Twelve Days of Butterflies- Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2021

12 Butterfly Gifts for Happy Holidays

Twelve Days of Butterflies 2021 Graphic butterfly gift ideas

Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next five weeks new butterfly gifts will be posted here, until I’ve revealed all twelve gift ideas on Saturday, December 4th. Before I started this annual butterfly gift ideas list 9 years ago, I had no idea how many wonderful butterfly-themed gifts existed. Based on research and recommendations, I strive to include unique ideas to help you find the perfect butterfly gift for someone special in your life.

And now, without further ado…The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2021!


Day 1- Monarch Christmas Ornaments

Monarch Caterpillar Christmas Ornament- Butterfly Gift idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Bring Home the Magic of Monarchs to Christmas and other Winter Holidays with these Christmas tree ornaments ??

Monarch Butterfly Christmas Ornament- Butterfly Gift Idea
  • Beautiful hand-crafted, Glass Blown Ornaments
  • Hang on Christmas tree or sit upright on a flat surface
  • Unique Caterpillar ornament for monarch lovers
  • Caterpillar Ornament Size: 3.5” x 2” x 1.25”
  • Butterfly Ornament Size: 2.5” x 4.5” x 1”
  • Prime Shipping Available
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated

Find your Monarch Caterpillar Milkweed Leaf Ornament by Clicking Here

Buy a Monarch Butterfly Christmas Ornament Click Here

Get a Hummingbird Christmas Ornament Click Here


Day 2- Monarch Butterfly T-shirts

Fall Butterfly T-shirt Thanksgiving shirt

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Share your passion for butterflies all year long with butterfly t-shirts. These make great gifts for family or friends or as a gift to yourself as you await the return of your fluttering friends next season. ???

monarch whisperer womens shirt butterfly gift ideas
  • Available in both Women’s and Unisex Style Shirts
  • Available in Various colors
  • All shirts made from high quality cotton/polyester- check listings below for specific blend
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated shirts
  • Free US Shipping + Prime Shipping Available

Find Fall Colors ? Monarch Butterfly Shirts by Clicking Here

Find Monarch Whisperer Butterfly T-shirts by Clicking Here

Find Monarch Whisperer Butterfly Mugs by Clicking Here


Day 3- Collectible Butterfly Coins

Monarch Caterpillar on Milkweed Collectible Canadian Coin

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Coin collecting is a popular hobby across North America. Add these beautiful coins to someone’s existing collection or get them started on a new hobby that can last a lifetime…

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly Collectible Canadian Coin
  • Pure Silver Coins
  • Butterfly art created by Canadian artists
  • Colorful Butterfly and Caterpillars Designs
  • Prices listed in CAD (so it will cost less in USD)
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated shop reviews
  • Free Shipping to CANADA for orders over 150.00

Purchase a Monarch Caterpillar Collectible Canadian Coin by Clicking Here

Purchase a Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly Silver Collective Canadian Coin by Clicking Here

Choose from More Collectible Canadian Butterfly Coin Designs by Clicking Here


Day 4- Butterfly Garden Signs

Butterfly Garden Signs Gift Idea- Milkweed for Monarchs
Mark Your Milkweed Patch

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Butterfly Signs bring life to your garden 24/7/365 which allows you to experience the joy of butterflies even on the dreariest of days ?☃️

Hummingbird Garden Sign Pollinator Garden Gift Idea
  • Metal garden signs made of aluminum and polyethylene
  • Durable materials- will last for years
  • Predrilled holes to attach to wood stake or shed or fence
  • Free Shipping
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated

Choose from 15 Butterfly Garden Aluminum Pollinator Signs by Clicking Here

Buy a Personalized Wood Butterfly Garden Sign by Clicking Here


Day 5- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds!

4 Pack of Native Milkweed Seeds- Garden Gift Idea
4-Pack of Milkweed Seeds
Milkweed Seeds Mix 6 pack- Butterfly Gift Idea
6-Pack of Milkweed Seeds

Why is milkweed a good butterfly gift idea?

Milkweed is the lifeblood of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a valuable tool we can all use to help support the struggling monarch population across North America…

  • Milkweed is the conerstone of a successful monarch butterfly garden
  • Choose over 25 milkweed varieties to fit your region and growing conditions
  • Milkweed is a must for those who want to raise monarch butterflies
  • Milkweed is the gift that will come back every year to support new generations of monarchs

Purchase the 4-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

Purchase the 6-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

Don’t forget that monarchs also need fuel in the form of nectar…especially late in the season as they fly an impossible distance to reach overwintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico and coastal California.

Zinnias are a  favorite annual nectar plant for butterflies that can be planted across North America. They bloom continuously throughout the summer until first frost:

Parks Pick Mix- Beautiful Large Flowered Zinnias for Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds
The Pick of the Litter

5a. Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions

Annual Milkweed Seeds and Nectar Seeds- Butterfly Garden Gift Idea

Check out this butterfly gift seed pack below which features tropical milkweed seeds for monarchs, zinnia seeds to support pollinators, and parsley seeds to host black (and anise) swallowtails:

Buy The Annual Milkweed & Nectar Seed Pack from Joyful Butterfly

Purchase Park Picks Mix Zinnia Seeds here

5b. Joyful Butterfly Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants…and More! ???

Joyful Butterfly has emerged as one of the top online nurseries for supporting monarchs and other precious pollinators. They carry all plants and seeds you’ll need to support a bounty of butterflies in your own back yard:

Purchase a Joyful Butterfly Gift Card Click Here

5c. Amazon Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Amazon has a massive marketplace where you’ll find many nurseries selling seeds and plants online. In case you’re unsure of a seed/plant gift, amazon also sells everything under the sun or, as they say, from a to z:

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Here 

5d. Etsy Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Etsy is a place for selling home made products and crafts, and that includes seeds and plants. This marketplace is growing quickly and there are a surprising amount of milkweed species available here from reputable sellers and home gardeners. A fantastic gift certificate for those who value home made goods and crafts:

Buy an Etsy Gift Certificate Click Here

5e. Butterfly Organza Bags for Gifting seeds

Butterfly Organza Bags for Milkweed Seed Gifts

Organza bags can be used to tie around seed pods to collect seeds outside, and they also make great gift bags for seed stocking stuffers.

Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds


Day 6- Lang Butterfly Calendars for 2022

2022 Lang Butterflies Wall Calendar

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Admire beautiful butterfly art throughout the year while getting ‘butter’ organized for 2022. ? ?

2022 Butterfly Wall and Pocket Calendar
  • Pocket wall calendar has dual storage pockets for each month
  • Store prescriptions, appointments, bills, invitations, receipts, etc…
  • Both calendars illustrated with beautiful butterflies and garden flowers by artist Jane Shasky
  • Lang Butterfly Wall Calendar is 13″ x 14″
  • Lang Pocket Calendar is 12″ x 12″
  • Prime Shipping Available

Purchase a 2022 Lang Butterfly Wall Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2022 Butterfly Note Nook Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2022 Field Guide Wall Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2022 Flowers, Butterflies, & Wildlife Calendar Click Here


Day 7- Butterfly & Wildlife Planners for 2022

2022 Wild Beauty Wildlife and Garden Planner

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A Planner filled with the nature-inspired artwork will give you inspiration to plan for a better year ahead…onward and upward for 2022 ?

2022 Lang Field Guide Planner
  • Wild Beauty planner is printed in full, vibrant color and is 5 x 7 inches
  • Lang Field Guide planner comes in 2 sizes
  • Both planners go 17 months from August ’21 through December ’22
  • Both planners have Sturdy and Colorful covers
  • Both planners have sturdy spiral bindings
  • ✯✯✯✯✯ Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy a Wild Beauty 2022 Planner Click Here

Find a Lang Field Guide 2022 Planner Click Here

2022 Daily Planner Lavender Butterflies Cover Click Here


Day 8- Butterfly Books

8a. Butterflies for Kids- Life Cycle Info

Butterflies for Kids Life Cycle Book on 32 different butterfly species
30 Different Butterflies Life cycle Info

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Get the next generation of butterfly enthusiasts and lepidopterists inspired at an early age with a science book that speaks to kids.

  • Butterflies for Kids gift for nature loving kids ages 6-9
  • Science book that’s interesting for kids and easy to understand
  • Filled with top notch illustrations and drawings
  • Goes into details on life cycle stages of various butterflies
  • 82 pages- Available in print edition and kindle
  • Prime Shipping available

Buy a Butterflies for Kids Life Cycles Print or Kindle Book Here

8b. How To Raise HEALTHY Monarchs- Step by Step Guide

How To Raise Monarchs Book- Print Paperback Version
Step by Step Guide to Raising HEALTHY Monarch Butterflies

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Raising monarchs is an awe-inspiring gift of nature we should all be so lucky to witness. But when some try, their experience is cut short by disappearing caterpillars and deadly diseases. There’s a better way to raise healthy monarchs and I’ve layed out my tried and true process in a book (choose print or pdf) for your convenience.

  • Bring Home the Butterflies Volume II (How to Raise Healthy Monarchs)
  • Milkweed options for keeping caterpillars fat and happy
  • Time-saving tips for caterpillar care
  • Learn to raise with at least a 90% survival rate
  • Recommended raising tools and resources
  • Avoid deadly monarch diseases
  • Release your butterflies safely
  • Receive free book updates via email
  • 15% OFF when you bundle a book with a caterpillar cage or other raising supplies
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Buy a How to Raise Monarchs Print or PDF Book Here

BUNDLE How to Raise Monarchs + Milkweed Prep Guide for Raising Monarchs DIGITAL Books Here


Day 9- TALL Baby Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies

Clear View Mesh Caterpillar Cage- Watch Caterpillars grow through the butterfly life cycle from four see-through sides.
See-Through View

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from less than 5% to over 90%.

Tall Baby Butterfly Cage for Raising Monarchs- Butterfly Gift Idea
Drawbridge Door for Easy Access
  • Tall Baby Dimensions 15″ x 15″ x 24h”
  • additional height makes it easy to fit large cuttings or small potted plants
  • Raise 10-15 monarchs at one time
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Two Styles to choose from:
  • Cages with Viewing Window– recommended for indoor use or outdoor use in an area protected from elements or indoors
  • Cages with Clear Mesh – recommended for indoor use
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars can’t ‘lock you out’
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Find the Tall Baby Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 24h”)

Find the Clear Mesh Baby Cube Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 15h”)

Find ALL Caterpillar Cages & Raising Butterflies Accessories Here

9b. Poo Poo Platter Fitted Caterpillar Cage Liner

Poo Poo Platter- Fitted Caterpillar Cage Liner for easy cage cleaning and portability

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Removable insert makes cage cleaning easier and also makes the cages more portable with accessories inside.

  • 14″ bendable platter fitted for baby cube and tall baby caterpillar cages.
  • Makes cleaning easier with a removable insert: empty, rinse, replace, repeat ?????
  • Gives tall baby cage a solid floor so it can be transported without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Get Poo Poo Platter w/ raising supplies in Tall Baby Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 24″)

Get Poo Poo Platter w/ raising supplies in Clear Mesh Baby Cube Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 15″)


Day 10- Floral Tubes & Short Peg Racks SYSTEM for Feeding Caterpillars

Raising Butterflies Gift for feeding caterpillars- Large floral tubes + floral tube rack holder

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A superior system for feeding caterpillars, keeping milkweed fresh, and spacing out caterpillars across your habitat

little hole lids feed caterpillars small stem cutting butterfly gift ideas
For Thin Milkweed (or other host plant) Stems-NO Drowning Baby Caterpillars!

Large Floral Tubes + Holding racks system saves milkweed…and time:

  • 48ml large floral tubes hold more water for less refilling
  • Flat Tube Lids (don’t pool water or ?)
  • Short Peg Racks Prevent Chrysalis from being formed on rack
  • Stop wasting milkweed- leaves won’t dry out and have to be thrown away
  • Lids are sturdy and easy to remove and put back on tubes
  • Use for milkweed or other host plants to feed those very hungry caterpillars OR
  • Use with nectar flowers to feed adult butterflies
  • Easy to Clean in sink or dishwasher
  • Racks keep plants upright and secure
  • Set up makes it easy to space out caterpillars
  • Caterpillars won’t be crawling around in ??
  • Purchase as a tube/rack bundle, 8 pack tubes, or 2 racks only
  • Add 8 little hole lids for thin-stemmed milkweed for just $3.99
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

CLICK HERE to see ALL Floral Tube and Rack Options

Not sure which raising supplies are best for a gift recipient? ? Send a Butterfly e-Gift Card<<<


Day 11- Stemless Butterfly Wine Glasses

Stemless Butterfly Wine Glass Gift Idea for her

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A chic, affordable, butterfly gift for those who love to celebrate life with a little wine from time to time…

Colorful Swallowtail Butterfly Wine Glass
  • Unique butterfly gift designs
  • Choose from winter white (17 oz) or colorful butterflies (20 oz)
  • 17-20 oz capacity ideal for wine or some new year’s champagne ?
  • Shipped in elegant gift box for gift recipient
  • Premium quality but hand wash to prevent fading over time
  • ✯✯✯✯✯ Customer Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy a Stemless WHITE Butterfly Wine Glass Here

Buy a Stemless COLORFUL Butterfly Wine Glass Here

Buy a STEMMED Colorful Butterfly Wishes Wine Glass Here


Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience– 2 for 1 Deal!

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

For people who miss seeing monarchs in the winter, Adopt a Colony takes you along for an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at what happens when the monarch migration reaches Mexico: what millions of monarchs do together in the winter, how their forest sustains them, and who the people who take care of them of are. Created by a family of forest protectors, Adopt a Colony is a mixed media e-magazine delivered to your inbox once a month from November through March as well as a lively Facebook discussion forum. Adopt a Colony makes for a non-cluttering, environmentally conscious gift for the monarch lovers in your life: proceeds go directly to paying forest guardian salaries. ??‍? ? ?

See the monarch sanctuaries- digital gift idea and experience
  • The only way to experience the Cerro Pelón monarch sanctuary in winter 2021-22
  • An affordable option to see the monarchs overwintering grounds
  • Learn more about overwintering monarchs in Mexico before planning a post-pandemic sanctuary trip
  • Educational (and fun!) Gift Idea for kids
  • A good option for older or disabled monarch enthusiasts unable to go on adventure travels
  • 15% of all proceeds go to the forest guardians that help protect the monarchs in Mexico.

Get TWO subscriptions for the price of 1 through December 31st, 2021. ? This means that you can gift this to a butterfly lover and also enjoy this virtual gift yourself!

Click Here to Adopt a Colony and Receive Monthly Monarch Updates for Mexico

More Info on Virtual Butterfly Experience

If you’d like to enter to win free butterfly gifts from this list, click here to sign up for our free butterfly garden tips newsletter<<<

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2021 and a big thank you for being part of the MBG Community. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas?? and a Happy New Year! ?

Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. My grandchildren and I have started a monarch garden. We all love watching the transformation of the miracle of these beautiful moments. Last year, we hatched and raised about 50 monarchs. Looking forward to another great great year.

  2. I liked number 9 the best in this second grouping. The tall baby cage. I prefer the talker thinner cages for space purposes and the poo poo platter comes in handy. I typically use plastic ice coffee glasses and put the cuttings thru the straw hole and the height of the tall baby is best.

  3. I would like to receive #7, the butterfly life cycle for kids, because it’s always great to inspire kids to be good stewards.

  4. I would by the pocket calendar so I could keep track of all my caterpillars and butterflies ❤️

  5. Number 5, the gift of milkweed seeds and nectar flowers because without the milkweed seeds there would not be plants, and without the milkweed plants, there would not be no butterflies. My specialty is Monarchs! They lay their eggs which I harvest from the milkweed plants I’ve grown. I raise and protect them to become beautiful and healthy butterflies…….Metamorphous is the most interesting process ever.

  6. I love day 12’s gift idea and would enjoy it. Since travel is a bit questionable right now, it’s a fabulous way to see the sanctuary without having to travel. The fact that it’s environmentally sensitive is a big plus. What an amazing way to see such a fabulous sight.

