Drawbridge Door for Easy Access
  • Baby Cube Dimensions 15″ x 15″ x 15h”
  • Tall Baby Dimensions 15″ x 15″ x 24h”
  • Raise 10-15 monarchs at one time
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Fine mesh keeps baby caterpillars in, predators out.
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars can’t ‘lock you out’
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • Affordable flat-rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping on physical raising supplies included in last link below if  purchase total $50.00+
  • US Standard Shipping– Order by December 13th for pre-Christmas Delivery
  • US Priority Shipping– Order by December 19th for Pre-Christmas Delivery
  • Canada, Australia, New Zealand- 7 to 10 business days

Find the Baby Cube Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 15h”)

Find the Tall Baby Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 24h”)

Find ALL Caterpillar Cages & Raising Butterflies Accessories Here


Day 10- NEW Poo Poo 2- FITTED Butterfly Cage Liner for Easy Cage Cleaning

Poo Poo 2- Fitted Caterpillar Cage Liner for easy cage cleaning and stable portability

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Removable insert makes cage cleaning easier and also makes the cages more portable with accessories inside.

Poo Poo 2 Caterpillar Cage Fitted Liner- Makes Cleaning Up after Messy Caterpillars a breeze
Poo Poo 2- New & Improved Caterpillar Cage Liner
  • 14.5″ bendable platter fitted for baby cube and tall baby caterpillar cages.
  • Makes cleaning easier with a removable insert: empty, rinse, replace, repeat ?????
  • Gives baby cube and tall baby cage a solid floor so they can be carried around without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • Affordable flat-rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping on physical raising supplies if  purchase total $50.00+
  • US Standard Shipping– Order by December 13th for pre-Christmas Delivery
  • US Priority Shipping– Order by December 19th for Pre-Christmas Delivery
  • Canada, Australia, New Zealand- 7 to 10 business days

Find the Poo Poo 2 Fitted Cage Insert here

Get Poo Poo 2 with Baby Cube Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 15″)

Get Poo Poo 2 with Tall Baby Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 24″)


Day 11- LARGE Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies

Big Cube Caterpillar Cage- Raise Monarchs through the Butterfly Life Cycle

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

These butterfly cages provide additional floor and ceiling space for those who want to raise a few more monarchs…

Monarch Tower with Drawbridge Door- Raise Monarch Caterpillars on Potted Plants
  • BIG Cube Dimensions w/ Drawbridge Door 24″ x 24″ x 24″H
  • Monarch Tower Dimensions w/ Drawbridge Door 24″ x 24″ by 36″H
  • Raise 20-30 monarchs at one time 
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Fine mesh keeps baby caterpillars in, predators out.
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars can’t ‘lock you out’
  • Affordable flat-rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping on physical raising supplies included in last link below if  purchase total $50.00+
  • US Standard Shipping– Order by December 13th for pre-Christmas Delivery
  • US Priority Shipping– Order by December 19th for Pre-Christmas Delivery
  • Canada, Australia, New Zealand- 7 to 10 business days

BIG Cube Raising Monarchs Collection (24″ x 24″ x 24h”)

Monarch TOWER Raising Butterflies Collection (24″ x 24″ x 36h”)

Find ALL Butterfly Cages & Raising Accessories Here


Day 12- Floral Tubes & Racks for Feeding Caterpillars

Feed Monarch Caterpillars with Large Floral Tubes and Peg Rack holders

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Large Floral Tubes + Holding racks system saves milkweed…and time:

Raising Butterflies Gift for feeding caterpillars- 8 large floral tubes + floral tube rack
  • 48ml large floral tubes hold more water for less refilling
  • Stop wasting milkweed- leaves won’t dry out and have to be thrown away
  • Lids are sturdy and easy to remove and put back on tubes
  • Use for milkweed or other host plants to feed those very hungry caterpillars OR
  • Use with nectar flowers to feed adult butterflies
  • Easy to Clean in sink or dishwasher
  • Racks keep plants upright and secure
  • Set up makes it easy to space out caterpillars
  • Caterpillars not crawling around in ??
  • Purchase as a tube/rack bundle or separately
  • Affordable flat-rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping on physical raising supplies if  purchase total $50.00+
  • Standard Shipping– Order by December 13th for pre-Christmas Delivery
  • Priority Shipping– Order by December 19th for Pre-Christmas Delivery

See ALL Floral Tubes and Racks Available

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2019 and a big thank you for being part of the MBG Community. ? Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! ?

Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. I hope I’m not too late for contest but here goes…all of the gift ideas are awesome! I would LOVE to have the Mother of Monarchs t-shirt. Why? because my husband, friends and family all call me Monarch Mama! I’d love to give my sister the milkweed/nectar seeds because she just moved back to Utah, bought a home and she needs to properly plant her new yard so she, too can help save the monarchs! We’ve been saving monarchs for several years but just recently got a computer and access to so much info! We had no idea ( yours is the BEST). We live in Richfield, Utah and seem to have the methuselah generation so we have late in the year monarchs in danger of freezing before anything happens. So we raise them up to beautiful butterflys then take them south to warmer climes for release! Sorry I’ve gone on and on…can’t help myself when monarchs are the topic! Thanks so much for all you all do!

  2. I would love the floral tubes and racks. Last year was my first raising and keeping leaves fresh was hard work!

  3. I love the Day 3 Elephant- butterfly flag so much I would frame it and keep it inside to injoy everyday.

  4. I have enjoyed and loved all of the Christmas gift ideas you have posted. Thank you!

    Day 7…..the gorgeous wall art is my favorite from Days 7-12. Didn’t even know something like that existed. I would gift it to my mom 🙂

  5. My Grandma shared her love of Monarchs with me when I was little & I’ve been hooked since!! Over 30 yrs ago, they gave me Zinnia seeds from their garden to start my 1st garden? I’m raising my Grandkids & we love collecting the seeds every Fall so we can plant ANOTHER GENERATION of their Zinnias in the Spring to attract ANOTHER GENERATION OF MONARCHS❣️❣️
    I would love to give the kids #9 The large cage, because we really want to start raising Monarchs together to help ensure they’re around for GENERATIONS TO COME to enjoy together!!
    THANK YOU TONY!! You’re awesome! We learn so much from you!!!
    P.S. The Monarch Mother shirt is AWESOME☺️I may try to drop a few hints to the kids that it would be a perfect gift for somebody who is crazy about Monarchs!

  6. #7- This one makes me laugh, and laughing makes me happy.
    #8- These shirts are pretty, and if you were wearing one, someone might ask you questions about it.
    #9 and #11- These would be good gifts for anyone who already raises butterflies, but it would also be a good inspiration to get started for beginners.
    #10 and #12- Anyone who raises butterflies would appreciate both of these gifts because they would make life easier.

    I would like to receive any of these gifts, but if I had to choose one, since I try to be practical, I would narrow it down to numbers 9 through 12, and then tell my husband to surprise me. If I were going to give a gift to someone, it would depend on the person, and I can think of 6 people who would appreciate the gift I chose for them.

  7. I would so love the wall art!! So beautiful!! Also, those tray liners would be so easy for clean up!!

  8. Any one of the cubes so that I could donate to my Grandson’s new school – he is now in the first grade. I donated one to his kindergarten class and they absolutely adored watching the Monarch life cycle and then releasing them into their on-site garden.

  9. This was my first season raising monarchs, and I successfully released 124! I couldn’t wait to go out in my milkweed garden each day to look for eggs or tiny cats! The whole family joined in, and my granddaughters became real pros! I have one tall cage and would love to win the poo poo platter. It would make housekeeping so much easier! This website has been my inspiration and gave me the courage to begin this rewarding hobby. Thank you!

  10. Hi! I would like to receive floral tubes or seeds – ah giving, my new neighbor’s granddaughter was here checking out my butterflies, she was so fascinated, Would love to give her something to peak her interest more, but not sure what that would be. Full raising might be a bit much for her at her age. Well Merry Christmas and a great 2020 to all!!

  11. I would love to have the wall art!

    Why? Because I would love to be able to teach, inspire, and motivate children and adults to experience the thrill of finding that tiny Monarch egg and watch it grow and morph into a beautiful butterfly.

  12. I love them all! My favorite is the Mother of Monarchs tee! I love raising these beautiful creatures! I would love to order some for my friends who raise Monarchs also, but I think I missed the time frame to order. In the 3 years I have been raising butterflies I have released over 700! I live on the East Coast of Florida and have butterflies all year long! Thank you for what you do to help all of us on this adventure.

  13. I already ordered the Yuletide T-shirt and the butterfly sign. I really plan to order then
    New poopoo trays

  14. I would love to receive all kinds of seeds to increase more butterflies to visit and feed. In addition I would like to purchase starter kits for grandchildren and grand nephews to begin their own monarch adventures. The kits world include : the tall cage, The small cage, poopoo platters, floral tubes and holders, and magnifying lenses.

  15. I would love to get the baby cage, poo-poo platter, tubes and racks to give to my sister who is noticing the Monarchs at her place in Massachusetts. She has expressed interest in starting to raise them, and this would give her the proper equipment to get started.

  16. I would like mostly the rasing supplies just to increase the number of monarchs

  17. #7 Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures. We have a wonderful Nature Center in our city with lots of educational displays. It would be great to be able to give a set of the sculptures to add to the displays. There is an annual Monarch program that I have helped with for years & have had the program “torch” handed off to me. I would donate them in honor of my Monarch mentors Bob & Ruby!

  18. My favorite from gift ideas 7-12 are the Large Monarch Castle (day 11). I started supporting Monarchs this year and growing a variety of milkweed. I was very disappointed in how few survived the Tachinid flies. Once I got a Large Monarch Castle, at the first sign of small caterpillar munch holes on my potted milkweed leaves, I sequestered the entire mature milkweeds in 2 castles. Flies were landing on the castle – but the caterpillars stayed safe. From 6 plants I had about 30 caterpillars – many of them are currently forming their chrysalids. I like having more than one Castle in that I can separate caterpillars of different sizes so large caterpillars won’t munch on smaller ones and it reduces crowding. I also like the Mother of Monarchs T-shirt . It would be a great conversation starter to educate people about helping to save the Monarchs.

  19. I could really use the poo poo platter! I currently put down paper towels, but that would certainly be a much better option and I wouldn’t be killing as many trees. 🙁

  20. I would love the large nutterfly house or the big water tubes. I have 1 cage and would love to havea second enviroment for my monarchs in the summer

  21. All of the gifts are very nice, but I would so love to win the fitted cage liner for my tall tower cage. It really would make the Monarchs & my life so much easier! Not to mention my back!

  22. I would love to give/receive the monarch t-shirt and you can’t go wrong with cages and supplies!

  23. Oh my gosh these are great! We need the new improved poo poo liner and the Fat Cat Bundle! We have a giant cage with drawbridge door but have been using cardboard and paper towels on the bottom. Raised between 30 and 40 this year and just the same last. Hoping for more this summer!

  24. All the gifts are great but love the tall cube and the milkweed fat cat rack. I do have some problems keeping the milkweed fresh.

  25. Day 12 – the floral tubes and racks are the most practical for me because I raise butterflies where I teach & I have to constantly drive an hour from home to school with milkweed in my car but I love all of your items! It’s just that I’d have to bring in milkweed a lot less often if I had these tubes & stands.
    P.s. I pick the milkweed in a local woods on the way to school & clean it in school. Most of the time bugs crawl out of the milkweed while I’m driving! Eek!

  26. anything to get started grandkids wanted magnifing glasses so i ordered 2.anything is great!! we used laundry baskets for cages and med. bottles for the fresh flowers we made due but any thing would be great thanks anna lilly palmyra n.y.have a great holiday

  27. I would like as a gift a starter set of a baby cube, poo filter, and floral tubes so that I can start raising butterflies.

  28. My choices are a tall baby cube or a large castle plus the fat tubes and racks. If I am going to get somebody started, the cage and the tubes/racks will allow a newbie to dive right in without having to jump through hoops to keep the cats fed. It is rare that someone would start the raising process from eggs and even if they do, it doesn’t matter the size of the cage. I am now raising both monarchs and swallowtails so the more cages the merry!!

  29. I would like to give my son the tall baby and poopoo2 to raise monarchs for the first time. It seems like a good duo to start off with.

