Twelve Days of Butterflies-Butterfly Gift Ideas for 2020

12 Butterfly Gifts for the Holidays

Twelve Days of Butterflies 2020- 12 butterfly gift ideas to make a butterfly lovers heart flutter.

Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next four Saturdays three new butterfly gifts will be posted, until I’ve revealed all twelve gift ideas on November 28th. Before I started this annual butterfly gift ideas list 7 years ago, I had no idea how many wonderful butterfly-themed gifts existed. Based on research and recommendations, I strive to include unique ideas to help you find the perfect butterfly gift for someone special in your life.

And now, without further ado…The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2020!


Day 1- Butterfly Garden Stakes

butterfly garden stakes 1
Personalize for your Favorite Gardener

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Butterfly Stakes bring life to your garden 24/7/365 which allows you to experience the joy of butterflies even on the dreariest of days ?☃️

butterfly metal garden stake
Choose Your Color
  • Metal garden stakes made of high quality raw steel
  • Personalize top sign with two lines of text
  • Butterfly Stake comes in several colors
  • Order processing time between 1-5 days (check both listings)
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated

Choose and Personalize your Butterfly Garden Stake by Clicking Here

Buy a Metal Butterfly Garden Stake by Clicking Here


Day 2- Butterfly Face Masks

white butterfly face mask with colorful butterflies

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Hopefully, this will be the one and only year this gift idea makes sense for the twelve days of butterflies. But for now, we recommend spreading the joy of butterflies, and not covid-19. ?

black face mask with purple monarch butterfly
Monarch Mask
  • One size fits most- form fitting
  • Comfortable and Breathable- a mask MUST
  • Washable & Reusable (hand wash recommended)
  • Colorful Butterfly Designs
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated
  • Free US Shipping

Purchase White Mask w/ Colorful Butterflies by Clicking Here

Purchase Black Mask with Purple Monarch by Clicking Here


Day 3- Give the Gift of Milkweed…and Nectar Seeds!

4 pack of milkweed seeds- garden gift idea
4-Pack of Milkweed Seeds
Milkweed Seeds Mix 6 pack- Butterfly Gift Idea
6-Pack of Milkweed Seeds

Why is milkweed a good butterfly gift idea?

Milkweed is the lifeblood of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a valuable tool we can all use to help support the struggling monarch population across North America…

  • Milkweed is the conerstone of a successful monarch butterfly garden
  • Choose over 25 milkweed varieties to fit your region and growing conditions
  • Milkweed is a must for those who want to raise monarch butterflies
  • Milkweed is the gift that will come back every year to support new generations of monarchs

Purchase the 4-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

Purchase the 6-pack Milkweed Seed Pack by Clicking Here

Don’t forget that monarchs also need fuel in the form of nectar…especially late in the season as they fly an impossible distance to reach overwintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico and coastal California.

Asclepias curassavica (tropical milkweed) is both a host plant for caterpillars and a  favorite annual nectar plant for butterflies that can be planted across North America. It blooms continuously throughout the summer until first frost:

Annual Butterfly Seeds- Butterfly Gift Idea
Tropical Paradise

3a. Joyful Butterfly Garden Annual Seeds with Instructions

Annual Milkweed Seeds and Nectar Seeds- Butterfly Garden Gift Idea

Check out this butterfly gift seed pack below which features tropical milkweed seeds, zinnia seeds to support pollinators, and parsley seeds to host black (and anise) swallowtails:

Buy The Annual Milkweed & Nectar Seed Pack from Joyful Butterfly

3b. Ebay Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

For years, eBay offered the best big marketplace to find a wide variety of milkweed seeds and plants. It still probably has the widest selection of milkweed available, but the competition is catching up fast. eBay sells everything under the sun, and a good gift certificate choice for the budget-conscious buyer.

Purchase an eBay Gift Card Here

3c. Amazon Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Amazon has many of the same milkweed sellers as eBay, and more seem to be migrating over. Like eBay, amazon sells everything and a gift certificate here is a great choice for those who value product reviews from other customers.

Buy an Amazon Gift Card Here 

3d. Etsy Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Etsy is a place for selling home made products and crafts, and that includes seeds and plants. This marketplace wasn’t on my radar until recently, but there are a surprising (and growing) amount of milkweed species available here from reputable sellers and home gardeners. A fantastic gift certificate for those who value home made goods and crafts.