  7. The Adopt-a-Colony Monarch Sanctuary virtual experience is a beautiful gift. I would choose to give this gift for many reasons. First, for someone who loves monarchs or for someone who loves to learn, the online butterfly experience lets people explore the butterflies and their natural habitat. It’s an opportunity to spark interest and to learn more. Second, since travel during Covid is difficult, the virtual experience is way to see the butterflies in their habitat without going to Mexico (yet!). And finally, sharing the Adopt-a-Colony virtual experience as a gift is a way to support the monarch sanctuary during this tough time. The sanctuary has had to close temporarily, which would mean a loss of income for the folks who work there; the owners created the virtual experience in part so that the income can keep staff employed. And when people have work, illegal logging is less likely, which protects habitat for the monarchs. So, this gift supports monarchs, humans, and habitat.

  8. I love the calendars…marks endless days of butterfly watching from one season to another.

  9. This was my first year raising butterflies. I was able to share this experience with my grandkids. I’d like the castle cage and would gift it to my grandkids. The kids and I would go out for a drive to search for caterpillars and collect milkweed. I want them to learn how to appreciate the simple things in life that can bring so much joy. Raising butterflies is truly a beautiful thing to do.

  10. I love the tall butterfly cage it or the butterfly 2 book. I want to start raising butterflies in the spring of this year.

  11. I would love Day 10-Tubes and ShortPeg Rack so I can keep my milkweed fresher and last longer as it is in short supply where I live.

  12. I would like to win the bundle of 8a and b. I am a garden mentor for two challenge classes at the local elementary school. The local Master Gardeners have a budget of $100 a year for the school garden so I could use some of that for supplies to grow monarchs.

  13. Number 12 – Adopt a Colony – is my most desired gift! I have been to Cerro Pelon and the JMButterfly B&B, I consider it my most favorite vacation of all times (and I travel a lot!). Have a another trip booked for Feb and hope that Covid agrees to give us a break!

  14. I would love to give #8, the butterfly books, to my grandson and a neighbor who raises monarchs for her daycare to observe. All the gifts are great ideas!

  15. Love the Zinna seed packs you can never have enough flowers for your butterflies.

    Also love Kids book on butterflies, my grand daughter loves butterflies

  16. I would like the wall calendar because I love calendars and butterflies! This way I would see both on a daily basis.

  17. All of these are great gifts! I am a nanny and always working with children. I love teaching them about nature. The kids book looks awesome!! I wouldn’t mind having it for myself as well. Also the adopt a colony. Breathtaking!

  18. I would love them all, but I absolutely love the wall pocket calendar as I would put that in my kitchen where I can keep track of appointments, etc; the planner would also be so helpful to me so I don’t miss meetings or appointments. The wine glasses would be the perfect gift for my best friend as she would definitely enjoy a nice wine in those glasses. Thank you for this wonderful giveway…

  19. I would love to receive any one of these as a gift. To give as a gift I would give the organizing calendar with the pocket and then in the pocket I would put the milkweed and zinnia seeds. I would give the gift to someone that wishes to start a butterfly garden so they have a reminder of the butterflies and then seeds to get started.

  20. I would love to win any of these gifts, but my favorites are days 7, 8, 9, and 10! The poo poo platter and floral tubes would be my top choices because I purchased a new baby cage.

    1. I think the best gift, and this is extremely hard as all of these items are amazing. but as a former teacher any of the books that a child can read and learn about raising these amazing creatures would be an excellent start! I would add in the gift the items used for caterpillars, as well as the ‘cages’ for their development so the child can get started. (Include milkweed seeds and directions!)

  21. I would realy love to receive gift #8. I want to start a butterfly garden with my daughters and granddaughters. These books would help us get started. To learn more about the monarchs when they arrive to Mexico would be awsome with gift #12!!

  22. I would love the book that teaches kids about Butterflies! We must start the education as early as possible to ensure they are kind to all creatures large and small. Kids almost live outside during the summer months where it’s of utmost importance to respect all that nature has to offer. Thank you for your time in this matter!

  23. I would give the tall baby butterfly castle to the first grade classroom in my school district
    they are still using old fish aquariums to raise their larva in

  24. I would love to have#7 the planner or #11 The Butterfly wine cooler. I have enclosures & Poo poo trays. There are excellent. My sister & granddaughter are getting them for Christmas! Love the website!

  25. Either butterfly cage would be awesome! I’m retired now and am planning to raise more!

  26. I would most like to receive the Monarch Sanctuary Virtual Experience gift. I am a senior with mobility challenges, and in this lifetime will never be able to visit the Monarchs’ wintering grounds in Mexico. I very much enjoy rearing a few butterflies from eggs each year, taking care to acknowledge that Monarch caterpillars are part of a greater food chain, including for the birds that I feed on our Certified Wildlife Sanctuary property. I would love to receive the monthly updates, and visit the Facebook page for the Sanctuary in Mexico. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest, and all the information and products you provide to those of us who want to help the butterflies.

  27. I would LOVE to get some butterfly raising supplies! Any of these beautiful gifts would be great! I love the ornament and tees, too.

  28. I’d love to receive any and all the Butterfly gift ideas. I have a friend who fell in love with My raising Monarch’s. She planted 1 plant and had more than She could feed. Right away, She experienced the Tanchid Fly and was horrified. I got Her a Cage to protect Them. But, Her way of feeding Them was causing death due to the Frass in the Cage. So, for Me this year, I have bought Her the Racks and Tube’s for what I hope will give her a better experience in Raising the Monarch’s.
    Thank you Tony for everything you do to make raising Monarch’s a great experience! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    1. I would realy love to receive gift #8. I want to start a butterfly garden with my daughters and granddaughters. These books would help us get started. To learn more about the monarchs when they arrive to Mexico would be awsome with gift #12!!

  29. When you make Dragonfly’s in glass, thee shirts, all other stuff, I’ll be happy to buy your stuff, GG

  30. A wonderful gift to receive would be the “adopt a butterfly colony”. Since I am unable to travel it would be wonderful to share in the experience, along with my family & friends. This would be especially rewarding to some of the younger folks in understanding how their participation in helping to plant and maintain a butterfly friendly garden in their own backyards is so important in helping to support the butterfly colonies they are seeing.

  31. 8a would be the Butterfly Gift I would most like to give or receive.

    I do a lot of outreach with our garden club in the community with children and this book looks like a wonderful one to add to the list of suggested reading. I think it would be a great starter for a session with the kids. We have to start YOUNG to teach respect for all wildlife and this book looks like a winner to me!

  32. Day 9 – the poo poo cage liner.

    My year ended very terribly, losing all of my butterflies and caterpillars after early August. I’m still shaking my head as to why, because I didn’t do anything differently from previous years. I can’t help but wonder if having a poo poo liner would have helped me keep my cage even cleaner. I have tried to order before, but they seem to run out quickly. It would make my Christmas to know I have something to start next year off on a better note.

  33. Gift 8 – the butterfly book for children. I love getting my daughter interested in raising monarchs and hope that future generations will work toward preserving their habitats.

  34. All the items are wonderful!! My choice would be : #1 the $40 GIFT card, as I need to order more supplies and #2 would be the Bring Home the Butterflie book as, hopefully, it would answer some questions that I have.

  35. Nice cages and things but where are the prices….
    I will not purchase anything anywhere if it is not clearly priced ?‍♀️

  36. Adopt A Colony- Day 12 is the gift I would like to receive most because there is little likelihood of my traveling to Mexico to see the beautiful Monarch Butterflies overwintering, in the coming year. I would like to see it and hike the mountains and experience it some day but this sounds like a chance to educate myself and continue being a steward of these endangered insects to ensure their survival. I am also a teacher and after school garden science club advisor, and would like to share what I learn with my students.

  37. I would give Day 8. I feel it is important for children to learn about the fascination of nature and these book would enable them to learn and also for the parents to be able to experience and learn the most incredible metamorphosis of nature there is, the caterpillar to butterfly!

  38. I would give Day 8 the butterfly books especially to my niece or nephew. Books are a gift I enjoy receiving and the knowledge you can gain is priceless.

  39. I like day 11, lacy white butterfly wine glass. It would remind all year of my hobby with the monarch butterflies.

  40. Adopt a Colony is the gift I would most like to receive or give as it is unique, educational, and informative for those not aware of the sanctuaries in Mexico.

  41. Those all look great! I’d have to say the I’d most like to give the Butterflies for Kids book or Tony’s raising book. I think reading is the key to any child’s success and educating everyone about how they can help increase the monarch population benefits us all. Many people I talk Monarchs with would like to do more. I always point them to the MBG site but think being able to hand them a book would be awesome.

  42. Donating to Cerro Pelon can only help the Monarch cause . I recently bought a Monarch raising zone sign and I have already received positive comments from neighbors.

  43. This is hard to pick! I would still love Day 5, to have the seeds to plant more Milkweed for the Monarchs to lay eggs on and let the cycle continue so we can help them grow and have more for the future generations to enjoy like we have been able to do. I can then wait for them to seed and keep those to replant in future years.
    But I would be thankful to get any gift .

  44. I like gift 11, the stemless butterfly wine glasses best because they are so pretty and can be used all year long, even in the winter to remind me of the butterflies.

  45. I think I would like to receive gift #8, the butterfly life cycles book for kids. I’m a teacher an love teaching my students about monarchs and watching them learn to care for them, and even tag and release them.

  46. I think the tall baby enclosure & poo poo platters would be the gift I would most want. You can never have too many enclosures & supplies. Last year was my 1 st planting milkweed. All though I only found 7 caterpillars it was so rewarding. They all became healthy beautiful butterflies! I learned so much & I harvested the seeds & ordered more varieties. I’ll be planting them on the Winter solstice, like Tony suggested. I appreciate all the emails I got from him. I rehab animals so this is the perfect extension of that for me & my family. I loved being a butterfly Mom, & can hardly wait until Spring!

  47. Day 9 poo poo platter – would be a great gift. Make it much easier to clean the tents

  48. Day 9 poo poo platter – would be a great gift. Make it much easier to clean the tents

  49. If I had to pick a gift for someone, it would have to be the Virtual Experience Adopt a Colony.
    I don’t think people can truly understand the commitment of the volunteers in Mexico, without this type of video❣️

  50. I think the winter wine glasses would make a classy gift. they can be used all year long.

  51. #12 Adopt a colony is by far the best gift because it supports the forest rangers in Macheros who patrol Cerro Pelon and keep the sanctuary safe and intact for the Monarchs.

  52. There is only one gift I would like or give or receive and that would be the Milkweed Seeds. Milkweed is the only food source for monarch butterflies and I would encourage anyone to plant milkweed. If you plant it , they will come!!
    I am living proof of that, I planted numerous milkweed varieties and to my huge surprise the monarchs found them.
    Butterflies need more people to recognise that their habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate

  53. Hard to choose among all the lovely gifts. I think the best give to give a butterfly focused person is the is the Tall Baby. That’s how I my sister started me off and I’m completely dedicated to the mission. The biggest reward is releasing these marvelous creatures to the wind. Irresistible!

  54. Any of the gifts are amazing but I would love to win the butterfly calendar. I love seeing all of the different butterflies. But any of the gifts would be wonderful to get or give.

  55. As a public school educator who has her students dedicated to Monarchs to Mexico unit of study annually, together we thank you for the 12 Days of Butterflies. We can always use another habitat “condo” to rear our Monarchs from egg to adult. Number ten would be a perfect gift to our classroom. We love the addition of the frass guard (poo-poo) as well as the tubes for milkweed to be refreshed as they nourish the life cycle. Just say’n! Thank you again for the contest!

  56. I would most love to give both books (#8). I think giving books spreads knowledge and spreading knowledge about what’s good/bad for monarchs is definitely needed!

  57. OMG Adopt a Colony is the best of all the gifts to receive!! A close up intimate peek into their natural world. Delivered twice a month. Can’t beat that. Awesome for someone (me) who is hard to buy for.

    Gift to give from items #6-12 would be the wine glasses! I make wine and have lots of wine friends. They are really different. Functional and fun.

    Happy Holidays to All

  58. I think that the Tall Baby enclosure and the poo poo platters are the gifts I’d like to give to other because they make it easier to raise healthy caterpillars. For me, I’d like to be given the gift of contributing to the Monarch Colony for $85. because that is so important, and the poo poo platters, because I spend a lot of time cleaning!

    Happy Holidays!


  59. The best gift would be the Adopt A Colony for two. Not only would I be able to continue the butterfly experience through the winter, but I would be able to share it with someone who is just as passionate about monarch survival. This would continue to sustain my enthusiasm throughout the inactive winter weather months here in the Midwest and serve as a jumpstart to the 2022 monarch rearing season!

  60. I raised my first monarch when I was a child. I didn’t think much of it at the time, it was just something fun to do. We lived in an apartment complex next to a small forest in WNY and one day in September I was outside was fortunate enough to experience a migration pit stop. Thousands of monarchs in the trees! It was an amazing sight and even though I was too young to truly appreciate it, it’s something I would never forget. Fast forward to today and an old friend of mine who is a biology teacher was talking about the plight of the monarch and her experience raising them. I jumped on the chance to contribute and started my own little operation and released a dozen monarchs that summer. Now 4 years later my interest has grown. My garden is now filled with butterfly friendly flowers and milkweed and last summer I raised 100 monarchs from egg to release! Not bad for someone who lives in an area surrounded by houses and has a small backyard.

    1. I was so wrapped up in my memories that I forgot to mention that the Christmas ornaments and t-shirts are my favorites. Heck, the entire collection is fabulous!

  61. I would give as a gift #8 a& b.
    I would like #10 the short peg racks and flat lids

  62. I received my caterpillar ornament today, and it is gorgeous. The picture does not do it justice.

  63. I would love the “Butterflies for Kids” book. I have six grandchildren from different parts of the country. Over the years I’ve purchased butterfly equipment for each child, giving them a head start on raising butterflies. I’m ready to start teaching my almost four year old granddaughter the craft of raising monarchs. This book would be a great gift for her birthday in April.

  64. Hi I would love to win #8b The Bring Home the Butterflies guide to help me become successful in raising the Monarch butterfly. It has become my hobby and I’ll be going onto my 2nd year rearing them indoors. I enjoy being part of their migration. I would love to someday be able to teach my grandson and other children how important it is to protect them and how vital they, and other pollinators are to this planet.

  65. I would love to receive # 6 because I love calendars AND butterflies. The artwork is stunning!
    I would love #11 – the wine glasses are lovely.

    I would like to gift #’s 8-10 to set up a family with everything they need to raise Monarchs – two books and the TALL Baby Monarch Castle with Drawbridge Doors and supplies needed – EVERYTHING a young Monarch-loving person needs to get started!

  66. You can never have enough raising supplies as they are all wonderful and it helps keep those little guys from going all over! I also love the idea of books for kids as I have done speeches for classrooms and have been able to give kids a book to take home after. It’s amazing how many remember and still have years later and spread the word about monarchs to anyone that will listen. Thank you for being a great site to recommend to anyone wanting to raise monarchs.

  67. I like all the planners and would buy to keep organized. I trade seeds and many other things i could use them for. I am not great on computer so i could organize myself with different planners. I love to look at butterflies.
    I probably wouldn’t use the calenda

    I do love the glasses and would love to have one. I usually like colour but i really think the clear one is elegant

    I think i could purchase the mesh house at dollar stores as well as organza bags so wouldn’t buy these

    Love the books and would buy them
    I would prefer to use newspaper and so dont like poo poo thing. More work in my opinion
    I would give the water tubes a try. I change my cage and milkweed lots so not sure of value to me

    I do like the monarch colony adoption idea. Would be really cool for schools

  68. Gift 8A is my favorite of this round. I am a teacher and added this one to my Amazon cart. We raise swallowtail and monarchs in my classroom yearly, but know we can attract and raise others, if we plant the right host plants. We will be ordering more raising supplies in the springtime. Thank you for your great list. I purchased 3 caterpillar ornaments on the first list of gift ideas. 🙂 Happy Holidays Tony and all your readers.

  69. I love the planners! I have most of your cages and tubes have successfully raised several Monarchs for about 5 years now! Converted my biggest perennial garden to milkweeds and other natives. Really enjoying this experience, the planners would be great for an unorganized person as myself???

  70. Butterfly for Kids. This will be a great prize because I will be able to teach my grandchildren all about butterflies & their life cycles. I am a Master Gardener but there is always room for more knowledge to share.

  71. I think the best gift is the Adopt a Butterfly colony. The money goes to a great cause! It would be so interesting to follow where the butterflies I release go to.

  72. Wine glasses, adopt a colony, poo platters, or small racks!!

  73. I think the butterfly cages would be a great gift, that way you could start with the eggs and make sure they grow to be healthy butterflies. This is what I would buy as a gift or would love to get as a gift.