  30. They are all great gifts! I’d love a another large cube and the dat cat bundle. I had a great year with the monarchs. At one time I had 18 cats in one cube. These are wonderful products

  31. All items are wonderful, but I would love the beautiful Art work.. It would be great to use when I do Demos. More of the wonderful cages for the amount of caterpillars that I raise!

  32. I would like to give the “Day 5- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds” to people I meet. I have a Monarch tattooed on my arm which brings up the conversation often of raising Monarchs often. They always tell me they have plenty of nectar plants to help the Butterflies. Unfortunately 90 % of these people do not know that Caterpillars can not live without Milkweed. I would like to have this conversation with more people I meet.

  33. All gifts are great, but my favorite is the sculptures. Wish I could put one in my tiny NYC studio:D

    I Wore my “Peace on Earth” t-shirt to the departmental meeting today. Getting people in my department interested in the plight of Monarchs. Making milkweed fluff bulbs with seed organiza bags I ordered – ideas I got from idea 5e & 5f. Using milkweed pods, separating the fluff from seeds etc. The Christmas bulbs came out nice and with the butterfly seed bags will make nice gifts.

  34. This was my first year to raise monarch butterflies. It was challenging, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to have another BABY CUBE to be able to increase my ability to raise more butterflies. I also would like to have the new POO POO 2 platter. I like this design and think it will help to keep the cubes cleaner and therefore, help the babies to be healthier.

  35. My favourite gift for me would be the butterfly art because it would be fantastic demo when I give talks! For my monarchs I could always use another Monarch tower cage- you can never have too many!!!

  36. I’d love to give my friend Becky a large cube butterfly raising cage. She house sat for me last year while we were on vacation and helped care for my cats as well as my cat?! Needless to say, was so interested in the process and helping that she got hooked! She even got a monarch tattoo a few months later. Would love to surprise her with her own set up. Thanks to monarch butterfly garden for helping this species thru a difficult time.

  37. Anyone of these items would be great to give or receive for the monarch raiser or educator. Nature centers ,libraries or classrooms. I love the butterfly houses of different sizes places for tiny cats ,bigger ones ect. I would be thrilled with any items even the decorative ones.. I look forward to another season .

  38. I would like the fat cat floral tubes and racks . They would make feeding cats easy while raising them. However, they can still be used year round for plants/ flowers during the cold seasons

  39. What wonderful gifts! I would be very happy with the Christmas Butterfly T shirt or the Butterfly garden flag.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  40. I would Love the big caterpillar raising cage, and would think it would make a nice gift for someone to get them started raising butterflies! It would be a nice gift because you can fit a whole plant in it and let those little guys go to town! It’s also looks very easy to open and maintain. Theres plenty of airflow through the cage without having to worry about one of the babies escaping! Some of those babies are wanderers and you could easily find one and put him back on the mother plant.

  41. I would love to win 1 of the gifts from the 12 days of Christmas. I love my butterflies. I have raised several monarchs the past 2 years. I have made 2 butterfly gardens and working on another for next year.

  42. As for something I need, it would be the poo poo platter. That looks awesome. And for something I would want, it would be the beautiful sculptures. They look so real, and those are not easy to find. So very lifelike. Super nice! I have most all of the raising supplies, and love them all. Very well made. Thank you Tony.

  43. The floral tubes and rack. I went through alot of milkweed this past summer…mostly because it dried out.
    I would love to try this. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  44. Hello and good day to you All!! ??
    I am in awe with Gift #7!!! A Totally magnificent gift!!

    I would love to receive this gift and share it with others to spark conversation. Putting them outside on a nice day encouraging neighbors to take notice and become more aware of our local butterfly populations and garden spots.

    I would also love to gift this as a traveling educational tool to our local schools! The children would never forget these vibrant visual lessons. ???

    I have 2 cubes, baby and tall! I love them both equally for different stages/ages of Monarch caterpillars ? I???

    I would love to win #7, these artwork exhibits are truly amazing ??????

    Thank you kindly, Cathy ?

  45. I would love the big cube; it would allow me to introduce my students to butterflies, conservation, pollinators and sustainability.


  46. I like the large cage and fat cat tubes and rack. Especially for a beginner, more likely you are going to be starting with the toddlers or pre-teens you find as opposed to the newborns! The large cage gives you room to place a potted plant, or the tubes, which I used for the first time this year and makes it so easy! And there’s room to get your hands in there easily without fear of knocking everyone around.

  47. Hi!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    My Mom and I share a love for helping these beautiful creatures to have a chance at life. I got her started this past summer, and she surpassed my numbers. Go figure. LOL. I’m so grateful she’s on this journey (albeit 4 hours away) with me.

    At any time of the year, I would loooove to gift her a Monarch Mom t-shirt because she’s an awesome Mom, to them and to me. I would also like to gift her a large drawbridge door habititat with all of the necessities for a successful brood.

    Thanks again!


  48. The tall baby butterfly cage is perfect to set a plant inside so the cats have safe ready access to fresh leaves if I need to be away overnight. Also, the fitted poo poo platter is awesome! Kudos to whomever came up with that idea, will make clean up so much faster and easier!

  49. The Life cycle sculptures! They look awesome, and as a teacher they would be perfect visual aids for teaching about monarchs!

  50. I would like the poo poo tray
    for myself because it would make cleaning easier and I love the models, because as an environmental educator, they would be an awesome visual!

  51. I was hooked after my first experience ! My 2 year old granddaughter still comes over and looks for them. I think the full size graphics are great for a class room or other educational events. I would like to upgrade my current “housing” for cats. Feeding tubes and the poop tray inserts. I’m working on planting more milkweed and nectar plants . always interested in garden decor.

  52. Oh! I would love any of these gifts. Of course, I would need a a cage to put it in if I got a poo poo tray. Promoting the raising of Monarchs has changed my whole perspective of not only the Monarchs but of all pollinators and how important they are to us. Thank you for enriching all of our lives with this website.

  53. After reviewing all the gifts it is very hard to decide. The poo poo platter/ or fitted liner with the tall cage is the most practical and useful. I have raised up to a 100 and released successfully, and I couldn’t do it with out the correct tools and advice you have given over the years. This is what I would give to get someone started. What I would like to receive is actually all of it, but most practically for me it would be the new floral tube rack. I could really use that.

    I would love to have the Christmas Magic shirt along with the garden flags. They make a good gift because it would generate questions about asking and we can explain that we raise butterflies. We love educating other folks and getting them interested. I also love the little butterfly sacks. They would make extra special gifts of jewelry and such.

    Thank you for all you do and share for us. It is greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas!

  54. I would ABSOLUTLEY LOVE to have/give any and ALL of the Massive Monarch Art by the very talented Randy Peterson! They are just wonderful and we could look at our beloved stages of the Monarch all year long, right in our living room!

  55. It’s great that so many people have responded to the request for comments. As I scroll through the names, I can’t help but notice that the vast majority are women. How do we get more men — and boys — involved in the raising of butterflies? Monarchs need all the help they can get from us humans, since we can plant milkweed and create pollinator habitat. Now, on to the gift I’d most like to give or receive. The answer is the same — any butterfly cage. My friends and I often raise dozens of caterpillars. You can never have too many cages. We borrow each others’ all the time. Plus the cages do eventually get rips and need to be repaired or replaced. Those cages really come in handy when the tachs are especially bad, or when you need to isolate an aphid-free milkweed in a large pot. The 24x24x36 butterfly cage is a good size, but even the smaller cage is handy for holding adults before they are released.

  56. Love the tee shirts!

    we got into saving the Monarchs by accident. We had many hatch in our garage. When we inspected the garage, we found more cocoons!

    We now have planted a Monarch garden and will make sure the Monarchs are safe!
    thanks for all the great tips I learned from your site..
    Bonnie from Pennsylvania

  57. I love my big cube. I raised and released 10 monarchs from the cage this summer. Looking forward to a trip to the Monarch sanctuaries this January, so that will really spur me on to raise even more of these wonderful creatures. Look your website.

  58. Lots of good choices. My favorites are Butterfly garden sign and milkweed seed: my goal this year to get milkweed and pollinator plants into my garden area. Last year I ran out of milkweed too soon. Did not get any cats to successfully mature in my garden, but shared a lot with local arboretum so hope some made it.

  59. Oh how I’d love the beautiful, realistic monarch wall art! What a great opportunity support an artist AND support monarchs, by featuring them prominently in my home, even in the “off”season. I’m sure the realistic artwork would spark the interest of my friends and neighbors and perhaps inspire them to do a little something to attract and support monarchs. Thanks for all the suggestions.

  60. Oh my! The poo poo cage liner. What a great idea… better than my paper towels. Lol! That would be an awesome gift to receive!

  61. I had so much fun raising Monarchs this year! Out of my 19 Cats, 17 were released!
    I think one of the best gifts are the big cube cage and fat cat tubes, (besides nectar style seeds and milkweed seeds). I would give that to my neighbour to get her started. She had so much fun watching with me each day..
    Thank you for all of the help you have given me Tony! My success was because of you!

  62. I would like the small baby cage and the fitted liners if I was to win.??

  63. The baby cube would be good for the small cats and big cages great for when you need lots of milkweed. I would love to see t-shirts that fit women. My hips are bigger than shoulders. The frass liners would be great too.

  64. I think the large cage and feeders would be awesome. We had lots of caterpillar crawling on our milkweed, and maybe this would help increase survivals in our area.

  65. I would like to gift day 11- large monarch castle to a friend..who borrowed one of mine last season.

  66. The fat cat rack bundle would be awesome. Anything really!! ??

  67. Every gift is fabulous, but the one I would love is the Massive Monarch Art for Floor Stands, Ceilings, or Walls. I would share these amazingly lifelike reproductions in educational presentations which will spark interest and curiosity in future generations to come!

  68. I would love the fitted cage liner to make cleaning easier and the package of different types of milkweed seeds as well. I’m moving to a new home and I have to start all over on my milkweed garden. I’d love to be able to make a new feeding grounds for the monarchs in a new state and on new land!

  69. I think the best gift are the butterfly tee shirts. Wearing them in public will make people more aware of Monarchs. Maybe it will motivate someone to start a butterfly garden.

  70. We would love a baby cube for our home! We have 6 Monarchs currently and are not done this 2019 season! I had a Monarch who didn’t develop wings, checked for parasites with microscope and it was clear!! 2 months we fed it and gave it garden time walking on the flowers. We have released 20 viable Monarchs and hope our 6 more soon!!

  71. I would love the Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions. We just moved into our first house and are starting to plan our garden areas (food and flower). I think this would be the perfect kit to get things started. I want to have all of the butterflies! Plus, since we homeschool this could be a great project for the kids from planning the garden to watching the caterpillars grow, to them flying away.

  72. The poo poo cage liner is a great labor saving (and sanitary option). The floral tubes would be my second choice. I have gifted the butterfly cages to a fellow Monarch breeder. I know cleanliness is best for the baby cats.

  73. ? I would like FAT CAT Floral Tubes + 1 Floral Tube Rack BUNDLE

  74. I absolutely love it all but I need the Tall Baby in my life! I would love the liners too just to make it cleaner and easier!

  75. I would LOVE to gift Day 5 seeds, Day 9 baby or tall cube, Day 10 poo poo liner, Day 11 big cube and Day 12 floral tubes/rack to my 3 daughters. We all love conservation and had a great experience raising a few butterflies last year. They begged to do more this year and multiple hatches ? Giving back to our planet and helping to preserve and renew/replenish is what I hope to teach my littles

  76. I would choose the tall baby cage and the cage liners. The tall baby cage would give me more room when cleaning, changing milkweed etc. vs the baby cage, which is what I use for the tiny cats that I find. The cage liners look like they would keep the bottom of the cage cleaner vs newspapers that have to be changed frequently.

  77. I would love to have one of Randy’s pieces in my Art Gallery In Dade City Florida. My website is I have milkweed everywhere and have taught my grandchildren how to help them survive. We have a beautiful garden with Monarchs everywhere.

  78. We would enjoy all the monarch butterfly gifts but the best for us would be the giant monarch life like sculptures. We are blessed to live in a three story home, the top floor being a ballroom with floor to ceiling windows that over look our new butterfly garden. We take great pleasure in Wisconsin as we work to bring back our treasured Monarch Butterflies.