Buy an Etsy Gift Certificate Click Here

3e. Butterfly Organza Bags for Gifting seeds

Butterfly Organza Bags for Milkweed Seed Gifts

Organza bags can be used to tie around seed pods to collect seeds outside, and they also make great gift bags for seed stocking stuffers.

Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds

3f. Milkweed Seed Ornaments for Decking the walls…or Gifting seeds

Most likely, your milkweed seeds have already been separated from their fluffy white companions, but it you’ve got some fluff to spare (or a crafty substitute) you can make your own milkweed seed ornaments just like community member Patti S:

Milkweed Seed Ornament- Deck the Halls or a unique way to gift seeds

Find Clear Ornament Balls to fill with Milkweed Seeds and Fluff


Day 4- Butterfly Puzzles for Adults

Wooden Butterfly Puzzle for Adults- Gift idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Enjoy the beauty of butterflies indoors while challenging your mind…

Butterfly Puzzle for Adults- Small Wildlife and Nature Wooden Pieces
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Wooden Jigsaw puzzle with gorgeous detail
  • For adults and older children
  • ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ customer-rated
  • Free US Shipping

Purchase Medium Butterfly Jigsaw by Clicking Here

Purchase Large Butterfly Puzzle by Clicking Here

Check out more Unidragon Animal Jigsaw Puzzles Here


Day 5- Butterfly & Hummingbird Calendars

2021 Large Butterflies Wall Calendar

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Admire beautiful butterfly art throughout the year while getting organized for 2020.

2021 Wall and Pocket Butterfly Calendar
  • Pocket wall calendar has dual storage pockets for each month
  • Store prescriptions, appointments, bills, invitations, receipts, etc…
  • The pocket calendar is illustrated with beautiful butterflies and garden flowers by artist Jane Shasky
  • Large Butterflies Wall Calendars are 13″ x 14″
  • Lang butterfly calendar also features original artwork of Jane Shasky
  • Five ✯ Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Purchase a 2021 Large Butterflies Wall Calendar Click Here

Purchase a 2021 Note Nook Calendar Click Here


Day 6- Butterfly & Hummingbird Planners

Nature Inspirations Bird and Butterfly Daily and Weekly Planner 2021
Nature’s Inspiration Planner

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A Planner filled with the nature-inspired paintings by Marjolein Bastin will give you inspiration to plan for a better year ahead…onward and upward to 2021 ?

Garden Creatures 2021 Weekly and Daily Planner
Garden Creatures Planner
  • Nature’s Inspiration has Full-color image featured on each weekly page and dimensions are 7 x 0.6 x 9.5 inches
  • Garden Creatures has convenient sticker pages for marking important dates and dimensions are 7.5 x 1 x 9 inches
  • Both planners have Sturdy and Colorful covers
  • Both planners have sturdy spiral bindings
  • Useful Storage pockets in both planners
  • ✯✯✯✯✯ Reviews
  • Prime Shipping Available

Buy a Garden Creatures 2021 Planner Click Here

Find a Nature’s Inspiration 2021 Planner Click Here


Day 7- TALL Baby Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies

Clear View Mesh Caterpillar Cage- Watch Caterpillars grow through the butterfly life cycle from four see-through sides.
See-Through View

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from less than 5% to over 90%.

Tall Baby Butterfly Cage for Raising Monarchs- Butterfly Gift Idea
Drawbridge Door for Easy Access
  • Tall Baby Dimensions 15″ x 15″ x 24h”
  • additional height makes it easy to fit large cuttings or small potted plants
  • Raise 10-15 monarchs at one time
  • Drawbridge Door Design– no flap hanging in the way when accessing monarchs and milkweed
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Two Styles to choose from:
  • Cages with Viewing Window– recommended for indoor use or outdoor use in an area protected from elements or indoors
  • Cages with Clear Mesh – recommended for indoor use
  • Two zippers- meet at top of cage so caterpillars can’t ‘lock you out’
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • 7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Find the Tall Baby Butterfly Cage Collection Here (15″ x 15″ x 24h”)

Find ALL Caterpillar Cages & Raising Butterflies Accessories Here


Day 8- NEW Poo Poo Platter- FITTED Butterfly Cage Liner- 2020 UPDATE

Poo Poo Platter- Fitted Caterpillar Cage Liner for easy cage cleaning and portability

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Removable insert makes cage cleaning easier and also makes the cages more portable with accessories inside.