  74. The Adopt a Colony gift is my favorite. After raising monarchs, seeing them depart in the fall is a bit sad. It would be great to know what they are doing during the winter months and to help with their well-being.

  75. Hi Tony, I think your BRING HOME THE BUTTERFLIES book would be a great gift. It has taught me so much. I would love to gift it to my butterfly friends. Thank you and Happy Holidays. Marie

  76. 8a – Butterflies for Kids – book – would love to give this to my grandson.

  77. I would love the Butterfly calendar to enjoy the Butterfly’s thru the winter.

  78. I would love the colorful wine glass for myself. I recently bought myself a bottle of wine. So why not share it with my thoughts of raising more Monarchs and Swallowtails in the spring while sipping from this beautiful glass!

  79. These are all wonderful gifts for butterfly lovers and raisers. I would personally love to give “8b. How To Raise HEALTHY Monarchs- Step by Step Guide”. I have so many people ask me how I do it, and this resource would be perfect for anyone that is interested in raising monarchs but doesn’t know how.

    I however would love to receive “Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience”. A veteran to raising monarchs I have always dreamed of going to Mexico to see the overwintering monarchs. This would be the perfect gift for any Monarch enthusiast.

  80. Day 6 the Lang butterfly Calendar is beautiful & I really need a new 1 for 2022. Day 7 The Planner is a great compliment for the calendar. To look at these lovely pictures everyday would make my day so much easier.

  81. I believe gifts 8a and 8 b are the best gifts. They would both provide important information for adults, and children. Both groups need to be informed and engaged in the Monarch survival story. I’m a librarian, so I definitely encourage the use of books as excellent teaching resources.

  82. I think I would select 8a and 8b. I started my monarch butterfly journey about 6 years ago when my granddaughters were younger. I read everything I could find about helping the monarchs and this book would have been great to have then but can still share now with them. I think 8b would be great to share with people because when I talk about my monarch hobby they are always amazed and I even have had some friends start helping.

  83. As soon as I saw #8, I bought it. I had one but bought the other book for kids. I already stocked up o more cages and tubes and other things for our butterfly garden in the community and my home caterpillar rearing.

    What would I like for myself? Well 11 and 12 are show stoppers. I’ll take any of the beautiful glasses because I drink a lot of water and the clear clean water in a beautiful glass would be amazing.

    And the 12th day = oh my gosh! Short of going to Mexico and living the experience, this is an outstanding contribution to the winter home of my butterflies. I’m sure I won’t be able to identify Monarch’s from Connecticut, but what a glorious burst of delight to see so many thousands of their cousins hanging out and fluttering about. It was a thrill to watch the “Adopt a Colony” video. I’d LOVE to receive this as a gift and share it with friend. Our “Mariposas del Mundo” garden is an educational tool. This video experience could be shared on a computer and maybe even projected on a screen in our community garden area. LOVE IT!!!

  84. I would gift the Butterflies for Kids book to a coworker whose son has really gotten into butterflies and starting to raise monarchs. He’d love it.

  85. I would most like to receive the tall baby cages. I have several of these and they are awesome. I could use a few more.

  86. Part 1. The gift from the 12 Days of Butterflies gifts I would most like to give is: Day 8, Junior Scientist “Butterflies for Kids” book.

    Part 2. The reason why is: Kids by nature love Butterflies and I love inspiring my grandchildren, kids in my family as well as adults, with this fascinating, helpful to nature hobby I enjoy so much while learning so much! It will help them understand the impact and direct results they can have on nature.

  87. This is an easy 1: I want want want the tall baby Monarch castle with drawbridge! I’ve started raising butterflies from eggs this last summer and realized that this would be the best way to keep them safe while they are growing and putative to avoid pests and parasites. It’s a gift on my Christmas list to get for myself and anyone with milkweed in their garden.

  88. I would love to receive the Lang Butterfly Wall Calendar for 2022, because I have a beautiful butterfly wall calendar now, and will of course need to replace it. 🙂

  89. I’m having a hard time choosing between the first calendar as a gift for my aunt because it’s so beautiful and she loves butterflies, and the Tony Gomez book for my sister (I turned her into a monarch caterpillar-raiser this summer!).

  90. I would love to receive the milkweed seeds because we only have 1 variety of milkweed. My husband saw a milkweed plant in a field behind a hotel we were staying at. He dug it up and put it in the plastic ice bucket from our room and planted it in our garden. Now we have about 10 plants from the original, and last year I planted seeds from the seed pods and have a whole new garden of milkweed growing next to our shed. I love reading your posts and your booklets have educated the 2 of us considerably. Now I share our seeds and give them tips to get healthy milkweed plants.

  91. I would love to receive Day 8 books in print, because I like to have an actual book to read and refer to rather than a pdf. I think these books will have useful information tho I consider myself an experienced monarch enthusiast.

  92. I think gift idea #8 would be an excellent gift!! We teach alot of monarch classes and often times will have books out for everyone to look through. We also do a raffle every spring and these books would be a great addition to any raffle basket for those wanting to start out.

  93. The Adopt a Monarch virtual access is awesome! Not sure this is one of the possibilities for the gift by comment contest. I also love the Kids book about the lifecycle because I work with kids.

  94. 8b is the best butterfly gift because it will help people raise more healthy monarchs.

  95. I would love to give day 9 tall boy to my grandson who has helped me raise monarchs for the last 3 years… he’s now 6 & loves doing this with me!, it would be cool to start him on his own monarch enclosure at home!!
    Also love the day 8…. butterflies for kids… we could read together & I could further teach him about the beauty of monarchs.
    Ultimate would be the sanctuary..” day 12… o my gosh… to show & share with him one of nature’s amazing & phenomenal miracles!!

  96. Day 6- The Lang butterfly Calendar would be a wonderful gift to receive.

    Just glancing as the calendar brings a smile and a spreading feeling of happiness.

  97. I love the wine glasses so beautiful with the butterfly on it.

  98. I would love to receive & also give DAY 9. I want to help as many monarchs as I can in my garden have a better chance of reaching maturity..

  99. I would like to get 9b, because I have a Tall baby but a round liner which only helps a little. If I wanted to give a gift to another butterfly lover, it would by 9a & 9b so they could get started on their own adventure.

  100. I would love to gift the Butterfly and Wildlife planner to a friend. She has just started observing butterflies and planting milkweed in her yard. The planner would be a great resource for her to record the eggs and caterpillars she raises, and provide a beautiful journal of her butterfly journey!

  101. I would love to win the Tall Baby Monarch Castle to give as a gift so someone else can enjoy what it is like to watch the different phases a Monarch goes thru to become a beautiful butterfly.

  102. I would like the adopt a colony because it would support people helping monarchs and it is an area on my bucket list to visit!

  103. I would love the book on raising healthy monarchs. I have had some success n my owon, but know I could do better with some helpful tips.

  104. The books for kids are always a great gift! We have one at home and my daughter took it in to school to share with her classmates when the teacher brought some cats into the classroom. The teacher read a little bit from the book to the class as well.

  105. I love the butterfly glasses! What a beautiful gift idea! I could never have too many enclosures. The tall baby castle would be awesome. Thank you for doing these contests.

  106. I really enjoyed shopping all the gifts. My favorite are small hole tubes/lids. I could really use those along with the many I already have.

  107. I would most like to give to Adopt a Colony in order to help pay the forest guardians.

  108. Day 8 – Butterfly books would enable me to give the children’s book to a young nephew while keeping the raising butterfly book for me. I planted milkweed in my butterfly/bee garden this fall and hope to raise Monarch’s next summer. The books would be a great help for me. At 69 years old I am ready to have babies !!!

  109. Thank You for an Epic opportunity here! There are so many awesome gift ideas!
    My granddaughter and I have raised many different types of butterflies throughout her growing, she is 8 now, that It would be a tremendous help to us to have the use of a “Tall Baby Monarch Castle”.
    We have many different DIY “houses”, if you will, to raise these beauties, some better than others, but that Castle would be the bees-knees for us!! We would then be able to acquire the appropriate add-ons for it, like the “poo-poo plater”, Love that name!! and the milk weed holders.
    What a wonderful set-up!!
    Thank you again for the chance ,
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

  110. I would love to have or give the fitted cage liner; 9b because it is bendable and so much easier to place in the butterfly pavilions. It’s not easy to take out and replace the plastic trays that I have. Sometimes I end up spilling some.

  111. There are so many ideas I’d choose from in this bunch BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE is the last one, purchasing a subscription to the Adopt a Colony series. I actually subscribed last year. In those 10 issues I not only got to virtually visit the Monarch colonies in the Cerro Pelon area many times (and it was so mesmerizing and dynamic) but I learned about the people living in Central Mexico around the colonies. There are upbeat videos about their lifestyles and special holidays but there are also eye-opening videos and interviews on the poverty in the area. The illegal logging to sell the Oyal fir wood or to clear the land for avocado farming clashes with the habitat of the Monarchs but these people are very poor and have no other income.
    Tourism is a bright light in that area but unfortunately with the pandemic last year,and even this year, no one is allowed to visit. That is why purchasing subscriptions to Adopt a Colony is the most important gift of all. It helps the Mexican people AND the Monarchs at the same time. I’d recommend purchasing last year’s (which was amazing) AND this year’s (which I also did).

  112. It was hard to choose but I would pick the pocket calendar as I believe it is a great way to keep track of important dates an info for the season.
    It is a great tool for organization with everything all in one place.

  113. Any of the planners would be wonderful. They can be used as caterpillars/butterflies or garden journals!

  114. There’s so many things I like, but I think my favorites are the Monarch ornament and the Monarch caterpillar ornament. My tree could use some new bling.

  115. I would love to share time with my granddaughter with #9. The monarch baby house! What a great experience learning together.

  116. I really like the gift from day 10. Floral tubes and rack. This is not something that can be easily purchased anywhere. But those are so helpful and would be a great gift for anybody raising butterflies.

  117. I would like to receive the adopt a colony virtual butterfly experience. I have been raising Monarchs for a few years and would love to see their Mexican habitat’s.

  118. The gift I would most like to receive (and give) would be #9- Tall Baby Monarch Castle with Draw bridge Door. If #9B – Poo-Poo Platter cage Liner- is part of the gift, even better!
    I would like to give this gift because I have been raising Monarchs for a number of years and have a Tall Monarch cube – they are great , and I could always use another! I would like to give it as a gift to my neighbor whom I’ve introduced to Monarch raising this past summer, and could use one of these wonderful Tall baby Monarch Castles for her raising efforts next year! Thank you for your wonderful products!

  119. I love the stemless butterfly glasses! The white looks stunning against a yummy wine to drink. I also would like poo poo platters for my cages.

  120. All of these gifts are great! I have been raising for 4 years here in Michigan and have enjoyed every minute of it. However, i have never tried the floral tubes, and would definitely like to try them. As a gift i think the books on raising them would be a excellent learning tool for my grandkids that have become butterfly whisperers!!! It was a great season, good luck to everyone.??

  121. Love them all, but the virtual sanctuary would probably top my list. It would be awesome to be able to see the monarchs over wintering in Mexico!

  122. I would really LOVE to give/receive the Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience– 2 for 1 Deal! I live in Chicago and this past year my best friend who lives in Lousianna, lost her beloved husband of many years (high school sweetheart) to Lou Gehrigs disease. I introduced her to raising butterflies this summer to help her with her grief and it was a life changing experience for her and she absolutely fell in love with the hobby. One of our bucket list trips that we have talked about alot this year and that we want to take and experience together is the arrival of the monarchs at the forests of Cerro Pelón monarch sanctuary. It would be an absolute blessing and magical experience for us both to one day get that chance to visit the sanctuary and this virtual experience would bring our dream one step closer to reality until we can make that in-person trip together. Thank you for all you do Tony and Merry Christmas!

  123. I grow Milkweed every year for the Monarchs. I also have a butterfly & birds flower beed. I have several butterfly cages that I have raised monarchs in.

  124. So many wonderful and unique gift ideas for butterfly lovers! After spending the summer growing milkweed and nectar flowers, and seeing the monarchs enjoying and continuing their life cycle in my yard, I would love to get #12, monarch sanctuary virtual experience, to see the parts of their lives that we will never get to see in person.
    I would give 8b Bring Home the Butterflies so that anyone can learn all they need to know to help the monarchs.

  125. I love the Day 11- Stemless Butterfly Wine Glasses. I would love to give to any of my friends as they all know how much I love my Butterflies and that would remind them of me each time they drank out of the glass.
    I would love to receive the same gift. I would even drink wine, water and milk out of the glasses, as I sat on my back patio, watching my Monarchs fly among my gardens and watching the cocoons open to this new world. I get such a thrill watching all my cocoons open. I name each Monach, and I am running out of name. Time to buy a baby name book. hahahaha
    Happy Holidays

  126. All the gifts are wonderful. I’d like any gift that can be used for raising Monarchs.

  127. I would love the tall baby cage, I currently have 5 or 6 little plastic “bug boxes” and the mesh cage would be much nicer for raising.

  128. I would love the the Lang Butterflies Calendar- #6. The pictures are gorgeous and would remind me daily of how we must save the Monarch butterflies.

  129. I would love #9. Tall Baby enclosure for the second contest. It keeps the occupants safe. The enclosures do wear out so it is always great to have extras on hand for yourself or friends.

  130. They are all wonderful gifts. Hard to make a choice; but I would choose the colorful stemless wine glass so I can toast my Monarchs after I have kissed them, wished them luck and released them!

  131. Monarch Butterfly T-shirts always make a great gift. You can wear them everywhere and remind people to help our beautiful monarch butterflies.

  132. I am a Master Gardener and lately purchased the baby cube, tall baby monarch castle, along with poopoo platter, racks and large floral tubes as we have a Monarch display at our local 4H fair every year. I want to make the display more uniform and clean and believe that Items 9a, 9b and 10 will help to do this. Should my comment be chosen, I will use the money to buy more of those supplies for the tent as we usually have several on display. I already have a subscription to Adopt a Colony, as having been to Cerro Pelon three years ago, wanted to do everything possible to help Ellen and Joel. This is even more important now that the sanctuary is remaining closed for this season.

  133. I would love to sit and sip with my girlfriend who also raises our beautiful Monarchs using the lovely wine glasses.

  134. I’d love either 9 or 9b…mainly because I am retired now and have been raising more monarchs and this need more cages and poo liners! Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas!

  135. I would love the wine glasses!! ?Nothing better then to have beautiful butterflies all year round when winter hits and you can’t enjoy youth butterfly garden!!!?

  136. I like #7 the calendar book, it would be a great way to date when seeds were planted.
    It would also be interesting to date when butterflies are spotted.

  137. The poo poo platter is an awesome gift for me! Easier cleaning of my tall cage would be a blessing.
    I love all that you (and the others on this site are doing fir the population)

  138. Oh the wine glasses are so cute and how nice to sit and sip and watch your cats crawling around on the milkweed have their “wine” also!

  139. Happy Holidays. I would love to give the beautiful wine glasses to friends and family but I would love to receive more tall cages with convenient inside easy clean trays. Actually you could give me any or all of these gifts and I would be delighted ❤️

  140. I would love to receive the Floral Tubes & Short Peg Racks SYSTEM for Feeding Caterpillars as a gift. This would help make feeding my caterpillars easier next summer.

  141. Day 8 – Butterfly books
    Conservation begins with our youth and what better way to ensure that than with the gift of books!!!

  142. I’d enjoy the adopt-a-colony virtual experience. I’d love to go in person, but I doubt I ever will, so this is as close as I’ll ever get!


  143. I would pick the Calendar. Beautiful designs and pockets for notes, bills, reminders etc. I would also love the date book journals..

  144. DAY 9
    Good morning in Texas. Would so appteciate being gifted the raising house, 9a. This would make it much simpler than my front screened in porch..although the porch works very well. I look forward to reading and rereading all articles and comments. I have learned so much, but still want more, especially how help and to NOT hurt. Thank you for your continuing help.

  145. The gift I would most like to receive is the butterfly tall baby castle and poo poo platter. I’ve been raising monarchs and swallowtails for 2 years and quickly realized that I needed to have more of these items during the peak of raising season. I’ve tried other habitats and find the ones offered here are the best and easiest for successful raising.

  146. The floral tubes and rack set up is the perfect gift for so many reasons. Clean, less wasted leaves, spacing of plants. I LOVE this gift idea.