  79. Wow I love what this site is all about. I am new to raising butterflies and I am looking forward to getting started. I purchase my forever home a couple of years agoa and the yard is ready for to star some new beds. A butterfly garden has always been on the list and now it will have a meaningful purpose. I love the thought of giving back and helping nature, butterflies especially. So I love all the gifts. Seeds and gear to get started are needed. I live in t-shirts and think the mother of monarchs is a great way to teach others. I love the castles. This hits on another love I have. Wow butterflies and castles together what could be better. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  80. I too love all of the gift ideas. I would like to receive a Mother of Monarchs t-shirt (as I am one) and the new poo trays, that is my biggest challenge. I would give the Baby cage to an aspiring Monarch raiser. I have the tall one too, but my Baby cage is the one I use the most (in fact I should probably get another!) Love your site!

  81. My #1 gift would be a larger Monarch habitat. I only have one at this point. We have wasps in our yard and they eat the baby butterflies, so I need to bring in and put in a larger habitat.

  82. The sculptures for sure are my favorite 🙂 it would look really nice in the garden area 🙂 but I would love any of these gifts. Thank you for the opportunity

  83. I have never raised monarchs, but I’m hoping to do so in the new season. I have raised other butterflies though. I would like to gift someone a tall baby because I feel that sharing my experiences raising butterflies would benefit people more so than me receiving. I never in my life thought that I would raise butterflies because I was so scared Caterpillars. Seeing my neighbor release her butterflies was one of the most amazing moments in my life. I was hooked and haven’t looked back.

  84. The big Cubes are awesome but I’d be happy with anything to help me on my mission!;) Monarch Mom shirt in large would be good too

  85. I would love to give Day 7- Giant Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures to the developer of the proposed Butterfly Farms and Educational Center in our city of Poway, CA. This will be a wonderful teaching exhibit, and beautiful art display.

  86. I would like #11 or #12. Clean up is important & this would make it sooo easy. And I sometimes have 15 to 20 cats at a time! My 5 yr old granddaughter is my assistant lol.

  87. I would like to receive as a gift Day 10- NEW Poo Poo 2- FITTED Butterfly Cage Liner for Easy Cage Cleaning and
    Day 12- Floral Tubes & Racks for Feeding Caterpillars. Both would really help my efforts to raise monarchs. Cleaning the cage each day was a challenge and the poo-poo tray would assist in that process. My husband drilled holes into a block of wood to hold the tubes which worked fairly well, but your design would be so much better!

  88. I would really like the cage liners! My first year raising monarchs was last year and I was always worried I was stressing out my poor little cats every time I cleaned their cage out. This is just a genius creation, all around!

  89. I love the Believe butterfly t-shirt! And any of these would be a perfect gift for a colleague who uses the butterfly as a symbol of overcoming some hard times in her life. I would personally love the seeds to grow a butterfly garden. I love to see them in natural surroundings.

  90. I would love to be gifted #7
    I have recently published a book on the monarch butterfly and would love to use these props to enlighten both young and old at my presentations. The detail looks amazing!
    I also like #12. Namely the fat cat tubes and holder. These would be great to hold larger stocks of milk weed to feed the cats in there later stages when they’re hungry little critters! No fear of them crawling in the water and drowning. Also great that they won’t be crawling around in their frass.
    Monica Taylor

  91. The fat milkweed tubes are the best! My son bought these for me for my birthday. I’ve been raising monarchs for years and hated refilling the small floral tubes continuously. I’ve also asked for the large raising cube with front zip opening, and the poop tray. I hated wiping out the poop from the bottom of my cage each day. This will keep things cleaner!

  92. I would love to give a set of the sculptures to my wife. She is so enthusiastic about saving the Monarch population and she could use them in her demonstrations about the monarchs with classes and social groups.

  93. I would be grateful for any of the supplies for my classroom. Why? Because I am enchanted with Monarchs and their ability to migrate and would love to share this enthusiasm and excitement with my high school biology and environmental science students!

  94. Big cube to keep everything safe from the many predators we have around Oklahoma.

  95. I love all of the gifts, however my choice would be the life size sculptures.. I have had a dream of raising monarchs and going to local schools and foster care homes to teach children about the butterfly life cycle and how very important they are to our environment. I Think by having these would make it a very interesting gift to them so that they can also enjoy this great visual and in Hope’s that these young learners will maybe fulfill the same dream as I have one day.

  96. I would like to be gifted with #5, or anything from #9 to the end. I am new to Monarch raising, just since we’ve had a resurgence of milkweed in our waterway. I successfully raised 3 near the end of Fall, before farm harvest started in earnest in our area. (I know, 3 is nothing compared to you all, but I was pretty excited!) I would like to go higher tech than using mason jars with netting over the opening, and storing my milkweed in the fridge. It worked, but I KNOW I could raise many more than 3. I just would like the tools to make it easier so I could give back more. Thanks!

  97. I would want to receive the poopoo 2 fitted cage liner as a gift. I really like how it is fitted and would fit nicely in a cage. Also, a caterpillar would be less likely to make a chrysalis on this than the round liner.

  98. I would love to win #11. I live in country, part of my garden is monarch friendly with flowers. Would like to become way station certified. I will be sharing this experience with my 4 year old Granddaughter who loves butterflies. She sees certain ones on my flowers and thinks they followed her from her home. How special to teach her all about monarchs, their evolution and migration. Thank you for this chance. My funds are limited and this would be the best blessing.

  99. Love them all! I would have to choose #10 (the ingenious new “Poo Poo platters” because anyone who raises these magnificent creatures knows that clean up is so important but so time consuming, especially if you are raising and releasing over 100+ a year, as is my case. I am an official waystation for the National Wildlife Federation and it is a great privilege to be involved in “Raising the Migration”. In these dark days of winter, all I have to think of is one of my releases gently floating upward to freedom and it warms my entire being with joy! Thank you for your consideration!

  100. I would choose the Monarch sculpture. Living in the country I have spread my milkweed seeds around the neighborhood and to friends. In our small town we just built a new library, very small compared to others. I would donate it to the library. The flowering seeds would be useful to me as well.

  101. I would choose the Mother of Monarch’s shirt. I have one and would like to get them for my teaching colleagues who are beginning to raise monarchs under my guidance. It’s a conversation starter about Monarch Conservation!

  102. I love ALL these gifts, don’t get me wrong! I’ve ordered kits, supplies, books, t-shirts, etc. My grands know Nana LOVES Monarchs and all butterflies. We have raised them together, found eggs and cats on vacations, released them together…all of it! I would LOVE a kit with drawbridge cage, 2 poopoo inserts, a yellow rack with set of large tubes, and a book for kids! Not an e-book. Some kids don’t have or can’t access a computer. A real book with pictures! My 3 year old granddaughter followed along with my butterfly book from a beloved author here in Michigan and even at 3, she was able to follow along when I “read” the book as she pointed to all the Monarchs in my cube and food containers (maybe kit should include one of those too!). She (all six of my grands) learned the word, “chrysalis” very early! Watching their first cat wiggle into a chrysalis produced ooohs and ahhs! I’d LOVE to see a COMPLETE kit for kids, including some native MW seeds!!!!

  103. Yes I am very new at raising monarchs but I love it I love the wall art just so beautiful I would love the wall art because I love all stages of monarchs and it would beautify my home or any one I gifted it to thank you. Cyndi

  104. I would love to receive one of the fitted Butterfly Cage Liners as it would make the Cage Cleaning so easy.

  105. I know many monarch crusaders have the different sized monarch cubes, which are wonderful. What I found using the cages was getting them really clean from the caterpillar’s fras. I would definitely love to invest in the “Poopoo trays. I believe that they would help keep the cages cleaner and not as prone to diseases.
    I also love the feeding tubes, both sizes. I don’t know how many times I would have the milkweed in a vase, which would tip over and make a mess of the cage. Cleaning would be so time consuming, plus you had the danger of losing some of your young instar cats.
    Any of the gifts would thrill any monarch “farmer” and help to increase the population of these beautiful and incredibly fascinating creatures!

  106. I would love all of them but the practical ones for now would be the fat cat tubes or the poo poo plater. It’s amazing to me how much this little hobby of mine has inspired so many minds young and old and I would love to keep it going! Thank you for all the information on everything butterfly. I always say if you didn’t learn something new today the day was wasted.

  107. From the 12 days of butterflies I would love a baby cube and two of the poo trays. I have one cube already and would like one new one with baby cube and one for the tall cube I already have. Over 30 cats made the nursery cube their incubator area, what a privilege it is to watch this process. Thank you for making a product that we can easily tend our kids, er, um, cats.

  108. We raised and released 29 butterfly’s last year and would like to improve that number and see how close we can get to 50.

    For that reason alone I would like to add the tall cube to my hobby. For gift giving I would like to give a baby cube to a person I have known
    for several years who raises monarchs.

    The T shirts are beautiful as gifts as well !!!

    Happy Holidays !

  109. days 7-12… I’d most like to receive
    a baby cube with drawbridge door (I have two babies with swing sideways doors) but the drawbridge would save time and be much more convenient…
    I’d also love to have three of the fitted poo platters because of way they cover the whole floor and stabilize the cube when moving it. Mostly the fitted platters would make the most unpleasant job in the raising process a whole lot more efficient and convenient and sanitary for disease prevention.
    #3 I’d like several of the big huge milkweed saving tubes with trays for keeping the milkweed fresh and more stable when moving the baby cubes…
    Tony, you keep coming up with better and healthier raising supplies and equipment – it’s almost easy now..
    the first year I raised I had the cats in large wide mouth canning jars and that was really labor intensive…
    So glad I found Tony’s website where I’ve learned SO much over the years. Thank youTony!!!!!!

    1. Last year was my first year Raising Monarchs.All I had was a 10 gallon Aquarium with a screen lid & put the plant’s in a Plastic container with holes punched in the top to slide the plant in .I released 18 Monarchs.I would love to win #9 the Tall Baby or #5 Mother of Monarchs T shirt

  110. I would love to give a Baby Cube to my great niece. She is starting to show interest in gardening and the creatures that depend on garden plants.

  111. I would most like to give and receive #8. It shows the public your interest in Monarchs and stirs their interest so the process an e explained to them. So few people know of the butterfly’s life cycle or how or on what it begins. People educated to monarchs will cease to destroy milkweed and further educate others.

  112. I love the mother of monarch t-shirts. I have raised monarchs for years. I have also shared this love of monarchs with hundreds of students that I have taught. They raised them in the classroom. It was one of those lifelong learning experiences. My butterfly gardening is one if my blessings.

  113. I like the Baby Cube. Those tiny cats need a special place to get started safely.
    And, of course, what mother wouldn’t love to have the tee shirt!

  114. As a first time monarch mom, I would love everything, lol! But the poo poo trays and the elephant and butterfly garden flag would be my top choice.
    I can’t wait to raise more Monarchs in 2020!!

  115. Number7 is a great gift idea because the life sized cats bring loving humor to a space.

  116. A little girl from my church wants to be an entomologist when she grows up. She is eight years old. In the spring we raised praying mantises. When August rolled around I got her a tall cube, watering tubes and the yellow tube holders. I taught her how to raise monarchs and showed her how to identify milk weed. I also got her a book about raising monarchs. She absolutely loved raising monarchs this past season. She enjoyed looking for eggs on milkweed leaves and watching the different stages. She raised more than twenty monarchs! She was so excited about her monarchs that she invited her friends and family to come see them and had special release days for people to watch. It was a joy for me to see her so excited about helping the monarchs and sharing their story. Her Mom and little sister got involved and helped her spread the word about monarchs. It became a family project. We plan to do this every year. This is our future!

  117. I think day 7 of the Monarch life cycle sculpture is the best gift as I would donate it to our local Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans, Louisiana. Children AND adults would be able to see the life cycle of the Monarch so vividly and realistic looking and it could be such an inspiration for adults to be encouraged to raise Monarchs as well as children to become interested and motivated to participate in the life cycle of Monarchs starting at such a young age. It could insure that the Monarchs would have future “foster parents!”

  118. I love the new square poo poo platters and the Mother of Monarchs t-shirt. The moms are always taking care of all the poo.

  119. pur class would love to get poop trays! those middle school kidos are a little concerned about cleaning up after the monarchs. one of my austism kidos asked if they would get a disease.. lol love 6-8th graders

  120. The Large Monarch Castle is excellent for keeping the whole process in one safe environment.

  121. Those sculptures ??? would be a Fantastic addition to my home! I really love the Monarch Mother shirts too… I’d rock one and they’re perfect for a few of my like-minded friends ?