  • 14.5″ bendable platter fitted for baby cube and tall baby caterpillar cages. NEW– sturdier design November 2020
  • Makes cleaning easier with a removable insert: empty, rinse, replace, repeat ?????
  • Gives tall baby cage a solid floor so it can be transported without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • 7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Get Poo Poo Platter w/ raising supplies in Tall Baby Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 24″)

Get Poo Poo Platter w/ raising supplies in Clear Mesh Baby Cube Cage Collection (15″ x 15″ x 15″)


Day 9- Floral Tubes & Peg Racks for Feeding Caterpillars2020 UPDATE

Raising Butterflies Gift for feeding caterpillars- Large floral tubes + floral tube rack holder

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Large Floral Tubes + Holding racks system saves milkweed…and time:

  • 48ml large floral tubes hold more water for less refilling
  • NEWFlat Tube Lids (don’t pool water or ?)
  • NEWShort Peg Racks Prevent Chrysalis from being formed on rack
  • Stop wasting milkweed- leaves won’t dry out and have to be thrown away
  • Lids are sturdy and easy to remove and put back on tubes
  • Use for milkweed or other host plants to feed those very hungry caterpillars OR
  • Use with nectar flowers to feed adult butterflies
  • Easy to Clean in sink or dishwasher
  • Racks keep plants upright and secure
  • Set up makes it easy to space out caterpillars
  • Caterpillars not crawling around in ??
  • Purchase as a tube/rack bundle or 8 pack tubes
  • 7.95 flat rate shipping  OR
  • We Pay US Shipping if total shop purchase $50.00+

Buy 1 SHORT Peg Floral Tube Rack + 8 Large Floral Tubes Bundle

See ALL Floral Tubes and Racks Available


Day 10- How To Raise Monarchs PRINT Book

How To Raise Monarchs Book- Print Paperback Version

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Raising monarchs is an awe-inspiring gift of nature we should all be so lucky to witness. But when some try, their experience is cut short by disappearing caterpillars and deadly diseases. There’s a better way to raise healthy monarchs and I’ve layed out my process in a convenient new PRINT book.

how to raise monarchs print back bubbles
  • 108 Pages filled with colorful photos
  • Milkweed options for keeping caterpillars fat and happy
  • Time-saving tips for caterpillar care
  • Learn to raise with at least a 90% survival rate
  • Recommended raising tools and resources
  • Avoid deadly monarch diseases
  • Release your butterflies safely
  • Receive free book updates via email
  • 15% OFF when you bundle a book with a caterpillar cage or cage accessory
  • We Pay Shipping on all shop orders $50+

Buy a How To Raise Monarchs PRINT Book Here

Monarch Print and Digital Guides


Day 11- Monarch Life Cycle Sculpturesnow in smaller sizes

smal transparent chrysalis sculpture

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

caterpillar green chrysalis sculptures

A truly unique butterfly gift that can be use as eye-catching house decor or for educational purposes:

  • Handcrafted by artist Randy Peterson from clay, metal, wood, acrylics
  • new small sculptures range from 5.75″ to 8″
  • Large sculptures range from 12.5″ to 25″ tall
  • Small pieces start under $100
  • Durable but not a toy: Randy has used his original pieces for over 50 presentations and they still look good as new
  • Great for nature centers, children’s museums, churches, children’s rooms, classrooms, or any room in your home that celebrates nature
  • Hanging caterpillars and chrysalides come with a swag hook to hang from ceiling or check out alternative hanging options on Randy’s site:

Fine Art Sculptures of the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle


Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Support Monarch Conservation in Mexico with a unique virtual butterfly experience ??‍? ? ?

See the monarch sanctuaries- digital gift idea and experience
  • The only way to experience the Cerro Pelón monarch sanctuary in winter 2021
  • An affordable option to see the monarchs overwintering grounds
  • Learn more about overwintering monarchs in Mexico before planning a post-pandemic sanctuary trip
  • Educational (and fun!) Gift Idea for kids
  • A good option for older or disabled monarch enthusiasts unable to go on adventure travels
  • 15% of all proceeds go to the forest guardians that help protect the monarchs in Mexico.

Adopt a Colony– Receive Bimonthly Monarch Updates for Mexico Click Here

More Info on Virtual Butterfly Experience

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2020 and a big thank you for being part of the MBG Community. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas?? & a Happy New Year! ?

Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. I would most like to receive Day 10: Bring Home the Butterflies as I know there is always mre for me to learn. I would give Day 12: the Virtual Butterfly Experience for a couple reasons, 1. so that others could see how fascinating Monarchs are, 2. those who already love Monarchs, will really appreciate this virtual reality.