  147. I would like to receive 9 the TALL Baby Monarch Castle. This is great and would allow me to raise and help out even more Monarch’s then we currently do.

  148. I would pick the wine glasses. I recently was given my grandparents China set which have butterflies on them so it would be a great match.

  149. I would love to receive the Adopt a Colony gift. I think that is a great idea that helps the monarchs and gives me a chance to experience the overwintering.
    I would give the Monarch book for kids to all the children on my shopping list. They already have the interest because of they see my raising set up in the summer.

  150. I would most like to receive the monarch sanctuary virtual experience – who doesn’t want to witness that excitement! How amazing it must be to see it in person. No doubt the virtual viewing is spectacular as well!

  151. I would definitely gift a butterfly book because being in different butterfly groups I’ve noticed people were ill prepared to raise butterflies. Many of them found the caterpillars and thought it would be easy to raise them, but it’s not that simple. It took me an entire year to research how to care for butterflies because I didn’t want to do more harm than good to them. Even after all that learning I’m still learning as I go. Hopefully gifting a book would help people understand that it’s a job in itself raising butterflies.

  152. Day 10- Floral Tubes & Short Peg Racks SYSTEM for Feeding Caterpillars is the gift i would like to receive or give as I finally bought a set last year and they were so much better than the system I had been using of milk jugs to hold the stems of milkweed. My sister-in-law also bought a set and was very happy with them also.

  153. Day 11 – I would love the stemless wine glasses. They would be the perfect gift for me to enjoy seeing butterflies all year long!
    A chic, affordable, butterfly gift for those who love to celebrate life with a little wine from time to time…

  154. I will buy butterfly calendars so I can enjoy pictures of butterflies everyday

  155. Wow! Adopt a monarch colony experience would be an amazing gift to receive! We miss the butterflies while they’re gone, and seeing them just makes one happy! Butterfly lifecycle book for kids is good idea too—to help engage young kids in learning about an important and beautiful part of their world.

  156. I would love to win the Tall Baby enclosure. For the past few years I’ve been using Mason jars and a cat carrier to raise my cocoons.

  157. I really love all these gifts. I would love 7, which is the planner (the green one). I love the art on it and love goldfinches and, of course, the butterflies. : )

  158. #6 – wall calendar would be great gift. It would allow a daily view of the beauty of the butterflies.

  159. The butterfly books are my favorite gifts to give or receive. Students would enjoy learning about the life cycles of lots of butterflies. Then they could have a hands-on experience raising a monarch butterflies using the book as a guide.

  160. Hello, Thank you for these wonderful gift offers, how very generous! They are all beautiful and hard to choose one!
    I could use the peg rack!
    I recently purchased one of the lovely buttery houses along with the poop tray and tubes. You were out of the peg rack at the time.
    So the peg rack would complete the whole butterfly system setup 😀

  161. All the gifts would be wonderful to give or receive. But I would love the Butterfly for kids life cycle info book. My granddaughter is following in her mamaws footsteps and is extremely interested in raising butterflies.

  162. I would absolutely love to receive the Planner. That way I can keep track of firsts sightings and dates of egg laying, eclosing, etc. And it is simply beautiful to look at as well. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  163. Day 7-planner
    After sending in my tagging info, I thought how organized I would be if I had a planner to put my info in, flowers to grow, butters in garden, cats/eggs. This was my first year ,smostly success, failures with growing plants from seeds. A planner would make for quick reference. The memory can’t recall everything at my age…lol

  164. My best gift idea would be the TALL Baby Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors I always seem to run out of room for my caterpillars and having extra cages would be great!

  165. The tall baby Monarch castle is ideal for me as I can pass it on to my grandson as he is learning more every year. He is my best helper and at a very young age is so interested in watching and helping

  166. All of them are wonderful gift ideas, but if I had to only choose one I’d choose the Butterfly Pocket Wall Calendar! I love that it can hold things!

  167. Butterflies for Kids- Life Cycle Info Book

    We cannot do enough to educate the next generation on the importance of being good stewards of the Earth and to protect our wildlife.

  168. The collectible butterfly coins are absolutely beautiful! What a unique gift for those of us that raise and release butterflies. .AND collect rare and unusual coins! They would be great to display and give as gifts.

  169. I would love a pocket calendar from Day 6 so I can plan next year’s garden and store the seeds in the pocket for that month. The silver coin from Day 3 with the caterpillar engraving would make a great gift for my daughter because it is Canadian and Monarch themed like many of her gifts this year.

  170. I personally would love to receive one of those beautiful Day 3- Collectible Butterfly Coins because the designs are fabulous & the coin
    would (hopefully) just increase in value over time. So that’s my pick! Anyone want to gift it to me..?

  171. I would like to receive Day 5b. I am always looking for milkweed and supporting nectar plants that grow in my area. We have a chunk of land that currently could be used for milkweed and pollinator plants that butterflies like.

  172. I love them all and I can think of several people I would love to gift them to! The ornaments, signs, t-shirts, and planners are among my favorites!

  173. These are all wonderful gifts!!
    I would especially love to receive yard signs for my butterfly gardens. They create interest and curiosity, with opportunities for education in a friendly, non-confrontational way! My neighbors thought “native” = “weed” and had never thought about pesticides also killing pollinators.
    The gifts I would like for my friends are the seeds! Encouraging them to plant in their own gardens

  174. I love both planners, all signs, all seeds – all pollinators are most welcome in my garden 🙂

  175. I love all of them. I would like the Monarch sign for my Butterfly garden

  176. I love the butterfly and all pollinator garden signs. They would definitely get used and seen out in the garden from spring til fall.

  177. WOW…These are all great items and very hard to choose from. If it was possible I would love to receive all of them. Now, I would most certainly enjoy receiving either Milkweek plants or seeds to provide more host plants for the Monarch Butterfly and hopefully help with the increase of their population. I would give either the t-shirt or a ornament to my daughter who loves butterflies.

  178. All the gifts a wonderful ideas but I like #5 the best for my family and friends. It’s hard to find gifts for some people on my gift list but this one “fits the stocking” of everyone on my list!!! Easy to give!! Easy to use!! It produces joy for years to come!! AND…one size fits all!!!! I am excited about finding these seeds as a gift idea!! I think one or two packs will have to go in my stocking, also!! My vote: #5

  179. I love the Day 2 Butterfly T-shirt with the three monarchs backed by color. It gives the feeling of energy and life. I’d wear it all the time.

  180. I love the 6pk of seeds, such a variety I never knew of, I had the most enjoyment this year raising, learning, caring and releasing monarchs and it was well over 100, just amazed by so many and the whole process and timing.

  181. I would like the metal butterfly signs to mark my two patches of milkweed. I know that a lot of people wonder what the plants are. This was the first year that I actually had a caterpianx got to see it become a butterfly!

  182. I think the perfect gift to give or receive would be day 4, the garden sign. I think it is a great way to display to others that a Monarch garden is not only beautiful, but exists to support these amazing butterflies!

  183. I love the glass ornaments! Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas or have a tree, there are plenty of other places to hang these to add beauty to a room or the garden.

  184. I love the signs! I would get some for me and give some to my butterfly love by friends. I also collect coins and I would definitely get the coins for a gift to myself!

  185. These gifts are all super gifts! I believe that day 4 milkweed for monarchs is one that I would love to receive. We have been in our home for almost a year and I don’t see many neighbors with milkweed plants in their yards. Our last yard and this yard I have really been putting in milkweed and the monarchs and some swallowtail and hummingbirds are finding our yard! Seeing this sign will hopefully and my milkweed will encourage more neighbors to plant milkweed!

  186. I would love the monarch whisperer t-shirts! I don’t have anything like it and it’s a beautiful color and design.

  187. I would like to receive – Day 5- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds! I love planting flowers for the Monarchs to visit and retrieve nectar. I reside in Florida in the wintertime and last year 2020, raised 105 Monarchs in my butterfly cage over a period of 3 months. It was so exciting.

  188. What a fantastic list of gift ideas so far. I would choose the Monarch pollinator garden sign for my front lawn to let my neighbors know what I’m creating, ultimately leading to conversations to discourage their use of pesticides and insecticides.

  189. Their are so many wonderful gift ideas it is hard to decide. But I think the gift that I would like to give or receive would be gift #1. The caterpillar, monarch or hummingbird ornaments. They are all unique instead of just a round ball. My favorite out of the 3 would be the monarch!

  190. I LOVE all of these gift ideas and I have heavily hinted to my family how these would make great gift ideas in case someone wants to know! 🙂 I have even sent the link to my family! Thank you for these wonderful ideas and for staying in touch throughout the year!

  191. I would love to receive the Monarch Butterfly T-shirt because it helps to promote the cause and invite questions and conversation. I love to educate and inform others about Monarch butterflies.

  192. The Monarch Whisperer T Shirt would be amazing! I would love to have one, since I am referred to as just rhat! The Monarch Whisperer has been my nickname for some years. This was my 13 or 14th year rasing monarchs in my backyard and hatcheries.
    A great hobby.

  193. I would like to win the seeds!! I live rurally and all of my neighbors kill their dandelions and other weeds with RoundUp. I am trying to change that by planting many areas of my acre property with pollinator seeds to grow places for butterflies and bees to thrive and live. The other gift I would take would be the adorable garden signs so I can show my unenlightened neighbors what we stand for !!

  194. I would love to receive the monarch glass ornament because I am an ornament collector. I love to have ornaments that highlight important events/trips/memories over the past year. This year we had our first caterpillars and raised them to monarchs! What a wonderful experience to commemorate!!

  195. #5 Milkweed seed collection..Perfect gift for starters and make more catterpillars and attract more Minarchs.

  196. I would like to gift and receive the milkweed patch sign as I am growing milkweed and caterpillars in my wee condo garden and I have shared the same with my daughter.
    It is an adorable sign.

  197. Which Butterfly Gift Idea (1 to 5) would you most like to give or receive?
    Day 3!! The Canadian coins! I have several relatives here in the States and in Canada that also do so much to support the Monarchs and other pollinators!

  198. I’d love to receive the glass monarch Christmas ornatment because it’s beautiful by itself and its also a symbol of life, hope, and beauty, which is fitting at Christmas time. I’d love it even more, say, if friends and family – by accident or deliberately – all got me the same gift! Then my tree would be covered with monarchs, just like a real roosting site.

  199. So many good options. I’d for sure pick the yard signs. I think it’s so important that we inform our community and neighbors how harmful yard chemicals truly are to our insects, butterflies and birds. I feel like the signs would also be a great way to encouraging neighbors to instead plant milkweed and native nectar flowers/bushes. 🙂

  200. My daughter and I do everything we can to help the monarchs. We are realtors and ee have milkweed plants in our yard and we give milkweed seeds to our clients as part of their gift from us. The Day 4 sign would be perfect for us!! A great way to display our love of monarchs.

  201. I love the Butterfly flower seeds! I have a new Monarch bitterly hill by a slow stream ready for flowers next Spring! Milkweed or any seed would be wonderful!

  202. All the gifts are great! The Butterfly Whisperer T shirt is a gift I would like to receive because I love wearing them. I have 3 now. I would give the packets of seeds as a gift because a butterfly garden is so special ?

  203. I absolutely LOVE those ornaments, but my favorite is the Monarch Whisperer shirt! I wish it came in kids sizes. My 11yo has been raising monarchs since he was 7yo. It’s his absolute favorite thing about summer. He’s always checking for eggs and cats when we go to parks or for walks. He has raised and released almost 500 monarchs. He just loves them so much!

  204. I would most likely give the butterfly garden signs…this would encourage others to look more closely at the garden plants. Perhaps they would then ask why these specific plants were planted for Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

  205. I would most like to receive the garden signs, because we just bought a new house this summer and will be working on building a pollinator garden this spring – and I want to show this off to our neighbors so that maybe they will consider making pollinator spaces, too! I think the milkweed/flower seeds are also a great gift idea. I love monarchs and at our wedding this past summer, the favors were milkweed seeds 🙂 A great way to encourage others to plant milkweed for the monarchs!

  206. I would love to give and receive the seed packets because it is one of the items that will directly help our beautiful pollinators!

  207. Seed packets would be my preferred gift to give or receive. I’ll trying to build up my pollinator garden and it is interesting to see the various plants grow…or not. 🙂

  208. Hello, Hello. Hello I always love love butterflies, I grew up in a Caribbean Island and always had this fascination for this beautiful creatures of heavenly father, little did I knew that at the age of 65 I was going to enter something that I never dream I will do. “Raising Monarchs” say what ? but after buying seeds for my garden to bring the butterflies, home hummingbirds, blue jays cardinals, woodpecker you name it I have it, but I wanted more. When I heard about raising monarchs I said to myself that is heaven sent, so I started to buy the seeds 2 years ago and this year for the first time I had the privilege and honor of bringing 7 butterflies monarchs from eggs.
    Well it is my first time and I know that many people raise hundreds, but I was proud of my 7 beautiful babes. It was a family gathering every time I was going to release them, my family came from out of State they thought that that was impossible and they needed to see it for themselves. We put a picnic out and lots of happy screams when they few away .

    I have under my custody a 74 and 71 brother and sister who are mentally challenge and they adore the process always looking out to see if the caterpillar was still a caterpillar. They scream more than my family of joy and amazingness. Well I believe I have a sanctuary now. I planted many seeds and this coming year I have the biggest plan to raise more than a hundred. I have so much milkweed all over my garden. well folks that is my comment. and I love signs for my garden . So a sign is welcome.

  209. I live in an agriculture state where milkweed is a weed. I like the Monarch Butterfly sign so neighbors won’t complain and we can educate. Our state butterfly garden club chair received a to her city because a neighbor thought she was growing thistle!

  210. I like the butterfly Monarch ornament to give or receive as a gift. Why? Because Monarchs are loved by everyone and there aren’t many ornaments like this, especially if they are glass. It is something unique. The other gifts are nice and practical but this stands out!

  211. I would give the gift of the Monarch ornament. It is a beautiful work of art and would be a super addition to anyone’s Christmas tree.

  212. Hi Tony I would love to win the annual flower seeds as I would like to continue to add more pollinator-friendly flowers to my garden with hopes of engaging our neighborhood through education and action to help save our pollinators. 🙂

  213. A pack of Park Picks Mix Zinnia Seeds would make a nice small gift slipped inside the envelope of a holiday card to any of my family & friends or a stocking stuffer. I think they would take the time to sow the seeds in the spring or early summer & unknowingly supply nutrition to butterflies, bees, & hummingbirds while adding beauty to their landscape.

  214. I love the fall colors Monarch T and would want it for myself, but it doesn’t come in a women’s XXS or even XS. Last time I got a Small from your shop it was so big I had to give it away. (The person who got it was delighted!) it would be nice if you included books in your gift ideas. There’s a great one called ‘the life cycles of butterflies’ – really nice big images of butterflies from egg to caterpillar to pupae to adult.

  215. The perfect gift would be all of these but my favourite would be either the Monarch whisperer shirt or the Monarch butterfly garden sign!

  216. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the Day #4 sign “Milkweed for Monarchs” in your butterfly garden? I think so! So that’s why I’m voting for and would love to receive this sign to put in my work-in-progress butterfly garden if I win, hoping it will encourage folks who see it as they walk by to let milkweed grow.

  217. I would like to receive and give the Day 5 gift of the Milkweed Seed Collection the most compared with the other selections. This is because a variety of milkweed flowers are important for helping to increase and sustain our monarch population in North America and I am confident that you would only sell the best seed you could find to your customers!

  218. I would love the Butterfly Ornament because it is a beautiful reminder of the beauty of Christmas. A time to remember the new birth that Christ brings and the great transformation created by Him in our lives. Very similar to miracle of the Monarch – feeding, learning and going from the darkness of sin into the beauty of a new creation.

  219. Personally, I would love to receive the Milkweed garden sign as a gift. I am relocating my garden this year from an area that was just too far away from the house for me to enjoy. I love showing it off to friends, answering their questions, and explaining about host plants vs. nectar plants. A sign identifying plants would add so much more to the “garden tour”.

  220. I live all of the gifts but I would love to recieve the milkweed or other seed packets so I can restart my butterfly garden agsin. I had one in FL, then moved to WI and it hasn’t worked out so well here. But I want to try it again

  221. SEEDS SEEDS SEEDS!!! For gifting and receiving! But the ornaments are wonderful. Would like my whole tree covered with them!