  122. I would love to receive Day 11 the Large Monarch Castle
    Day 12 The Floral tubes & Racks

  123. It is so hard to just pick one!!! So many reasons and so many wonderful items to pick from! I want to give the full size sculpture!!!! I work for a nonprofit zoo and we are planning on building a nature center. This would be a PERFECT gift to the center! It would be on display for thousands of guests each year and an awesome reference for the summer camp butterfly cycle sessions. You cant go wrong with educationing people through art!??

  124. All gifts are great ways to keep the thoughts of monarchs alive through the winter months I especially like the christmas tees. The gift cards are wonderfull gifts.

  125. I love the seed packet idea would love to plant and see what happens

  126. I could use the floral tubes and racks. It looks like a great way to keep milkweed leaves fresh. The Monarch wall art would be a great gift for us Monarch butterflies parents. My son in Florida would love the art.

  127. The mother of monarchs tee shirt because that is what I am in summer. The Monarch Art is fabulous & a great addition to my home.

  128. I totally love the tee shirt “Butterfly Mom” .This is my first year raising Monarchs and I am a Butterfly Mom! This has been such a rewarding experience and I love the information I receive from this web page. It has helped me successfully release 39 Monarchs. Thanks!

    1. I gave my young niece’s the baby cube, poo poo platter, magnifying glass and floral tubes and stand this past summer. It was so fun to share my love of raising monarchs with them. They had a very successful first year ? I would give this grouping of products to anyone.

  129. I definitely would love to have Day 7 sculptures! I would put these sculptures in my office!! Having a sculpture in my office is a reminder of the many hours I spent watching the cats go from one stage to the next.

    I would love to give Day 8 T-shirt out to my girl friends!! The tshirts are a great way to spread the word about saving our butterflies!

  130. Absolutely love the idea of cage liners!!! I have been using paper towels to line the bottom of the cage. I’ll be selfish and would like these as a gift to myself. I raised 78 this year and there was a lot of frass.

    1. Haha. Great idea!! I just bought two of the newer version of the poo poo plater! It’s a great way for me to save on the hundreds of paper towels I use to line my cage.

  131. Castle with drawbridge door! I would share this with the students I teach. I love working with children to appreciate and value nature!

  132. Love all the items from 7-12! I can’t limit it to one, so here goes: the Fat Cat Bundle would be a huge help in keeping the plant material fresh for my cats, the Monarch Tower is the perfect size for my large broods, the Baby Cube is great for taking my cats on the road to public presentations, and lastly, the MOM t-shirt provides a great conversation starter with the public and can help raise awareness of the monarchs and nature conservation. Love your products!

  133. I am a new Butterfly Momma! A neighbor/friend, Pat, introduced this wonderful passion to me 2 months ago and I’m ecstatic! I would LOVE to receive ANY of the wonderful supplies to give her as a THANK YOU gift for all she has done for me. Her patience, answers, time, handfuls of her milkweed leaves when I panicked, instruction & her 25 years of Monarch love has inspired me beyond words! I have all my supplies & also started 6 varieties of milkweed in my yard. I have shared my passion with my family & all my neighbors. I am so excited about having a beautiful butterfly yard & giving these beauties a step-up in their survival! Thank you, Pat !

  134. At the risk of embarrassing myself I have to admit my cutting feeding system is pretry lame. It would definatly be the tubes and holder. I keep large plants in the hut, but there are always those special gals and guys who need extra TLC.

  135. The Twelve Days of Christmas Butterfly Gifts 7-12 are all winners for me.
    If money were of no concern, I would gift the Monarch sculptures to my local zoo or the Kansas History Museum, where they provide many educational teaching moments for young and old pollinator enthusiasts.
    The TShirts are cute- who doesn’t want another Tshirt- but is there a Monarch Dad shirt choice as well?
    2019 was my first year to raise Monarchs in cages, and cage cleaning was the hardest part for me. The Poo Poo liners look like an efficient way to keep the floor of the cages clean with minimal upset to the cats.
    All of the cages, tube holders and fat tubes would be great gifts to ensure you have adequate clean supplies to trade out during cage cleaning , and the width of the large castle cage looks like it would give a person more elbow room to get in and out with fresh milkweed.
    No. 1 choice for me to give or receive would no doubt be the Poo Poo 2 fitted liners.

  136. I’d most like to receive the Day 12 Monarch Castle as a gift! Why? Because I could share it with my 85 year old Mom who enjoys butterflies visiting her flower gardens; and because I could utilize it to help teach my grandkids how to help raise Monarchs! ?❤️

  137. Of course I’d like the new fitted poo platters for Christmas. Anything practical for rearing is desirable, naturally.
    In terms of a gift for either myself or a recipient would be the tee shirt, because that’s the best way to spread the word AND identify one’s self as a monarch person, great for networking.

  138. I think the growing cages would be a big improvement to help in our raising project. My neighbors and I are growing milkweed and saw quite an increase of monarchs this year. We also had a yellow swallowtail, first one I have seen in years in my area. We are teaching our neighbors about the benefits of the bees and butterflies. We’ve had lots of great feedback about the butterflies in the neighborhood.

  139. Hi,

    I would pick Day 5,the milkweed seeds. I would share with my friends out here in California!

    Happy Holidays.

  140. I would really like the new fitted poo poo platters for all 3 of the raising cages that I have. Love8 the monarch jewelry too! Thanks for making the winter bearable Tony. Merry Christmas!

  141. I love the new Mother of Monarchs t-shirt. I want one. But I also would like the Butterfly sign.

    1. I love the tee-shirts because they identify one as a monarch mom.

  142. Beautiful gifts…for others & ourselves!
    We have an amazing number of yellow swallow tail butterflies in our area.
    We also have a large number of Dragonflys every summer!
    Our Monarch beauties have steadily grown here.
    We have cultivated a part of our property to a “natural area”. There is manly one type milkweed and many other types of wild flowers. What I would LOVE to have is different types of milk weed for growing cats & hungry butterflies.
    So, long story short..hahaha..I would love the “Milkweed Seed Collection” & or the “Nectar Flower Seeds.”
    There are so many awesome items here I would love to acquire, * Massive Monarch Art!*, but I believe that for the natural cycle of things I will start with growing the sustenance for these incredible creatures.
    Thank You so much for the opportunity to enter this cool giveaway!

  143. I would love the baby cube to start my own butterfly garden. I love monarch butterflies! They are beautiful!

  144. I love the wall art. But the cages would be fantastic, my Grandsons are really interested in raising Monarchs, and have requested butterfly houses for Christmas. They are 6,7. It’s wonderful they want to learn how to take care of nature.

  145. All of these are wonderful gift ideas. I like the Mother of Monarchs t-shirt but I wonder how guys feel about it. Is there a Monarch Papa t-shirt?
    I’d give the local Monarch Preserve the beautiful Monarch art. The children would love to see it.
    I’d love to get the large cage with the fitted tray. Who wouldn’t love to raise even more Monarchs?

  146. My favorite items from the choices are the baby cube feeder and milkweed tubes/rack. I have both and have enjoyed raising Monarchs the last 2 years. So it would be great to give these items to a young person so that they can learn the Caterpillar to Monarch experience, and then release them back to nature.

  147. I would like/need the poo poo 2 cage liner. I use paper towels, but know the liner would be better. After 3 years of raising Monarchs, I need the liner to make the clean up easier! First year, I released 14, second 33, this year 40! That is my limit.

  148. What do I want? . . . Could use a safe “haunt.”
    A haunt for my cats, . . . in which to get fat(s).
    A big, or a small, . . . just hope they don’t fall.
    ‘Tis such a great joy, . . . will they be girl or some boy’?

    Can’t wait for next year’s migration!!

  149. I would like the baby cube and bottom liner, because I want to start raising butterflies and I think it would be good to start small until I get the hang of it.

  150. I would give the baby cube to give a good start to raising Monarchs. It’s a good size for beginners or a good addition for raising more Monarchs.

  151. I could definitely use that big cube to expand my raising capabilities, but I’m also in love with the Mother of Monarchs t-shirt!

  152. The big cube would be awesome- I could use it with my monarch butterfly migration lesson plan

  153. The large cage is what I’d like receive the most.
    We’ve had seasons where being able to protect our cats would have saved a lot of heartache. It’s so hard to lose them at any stage.

  154. I would love to receive the giant Monarch life cycle sculptures – Because they are awesome! It amazes me how perfect this creature is designed for their life, and beautiful as well.
    I would like to give them to a local garden center that has been beyond instrumental in educating others about Monarchs. They offer online information, free classes, loads of host plants… All out of their dedication & determination to save the Monarch. This would make a great addition to their mission.

  155. The Giant Monarch Sculptures would be my choice to receive. Every spring when the second graders at our neighborhood elementary school study butterflies, they take a walking field trip to our butterfly garden. We love having them and these sculptures would make the monarchs so much more interesting for the students. Hoping to educate the next generation that pollinators need our help.

  156. The best gift would be the Monarch art #7. It would really help when I give talks! but I could always do with a Monarch tower too- you can never have enough!

  157. I would like to get and give any of the butterfly cages however the large one means a smaller potted milkweed plant could easily be kept in the cage so this would be a great gift! As to why the cages…. what better way to help and experience the life of a monarch butterfly than when you are raising them! 🙂

    1. I like the new poopoo platter and really love the mother of monarchs shirt as raising these cute little guys has become my passion! So looking forward to 2020. Released 50 last year

  158. I would like to receive the floral tubes and racks or the fat cat rack bundle. They both look like a much better design for raising monarchs than the holders that I have. The holders that I have are supported in the rack by cross bars with two levels. I have had butterflies make their chrysalis on a cross bar. This would then inhibit the butterfly from opening its wings when emerging from the chrysalis. My husband built a small stand to hold the tubes so that a butterfly would not make its chrysalis where it could be in trouble when emerging.


  160. I think the day 10 poo poo 2 fitted butterfly cage liner is a good idea because it makes cleaning easier and it gives durability to the cage when transporting.

  161. I think the day 7 Monarch wall art will do the best to promote awareness in any setting-it gets my vote and I would donate it to the local library so it would have the most impact-such a brilliant idea!

  162. The pink mother of Monarchs tshirt. I’d love to show off that I raise Butterflies!!

  163. Fat Cat tubes rack & bundle

    Poo poo fitted platter for baby cube cage

  164. So many good gift ideas…difficult to narrow it down to just one, but I’ll have to go with the shorter Baby Cube rearing cage (with a fitted poo poo platter?) because I could get four of those to fit a framed shelf and have four batches of Monarch caterpillars feeding at the same time. And they wouldn’t have to climb so high up to pupate either. Thanks for all the suggestions and advice!

  165. I definitely choose the ” mother of butterflies ” tee-shirt. I haven’t had a new one in a long time. I’d cherish either one. The summer of 2019 was the first time I watched the whole process and functioned as a sort of midwife to the group. With the new tee people would-be tempted to ask me about the monarchs instead of me beginning conversation.

  166. Gift idea 7 and 12 because monarchs are to beautiful to eradicate for greed.

  167. I just started this and am still at it!! since i live in south Florida. Since ya’ll braving the cold, i currently have 5 cats and 5 Crysilas. Have to cages. Am looking and would like to have the floral tubes with the base as i now start the eggs in trays and move whole plant into cage then transfer to other cage when they become a crysilas Happy Butterflying to all!!

  168. Alas, I have as many T-shirts as it is possible to own without a storage unit. I’m going for the Fat Cat tubes and holders. I made my own holder out of an egg carton; it worked, actually, but it’s a bit primitive. It would be nice to have the “professional” series!

    Thanks for all you do!

  169. The regular floral tube rack. I go through a lot of floral tubes with all my hungry cats and don’t like to crowd them on one or two cuttings.

    1. All of these items make wonderful gifts to receive or to give as gifts. I would be happy with any of them. The cages are wonderful for keeping the caterpillars and butterflies safe. All of the raising supplies make raising butterflies easy and enjoyable. The monarch wall art is amazing and would look great in the room where I raise caterpillars. The seeds for milkweed and nector are great too. Love the flags and signs for the garden too, nice gifts to have and give. Could inspire others to become interested in helping butterflies and bees as well.