  222. I would select the Milkweed seeds because every garden can use additional Milkweed.

  223. I love them All!! I would be very happy to receive any of these a wonderful gifts.
    I can’t pick any over the other!! I’ve been raising monarchs with my grandson for 4 years, we are always thrilled to release our beauties!! To see his smile when we release them is awesome!

  224. I would love day 5! I will be ordering this for my cousin also. We both started raising monarchs from caterpillars this past summer. While we were camping we would look for the caterpillars and take care of them until they became beautiful butterflies. We both want to make a milkweed garden for our monarchs!

  225. The gifts this year are very nice. I would especially love Day #3 the coins or Day #4 a butterfly garden sign. They are absolutely beautiful!!!

  226. I would love Day 6, wall calendar. I still love keeping a physical calendar for important dates. My love for butters is real and seeing these magnificent creatures everyday hanging next to me on my office wall would make me feel bright and cheery.

  227. I would love Day 6 the Butterfly Calendar . I have no calendars for 2022 & this would be perfect. I could also use Day 4 the Butterfly or Milkweed signs. I have raised milkweed for quite a few years and so many people ask me “What is this?” Now I could show them, as it grows right at the end of my driveway. some really lovely gifts for sure!!

  228. I would love to receive the Monarch sign as a gift, it would look great in my garden. If I were giving a gift, I would give one of the coins, they are beautiful and many of my friends are coin collectors. Thanks for all you do!

  229. Hi Tony, I don’t always get to thank you for all you do for the Monarch world. You have been our mentor for raising monarchs for a few years now. I want to tell you how grateful we are. Thank you. I took a look at the gifts you suggested. I immediately ordered a shirt. I guess if I had to choose another gift it would be from Joyful Butterfly. This is a company I have come to love and respect. Again, I learned about them from your site. Take care,

  230. I am ordering a couple of the ideas…they are all good ones. My BIL & SIL have released over 1700 monarchs, so they are going to get the Old World Christmas ornaments this year for Christmas!!

  231. I would love to receive one of the monarch ornaments. They are really lovely. I like ornaments that have a special meaning attached to them and since I have been raising and releasing monarchs for a number of years now they would definitely be special to me.

  232. I like day 5 the best. For new seeds and different kinds of them for my flower garden

  233. I would definitely want to give the gift of seeds! How are we going to save the Monarch and other pollinators if we don’t replenish their food supply! I have 3 pollinator gardens which include 4 types of milkweed for the Monarchs. This year I became more aware of the importance of creating a habitat for pollinators!

  234. I have a co worker who raised over 500 monarch butterflies on 2021 and I believe she deserves a special gift and I know she would love anything

  235. I would love any of the signs! I have some signs in my garden, but none having to do with butterflies.

  236. I would give the Butterfly Gift Idea 5a; “Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions” !! This is a great gift to help your loved ones and friends help the re-growth of the Monarch butterflies population.
    What I like about the Gift Idea 5a, there are three seed packs; tropical milkweed seeds for Monarchs, zinnia seeds that provide nectar and pollinators for Monarchs and many other butterflies. And a parsley seed packs to attract black swallowtails! The Gift provides instructions for planting and care.
    I know if this gift to my love ones and friends will help them get involved with butterflies as I am today. The true gift will be the daily awareness and enjoyment with their own coming butterflies yard!! Enjoy your happy holidays!!!

  237. I love it all! Especially the signs and monarch whisperer shirt.

  238. I know the glass ornaments would be a nice gift for butterfly lovers. I already had the butterfly ornament and immediately ordered the caterpillar ornament. Both are really nice. I have kept the butterfly out all year and will do the same with the caterpillar ornament.

  239. So many great gift ideas ! I would choose the seeds for the milkweed and the nectar plants. You can never have too much and it allows for generous sharing! Expansion of garden and happy, well fed Monarchs. Thanks for the opportunity.

  240. I love the ornaments because I always like to buy a new ornament each year for my tree and I also like to give an ornament to my son’s family every Christmas. I also like the garden signs because I want to let my neighbors know my yard is a wildlife, butterfly and pollinator sanctuary for all the beautiful creatures in the area. This is a good conversation starter to let them know urban gardening is important for all species, especially the endangered ones. My neighborhood interfaces with agricultural land and a river, so it is especially important to support God’s creatures and creation.

  241. So many wonderful selections but I think the one I would select for my daughter in law (and myself) if the monarch butterfly ornament. She and I share this wonderful passion, passed down from the wisdom of our own Mothers.. The ornament is so beautiful, I’d bet we wouldn’t pack it up after Christmas, we’d probably leave the ornament out for display and conversation all year.

  242. All are amazing gift ideas for just the right person, so a variety is helpful. For instance, I know many who would enjoy the monarch ornaments. My personal ‘go-to gift idea’ would be the monarch / pollinator / wildlife signage. I would like to give or receive these staked aluminum signs for many reasons. I think the signs help to increase awareness + communicate and educate the importance of our connection to our ecology. I help at both a community and school garden + having a dialogue about supporting our pollinator friends during ALL FOUR SEASONS of the year is so important. It also helps to beautify the garden areas. And the signs also lend themselves to a productive exchange about the diversity of pollinators + beneficial bugs. (I will need to put these on my Christmas wish list too.)

  243. Great list! I love every one of the butterfly gifts. 🙂

    -My favorite gift to give – the Milkweed Seeds. You’ve inspired me to get some milkweed variety packs for my family and friends with gardens this year! Ooo, gift the seeds in the pretty organza bags, beautiful and useful. Milkweed seeds are truly a gift that keeps on giving.

    -Favorite gift to receive – the Garden Signs. Adorable! I love that they are metal, high quality. I’m less likely to buy them for myself, feels like a bit of a splurge if I don’t “need” them, but I would love to receive them and put them in my yard! These Garden Signs are what I’ll request when my Mom asks what she can get me for Christmas.

    -Favorite gift to give myself – Butterfly T-Shirt. I love tees, pretty much live in them, and I’m always rotating my collection. It’s clothing so that’s a necessity, right? And affordable. I particularly like that monarch with painty wings design, wow beautiful. Buying it right after I submit this.

    Happy Holidays!

  244. I would like to win the milkweed seeds. I always want to try new varieties.

  245. Giving to others makes me so very happy!
    It doesn’t matter what the item is, it’s from my heart and to see their smiles, is all I need ?

  246. Day 4 – Butterfly garden signs are a great gift idea because they spread awareness of the concept of native pollinator gardens and their importance as butterfly and other species’ habitats.

  247. I love, love, love the pollinator garden signs! I would use these in the school gardens we have at my elementary school. We put in a sensory garden and pollinator garden, and these would be a perfect gift for the school. We have lots of butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that visit. The kids would like these signs. I really like how they are metal – they will last much longer than wood. I think these make great gifts!

  248. So many lovely butterfly gifts! Definitely hard to chose… i would give as gifts the ornaments,
    Calendars, seeds & signs. ( I have come to know lots of butterfly whisperers!)

    For myself, i would love a garden sign & seeds

  249. Wow! This was a hard choice! I love the Milkweed seeds and especially love the milkweed signs! I think it would encourage those folks who visited my garden to plant milkweed and make a special garden!

  250. I like the monarch and pollinator garden signs, I would put them in my garden areas. I would also like to receive the milkweed and zinnia seeds, to expand my garden. All of the gifts are really cute ideas for people who love monarchs and pollinator-friendly gardens.

  251. I would love Day 3 which is the collectible coins! I do love the tee shirts but have plenty of t-shirts in my wardrobe so the coins are unique, cute and take up very little space . 🙂

  252. I am in the process of expanding my butterfly garden, with bigger beds, an arbor, and stone borders. What I would most like to receive this Christmas are milkweed and nectar plant seeds. I love zinnias, not just for butterfly nectar but to cut for bouquets! They are so cheerful and brighten my table for a week or more. I also might purchase this seed set to spread the milkweed throughout my community–I don’t know anyone near me who has any, but there is public space in our neighborhood where we might consider a Monarch waystation.

  253. The milkweed seeds would be what I choose, To give and receive because your continuing to keep the monarch butterfly alive. Not only you but giving seeds away for others to plant only helps them more. The odds are stacked against the monarch butterfly already and the more that seeds are shared and planted they will continue to survive. I love all the items listed but the seeds including nectar seeds are the most important for our beautiful monarch to continue their life cycles.

  254. I think I’d like most to receive the seeds. I have a good supply of common milkweed and several nectar plants, but would like to expand my offering of milkweed types and more nectar plants are always good. It would be a gift for me and the monarchs!

  255. I would like the staked hummingbird pollinator sign so that I could donate it to the botanical garden that I volunteer in due to being a Master Gardener

  256. Although it’s very difficult to choose, I would like to receive the monarch ornament. We refer to our Christmas tree as our “Story Tree” because our ornaments reflect our life as a couple. Our collection includes ornaments from our lives before marriage(including some that belonged to my parents in the 1950’s)as well as those we’ve collected together. Each year,we add a new one to symbolize an event from that year. The monarch ornament would definitely symbolize our enjoyment of these beautiful creatures and our journey as monarch “parents”.

  257. I would chose the Wild Beauty 2022 Planner because whether I’d gift it to myself or a fellow Master Gardener, it would help create beautiful and joyful garden memories, which could be shared and perused for years to come.

  258. I love the day 2 butterfly shirt! Although the seed packs would also be great!

  259. For days 6 & 7 of the contest, I would love the calendar with the blue Morpho. I have several of them under glass that I got as Christmas gifts 34 years ago. The are beautiful creatures!!

  260. I would love the seeds & the ornaments. I have been raising Monarch butterflies since I was a child. I just love everything you have.

  261. I would love to receive the t-shirts, can get enough butterfly shirts to wear.
    would give signs to our school garden, my students would love that.

  262. All of these are beautiful gift ideas because they are monarchs! We live in the intermountain southwest (US) and because of the drought we’ve been converting our large yard (mostly lawn) to xeriscape — except for one large area we’ve dedicated to monarch butterflies and pollinators. We planted our first milkweed starts this year and hope they will overwinter well. So we love the #5 gift the best because we would like to plant a lot more milkweed! We are excited to see our garden grow and all of the monarchs who will come and visit us. Thanks for all your inspiration, Monarch community!

  263. I like the day one ornaments and bought some for our tree this year. We raised monarchs for the first time this year and this will look great on the tree and bring many good memories!

  264. I love them all, but the seeds and the signs would get the most use for where I am in my butterfly journey at the moment. What a great collection of ideas- thank you for sharing them and all the helpful tips year round!! ?

  265. I love all of the gifts, but I would probably say my all time favorites are: Day1—–Monarch Christmas Ornaments and the Monarch Whisperer
    T-shirt.—Day 2.
    To give as gifts and to RECEIVE. hint hint-my friends out there. If I like the gifts I know my peeps would like them also.
    I would love any of the gifts. ha ha 🙂

  266. Day 5 seeds so I can grow the plants to attract the pollinator’s & monarchs.

  267. I would love the Day #4 Butterfly Gift the most of all of these. I love signs and would love to decorate my garden with them. They are so cute and pretty! Anything that adds some visual interest to my garden (especially my front area) and that might attract the attention of neighbors or friends, and lead them to planting their own milkweed is awesome. : )

  268. I would give the milkweed seeds because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! I would also include a short information piece on the dangers of using pesticides or any chemicals on the milkweed as a preventative way of saving the species.

  269. I would be appreciative of any of the garden signs. I work incredibly hard to do right by the monarchs and anything I can do to draw attention to it, would be lovely.

  270. The Day #4 Milkweed for Monarchs sign is my favorite (though there are so many beautiful choices). I think it would be a great way to show neighbors and visitors why my yard looks a little different from the perfectly manicured lawns I tend to see in my neighborhood. Perhaps I could inspire some friends and neighbors to plant some milkweed of their own and learn more about monarchs and other pollinators!

  271. I would love the signs to add to my garden . The gift i would give would be the milkweed seeds. All great gift ideas, hard to choose.

  272. I would choose Gift idea #4 as it would be so nice in one of my butterfly gardens!! Then I could
    Release my monarchs there!!

  273. I would most like to give the Lang butterfly calendar to my aunt because it is so beautiful and she loves butterflies.

  274. I would love Gift #5. I live in Florida other than in the summer, when I live in Western PA. I have had difficulty finding the right varieties of milkweed for our Florida Monarchs. In Pa, I have so many plants, I donate the pods to the local garden club.

  275. I love the Day 7 planner as it would help me organize my plantings and plan better. Last year I should have started my milkweed earlier to accommodate all the cats I had! This planner would help me get ready! Thank you for he opportunity to win but most of all, the knowledge and suggestions you share with everyone!

  276. All of the butterfly gifts are wonderful and it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I would select the seed collection. It’s something I could share with friends and family to help save more butterflies!

    1. I would so appreciate any of the gifts, but guess the yard sign would be the one I’d hope for. I am prepping an area, collecting seeds, and reading everything I can, of course including all the info included in these articles. Have all saved and read and reread all of them. Can’t wait, but know I’ll have to.

  277. Oh my! These are the best selections yet! How do I choose? I will be asking my husband to choose my gift from your selection!
    I think of the 1-5, I would love to give and receive #4 first, and then #5. I have been making my own signs and am always looking for and sharing seeds. Plus, I’m teaching my grandchildren all about pollinators and sustainable gardening.
    We purchase a glass ornament every year and # 1 fits perfectly. The t-shirts are the best yet and the coins would be fun for our grandchildren to collect. See? Toughest decision year yet! Thank you.

  278. I would love the Day 5 Milkweed 6 pk seeds so I would have plenty of plants in my garden to raise Monarchs. But I also love the Day 1 Monarch Christmas Ornament. These are so hard to decide, since they all would make wonderful gifts.

  279. Wow, what great gift ideas! I’d personally love to receive another sign (we already have one very much like the one pictured and I love it so much) because it’s pretty and practical/educational (it sparks conversations with neighbors). I’d like to give milkweed seeds, though, because I think everyone should plant milkweed!

  280. Hard choice! I would have to choose #5. I have native milkweed, but would love more variety!

  281. Hi from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
    I am so happy to have found this Butterfly family. Tony and his Gang. During this horrible COVID time I consider all of you my gift. My first year raising loving and releasing these beauties. It is definitely fate that one of the gifts are the coins from the Mint in my province that is 5 minutes from our home. Honestly I would gift all of us a package of milkweed seeds to share that work in our area. My milkweed blew in from somewhere and has given me such a beautiful gift. I have put the t- shirts on my Xmas list My youngest a coin collector, I would think one of the coins would give him a loving connection to Mom. But truly any of these gifts would be cherished. Wendy. your Canadian Monarch Mama

  282. Ohhh … great options! I think I would chose the seed option in Day #5 because I feel like I can never grow enough for our lovely pollinators!!

  283. I love the day 5 seeds. I have been raising monarchs for a few years now and would like to try growing my own milkweed. Plus, who doesn’t like a cheerful pot of zinnias? Also, might not be a bad idea for me to order a day 4 sign so folks know the purpose of my butterfly garden when it isn’t exactly front yard neat and perfect! Thanks for some great gift ideas. Happy Holidays!

  284. Day 4 sign “Milkweed for Monarchs” would be a great gift to receive. In fact, with a dozen of them, I’d post some in our “Mariposas del Mundo” community garden and scatter others at random milkweed patches in the neighborhood. I’d also gift them with milkweed seeds. We are giving Swamp Milkweed and Common Milkweed seeds to anyone who will promise to plant them somewhere. We’re sharing other seeds from our garden too. We are a Monarch Way Station and really want to see native plants thrive and support our Monarchs as well as other pollinators!

    And, in truth, I’d accept or gift any of these ideas! In fact I have bought or gifted several. I love the Monarch ornament in Day 1 and plan to buy one.

  285. Day 5—- milkweed & nectar seed. Cuz I’m trying out planting my milkweed , seed that I gathered from the few plants I have. Hoping they germinate & thrive. But would love to try all these as well!!

  286. I would like the day #4 gift Milkweed for Monarchs sign. I have milkweed growing in several spots right around my house and even by my mailbox. I would like to put the sign out to show the reason I do not remove these plants like most people would. They are not just weeds. I use them to raise my own monarchs, too.

  287. I think the milkweed seeds and butterfly signs would make wonderful gifts!

  288. I believe the seed pack kit with zinnias & milkweed is wonderful! Everything needed to start a great Monarch butterfly garden!

  289. The Old World Christmas Ornaments are my favorite! They jog my memory of similar items hanging on my childhood tree, many of which I have now inherited. I have the Monarch one … but that Sweet Little Pillar sure would make the match. I can hang it with a pair of Old World Pansey flowers to make a Monarch bough on my tree. Happy Holidays everyone!

  290. My favorite gift is the blown glass monarch butterfly ornament. I would love to have this to hang all year around in a window to catch the sunlight.

  291. The butterfly gift I’d most like to give AND receive is the Monarch Butterfly T-shirts Fall Butterfly T-shirt Thanksgiving shirt because I love the feeling of movement the splash of color gives behind the butterfly.
    I also love the Butterfly Organza Bags because by giving those filled with seeds directly benefits the butterflies themselves and the recipient by ensuring that butterflies will visit their garden.

  292. Gift number 4 to put in my garden sounds awesome because putting these signs would help to increase awareness of the need for milkweed plants in gardens to prevent monarchs from becoming extinct. Hopefully these signs will help to increase the number of people that become supporters of the beautiful monarch butterflies! I’m very proud of being part of this effort and to have nourished hundreds of caterpillars this year 🙂

  293. I would love to receive the Monarch Whisperer T-shirt. I have been raising Monarchs for several years and share pictures and information on Facebook. Several of my friends have dubbed me the Monarch Whisperer so when I saw this t-shirt I knew it was something I had to put on my Christmas list!

    As for which gift I would give it would have to be the milkweed seeds. I have shared seeds from my Common Milkweed plants to several people and it would be fun to give them seeds from other varieties of milkweed.

  294. Great gifts so far. Can’t wait to see the remaining ones.
    I would pick the monarch ornament to hang on my porch year round.

  295. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    When I came to 5a I thought how perfect would this be for our family this upcoming spring. Then I came to 5b, choosing what pollinators to add. This is it! This is us! When my family and I moved into our home six years ago, our yard was a blank slate, dirt and seven majestic Doug Firs. Ever since, planting pollinators being on the forefront of our mind. It’s been a journey. During these past years, we had to say goodbye to one of our daughters due to prematurity. When we took our “get out of dodge trip” into nature, after she passed, we were continuously greeted by a WesternTiger Swallowtail butterfly at every random stop we made, knowing that must be her. Anyhow, butterflies have become our world and we are stopping at nothing to make this yard full of fluttering friends.
    (I tried to make that short, lol)

    1. Heartfelt thoughts go out to you. My Mom visits me several times a summer. I get extraordinary single Monarch visits from her! A solitary female butterfly will come right up to me, and linger in my personal space. Truly unusual. So I know it is her.

  296. I have to say the monarch ornament is my choice – so much so, that I ordered it when I first saw it, and it is beautiful! It may stay up all year, moving around to different locations around the house! Shop early! The grey monarch t-shirt looks great too, and the coins look gorgeous. Thank you so much Tony for the sites and information, and everyone for the comments!!

  297. I’m not a T-shirt person : the ornaments are beautiful, but Who Knew that anyone made coins with butterflies on them!? For me, the coins would be the winner. But of course, I want the whole collection 🙂

  298. I would love Day #4 most of all. The signs would be a great addition to my garden with my monarch way station sign. Way station 27129.
    Thanks you for all you do.

  299. I love these ideas for gifts. The seed assortment is great way to get hooked on pollinators in your yard plus the flowers are beautiful landscaping. This year 2 of my milkweed plants brought so many monarchs and led to lots of caterpillars that I was able to foster to butterfly- hood.

  300. I would either choose the Monarch ornament for my 9 year old “best friend” (I am 69 yrs old) who visits here Grandmother next door. She dearly loves butterflies. I raised both Monarchs and Black Swallowtails this summer and shared the wonderful experience with her. Unfortunately, mostly via photos as her time with her “Nana” is limited. But it was such fun getting to watch her excitement, even over a dry chrysalis!!
    Secondly, I would choose the Monarch Canadian coin for my niece in Florida who is an avid Monarch raiser. I think she would appreciate a collectible.

  301. My favorite is the Monarch Whisperer shirt. I’ve raised monarchs for the past three years and this year released 50 monarchs. I wear a monarch face mask so the shirt would be an addition to peek interest in monarchs. I’ve dedicated a section of my front lawn for a pollinator garden. I have some goldenrod already planted and set some milkweed (common and butterfly) seeds in the ground for the monarchs.

  302. I would love to receive Day 4- the butterfly garden signs, so that I could post them in my yard to remind folks of the importance of milkweed, butterflies, and other pollinators.

  303. Day 1! Those ornaments are gorgeous and I love collecting ornaments! The hand blown glass monarch sounds like it would be even nicer in person.

  304. I would love the day 4 Milkweed for Monarch Sign for my garden. They are all nice. Thanks.

  305. Love all 5 of the gift ideas. I would gift the Collectible Butterfly coins to my mother. They are very unique and something she does not have yet.

  306. I would love to receive the monarch butterfly ornament. It is so beautiful & would look wonderful on my butterfly tree I display each year.
    The best gift to give someone would be the 6 pack of milkweed seeds. Everyone should grow milkweed. The amount of butterflies that come to your yard will make your day!?

  307. I would like to receive as a gift “The Monarch Whisperer” t-shirt because it would start conversations with others when worn giving me the opportunity to tell others about raising Monarchs and the importance of milkweed to their survival.

  308. I love day 2 Monarch t-shirts. I raise as many as I can. It would be fun to wear one while releasing them.

  309. I would certainly LOVE to have the Day #4 Garden Sign. I spend hours educating others about Monarchs with garden clubs, in schools and camps. I Know that signs in the garden, near milkweed really Does Educate when I’m not standing in the garden to teach. Monarchs Need Milkweed… and many people Still don’t know yet that they can plant native milkweed to help our pollinators!

  310. The Monarch whisperer shirt would be GREAT!! It’s catchy, bright and question provoking.
    When people ask about it their interest may be peaked enough to start raising Monarchs themselves. This was my first year raising and I had tons of interest from friends.

  311. The Monarch Whisperer T-shirt.
    I have shared my love of monarchs with my 8 year old great-niece since she was a baby. I would give her a Butterfly cage with Monarch chrysalises and she would eagerly watch for the Monarchs to eclose. She would share releasing the Monarchs with friends and classmates. Such a beautiful way to educate people about Monarchs.

  312. I would love the Monarch ornament. I would display it year round though, not just on a Christmas tree. It looks so beautiful!

  313. I would like to give or receive the grey butterfly t-shirt. I think it’s different but still depicts a butterfly’s beauty.

  314. The coin would be my choice to add to my collection of the beautiful monarch! Thank you

  315. Although it probably won’t be on our Christmas tree, I would like the monarch ornament. I use sun catchers in my sunroom windows to help birds avoid hitting the glass. I would hang this ornament year round in one of my windows. It’s too pretty to pack away with the Christmas decorations.

  316. The Butterfly Whisperer shirt would be my choice, people are always asking me why I’m in the milkweed patch, so that would give a visual clue!

  317. I Love all the items, but would choose the fall colors T shirt it’s so beautiful.

  318. I would like the seeds. I need to make the jump into this new adventure of raising butterflies. ♥️??

  319. So many wonderful options! I love the grey shirt design! I would love to use that to wrap up the collection of seeds! That is something that I would give to myself and others. Theres no such thing as too many flowers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I know I find delight every time I water a plant that was a gift. I always remember who gifted and the occasion. The t-shirt is a super bonus eco wrapping paper option that you can wear until it’s planting season.

  320. I would love the Butterfly Organza Bags for collecting the milkweed pods. This would help me as I have an abundance of pods, and would be able to share them with my friends in a beautiful and unique way!

  321. ? Love the seeds. I just had my first year raising monarchs and have learned so much but most importantly the best thing we can do to help is to plant more milkweed.

  322. I love all the gifts; but my favorite one I would really love to have is a butterfly garden sign to put in my butterfly garden.

  323. All would make wonderful gifts, but my choice would be the coin because it gives recognition to the caterpillar and chrysalis and is beautifully presented with color on a shiny, silver coin. A wonderful collector’s item and fun way to get children interested and connected to nature.

  324. because I wear Monarch shirts or hoodies a lot, I also have met a lot of likeminded Monarch Parents 🙂 .Sharing our experiences and most important always learn something new from one another, makes my day. Raising these beautiful Butterflies have become a very important part of my life.

  325. My favorites would be the seeds and the monarch garden sign. This was my first year of raising monarchs and a delightful learning experience. The info and supplies from your website was invaluable. My production was a modest 22 for 5 months but I’m gearing up for greater results next season. Thanks to everyone for the their support and advice.

  326. I think any of these 5 gifts would make a great gift. I think the Milkweed seeds would enhance any garden and provide the needed food for the cats to feed on. This last year I have had many caterpillars on my milkweed and had so many caterpillars I had to go buy more milkweed from the store to feed them. With planting extra seeds and plants there would be plenty for the garden and for cutting to bring into the cage for the caterpillars to grow as well as giving to others so that we have more gardens for monarchs. I just started this year to bring caterpillars into the cage and now I’m hooked.

  327. Although Monarchs and hummingbirds can’t read, I hope I win the signs because these signs let people know that I support these important pollinators. Hopefully others will take the initiative to set up pollinator gardens like mine to help support native bees, insects, butterflies snd birds. The signs are beautiful and a reminder of the importance of our gardens. ??.

  328. I think any of the seed offerings I would choose, then the gift bags so I could fill & gift to new Monarch enthusiasts. The easing of Monarchs has been a gift of life for me & a connection to a deep feeling of energy each time I release these precious wind friends. I have released over 400 in the past year & and kept my sanity and positive feeling of life thru COVID crisis because these Monarchs gave me HOPE for the future. Sharing Monarch raising has touched my ? all age 2 year olds to 90plus,?.

  329. I think it the zinnias seeds and the milkweed seeds would make the perfect gifts. I have the common red and orange milkweed along with a variety of hair balls milkweed. I am always for unusual varieties which are hard to find. Being retired, I love seeing monarchs and swallowtails that I get in my yard.

    I am so grateful for your website and your teachings. Thank you and happy holidays

  330. I would love to receive the Milkweed for Monarchs sign for our garden. It is a wonderful way to educate the public about why we are growing “weeds” in our native pollinator garden. 🙂 I would give a dear friend of mine who also raises monarchs the Christmas ornament. It is so beautiful and would bring some monarch cheer during the winter dreer.


  332. I already bought the T-shirt but I would love the milkweed for monarchs yard sign. I also bought last year the monarch ornament and it really is a beauty

  333. I’d love the monarch caterpillar ornament for me and a few friends as we raise caterpillars from egg to butterfly and miss the cats so much in the wintertime! I’ve received the adult monarch butterfly ornament and it’s beautiful.

  334. The monarch caterpillar Christmas ornament would be the gift I’d like to have. My Christmas tree is decorated in butterflies, birds, and other wildlife ornaments, and this would be a great addition!

  335. I would love to receive the ornament to add it to my butterfly ornament collection that adorns my Christmas Tree each year. I would love to give the coin to my grandchildren for carrying on the tradition of caring for monarch eggs, caterpillars in their butterfly garden.

  336. I collect coins so that would be good for me and I like the seed packets to give as gifts to others to start their pollinator gardens.

  337. God gives us many gifts and I will always enjoy protecting and feeding His beautiful butterflies!!!!
    My lovely granddaughter, Melody had a pretty butterfly ? land on her tiny hand ✋ when we were in a butterfly ? house at a very special place in her hometown ! It was a joyful ? moment that I will always cherish! Her expression of delight will never be forgotten ?
    I love butterflies and would love to have some milkweed to attract millions of these precious creatures to my garden so they can live there to continue to grow up for many generations to come ?????????????

  338. All the gifts are assume. I would love the ornaments. I would display them all year round to remind me that spring is just around the corner. I have raised monarchs for about 3 years. I just learn more every year. They make me get up every day because I have to take care of them. I raised 107 perfect ones this year and 35 Eastern Black Swallowtails. I would give gifts of seeds for more feeding stations. I have ordered the monarch whisperer and fall t shirt. Hope to get them soon. Thanks for all the info u give us. Because of u we can help the Monarchs and we can spread our successes with others.

  339. OMG, the Canadian coins are SO beautiful! I love the ornaments, but the coins are very realistic and truly gorgeous!, so I’d like to give/receive one.

  340. I would love the monarch ornament as I raise monarchs and butterfly garden. There was a paper monarch above my dad when he passed away. The ornament would be a beautiful memory of him…..?

  341. The ornament Bring Home the Magic of Monarchs to Christmas would be the perfect gift for my dear friend and neighbor Maureen who took care of my caterpillars in their pods while I was away for two weeks this month! My friend has shown such support for the butterflies that she took time out of her day, every day for the past two weeks, to care for them , replace milkweed, and even clean the cages — and though she isn’t even raising them herself!
    All of the gift ideas are beautiful.
    Thanks Tony for all you do for butterflies and spreading the word about how to successfully raise them.
    Thanks for spreading joy!

  342. The item I would most like to receive is a butterfly garden sign. This fall, I pulled everything out of a flower bed and planted all natives for pollinators. A sign would be a very nice finishing touch!

  343. How exciting!
    I would very much love to win the 6 pack of great flowers for butterflies.
    I cannot find a lot of those seeds in this area where I live north of Winnipeg Mb
    I have started 8 families in my area to care for the Monarchs with wild milkweed from my patch and would love to share some of these seeds with them.

    1. I would love the coins for collecting or the T-shirts, they have a cool design. I would share with my mom, since she is the one that got me into helping save the monarchs.

  344. I would choose the milkweed seeds to give or receive because it is most beneficial. The ornaments are beautiful too.

  345. I love the Monarch Christmas ornaments, and would love to receive one. I also would give the Milkweed for Butterfly sign to my school, where milkweed is also grown and it’s a garden for the students to observe nature. I would like the sign for my garden as well.

  346. Day 5 six pack of milkweed seeds! They would make great gifts to my friends and neighbors who have been inspired by our butterflies, nectar plants and out raising cubes.

  347. If I were lucky enough to be picked, I would really love the 6-pack Milkweed Seed Collection !! I’ve had some success at starting seeds and growing my own (Tropical and Narrow Leaf especially, here n So. California !). Native plants are harder to grow, but I’m trying ! I’d also love the Monarch Whisperer T-shirt, or even a mug Many friends call me a Monarch Whisperer, and it’s a great way to bring up Monarchs, and how to help them !! These items really cheer me up when “my” Monarchs have left my little Garden for their wintering areas .!! I’ve been Blessed to help raise 200 beautiful mMonarchs this year, since January, 2021, and still have 3 more chrysalides almost ready to Blossom !! WooHoooo, , GrMa Mother of Monarchs !!! ?????

  348. The monarch ornaments, Day #1, are unique and beautiful. There are several people I can think of who would love to receive one of these!

  349. I love to give gifts that I would WANT to receive and gifts that keep on GIVING for years and years to be enjoyed season after season. With that being said I would choose to GIVE milkweed seeds because it provide more food for the monarch caterpillars. Each year these plants would return and spread so more and more monarchs can be born! It’s a great educational lesson to let people know how much we need to save these monarchs by planting more and more milkweed.

  350. I love gift 2. I love t-shirts that I can wear year round. There is nothing like wearing your passion and I think they are beautiful.

  351. I would LOVE to receive the monarch Christmas tree ornament! I don’t have a butterfly yet and would probably even find a place to hang it all year. As for giving, I would probably gift people the pollinator and milkweed seeds so they can help the monarchs by making their habitat and food more readily available.

  352. The Joyful Butterfly Garden Kit tops my wish list.
    I use “joy” often inside my classroom. It’s on my resume’ logo. I have a tshirt that I wear…”Find Joy.”
    Creating a safe, challenging, joyful classroom is a quote I state in most items related to how I teach.
    Joy comes from gardening for the beautiful Monarch. It s a deep calm and sense of grace that fills the air
    inside monarch way stations. Joy to the World this Christmas Season with a Joyful Butterfly Gardening kit.

  353. The ornaments are gorgeous and magical. I would keep them out year round. The milkweed seeds are also wonderful. It never occurred to me that I could cultivate my own plants and give more variety to these special creatures.

  354. So hard to choose! I would love to have the seeds. Found out this year it is hard to have enough for the voracious eaters! I sow some and share some with my neighbors to help the monarchs and other butterflies flourish in our area. Thanks for the opportunity to win these and Thank you for all the knowledge you share with others!