  170. Okay, I’m stymied. I really like the rose butterfly tee-shirt on Day 8. I also really like Day 10’s trays. They would be so useful and helpful in keeping the cages clean. Day 11- LARGE Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors, I like this one, too for the size and height! And Day 12- Floral Tubes & Racks for Feeding Caterpillars – these tubes would also make raising the cats much easier as I presently put mine in plastic containers with holes in the top.
    I would be so happy to receive any one of these four; I can’t narrow it down, the selection is just too good.

  171. I would love to get the tall baby container. I volunteer at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael, CA on the American River Parkway (Sacramento area). We participate in tracking monarchs in our preserve in our native gardens and butterfly garden. If we find a mature caterpillar we raise it inside so the visitors can see the chrysalis and emerging adult.
    We use the small baby because it fits on our counter. So happy to see a tall one.

  172. I truly adore the butterfly & caterpillar art! I love how real they look on a large scale. Reminds me of being a kid and imagining having a pet caterpillar to ride. Of course, it was a green inch worm bounce toy but at 4 yrs old I said it was a caterpillar and no one could say differently. LOL

  173. I have many cages, big and small, but don’t have any poopoo platters. I actually bought a chargeable computer vacuum to vacuum up the dry frass (and it works!) but the platters would also make a clean cage possible if frass were wet.
    I’d really love the giant caterpillar (#7) because I present programs on the monarch and the detail on the caterpillar’s anatomy would be so helpful.!

  174. I would love to win Day 11!
    When I was assigned to do my butterfly collection in high school, it changed my course in life. We have a local spot called the Blue Holes where monarchs prospered. It was eutopian. I lost all sense of time there and would gently catch and release after photography.
    We were assigned to mount them & I was too revolted at this notion.
    To think I could watch and be an integral part of conservation, as I began over 20 years ago, is such an uplifting thought.
    My beautiful flowers are withered, having fed the lepidoptera all summer. A winter respit sounds divine.
    Happy Holidays to all creatures great & small!

  175. I’m THRILLED to see the “Fat Cat” 48ml large floral tubes! For years, I’ve tried all manner of keeping milkweek sprigs fresh. Because I attempt to raise and release more than 500 Monarchs every summer, by mid August I have a couple hundred hungry caterpillars on the go, and am refreshing the milkweed sprigs at least twice a day. Larger tubes would be easier to clean out and sterilize, and spacing them out gives the caterpillars more range to roam, without fighting. I typically use 20 regular floral tubes in my large cage, and 12 in my smaller cage. To now, I’ve merely been using styrofoam blocks into which to insert my floral tubes, but after a couple days the styrofoam bricks become very slimy and dirty, and must be disposed of.

    I’m seriously considering purchasing the PooPoo2 Fitted Cage liners for next summer’s caterpillars, so that would be my second choice of gift.

  176. I would like to most like to receive the monarch raising tents. I can never have too many tents!

  177. I would love Day 9, I would gift it to my Daughter. She is a Second Grade Teacher and she would be able to teach her Students about the importance of our doing things to help save the Monarchs all while teaching them the cycle of life and the importance of Nature.

  178. I think the Monarch Tower Dimensions w/ Drawbridge Door 24″ x 24″ by 36″H would be a great gift because it fits taller plants. I grow some plants in pots to put in my cages.

  179. So many great gifts, I’d be happy to give or receive any of them but I think for next season #11 would be most useful for me – the Monarch Tower with drawbridge door. I’d like to be able to fit whole plants into my cages so I could go away for a night or two and not stress about my babies running out of food.

  180. I would love the new fitted poo-pop platter and the fat cat rack. I will probably buy the rack before the season starts.

  181. I would most like to give or receive #11- LARGE Monarch Castle with Drawbridge Door.
    Because it makes it easy to accommodate large-sized milkweed plants. No bending the plants (although that’s okay). And it can handle a good number of hungry caterpillars.


  182. It’s just so hard to choose but
    Day 11- LARGE Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors Raise Butterflies would probably be the most useful to me.

  183. I am very much looking forward to the next wave here in MO! Finally bought one of your cubes and feeding racks and it really helped! Hopefully I’ll win because I could sure use the poo poo platters lol….

  184. I must say first the the butterflies found me! I have an area about 30 feet by 10 feet that has been filled with milkweed plants for years, multiplying every year. I planted Dutchman’s Pipe at one end about 10 years ago and the vines (with huge leaves) has since intertwined with the milkweed and Peonies. The caterpillars love to hide in the leaves, gorging themselves on milkweed, then forming chrysalis on both the Pipes and the Peonies. It’s quite dense and the birds seem to leave them alone. Three years ago I received the gift of Painted Ladies to hatch, grow and release. The process was so much fun I decided to use the cage to capture some Monarch caterpillars to put in the cage for the last two years. It has been a fun time to watch the amazing transformation over the few weeks! I really would like to win the tall cage or the poo platter to help with cleaning. This would make things a little easier this summer. Raising the butterflies has become a fun project during the summer for this retired teacher!

  185. I love the monarch walk art. So cool. Would like this to use for educational purposes.

  186. My favorite gifts ideas would be the Mother of Monarch t-shirt that I would gift to a friend who raises them plus I would love the new fitted poopoo cage liner for the tall cage I purchased last year. It would make cleanup much easier!

  187. The tall baby cage is ideal for introducing youngsters to the joys of raising monarch caterpillars. My father built me a cage from wood and screen back in the later 1950s and I raised many monarchs and other butterflies for years in that cage. Coupled with the cage liner to help keep the cage clean and also with the floral tubes/stand to keep milkweed fresh longer, better ensuring the caterpillars are amply fed. I would give the cage…and the other items…to not only youngsters but also an adult friend I introduced to raising monarchs last summer…she was totally in awe when the butterflies hatched out.

  188. I think the large cube and fat cat tubes would be wonderful. At times last year I had 30 or more cats growing and my large tower wasn’t enough. A poo platter for the large cages would be awesome new item to have.

  189. Wow! So many choices!! Day 4, day 5, day 9! Love them all, The tall baby would help insure safety, but winning any of these great prizes would help! Thanks! 😉

    1. I would like a monarch cage and feeder tubes Love butterflys and would love to have ways to get more in my yard.

  190. I like them all but would love a big cage because i need more room when 20+ encase in one day. The tubes are also great because. This last year my jars would tip over and maje a huge mess

  191. The Mother of Monarchs tee shirts are a great gift because they make a wonderful conversation starter with those who are not familiar with raising monarchs and conservation efforts.

  192. I would really like the new cage liners, I have two large cages and this would make is so much easier to clean
    I would like to give the Believe shirts to my helpers of the Monarch Butterfly presentation we do at the local schools

  193. I would love to give the Tall Baby to my daughter who is going to school to be a science teacher!

  194. I ordered three baby cube Set-ups with poo tray, large tubes, and the book downloads for my three sisters who have room to grow milkweed. I will help them get started this spring. The first time I saw a monarch chrysalis was this spring at my veterinarians house and I have been scouting for areas of milkweed in the wild ever since. I have found many places to look for caterpillar eggs in the spring. I’m sure we will have plenty of questions. forward to helping these great travelers. I recall seeing Monarchs flying out over Lake Michigan in the fall when we fish for salmon. We fished out of St Joseph Mi and the Monarchs were crossing over fifty miles of open water. Their courage always amazed me.

  195. I would love to win day 11. Another enclosure to raise more butterflies would be something my whole family would love!

  196. New Poo platter, What a great idea! I ordered two as a gift to myself.! Looking forward to 2020 monarch rearing!
    Also bought two of the yellow holding tube racks. I believe this design will be easier to clean pop out of because it doesn’t have all the little holes.

    The 2019 season brought over 50 monarch eggs laid on four milkweed plants in my yard. Hopefully next year there will be more plants that grow and mature.

  197. Monarch Tower would definitely be the one I would like to receive or give to certain family members and friends that have shown interest in helping the Monarchs out. It is probably the most use cage that I have, love to grow plants specifically to place in it for worry free raising!

  198. I would LOVE to get another BIG butterfly cage. They’re great!

  199. The #7 wall sculpture would top my list as I have been introducing the monarch caterpillars, chrysalis and new butterflies to my grandchildren and their class mates. This would be something that would make a lasting impression on the years I am not successful in having caterpillars forming the chrysalis and emerging for the class room.

  200. Day 9- SMALL Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors for my school age daughter to raise and share the beauty of raising monarch butterflies with her classmates at school. The size of this enclosure is perfect for this purpose and most importantly it will protect the vulnerable caterpillars from their numerous predators and parasites! I cringe when I see people using cheap mesh laundry baskets that allow tachinid flies and chalcid wasps in. Everyone raising monarchs must understand it’s a responsibility to protect them in this way otherwise they are doing more harm than good.

  201. The wall monarch sculpture would look great in any science classroom. I can also see it in my living room!

  202. All your gifts are lovely. My first choice would be to receive or give the “Day 5- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds!” I select this gift because the Monarch life cycle is completely dependent on Milkweed. Between habitat destruction and unrestricted herbicide applications, the Monarch’s are challenged to find enough Milkweed on which to lay their eggs, or their caterpillars to gorge themselves on. I do my part to plant seeds and encourage my friends to do the same. If I were to select a second gift to receive, it would be “Day 9- TALL Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies, Monarch Tower Dimensions w/ Drawbridge Door 24″ x 24″ by 36″H.” Because I intend to foster Monarch caterpillars, to nurture them on my home grown, pesticide-free milkweed to help boost their numbers this year.

  203. The tall enclosure with the drawbridge door seems very convenient to use.

  204. This was my first summer making a butterfly garden and raising monarchs. I can’t wait to do it again. I also have my daughter and friend raising too. I’m so jealous to see others raising all year long. I love all of your merchandise and articles. Good luck to who ever wins. ?

  205. I love the butterfly calendar and your garden flag with the Black-eyed Susans and Monarchs. Our garden could use a beautiful flag like this.

  206. Large monarch castle with drawstrings would be my choice. It will allow the monarchs to stretch their wings while I am tagging them for release.

  207. Any of these would make a great gift. I am looming forward to teaching my grandchildren about raising butterflies.

  208. All of the ideas are great. I have a lot of milkweed started and always have babies but they disappear before they mature. I would like one of the cubes to raise them in for myself and the seed packs for gifting.

  209. I’d love any of the cages, cage liner or floral tubes for my 8 yo daughter and me. We need to get started raising butterflies!

  210. We are very fortunate that (1) we are in contact with Monarch Butterfly Garden to get advise in the processes of raising monarchs and having the opportunity to win these great gifts and (2) living in California we have an extended period to help add to the butterfly population. We would love a Big Basket if possible. We have basically completed our 4th year of raising monarchs.

  211. QI thinkI would like the pink Mother of Butterflies shirt for a gift. Wearing that shirt would let people know that U care for Butterflies and not only that, it has educational info about the life cycle of butterflies

  212. I have been trying to grow milkweed for about 4 years. Between deer and other critters chewing on it and my brown thumb, it has been frustrating. This past summer was my best season so far; my plants came back from last year, but they didn’t bloom (but they sisn’t die!). So the seeds on day #5 would be great! Also, I have NEVER seen monarchs in my yard. I would love one of the day 10 castles to help raise some monarchs. I am hoping that my plants will bloom this summer so that my garden will support all forms of these beauties! Thank you for this opportunity!

  213. I would give and gladly receive no. 10 (the poop liner pan). After raising 10 monarchs from the Brookings, Oregon Egg-Splosion this last summer I cleaned a lot of poop. Even though it is plastic it is reusable so to me it is a better solution than throwing away paper towels.

  214. These are all amazing gifts! I’d probably give my caterpillar friends the poo poo platter because one of my least fav things is trying to clean up all that poop. This makes it easy to keep the environment clean for our caterpillar friends.

  215. The Twelve Days Of Butterflies Gift Idea I would most like to give would be the milkweed seeds. Why? Because more milkweed can help butterflies flourish!

  216. I would LOVE to give each of my monarch-raising friends one of these T-shirts! It would be great to advertise our mission with a nice looking tee. As for receiving, I’d be happy with any one of these gifts!

  217. The monarch wall art is fabulous. Anything to help raise these lovely creatures would be appreciated . We just brought four late season caterpillars through to release this past couple of weeks. I had the thrill of feeding the adults to prepare them fir release. It was a humbling and beautiful experience.

  218. I would love to have several of the new square poopoo platters, I would replace all my round ones – I’d be able to skip lining the bottoms with paper towels to cover the corners, as i do now with the round ones. Less waste of paper, and fewer cleaning steps!