  355. I love the butterfly signs as they would add character to my garden. Buttetflies are free to fly….so fly away..bye bye…

  356. I love this group and look forward to reading everyone’s season updates. This was an amazing year for Monarchs with being able to release #212 healthy beauties. I would love to have the Monarch sign to add to my garden, and would love an ornament or coin to give to my 4 year old grandson who is becoming quite the butterfly whisperer.?

  357. The Day 1 monarch ornament looks amazing! It brings in a delightful aspect from our late summer activities and reminds us of out passion for these beautiful butterflies! I’d love to win a gift from this blog.

  358. If I had to choose just one, I would choose day 5. I believe planting seeds and providing nectar is one of most important ways to help the monarchs. I love educating people on the different types of milkweed and helping them choose nectar plants. My favorite nectar plant by far has been the Mexican sunflower. I’ve seen so many butterflies flock to that one particular plant.

  359. I would choose the fall colors butterfly tshirt. It is stunning. Who wouldn’t love to wear butterflies all day long.

  360. Must I choose just one?! So many beautiful suggestions right from start. Loved Day #1 caterpillar ornament: it is simply perfect! (I already have the beautiful monarch butterfly ornament). But then… up pops Day #2 “The Monarch Whisperer” tee shirt. I must have it, simply must. I also loved the Day #4 Garden Signs. Both of them. Would just love to nestle them in my butterfly garden scape. I turned a jungle brush area alongside our street into a series of 3 host and nectar gardens. Would sure love to tend them wearing the tee shirt, and promote the area with the garden signs. Word is spreading that our lane is now a community destination! Seems my milkweed and nectar gardens are attracting people as well as bees and butterflies (smile)! So happy for that.

    1. All the gift choices are awesome, its hard to chose! The garden signs and milkweed seeds would have to be my top 2 choices. I plan on having a mostly pollinator friendly garden next season so both of these gifts would be very useful.

  361. I would most like the ornaments, to give as a gift to a friend who raised her first Monarchs this year. She has several small Christmas trees in her home, and these would be perfect.

  362. Beautiful!!! The blue tshirt looks so comfy and light.
    I always love Christmas ornaments . Hummingbird would be my fave.
    What a total wonderful collection
    Would love to see more tshirts with v neck

  363. All great ideas. The ornaments are beautiful and I actually just bought the monarch from a local store and almost bought the caterpillar. My favorite was the garden signs and I just ordered two for myself and was thinking of buying two more for gifts. One is for my niece a beginner in the perennial garden world. The other for my sister who has a beautiful pollinator garden. Love! Love! Love!

  364. I love the ornaments. Would love on my tree. They are great for Monarch lovers. The price is better for the Caterpillar and fits in the range that you might share with a fellow monarch lover that is not a close friend. The butterfly is gorgeous. I would love both for me. IMO men put up and take down the tree and don’t care about ornaments .

    I really like the Tshirts and think men ,women and children would love to wear especially if cotton

    Although the coins are gorgeous, i wouldn’t buy as a gift unless i was really close to a Monarch lover and coin collector. Too expensive for the majority
    Day 4. Love the signs and as they are made of a durable material i would definitely buy. I live in zone 3 in Canada so would need a durable product. I have managed a Native to Manitoba garden since 2014 and would love any sign. Price is decent

    Day 4.
    Most people who are into the Monarch already know where to get seeds. Many seed trading sites and people always offering for free
    I would only want seeds that are good for my zone . Not interested in tropicals as there is evidence that is contrary to growing milkweed that is not appropriate for your zone

  365. I would love a garden sign. I have 5 pollinator garden areas. I would love to put a sign in the front garden area.

  366. All of these are Beautiful. I especially like the ornaments and coins. My Favorite is the Monarch Butterfly Ornament. I would buy 2. One to keep and one to give to a Dear friend who at the age of 83 started planting Milkweed.and raising Monarchs to release after I told her how much fun it was. She has a few themed Christmas trees and I know she would love this?

  367. I would love Gift #1: The Ornaments. Once Monarch season is over, it’s a lovely reminder of the excitement the season brought into my life. I use my Christmas tree to hang photo ornaments of family members and memories. This would be the perfect item to remind me of my first season of Monarch rescues.

  368. I would love day #4 It would look beautiful in my milkweed patch. I lost my mom to Covid June of 2020 . When she was on hospice I told her to come back to me as a butterfly. Of course she shook her head yes. On the anniversary of what would have been her celebrating 40 years of sobriety in August 2020. My first Monarch butterfly was born. I was hooked at helping these lovely creatures. And this year on mom’s special date another butterfly was born. Thank you mom. Thank you God.

  369. I love the T shirt. I already have a Mother of Monarch’s shirt but I also love the signs. I think I would love the signs as they would look beautiful on my fence. all of them would make great gifts

  370. I would choose Day #5 gift to give to friends and relatives to help spread awareness of this vital plant and help educate the reduction in monarchs due to lack of the their only host plant.

  371. I like the day #4 Butterfly Garden Signs. If I received them I would display them in all of my gardens. I would buy them to give as gifts to those friends & neighbors who have begun growing milkweed in our neighborhood to support the caterpillar/monarch population .

  372. While I do love the T-shirts, the design of the first one is quite striking, I would have to say the Milkweed Seeds are what I am actually going to ask for this holiday season. This summer was my first one raising monarchs and I learned quickly that I did not grow enough milkweed so I want to be really prepared this coming summer! I will then have to worry less and enjoy more!

  373. All of the choices are excellent, but I especially love the ornaments! I have a small tree with lights in my living room and it has special Monarch decorations on it. It’s a great conversation piece when visitors come over. I never get tired of talking about Monarchs, Caterpillars and Milkweed! These would be sweet to pass down to my 7 year old granddaughter, who I’m teaching about the lifecycle and raising of these beautiful butterflies!

  374. All gifts are beautiful! I already purchased the two ornaments for myself and plan on purchasing one of the silver coins for my husband who is a coin collector. I just can’t decide which one as they are all beautiful. I love the t-shirts and garden sign for myself and gifts for fellow gardeners. Can you ever have enough milkweed seeds? I think not!

  375. The collectible coins would be perfect for my uncle who is an avid coin collector and jewelry maker. That would be such a special gift to give him.

    I would love to receive the yard signs. I love the artwork, and I think displaying them would be an excellent way to inspire others to plant some milkweed!

    1. They are all excellent gift ideas! I did order the silver caterpillar coin and a monarch butterfly coin for my parents for Christmas because they also enjoy raising monarchs and the coins are so beautiful and unique. I also plan to order seeds for all my neighbors because my monarch rearing is something the whole neighborhood gets interested in. I would most like to receive the beautiful blown glass ornaments!

  376. Oooooh! I am so torn between these beautiful gift ideas – each would make a lovely gift. Anyone who is a butterfly lover & “monarch mama” morphs into a “Monarch Whisperer” just as that T-shirt proclaims – just as surely as that caterpillar becomes a chrysalis & then a beautiful butterfly. But my winner to give and receive would have to be the milkweed seed packets – that’s the gift of life! A gift that truly keeps on giving is really priceless.

  377. I love the Day 4 “Milkweed for Monarch”. It would certainly explain to the unfamiliar why it appears that I’ve let “weeds” take over my garden ?

  378. I think the ornaments are very striking. If I were to receive them, I would not limit the display to the Christmas tree. I miss my little butterfly friends so much that I would find a place in my sunroom to enjoy the ornaments year-round.
    My second choice would be the T-shirts. I like them because it reminds everyone who sees them of the plight of the Monarch , and the fact that their beauty would be a great loss if they became seriously endangered.

  379. I would love to give away day #5 gift. The seeds, too help grow more milkweed to keep our monarchs from dying. I’d share a package with a lot of my friends and family members to plant the milkweed seeds and to also have them share seeds with their friends and keep it going and going.

  380. I would like to receive #5 Seeds!!!
    Why – bacause sone can never have enough Butterfly attracting plants!

  381. #4 Butterfly garden signs – fun and educational yard art for my summer garden and for other gardens

  382. Dear Tony,

    I would give the monarch ornament to my granddaughter. I introduces her to monarchs when she was about 9 months old. (I have a picture of her at 9 months old with a monarch on her head.). She has grown up helping to care for caterpillars. She’s even watched my chrysalises while I’ve been out of town and released each monarch after it’s wings had dried. That ornament would be a special keepsake.

    I have a couple of friends who share the joy of raising monarches. I know they’d proudly wear a T-shirt with their favorite insect on it.

  383. I would give the Day 5 gift of seeds! Planting Monarch friendly host plants and nectar plants are crucial and I love spreading the monarch love with others!

  384. I would love to receive the garden signs for my waystation or the butterfly coins because I love to collect things like that (or pressed pennies).

  385. I have already given the butterfly ornament to many people so I would give the caterpillar ornament to go with it. I would like the caterpillar ornament or the garden signs. Love them both.

  386. These are really nice gifts. I really like the t-shirts (Day 2). I am thinking of buying one for myself.

    I am now part of the LaGuardia Corner Garden in Greenwich Village NYC. We want to devote part of the garden to butterflies. Next to my plot we will be building a sanctuary to raise and release them. We are a Monarch Weigh station so planting a larger variety of milkweed would be nice for our garden. Some of these varieties we already have, but some we don’t. I would like to give this gift (Day 5) to some of my fellow gardeners with the Milkweed sign (Day4) to put in our garden for all to see.

    I would like to receive the Monarch caterpillar coin from Canada (Day 3).

  387. I’d love to receive the butterfly garden sign from day #4, because my daughter just started a pollinator garden at our house. One of those would be perfect for it!

  388. I would give the seed collection to the child next door who is showing an interest in my butterfly garden. She could still share with me in my butterfly garden but, I could share with her in her new butterfly garden!

  389. I would like the milkweed seeds. I’m a monarch buddy for the elementary schools and I raise the caterpillars in my certified Waystation for the 3rd grade migration science unit. I’m expanding my garden and I need more seeds!

  390. I would love #4 – the milkweed sign for my garden especially if it would discourage the deer and bunnies who have attacked my milkweed!

  391. I live in Michigan and Florida, so I have monarch gardens in both places and raise and tag the butterflies in both places. The t-shirts would be the best item for me because I start conversations with EVERYONE . . . in grocery store lines, in doctor’s waiting room, etc., etc. and tell them about raising monarchs and the importance of planting milkweed. I have taught classes on raising monarchs, too. So monarch t-shirts are a great way to start the conversations!


  392. The gifts are all wonderful! I think I would love to give day ones ornaments as gifts for friends. They are just so beautiful and could be hung in a window all year long. The second is day 2 because I love monarchs and I love t-shirts lol. So I guess that one would be a gift to myself. 😉

  393. The #4 butterfly sign is perfect in every way! It’s beautiful but not too much. I only have a small area for my garden and it would be amazing! Or I might gift it because I love to spread the joy of Monarchs!! ❤️

  394. I would love the wooden monarch sign to gift to my amazing neighbor who has let me look for eggs and cats in her garden the past couple years. The sign would be perfect for her gardens. I also love the monarch whisperer shirt. I’d gift that to my friend who got me started on raising monarchs. She’s been doing this since she was a child with her grandmother. I’ve learned so much from her.

  395. I would love to receive the Butterfly Garden Sign. I have been growing a pollinator garden for the past 3 years and just this fall collected milkweed seeds and planted them in the hope to attract Monarch Butterflies. I raised Monarch’s as a child and recently attended a Monarch release this fall which has inspired me to relive my youth (I am 69 years old). The sign would be an attractive addition to my garden and would be a conversation piece with my neighbours. It may inspire them to help out the Monarch’s as a result.

  396. I would be ecstatic if someone gifted me a butterfly or pollinator garden sign! I think (hope!) it would help bring more awareness in my neighborhood of the importance of not using pesticides.

    1. I my opinion the best and most sensible gift to give or receive would be 5a The Annual seeds package and my reason for choosing that gift is because … without milkweed we would not have any Monarch butterflies. It is their only source of food I order to sustain life. Please plant milkweed

      Frances Gordon

  397. I would love both garden signs for my space because they would add interest to my garden and be an inspiration to-my younger family generation. As a matter of fact I’m the caretaker for a cat an7 friends she
    discovered on my Milkweed plants (Central Texas) I will give her a Monarch t-shirt in honor of their flyaway!

  398. I would love to receive the Canadian butterfly coin. It’s beautiful and would combine my butterfly growing and coin collecting hobbies.

  399. i love all of the gifts. the signs for the garden are awesome but my favourites are the silver coins. i am a cook collector and these are beautiful

  400. Such a hard decision to choose just one! I’d have to go with the ornaments though. First of all, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Additionally, they’re a great way to memorialize monarchs every year during a time where it’s easy to forget about insects in the spring. The ornaments are something that can be passed down and enjoyed year after year. They’re so pretty!

  401. I would opt to give or receive one or more of the 15 Butterfly Garden Aluminum Pollinator Signs. I have many signs and flags already…you can never put too many reminders up in your garden. I like to place the signs near the sidewalk so that folks walking by will see them and maybe stop and talk with me while I’m in the garden. I think of it as passive education. Right now I have up my new “leave the leaves” sign front and center. Meanwhile everyone in this suburban neighborhood is whirling leaf blowers and paying for weekly destruction of the leaves. Maybe they will notice that I rake and put them into my gardens and my gardens are outstanding all season.

  402. I love day 3 Collectible Butterfly Coins. I never seen these before! So beautiful I love the colors on these coins. I would be so excited to open a box and see these.

    1. I love the t-shirt Butterfly Whisper! People see your t-shirt and ask about butterflies. Enjoy telling them how a raise monarchs in the summer from egg to release back into nature!!

  403. I would like 5 a, the joyful butterfly pollinator seed packet for my grandson that is becoming interested in raising butterflies.

  404. All of these gift choices are amazing! I especially like the Christmas ornaments – what a fun way to remind the family of the beauties which will be visiting us once the snow (in WNY) is finally gone. The t-shirts are another fun way to share what I do. I get lots of compliments and questions whenever I wear it. Anything I can do to educate the public and I’m all for it!

  405. Number 2 What a great T-shirt for working in the park at our pollination garden with my garden club! Its another way to share with people that come by to learn about the milkweed plants and butterflies 😀

  406. I want to wear the t-shirt that says monarch whisperer! It would make friends, family, and maybe even strangers ask about monarch butterflies.

  407. I would most like to receive one of the garden signs from #4 because I planted a big new garden this past year to bring my monarchs in and the signs would be a really cute addition!

  408. I would love to receive one of the garden signs! I’ve been working really hard on adding more native pollinator and host plants to my yard, and having a sign that shows that to folks walking by would be perfect.

  409. I LOVE the butterfly garden signs….I attempted to make my own and they were not as great as these!
    Great ideas! I will send my family the link!!

  410. The gifts that would mean the most to me is Day 1 either the caterpillar or monarch ornament. My Christmas tree is starting to look a lot like Monarchs and this would be a great addition to my collection. The other is Day 2 my family call me the Monarch Whisperer since I rear many Monarchs during the season and when I go outside they seen to gravitate to me by flying around me.

  411. I would love the monarch caterpillar coin because it reminds me of my dad who got me interested in both coin collecting and raising Monarchs. He passed away when I was sixteen but I still collect coins and raise Monarchs!

  412. I think the glass monarch tree ornament would make a great gift. In fact, just ordered one for my twin sister who lives in Northern CA. I live in SE Michigan and have been raising and releasing monarchs for the past few years. I have shared pics, videos, and the joy of releases with her. This summer she released her first 4 and now understands that wonderful feeling they bring to our hearts..
    In fact, she and her husband right now are at the Pacific Grove butterfly sanctuary. Can’t wait to see their pictures!

    1. Connie – I just read your amazing comment about the Monarch Butterfly Christmas ornament! What a coincidence as twin sisters living more than 2,300 miles from each other, that for Christmas 2021 we will be buying each other this beautiful ornament to hang on our Christmas trees. Thank you for teaching me so much about how to raise and release Monarch Butterflies

  413. The items of the 12 Days of Butterflies always ROCKS! Any of the items would be greatly appreciated by me but my indecisivness makes it hard to choose just one, but since I already give away Milkweed seeds, I planted 3 acres, I would love to receive the “All Pollinators Welcome” sign! I love, welcome and watch over all the life in my gardens. 🙂 I collect “bad bugs”, i.e.: Japenese Beetles 1 to 3 times a day while looking for Monarch caterpillers so I’m outdoor a lot and find them all very interesting. I would also hope that if anyone sees the sign, it would remind them to stop and think about the creatures who depend on us and find them as fascinating as I do!