  219. I visit my granddaughter in Las Vegas every year. This year I was treated to a trip to the Butterfly Sanctuary at the Springs Preserve…seeing and standing amongst butterflies from different countries made me sooo happy to be one who raises them. Being from Wisconsin we also have many butterfly sanctuaries…I will be visiting them all and hopefully with a grandchild with me. My best gift. But I also love the Monarch Mother shirt…I really feel like I am to these wonderful creatures.

  220. Those monarch life cycle sculptures are amazing! I would love to get any one of them for a gift (and will send strong hints to my daughter! 🙂 ). They are truly unique and amazingly lifelike! I still like the seed starter kits for gift-giving the best, though. It’s literally sending a gift of life.

  221. I love all the 12 Days of Christmas Giving Gifts, but especially love the poo-poo platters for easy cleaning/rinsing. From past experience, I know how much the cats can dirty a cage in such a short time & the cages need to be kept clean. I love my Monarch cats & butterflies & can ‘t wait to raise more again this coming year.

  222. I love the practicality of the tubes for cuttings of milkweed. I cut the plants when they get long and spindly but often there is still plenty of leaves clustered around the remaining flowers. These would help keep them fresh enough to share with those that ask for a few for their straggling babies.

  223. I would like the bags for sharing seeds. I often harvest seeds and then forget to share or don’t have anything nice to put the seeds in for sharing.

  224. Several of my neighbors have become interested in planting milkweed and helping butterflies after seeing my butterfly garden and experiencing more monarch butterflies in our neighborhood — so I’d be most interested in the milkweed seed packets and seed bags to pass along seeds to my neighbors.

  225. I started raising monarchs just two years ago and through trial and error, lots of questions to Tony, raising and releasing over 300 this year, and IG community of monarch raisers i have found that being able to put a potted plant into the cage is far less traumatic to big cats than constantly changing out clippings. My gift that I would love to receiver is the tower… tall enough for large potted plant and will hold quite a few monarchs.

  226. I would love to receive the monarch wall art. Any of them to get would be awesome. I also love to give and I’m giving out handmade monarch bags with milkweed seed bombs (of course with directions) to my family for Christmas. We don’t exchange, but it’s a small gesture with great benefits for the monarchs.

  227. I am having a hard time deciding what I like the most. I love the butterfly Milkweed oriniments and I guess I would have to say the the Milkweed and Nectar Seeds.

    I am still planting Milkweed plants or cutting the stems of the plants I already have and putting them in the ground to root.

    As of today I have 10 crylislets waiting to become beautiful butterflies.

    I had so many beautiful butterflies this year of all kinds to enjoy watching.

    I hope we all have season this coming year.

  228. Love the Believe shirt. It would be perfect with a story I read to my preschoolers called “Who will guide my sleigh tonight?”
    The perfect gift would be the big floral tubes and stand. I have tried bringing in the leaves into the net into my classroom and it is difficult to keep the leaves fresh.

  229. I would love the floral tubes and rack!! I’ve found using fresh cuttings works best for me, but my system of dozens of thin vases and cups is so time and space consuming!

    I VERY MUCH NEED Big, Towering Cages and tubes. I always have Lots of caterpillars — right now I have 12 — safe(?) on my porch! I need help keeping then safe! THANK YOU!

  231. The monarch wall art would be very nice to have when I do outreach/educational events on butterflies and butterfly gardening.

  232. I would wish for either of the draw bridge cages because my zipper is starting to get stuck, which is dangerous for the caterpillars I ham trying to help. I love the idea of 2 zippers and the drawbridge opening downward. This design is perfect!

  233. Summer 2019 was my first raising these beauties in a cage and I didn’t have all the tools! Without the liner it was super hard to move the cage. Cleaning was a bear and keeping fresh milkweed available a pain. I plan to add the cage liner, tubes and racks – it will be SO MUCH EASIER! I’ll be putting a nice set together for my children to raise monarchs with my grandchildren! Thank you!

  234. I would love to receive the new fitted poo poo platters for a couple of my cages as they are bendable and would fit better than my current round pizza pan. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas.

  235. I would want the Butterfly Garden Sign because we have many signs posted in our gardens, some just for fun (like beware of attack butterfly) but we do educational visits and love having the signs up.

  236. I would like to receive the butterfly calendar as a present. It will remind of butterflies year-round.

  237. This year was my first year raising monrchs. So much joy doing it and I was sad once cooler weather started. Going to be making a sturdy house for them during the boring winter months here.
    That being said the butterfly garden sign is definately my favorite out of the bunch. <3

  238. I’ve had a butterfly garden for about six years now. I’ve already bought six cubes for friends who raise monarchs like I do.
    I would love the monarch milkweed ornament as well as the monarch sign for myself, as well as the hummingbird sign for a friend.

  239. I love both the butterfly garden sign and the hummingbird garden sign. They each have beautiful artwork and would be a lovely addition to any butterfly/hummingbird garden.

  240. This was our first year raising monarchs and it was amazing! We have hundreds of common milkweed on our property, so we would like the milkweed seed packets to offer variety in raised beds.

  241. I have already ordered the “believe” shirt, can’t wait to get. I really like the Calendars, garden signs and the nectar seeds. Planning on having many more flowers for all butterflies this year.

  242. I love the Peace on Earth shirt with the red sleeves, not so much in gray.
    I need to get the organza bags to tie around my seeds next year. I had a poor crop of milkweed seeds this year because of the milkweed bugs. I hope the organza bags will keep them out.
    I also love the milkweed ornaments!

  243. I volunteer at 2 Chlldren’s gardens. We plan to use the butterfly cages as learning tools for our little gardeners. Chikdren are fasinated by butterflies and to see them up close & personal in all stages of development would be ideal!. I would want the milkweed & nector seeds , because that is where you start! And then the butterfly garden sign for the entry fence so people will know we are raising butterflies !Not just Monarchs, but all butterflies are welcome in our garden.

  244. I adore the ornament filled with milkweed seeds…. what a fun an easy gift for neighbors! I’d include planting instructions! I’d love the butterfly garden sign … to brighten th8ngs up during the winter months …in anticipation of spring!!

  245. Hello. I like so many of the gift ideas, but my favorite is the Butterfly Garden sign. Why? Because I haven’t seen this sort of thing before. I would love to put one in my garden to draw even more attention to my butterfly raising efforts, and help spread the word. I have some standard garden flags, but I like the idea of a more permanent marker.
    Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. Love seeing all the seeds you suggest too.

  246. I like the garden flag best! It would add another splash of color to my garden which is focused on attracting butterflies.

  247. I love the milkweed seed idea as a gift, to either receive or give away. Either actual packets of seeds or the seed filled clear ornaments are great ways to share. As an educator, I would include some planting and other educational info.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  248. Love the Butterfly Garden sign best! Want one and want to get for gifts too!

  249. Great Ideas! I like the organza seed bags! I have finally found numerous sources of milkweed to harvest the pods. This is a nice presentation for giving to friends to encourage them to plant as well. It’s been my first year of discovery …. and my friends have been educated too.

  250. I would gift the seeds and little organza bags, because that’s a super cute way to package and gift seeds, which we promote and grow at my work place and I’d like to receive either the Santa tee, cause the monarchs as reindeer is cute or the garden flags, cause they’re cheerful!

  251. My favorite gift to receive would be the Day 6- Butterfly & Hummingbird Calendars. Receiving them would give me a new inspirations each month and help keep me thinking of summer and fall while trying to get through another cold winter in Canada.

  252. I would like to receive and or give the #1 believe Christmas shirt. It’s so unique! Just like all the butterflies in the world and I believe giving one of these would be letting my receivers know they were unique and have something to look forward to during the cold winter — the return of the butterfly!

  253. Three years ago I started building my butterfly garden. Last year my plants were established enough to draw butterflies, bees, and humming birds. I had several monarch babies and was so excited. Of all the gifts, I would enjoy the milkweed seeds the most. They would help me continue and expand my garden even further. I have ordered one of the long sleeve t-shirts for myself and am waiting for it to arrive. All the gifts are great ideas. I plan on ordering a flag and sign as well. Thanks you for keeping the passion for helping the monarchs going strong.

  254. My favorite gift to receive for myself, or give to my husband, would be the Believe Monarch Christmas shirt. This is because my husband is a professional Santa Claus, while I am “Mrs. Claus”. This shirt blends two of our passions into one. The “Peace on Earth” Monarch t-shirt was a close second.

  255. I love all of the gift items and would be happy to receive any or all of them. I think I like two of them the most, the Butterfly Flag and the Butterfly Sign. Both draw attention to others the beautiful flowers and welcomed visitors that come to my garden to nourish and propagate. They also add a welcome sign to my 2 legged visitors that come to see the wonders of God

  256. I am seriously liking 5a. Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions! Would someone like to gift to me? 🙂
    It looks like a great way to create the butterfly garden attractants I need to nurture those ever beautiful butterflies!

  257. While I like all the merchandise, I would love the Milkweed Seed and Necter packets to help me, help the butterflies. Last year I gave my granddaughter a cage and we had so much fun raising monarchs this year. I hope it will become one of her favorite memories we will continue to share every year.



  259. I really like the elephant and butterfly flag- it makes me smile

  260. The Butterfly Garden sign would be a great gift. It alerts people not to use pesticides around the this garden!! I put “do not spray” signs out in mine when my bug guy comes.

  261. Would love more nectar for butterflies i have a lot of milkweed. And recently bought several butterfly bushes and bought some nectar plants. The cage would be amazong because this year i successfully raised and released 130 butterflies and just recently had my yard butterfly certificated

  262. I love all of them. I love the T-shirts and the butterfly sign most of all, It’s really hard to find short sleeved shirts for Christmas and these are absolutely beautiful. Now to add them to my Christmas wish list.

  263. It is very difficult to choose! I would choose the Monarch butterflies on yellow flowers, it’s beautiful! I have been raising Monarchs for 50 years and have learned so much about the world of nature and how remarkable it is. I have introduced many people to the amazing world of the Monarch and will continue to do so. One of my friends fell in love with the Monarchs after she and I collected 20 or so caterpillars. The next year, she was married in the mountains of Colorado, 10,000 ft altitude, and released 12 Monarchs during her ceremony. I will never forget the joy on her grandmother’s face as a butterfly landed on her lap and sat there for a good 15 min. then fluttered away into the wide open sky. I can’t describe the love I have for these beautiful creatures and I will continue to raise as many as I possibly can each year to help make a difference in the dwindling population. I truly believe all of us make a difference!!!!?

  264. Oh my goodness. And I must choose 2? How difficult.
    #1- I would love the Christmas Butterfly T-shirt. I don’t have many Christmas shirts. And I love to talk to people about my Butterfly garden.
    #2- I would love the Butterfly Garden Flag. I LOVE to spread the joy of Butterflies. I gift friends some chrysalis during the season to show them the joy of watching them “hatch”.

  265. I like a lot of the ideas, but if I had to pick, it would be the butterfly sign to make visitors aware of the garden’s purpose; and the pocket calendar because it’s handy for holding things.

  266. The gift I would like most is the flag that has Monarch butterfly’s on Black-eyed Susan flowers. It would make a lovely addition to my Butterfly Garden!

  267. The Day 5 Milkweed Seed set would be my choice. I love the challenge of growing plants from seeds (I’m not the greenest thumb) and these seeds will not only make my garden beautiful, they will encourage butterflies to come, eat and produce offspring; And best of all when the seed pods grow I get to do it all over again next season.

  268. I would love the milkweed and nectar seeds to share with my 4 year old Granddaughter. She raised 5 painted lady butterflies, from caterpillar, turned them loose when ready. Later while visiting she saw same butterflies in my garden. She has raised plants for past 2 years from seed. Has the perect place next to house to turn into butterfly garden next spring. I too would love to have more in my garden.
    Thank you.

  269. I most like the butterfly flag because its beautiful,just like the monarchs that we release.

  270. I like to promote conservation of endangered species. With that in mind, I think the most useful butterfly gifts would be flower and milkweed seeds. Also, the wall calendars raise awareness of the importance of helping monarchs survive. Calendars are useful in recording planting times, monarch eggs collected, caterpillars found and butterflies released, etc.