  414. I would love to have the monarch tshirts. Actually, I just tried to order 2 as gifts ( to myself & daughter) , but they are all out of stock ?. They tell the world what we treasure. Besides they are just so attractive!
    Next in line would be the milkweed seed packages. ….. Never knew there were so many variations. They would be a welcome addition to my garden and great gifts.
    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us in doing our part in helping monarchs stay this side of extinction.

  415. Hello Monarch Butterfly Garden and friends,

    I personally would Appreciate receiving the Gift of Milkweed Seeds. We own five acres, and we dedicated an entire field back to nature. We also have a 50×50’ garden filled with pollinators, and we use no chemicals whatsoever and would love to keep adding milkweed. I have released nine monarchs total, and this year, we saw more monarchs on our pollinator plants than ever. This is an incredible opportunity to have the chance to increase the number of milkweed food for our monarchs. I love how we all here are trying to save them and working together! Good luck, everyone!

  416. When my Daughter received a Teaching position after she moved back to Michigan, the New School had an abandoned Butterfly Garden Space. She taught her Students of the need and importance of Polinators. The Students work diligently on this Garden and are in awe at the wonders it brings. I would love for her to win any of these wonderful gifts. Thank you for the opportunity.

  417. Oh my gosh, so many great gifts! I love day 3- butterfly coins- the monarch caterpillar one- I would love one for myself, because I’ve collected coins since I was young and I’ve never seen anything like this. I love it. I raise monarchs every year, and I love that.

  418. They are all good and would be appreciated by the recipient. Personally, I would like the t-shirts. I think they would do a great job of spreading the word. I like the signs but everyone in the neighborhood already knows I’m the butterfly lady!!

  419. I love the Monarch whisperer Tshits, but the pollinator signs would be an awesome addition to any garden.
    They are educational and spread the word on that these plants are most beneficial to our pollinator friends. I have had people stop while walking near my gardens as to what plants they are, a sign would spread interest in our pollnators.

  420. My choice is the milkweed seed collection. After losing all my shade in the backyard due to the derecho of 2020 I am regenerating my garden and a variety of milkweed would attract more pollinators.

  421. I would really enjoy giving or receiving the milkweed seeds. The organza bags are also a great item. So many great ideas here.

  422. The Monarch Christmas Ornament is beautiful. What a great addition it would make to my butterfly Christmas tree this year. It would definitely be a one of a kind. It would also be a great gift to others because the symbolism of the renewed life of the butterfly is a great parable to the reason for the season.

  423. I LOVE the Butterfly Organza Bags for Gifting seeds #5e. I just collected seeds from my milkweed with the intent of gifting them in my Christmas cards this year. These bags would be perfect! I definitely plan on placing an order!

  424. It is very hard to find milkweed in the city I live in. The city is cutting down all the milkweed. I am writing to te city about that, but anyway, if I could choose, I would pick seeds and the mugs.

  425. I would love to receive the gift of milkweed seeds to regift to all the people who come to tour my garden each Summer. People drive by and stop, people walk by and stop, people bike by and stop, just to ask if they can look. I love it! I’d love to spread the love of monarchs to everyone that stops!

  426. Love the t-shirts for advertising monarch butterfly and also the sign that advertised what the butterflies like to lay eggs and the caterpillars eat cuz people are always asking me what kind of plants do I have cuz I have tons of butterflies….

  427. I love the butterfly t-shirts and I am sure my friends who raise Monarchs would love them too. I already wear a Monarch mask and get a lot of comments on it. I released 81 Monarchs this year and I was so happy! I have had neighbors come over and learn all about raising Monarch so hopefully others will join our club in 2022. Around here you cannot just grow milkweed because the Geckos (Anoles) love to eat the cats and the eggs. That is why I have multiple cages and search out eggs and cats everyday. Tony ha taught me so much!

    1. I think this blog of ideas is amazing! I showed it to my hubby and he gave me my Monarch Whisperer tshirt already!♡
      I would love to have signs to display to promote awareness of taking care of all of our nature friends!
      Thank you for the blog and the information!

  428. I am in love with all of the butterfly gifts! The gift that I would love to receive and give most would be the caterpillar ornament (#1). The colors are beautiful and it is a reminder that life happens in seasons, as with the different phases of butterfly development as well as all of the seasonal holiday of Christmas. I also love the design of the ornament. Even though depicting a caterpillar on a leaf, I love how it also looks like a caterpillar enclosed in a chrysalis.

  429. I would definitely gift the ornaments of day 1, they are just so cute on a tree and a wonderful memory of me to gift. And I would love Day 2. I collect tshirts and they are perfect. AND I would love to win the signs for my gardens.

  430. Thank you for offering this contest. As a preschool teacher I would love to receive the milkweed and nectar seeds for the butterfly conservation project we do every year. The project starts in the spring with planting, which these seeds would be perfect for, and goes through to the fall where we tag our monarchs for the butterfly watch program. Any expense that does not have to come out of pocket is very helpful and much appreciated. For a myriad of reasons, this is also a wonderful gift to give but mostly it gives the opportunity to teach others about the importance of conservation. It is also heartwarming to know that when the receiver looks at the lovely flowers and wildlife brought to them, they will think of me .

  431. I would most like the yard signs. They looks pretty and would help to raise awareness with neighbors and passerby’s. I also love the beautiful glass ornaments but with the dog/cats/small children, they don’t seem to last long in our house.

    1. I would love the coins, the ornaments are so amazing , it’s all amazing

  432. All the gifts are lovely and would make awesome presents. 1st part question would be as a gift I think the milkweed and zinnia seeds along with the pretty seed bags would be the gift. And Why is only obvious. It would make the best gift to any ones garden, simple and pretty idea. It would spread the interest and either way if they plant them, it definately would benefit the butterflies. Which is what we are about.

    I also love the signs – because this leads to questions that you can share more information about raising the monarch.

    Thank you for all you do Tony. I always helps to ready all the tips and confirm what we are doing.

  433. Wow! All of the gift choices are amazing! I love to give gifts ~ to my Monarch Mentor, I would present her the “Monarch Whisperer Shirt” and the “Milkweed for Monarchs” sign! I am not sure how many monarchs she has raised and released through the many years she has been nurturing them. I became transported to another world when I first entered through the tall wooden gate into her lovely pollinator friendly garden. She has a huge, lovely patch of milkweed from which I did borrow some since my five plants were not sufficient for the caterpillars I had brought inside. Her enthusiasm inspired me to become a Monarch nurturer and her experience-based advise has been most helpful. I had a great experience and my family enjoyed observing nature close-up as well! I hope to have another grand Monarch adventure in 2022!

  434. They are all beautiful reminders of the joy of butterflies but most of all the Monarch. After raising them for over 20 years I have never tired of watching them grow from egg to the day they fly free.
    I love the Monarch ornament as it would keep them close in winter’s cold. The signs are also a wonderful idea as we are always explaining and educating people about our yard

  435. I love the Milkweed for Monarchs sign. It is really going to lead people to think of milkweed as more than a weed. I post my own signs on public milkweed patches, but these would be so much better.

  436. It’s a toss up between the first Monarch Glass Blown Ornament as most of my tree is covered with vintage glass blown ornaments, however, The Monarch Whisperer Tee is sooooo me. I’m constantly talking to my babies! Of corse, if gifting so someone else it would be any of the seed collections as we need all the help we can get to protect the beautiful Monarch!

  437. I would like to get the whisperer t-shirt. When my Dad passed away a monarch came and landed on my cheek. That was in 1985 and ever since I’ve protected my garden for butterflies. We had so many this year. I would gift one of the ornaments to a special friend.

  438. I would love to purchase Gift #4 as I am proud of my butterfly garden and would love to label it with those signs. My neighbor asked me if I was growing marijuana as I was collecting caterpillars one day from my milkweed. ? Maybe I need to buy them, so he can read my signs.
    I think the grey t-shirt with the butterflies would make a nice gift for a butterfly enthusiast.

  439. Thanks for the chance!?All prizes are great!Would love the collection of seeds,silver coins,signs.Also a surprise is nice!

  440. The Milkweed garden sign would be perfect for my garden to tell the lawn maintenance people DON’T SPRAY HERE.

  441. I would choose the Tshirt as the top gift to purchase! I could wear it all year long and enjoy the reminder of my dear catters and butters during months when they are busy in Mexico!

  442. All the gifts are well chosen and would be wonderful to give. The seeds and the signs would be wonderful to use at Placer Nature Center as we educate children and families about nature.

    Thanks for all you do

    Happy holidays,


  443. I would love receiving, and also giving as a gift, Day #5 of the milkweed seeds. For one reason or another, so much of the milkweed that used to grow wild in the fields is being destroyed, so it would be wonderful to create more milkweed beds in our landscape to add to the ones I already have started, plus give to others to start their own butterfly flower beds.

  444. All the gifts are lovely reminders of our beautiful Monarchs and pollinators. My favorite to receive would be the Monarch whisperer TShirt. A great gift to give would be the milkweed seeds along with the organza bags.

  445. I would love to receive the gray Fall Colors Monarch Butterfly T-Shirt. I can never have any “butterfly” clothing! It’s my passion to protect the Monarch.

  446. Wow, all of them are just great! However, along with loving Monarchs, I am also a Holiday enthusiast, so I would choose the ornaments to add to my collection.

  447. I always love the signs. I love hanging different ones around my property. It makes it fun when we have people over.

  448. The gift I would love to give is the milkweed and nectar seeds. I would love to help others get their own gardens started to help more butterflies. I would especially like to give them to children so they can start appreciating and helping the butterflies at a young age.

  449. I will gift a few things from #5. A few of my friends are interested in helping monarchs, so these will help them to care for them.

  450. All the gifts are beautiful and I’d be thrilled to receive any of them but especially the t-shirts. I love the t-shirt that says The Monarch Whisperer, I would wear that with pride.
    If I were giving a gift I would definitely give the sign that says Milkweed for Monarchs. I’ve gotten 2 grandsons started with Milkweed Gardens and have some growing at our house and at our cabin. I have a greenhouse that my husband built me and last year I started over 200 Milkweed plants to share with other Monarch enthusiasts. Before the snow I collected enough Milkweed seeds to start double that this next spring. I intend to go out on my husbands hunting land and plant some Milkweed plants this next spring so the Monarchs have even more Milkweed. It’s been a joke the last few years that instead of Johnny Appleseed I’m Granny Milkweed.

  451. I love the Monarch Whisperer shirt. I wear a monarch mask and the shirt would be another indicator for the preservation of our endangered monarch population. I raise monarchs and released 60 in 2020 and 50 in 2021. I’m dedicating a portion of my front lawn for pollinator flowers. The goldenrod is already planted and some common and butterfly milkweed seeds were just newly planted.

  452. I absolutely love the gray t-shirt with the Monarchs. Its abstract and different from any t-shirt I’ve ever seen. Speaks fall with the colors and happiness as the butterflies look as though they are dancing.

  453. I would like to receive the collectable butterfly coins to share with my granddaughter and my nephew’s daughter so they will always have a reminder of the joy we get from nature and from raising and supporting Monarch butterflies.

  454. The gift I would most like to give is the butterfly coins, that is something anyone can appreciate. The gift I would most like to receive (so hard to pick one) is the Butterfly Whisperer T-shirt. All of the gifts this year are really wonderful. I am still raising Monarchs here in Santa Cruz, I have two last babies and six in chrysalis . They don’t have far to fly to the winter groups, about a mile. For now there are several flying in my garden and sipping on the zinnias.

  455. I like the Monarch T-Shirts and garden signs the best.. I have a monarch flying around my garden today….it is sunny and warm here in Central Florida… .thanks Tony for all your helpful information…Have a nice Thanksgiving and Blessed Christmas..

  456. I love the t-shirts and the garden signs the best! I love promoting my love for Monarchs! also the coins are very pretty. thanks for the chance

  457. I love the Christmas ornaments!
    The beautiful Monarch ornament would make a beautiful addition to add to our collection of ornaments that reflect the activities and history of our family.
    Raising Monarchs has become a family activity that all members on our family enjoy!
    It’s time to properly add a Monarch to our Christmas tree!

  458. All 5 are such wonderful gifts that the choice isn’t easy, but I would select the sign that says “Milkweed for Monarchs” because it would likely elicit curiosity. If people who are unaware that monarch reproduction depends on milkweed, they will likely ask questions about the meaning of the sign. That gives us monarch advocates an opportunity to explain that the monarch life cycle is dependent upon a plant that is disappearing because of developments and lack of awareness. Increased awareness of the need for milkweed to prevent monarchs from becoming obsolete will increase the number of advocates who support and nurture these stunningly beautiful butterflies.

  459. So many wonderful choices, especially since number 5 has at least 5.
    I would like having actual seeds to plant that are specific for my area in Florida.
    I think that is #5, it is confusing since 5 goes from a-e.

    My current milkweed plants , non native are growing and blooming now. I cut them down about a month ago since the black and orange bugs were all over and destroying the plants.

  460. I would love to have the caterpillar ornament. It is so unique and would love to add it to my tree. We have raised monarchs from eggs and released 337 of them this year so it would be a great way to keep talking about them throughout the season.

  461. Tony,
    You out did your self! They are all lovely gifts to give and very personal. Hard choice to choose from. Personally, seeds are always great! I would also go with the T-shirts and garden signs. All the gifts are really a treat…

  462. I would like to give (and receive) the butterfly coins. My grandkids are already coin collectors and appreciate the monarch butterflies I protect, raise and release. The colorful coins provide a strong connection between these hobbies.

  463. Oh my goodness! So many gifts to choose from! Where to begin? The ornaments are adorable, the t-shirts are whimsical (I will definitely check out all the cute sayings on the Etsy page of mugs), the coins are a bit pricey, but probably more for a collector, the signs are a really nice personal touch, and who doesn’t want more seeds? Or perfect little bags to store or collect them in? I would love to receive any of these for Christmas, or Mother’s day, birthday etc… If I had to pick only two, I would choose any of the the cute mugs filled with seed packets! Thanks Tony for all the best advice, and Good Luck to everyone in the contest! Teresa Schwenk

  464. I like day #5 the best. We love planting flowers and would love to plant our own milkweed instead of trying to find it out in the wild. I also like day# 4 the signs. My kids and I all enjoy helping the butterflies and the signs would be a proud display!

  465. So hard to choose just one item!!! But the collectable silver coins would be the gift I would most like to give. Collectable and valuable and with my son turning ten the day after Christmas, it would make a great gift to add to his starter collection! Great gift idea!

    1. I love #5 though there are several I like. I would plant some and give some to friends! It would help give us an early start esp here in Texas where the freeze last year made things very hard! We would be ahead of the season!

  466. Wow! So many gift ideas. My first choice would be the caterpillar ornament. To me it is a reminder of what is to come. My husband and I have 5 acres at our home in Frederick County Virginia. Several years ago, shortly after moving here, a few milkweed plants popped up. Now we have a small forest! Although we didn’t see all that many Monarchs this year, we counted a lot of caterpillars. They were evidence that Monarchs had been here. We kept an eye on the caterpillars, and eventually saw a chrysalis or two. This year I saved a chrysalis when the milkweed leaf dropped to the ground. I put the chrysalis on a stick on our covered porch. It was a treat to watch the butterfly develop within. Then after the Monarch emerged, I was able to watch its progress for several hours. What a treat. Now, when I see a caterpillar, I’ll always remember that the best is yet to be.

  467. I love the day #1 ornament as my family collects one ornament a year (per person) to celebrate and add to our tree! It is a great way to look back on interests of the year and memories. My daughter (4) has been loving her butterfly hatching and has invited a lovely amount of butterfly activity to our garden this year. She would absolutely love this ornament and it would be a gorgeous addition to the tree! Happy Holidays!

  468. I would like Day #4 Butterfly Gift the most. The signs would add character to my garden and definitely would be a conversation starter. This could lead to more butterfly gardens and monarchs!!

    1. Day 10, in my opinion, is the most important tool for raising healthy Monarchs. Feeding your caterpillars cuttings instead of putting the whole potted milkweed plant in your habitat eliminates the possibility of having Tachinid fly larvae in the soil. Plus you can take cuttings from planted milkweed in your waystation promoting the milkweed to grow fuller.

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