  271. Hi…I have to be honest but I love them all. However I think my favourite is the butterfly garden sign …with the butterfly flag second. The reason I chose the garden sign first is because I always need signs to make the garden even more exciting to look at before the monarchs arrive (they were quite late in Ontario last year)

    1. I love all the gift ideas! Thanks for sharing.

      Because I believe one can never have too much milkweed, my favorite gift idea is 5……gift card to purchase milkweed plants and seeds…I would choose Amazon.

      I successfully raised over 100 monarchs this year. My mom now raises monarchs. I hope to spread the monarch love.

    2. I think the Peace on Earth baseball style tee shirt is great. In fact, I like it so much that I just ordered one for myself.

  272. I would love to get some Milkweed seeds! I bought a bunch last year and none of them ever did anything, so I will have to try again. I wanted to be able to start raising butterflies, but I want their food source to be available. I have been adding to our landscape, but still so far to go!

  273. I would love to recieve the butterfly garden flag. I think it is absolutely adorable and would be a beautiful decoration to add to my garden in the spring.

  274. I would like to receive a monarch butterfly Christmas shirt.
    I love my caterpillars. I love my butterflies. I raise hundreds of them each year. They have been a significant part of who I am since I was little. They’ve always brought me joy and entertainment, especially when feeling a bit lonely. ? I think of them often and miss them. I even pray for their safe journey.
    The shirt could be a conversation starter wherever I wear it, sparking interest in others who may want to join the butterfly sleigh ride to raising more precious butterflies!

  275. Decisions, decisions!
    For me, it’s a toss up between the milkweed and nectar seed packets for 2020 and the butterfly garden sign, but IF I had to choose, I’d go with the seeds.
    Up here, north of Toronto, I’m pretty much limited to 3-4 milkweed types: white/pink/purple flower and the swamp milkweed. I just expanded my organic, non-GMO backyard townhouse garden by another 100 square feet of butterfly flowerbed to fill. I have two 18″ copper butterfly garden decorations for the meanwhile.
    I’ve been raising Monarchs for 55 years, but this year I (and all my neighbourhood children) named, prayed for and released 545 Monarchs! I celebrated by buying myself a pair of Monarch Wings! It is my lifetime record! I’m battling Lyme Tick Disease, so I can no longer work gainfully, but I always look forward to summer and raising and releasing Monarchs, and sharing this experience with my family, grand children, and neighbours. More Monarch-attracting and nectaring plants would mean MORE MONARCHS TO RELEASE!

    Rosemary, The GrandMONARCHmama, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

  276. I have two favorites from your list so far. The Butterfly Garden Sign is a beautiful design, and is also educational as it shows a variety of species of butterflies… a learning experience for someone visiting my Pollinator Garden.

    I always like Butterfly garden seeds to expand the options for more butterflies and pollinators. However, in our area (NC) we are told not to plant the Annual Milkweed, A. Curassavica, because it can carry OE Disease and harm butterflies. I’m ordering some of the butterfly organza seed gift packets, and a seed and fluff ornament. CLEVER!

  277. My favorite gifts have to be the “Believe” shirt and sweatshirts. What a magical look and feel to it. I ordered mine and can’t wait to wear it this season. I also like the set of Butterfly Garden Seed Gift Package with instructions. I just ordered mine to add to my collection of milkweed and flowers.

  278. Wow! All great gift ideas! Can I register and send my friends to purchase my gifts from here?
    I love the garden banners, calendars, and seed gifts the most. I’ll be purchasing for my fellow butterfly mothers! And the ornaments – brilliant!
    When I give an organza bag filled with milkweed seeds to people they often ask where I got the bags from.
    And the shirts! I was wearing one of mine on a recent vacation and was asked about the monarch life-cycle because of the shirt!
    I particularly love the variety of gift ideas this year – thank you!

  279. My favorite gift idea is the Seed Packets. I believe a gift of sustenance for our Monarch is such a special gift to give or receive. I live where there is quite a bit of milkweed but I just recently introduced someone to the process of raising Monarchs who does not have milkweed nearby. This gift gives them an opportunity to be involved in saving our Monarchs. I have been raising Monarchs for the past 30+ years. I never tire of the joy and fascination of the entire process – from the excitement of finding that tiny egg to the wonder of that beautiful majestic butterfly emerge and all the “inbetween.” I have passed on my love of raising Monarchs to many over the years and it brings me delight to see their excitement once they get involved. Side note: for myself, I have put the Monarch Garden Flag on my Christmas wish list. It is so pretty.

  280. All of the gift ideas are unique and beautiful. My favorite gift to give (or receive) is the “Peace on Earth” tee shirt. It can be a great conversation starter to talk to people about how the beautiful monarch populations have declined over the past decade and practical steps we can take to hopefully reverse this trend. The second favorite gift to give would be milkweed seed (native and non-native varieties) tailored to the weather/geographical region for the recipient – once the recipient has expressed interest in helping monarchs. This is helpful because most folks I talk to are not familiar with milkweed or where to buy it. Seeds are good because sometimes plants in nurseries are treated with pesticides – you really need to find a trustworthy grower – and someone new to helping monarchs is not going to know which nurseries use pesticides and which do not.

    1. All the items are wonderful tools for helping increase monarch populations. I would choose the monarch tall house for my granddaughters to use. Secondly, I would choose milkweed seeds to plant for food for the Monarchs. So much info on your site!

  281. I’d like to give my Dentist gift idea #2 ,the Butterfly Peace on Earth t-shirt-because she always
    thinks I’m mad when I tell her I am a citizen scientist and my interest is in raising Monarch butterflies…

  282. I really like all the gift ideas shown here Tony.
    I would have to say for me the best gifts would be the seed kits and
    the Calendar.

  283. Love all the gifts. Most interested in the seeds. Have cleared a new area and ready to plant various milkweed and nectar plants.

  284. I love the Butterfly calendar. The photos are beautiful and would give somebody joy all year, even when it is cold outside and the butterflies are gone. I would love that for myself or to give somebody who appreciates their beauty.

  285. All of the giifts offered sound really neat, but the one I am most interested in is the Nectar and milkweed seeds. The reason they interest me is because one of the gardens I Volunteer for grows plants to give away for Earth Day. I also grow plants for many of my friends so that they can plant the plants in their gardens to attract butterflies and other pollinators.

  286. I released 110 monarchs this year and I am an official waystation for the National Wildlife Federation. My overall total is more like 125 counting the monarchs that eclosed in my yard! I love all of the gift options, but I am all for spreading the word that our country needs more milkweed (#5) and nectar plants and the seeds are perfect for that! We can make a difference and leave the world a better and more beautiful place with more butterflies and pollinators that have way too many benefits to list in a small comment section!

  287. I like the seeds and nectar seeds and Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions package. These would make great gifts for butterfly enthusiasts including me!

  288. The butterfly flag is an inspiration. It will be a constant reminder of the butterflies I’ve saved and how they fluttered through my garden. The yellow flowers remind me of the sun, how you emerged every sunrise by the call of the sun, and how you flew through each flower resting on each bud. How amazing, little butterflies. You did not forget where you were born. You returned to visit and lay your eggs. You watched me collect your eggs. In gratitude, I raised your babies. What a wonderful reminder this flag will be.

    1. Beautifully expressed!! I feel exactly like this too when I’m in My butterfly garden collecting the eggs from those I’m sure I raised,as They stop by to say Hello. ??

  289. I would like to give and/or receive #5- The Milkweed and Nectar seeds. I teach preschoolers and we raise Monarchs from plantings in my garden. I would like to plant the seeds outside of our school to make a butterfly garden, or give to fellow teachers to plant in their gardens to create a habitat for monarchs!

  290. The nectar garden seeds are my first choice because dreams of spring and starting a butterfly nectar garden for those hungry monarchs. Thanks for some great gift ideas Tony!

  291. I can’t think of a more beautiful and practical gift than gift #5, for an enthusiastic butterfly novice, especially one from northern Ontario, now wintering in beautiful southwest FL.

  292. I love idea #5 the Milkweed seeds. It gives you the opportunity to attract butterflies along with the potential to raise them in the future if you desire.

  293. I tried raising monarchs for the 1st time this summer,since we have a ginormous am ount of milkweed in our area.I did alot of research before I started.So,out I went searching for eggs on the leaves.Only picked a few,in case I didn’t know what I was doing.Long story,short,I raised and released 5 monarchs.Yes,I cried while releasing them,but they were happy tears.On my birthday and Christmas wish list are all things to help me raise many more next year.So I would love to have the elephant-butterfly flag because that’s not on my wish list.Thank you for all the info you email all of us.

  294. I love all of these however I would choose the seeds. My daughter just bought her first house and is trying to get the yard in good shape and this would help her do that plus establish her own butterfly garden which she would love.

  295. I would most like to give the gift of milkweed and nectar seeds to friends and family so that they, too, can experience the joy of watching monarchs fluttering in their yard while also helping save the monarchs!!

  296. Tough choices. However, my 1st pick sweatshirt so I can stay warm while I wait for the spring migration back up north. Second the calendar so I can count the days to start my milkweed & other pollinator plants.

  297. My Gift Would Be Both Milkweed And Nectar Seeds. Joy Of Attracting Butterflies, Especially Monarchs, Feeds Your Soul. To SHARE That Indescribable Joy With Friends And Family, Is Truly A Gift From The Heart. Feed Your Soul. Help Save A Species. What Greater Gift Could You Share?

  298. Love to milkweed ornament idea. The ground is covered with snow so I have to save this idea for next year. I also love both the butterfly and hummingbird signs.

  299. My favorite would be the Believe hoodie. I have a hoodie that says “plant milkweed and they will come”, and whenever I wear it, inevitably it starts a conversation with someone about monarchs, and I have the opportunity to share. That’s especially important here for our western monarchs, who are close to extinction. I was fortunate to be a part of the “eggsplosion” in Brookings, OR this year, and we’re hoping our efforts make a difference.

  300. I think the best gift to give is a gift card for milkweed and nectar seeds that way the gift receiver can get the right kind of seeds for their area. The gift I would like is the believe hoodie. That way I can remind people that we still need to think of butterflies in the middle of winter.

  301. I like the gift ideas. I got a butterfly flag for my “fire escape” butterfly garden in Greenwich Village New York City. I started my “garden” this past summer. I raised 5 monarchs and 15 black swallowtails 4 of which are overwintering in a “Caterpillar Condo.” on the fire escape (A large metal lattice waist paper basket to allow for ventilation with a heavy plate on top to protect them from predictors, rain etc.). I hope they will emerge this spring. The best part of raising butterflies is releasing them!

    I also collected milkweed pods from parks near by so that I can plant milkweed seeds around the village. I kept the fluff. I saw the idea about putting the fluff in clear ornament balls. Nice idea! I intend to do this with the fluff I collected and give them as small gifts.

    1. Just caved in and bought a monarch “Peace on Earth” T-shirt to wear around my college and to Christmas parties. I also like the organiza bags and seeds, but I do not know too many people with gardens. The ones who I do know have gardens or places to grow milkweed I will be giving seeds in the little bags.

  302. The Butterfly Gift Idea I would most like to receive would be the Monarch Butterfly Peace on Earth t-shirt. This is the only Christmas shirt I have ever seen with a butterfly on it, and I would like to see and celebrate the monarch butterfly all year long.

  303. I was looking over the the first 6 days of butterfly gift ideas and know immediately I would give Day #5 Milkweed and Nectar seeds. The reason, it serves a dual purpose. It provides the host plant and food. If one isn’t a gardener or a beginner the Mexican Sunflower will more than likely pull through. It is easy to grow and your gift will still have a good chance at attracting Monarchs for their enjoyment.
    My second choice would be geared towards the Christmas Season #2 Peace On Earth ,with consideration for a second spin-off or addition. Giving a t-shirt to a Monarch admirer is a great gift and certainly appreciated. As a spin off or addition, I might even consider giving a Monarch t-shirt that could be worn year around–not just the holiday season. A t-shirt is a great way to bring awareness to those who may not be as familiar with the happenings of Monarchs today. I want to keep the Monarch in mind throughout the year; not just the holiday season 🙂

  304. #5 – I would love to be able to give all of my friends butterfly seeds so that they can make their own butterfly garden. They are all so enamored with the way I raise monarchs and what greater gift could I give than to get them started with their own butterfly rearing experience.

  305. Christmas is about Jesus. I admit I’d enjoy wearing the Large Royal Blue pull over hoodie. The idea of monarch butterflies replacing reindeer is really cute and would indeed spark a multitude of conversations where I could disseminate my knowledge, information and contacts regarding the raising of Monarchs. I would love to give the milkweed seed collection as separate gifts. Here on the West Coast, it is all we really need to get these beautiful creatures of God a better chance! I would like to see “Meadow Blazing Star” seeds and plants available too for both myself and others:)

  306. I would love to have the Believe Hoodie or the Monarch garden flag! Both are adorable!

  307. If I could give gifts, would love to give each of my students a Believe shirt. They are doing an awesome job getting things ready for our butterfly garden. If I could receive a gift, would love a variety of milkweed seeds to add more color to our school garden. We received a grant to add pollinators to our community and raise awareness of the importance of milkweed. PS: we are also saving our fluff, so the kids can totally make some ornaments!!

  308. I would love the seed packets and the gift bags to share with others. This year was my first year experiencing monarchs from eggs to butterfly and then tagging them before they took flight and I would like to provide more food source for more monarchs! I gave some of my chrysalis to a friend for her children to experience and would like to share more so the gift bags would be great for seed gathering!

  309. I like to give close up photos of butterflies from my garden printed on glossy photo quailty paper on my Cannon printer. Why? It is very personal as it is a butterfly that came to a flower that I grew, loved and nurtured so it could stop by for a meal while I am able to basque in its glorious beauty.

  310. Better to give than receive..that said I’d like to receive your beautiful “monarch butterflies on yellow flowers” garden flag.

    The colors are vibrant and the idea is promising.

    Hope we have enough monarchs one day that I could see this type of gathering in real life.

  311. #1 Because it has always been a tradition at our house that you had to believe for Santa to come no matter what age, and now that our Son comes to us as a Butterfly the Blue Hoodie means even more to me.
    # 4… after our loss I made a Butterfly garden for the Monarchs and the other butterflies to sit in and foe me to feel them all near me.

  312. I just ordered 3 signs for my Butterfly garden. I will be ordering some seeds to plant in the spring. I have raised several Monarchs this year. It got cold down here in Texas before They all could fly south. So , I had some potted Milkweed and caterpillars so, I moved them into my green house to keep them warm. They seem to be very happy. I’m keeping it about 60 degrees. Hopefully they will make it.

  313. The gifts make it easy to share seeds. I have so many friends that will plant flowers for Monarchs. Gift 5 has multiple seeds, nectar seeds and more. A friend of mine is giving an ornament with milkweed seeds in it that white and light. The ornament is very pretty. I help raise caterpillars. I like to give gifts to special friends at Christmas.

  314. I would like to receive the Milkweed and Nectar Seeds. I would love to start the seeds, nourish the plants until and then plant them in our Butterfly Garden to provide the Monarchs would enjoy o their hearts content.

  315. My favorite is the Butterfly Garden Sign because that’s what I have!

  316. I absolutely love all of the tee shirts! They actually brought tears to my eyes. I only wish that they came in smaller sizes for children. I took my two grandsons to the Monarch Brunch and Release on September 15th in Tom’s River, NJ. The three year old was totally spellbound. I had already done a lesson with him on Monarchs, using some that were in various stages of development. I would like him to grow up knowing that he is a “keeper of the animals”.
    I will buy the hummingbird crossing sign. It will accompany my Backyard National Wildlife Habitat sign that I successfully earned in the ’90’s.

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for your comment. Just wanted to let you know, if you click the arrow by the style section on each shirt page, there are youth-sized sweatshirts listed.

  317. Yes, lovely butterfly lovers gifts and what a great variety! I don’t know where to start…the seed packs and gift cards are a great idea to gift to someone that would like to get started in the magic of attracting pollinators and for myself I would like one of each…(:

  318. I would like to give and receive the nectar seed kit. Milkweed was planted before our first snow (Michigan).
    I have plans for a raised bed garden this spring and plan to go a little crazy with flowers and plants for Monarchs ❤️??

  319. My gift is to the butterflies themselves that arrive at my farm in the springI have two acres of milkweed that produces untold numbers of new butterflies

  320. I love the butterfly garden sign !!!! I will buy 2 signs for the summer the butterfly garden sign and the do not spray sign …for my next door neighbor . My yard is. It that close but I do not want the pesticide company to even spray close to my grass ..has I have a lot of native shrubs for nectar and host plant . The seeds is a great gift too.

  321. Probably 5, the milkweed seeds. I have saved tons myself but giving this as a gift would help others help the Monarchs.

  322. All of the gift ideas are wonderful! I would give the milkweed seed plus the flower seeds as that is what will keep bringing the butterflies back and brings so much enjoyment to many! I so love the butterflies that it is sad now that they are gone and can’t wait for them to return! SO I’m already planning for next

  323. I have 2 of the shirts and LOVE them. They are unusual and magical at once! I like the signs this year, would like to see a “MONARCH CROSSING” one too!

  324. I would choose gift #5, milkweed seeds and give to myself. I will purchase them anyway as the only milkweed available at nurseries and major home improvement stores in Southern California sell only the Mexican milkweed. And recently, they have all been selling the milkweed with systemic pesticides which have once again poisoned my catepillars.

  325. I LOVE the t-shirts! “Believe” is my favorite, but I bought Peace on Earth last year and have really enjoyed it too. My favorite gift to give and receive is gift certs for seeds. Easy to mail to friends and family out-of-state, and easy to customize for different growing regions. I have done the research for F&F outside my area to learn which varieties of milkweed they can grow, then have sent seeds that are specific to their region. I’ve really encouraged my west coast folks to grow milkweed & nectar plants this year. For myself this year, I’ve got my eye on the cubes. I do not raise cats indoors, but am looking for a good cube set-up to use for educational presentations. Santa has been notified of my request! 😉

  326. I really like the seed kit just because it put a nice variety all together.

  327. My favorite gift to give would be a packet of the various milkweed seeds to my grandmother. She’s the one who raised monarchs and planted butterfly gardens when I was young and taught me to love monarchs so much. Now that she can no longer garden much by herself, we grandkids would have to help her with it, which would make the gift of seeds even more special to her. As for me, I wanted to receive the monarch christmss tree “Peace on Earth” baseball tee so much that I just bought one myself, LOL! And then I put three things (milkweed seeds, butterfly garden sign and butterfly on black-eyed-Susan flag on my Amazon wish list. 🙂 Thanks for the great gift ideas! Merry Christmas!

  328. I love all the gifts but especially the Monarch Christmas tree tshirt. It is so lovely. The milkweed seeds are also great because they give one something worthwhile and useful to do.

  329. I like gifting gift cards so one can choose to get what they use. I like getting the more practical items that assist in raising my butterflies!

  330. All of the gifts are fabulous. I would choose to give the Joyful annual milkweed seed and nectar pack (I would like to receive it too). The organza bags are wonderful for gifting in so many ways:) BTW…I’ll take some of those Torch Mexican Sunflower seeds!

  331. I love the options for giving seeds. The other gifts are very nice, and the bags and flags are really lovely but they’re just things. When you give seeds, you’re literally giving life, and maybe even encouraging some more people to take up the cause and learn the joy and wonder of raising butterflies.

  332. Hi Tony,
    I would love to receive any one of these gifts, but my two favorite are the “Peace on Earth” T-shirt and the Milkweed & Nectar Seed Packets.
    The image of the Monarchs decorating the Christmas tree makes me think how truly beautiful and fitting they are as ornaments. As the Monarchs blanket the trees down in Mexico, these t-shirts give us the image and warm feeling of having them here with us blanketing our Christmas trees.
    The seeds are an easy and fantastic way to share the love of seeing our Summer visitors in every garden. I am often asked for seeds, how wonderful it would be to hand out a packet and wish my fellow butterfly admirers luck!
    Keep up the wonderful work you do! I love your enthusiasm, blog and website!

  333. Thanks for this article. Lot’s of great ideas here, but the ones I woul most like are the Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Crossing signs.

  334. I love the signs and the T-shirts. I have been growing certain plants for the butterflies. I would also love that butterfly flower growing kit.

  335. I love the butterfly organza bags for collecting seeds. I have several seeds away to friends this year and I think this is so cute. We could also use them as a fundraiser for our school. Kids can buy them and distribute the seeds to grow more milkweed in more areas! I didn’t know ebay or Amazon sold the plants. I am definitely stocking up there, so a gift card would be perfect.

  336. My favorite to give would. be the butterfly flag .the believe hoodie. I would love to receive the Mexican sun f lower seeds or milkweed tree ornaments.

  337. The milkweed seed varieties is my favorite gift. I love having a variety to offer the butterflies and I love planting them all over my yard.



  339. Beautiful Gifts and great ideas. The multi-variety seed packs are great as well.

  340. I love the package of varities of milkweed seeds because we need to make sure we have more feed plants in every area. I also would love to have the butterfly crossing sign. It’s beautiful and a reminder of my purpose in my garden!

  341. I love all of them but like the milkweed ornament it is so unique. I already have the butterfly yard sign and think the Hummingbird one is neat.

  342. the gifts would get more families interested in raising and releasing grandchildren are now finding eggs and caterpillars on their own.their ages are 5 and 9.they raised and released 5 this season.Have a great holiday anna lilly palmyra n.y.

  343. I love the Butterfly garden flag but also love Day 5’s Milkweed & Nectar plants… Tough choice as all the gift ideas are great.

  344. Great ideas! I would love the gift card for seeds and plants, ALWAYS can use more butterfly plants, and I might make some of the
    milkweed seed ornaments THANKS

    1. I would love to receive the milkweed tubes. Last year was our first year raising Cats and we managed 43! I would love to have a more sanitary way to feed them and also a better way to keep the milkweed fresher longer! Also sending my hubby the Mother of Monarchs link in hope that I will get one of those under the Christmas tree!

  345. My favorite butterfly gift to give or receive would be Day 5, the nectar and seeds. That way I can teach my grandson to grow milkweed for the butterflies.

  346. I love the idea of seeds as gifts. They allow people real-life experience with butterflies that changes their lives and help butterflies too.

  347. I would choose the Ebay gift card for milkweed and plants. I live in an HOA and I’ve been slowly raising awareness of the plight of monarchs. I have started a landscape committee for our neighborhood and we finally have funds to enhance our community areas. The girls on the committee are very interested in how I raise butterflies every year, and now want raise some themselves and incorporate milkweed and nectar plants into our landscaping plans. I am thrilled and we are going to try to convince every neighbor in our community to plant 1 host and 1 nectar plant in 2020. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. I think this could be very good for our community, as it would bring people together for a great cause! And, who doesn’t love to see butterflies flitting all about?

  348. The activities in the raising of Monarchs, from collecting the eggs to the release of the butterfly, is fantastically rewarding. All the items offered for gifting or simply keeping for yourself are so critical to being successful. Every little step is critical in our attempts to repopulate these pollinators.

  349. Great selection this year. I’ve already purchased the butterfly flag for myself and now seeing how lovely it truly is, plan to buy extras as gifts. I also think the seed packs are a great idea. Lots of friends are interested in growing MW. These selections are quite nice. The Joyful butterfly kit is nice to expand someone’s range. A bundle of these items would make a great gift for friends.

  350. I love the Christmas Butterfly Tees (long sleeve!), the garden flags and particularly, the milkweed seed ornaments! I think I would select those to be under my tree or in my Christmas stocking. The ornaments appear unique and like nothing I’ve seen before.

    To date: I have release over 200 monarchs here is South Florida. Anything MONARCH really is my favorite gift.

  351. Great options for gifting butterfly enthusiasts and supporters and interesting the curious. I especially like the milkweed and nectar seed packets for 2020 and the butterfly gift bags are such a lovely way to be able to package the gift seeds. Raising awareness and putting the tools to take action into the hands of people that may be interested in but unsure about how to start the process of supporting pollinators could go a long way toward increasing food sources for our pollinators.

    1. Summer 2019 was my first experience raising Monarchs……challenging, but most rewarding! I especially liked the “big cube”……so much room for the cats, especially when looking for a place on the ceiling to weave their silken webs. The large “viewing window” was optimal for observation. And the size of the cube made it easy to clean, as well. For those reasons, I would choose this as my #1 gift choice.

  352. All of your gift ideas are lovely and inspiring, but I like the “Believe” tee shirts most of all. They express the magic, the wonder, and the attraction of our beautiful monarchs in a new and innovative way that might engage people who otherwise would not give them a thought.

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