  2. I have been on the fence about trying to raise butterflies here in Florida. That book on “How To Raise Monarchs” looks like a great book, and if I had a copy, I suspect it would push over to fence to get started!

  3. I love all the monarch prizes, but I think the Bringing Home the Butterfly book would be a great resource. So far all my learning has been done online it would good to have all that information close at hand.

  4. I really like the “Day11” Life Cycle Sculptures. Gorgeous all year reminder of our far traveling friends.

  5. I really need the poo poo tray since I raise alot of monarchs here in FL.The sculptures would be a wonderful gift so beautiful.

  6. If limited to number 7-12, I would choose the book or the Mexico Monarch Experience, as I like educational presents!

  7. 7–Butterfly cage would be great. Not many Monarchs in SE South Dakota in 2020. The virtual trip would be great too as physically I could not walk or pay to get ther.

  8. Monarchs in Mexico! Please!

    Who wouldn’t want to experience Cerro Pelon Monarch Sanctuary?!

    What a beautiful virtual experience, let’s go!

  9. I got into monarch raising by accident. Years ago I planted my first butterfly ? garden and found caterpillars ?. I was thrilled but then they all disappeared. I was soo upset so I consulted a friend who raised butterflies and she educated me on why. Wasps were snagging those lil guys and my condo building had lots of nests under the eves. So I bought my first enclosure and I’ve been raising monarch and other butterflies since. I was also excited to be a part of helping out the population as I’d no idea prior that the monarch population was in dire need of help. And now I’ve inspired others to get into this wonderful hobby, especially during Covid lockdown. I also believe that butterflies are sent by angles and our guides, our loved ones to let us know they are around and still apart of our lives. I’m sure my Grammy (grandmother) continues to let me know when she’s around, showing up as monarchs. I just recently got my first tattoo. It’s a monarch, on my left shoulder. I’d love to post a pic if I could to show it off.
    Btw, I just found some tiny cats on my milkweed yesterday. Was so surprised after having not seen any on it for weeks. I’m in Florida where butterflies continue to lay eggs, but it surprised me because it’s been quite chilly lately.

  10. Day 7- TALL Baby Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterflies- so I can help to increase the monarch population and to teach my students how to do the same.

  11. I really think all the ideas are great!! for people starting, the seeds for their area would be great!! hope we have more visiting monarchs this year. my grandkids were even dissapointed this year. have a great hoilday

  12. What a generous idea this is. Thank you for all you do for the Monarchs.
    I have a tall cube but not the poo poo insert, so #8 would be nice. I raise 100+ most years, teach, share and give away seeds – anything to ‘raise the migration’.

  13. Oh boy..what to pick. The poopoo tray sure is great. Would definitely save a lot of clean up time.. I would give and receive. Both my mom and sister raise Monarchs too. They would love it. Also the virtual experience would be amazing to see. Raising monarchs has been a great way to get away from stresses in life. Relax and enjoy the magnificent wonders of nature!

  14. I love books, so the Raising Monarchs book is the obvious choice for me. I raised and released well over 100 monarchs this summer, only losing two, but know there is always more to learn! Books are such great resources to have whether you re just getting started in your monarch quest or are looking to improve your skills!

  15. The Floral Tubes & Peg Racks would be extremely beneficial to my project. I was asked this fall, by a local company that does all organic gardening/produce if I would be interested in setting up a small butterfly garden, house and display for the community. It would be located at their primary business. Imagine my joy of being asked to do this! The tubes and racks would be so much better than a little water bottle covered with saran wrap.

  16. I would love to receive the clear view talk baby cage – day 7. It would just be nice to see them from any direction.
    Day 10 – Bring home the butterflies book would be a wonderful gift to give to those who want to start raising caterpillars.

  17. I love the virtual monarch experience, either giving or receiving! I feel like seeing and helping to preserve where the Monarchs come from is so important.

  18. Adopt a colony! What a great idea for education and so beautiful.

  19. Love this! I would love either sculpture.
    Thanks for all the info you get out!

  20. I would choose the book about raising monarchs, because I love books! I also love to tell people about monarchs and this book would be awesome to recommend to them.

  21. Raising butterflies has given us seniors a new lease on life. This virus took our spirits and our joys away leaving us with loneliness and depression. Then we learned from a friend about raising butterflies. We are into this big time and we are smiling again as our flying flowers travel through our neighborhood. Our neighbors love seeing them too! Any gift would be cherished.

  22. I would love to give or recieve one of the sculptures . Theyre amazing. Number 12 the butterfly experience is very cool too.

  23. The Poopoo platter would be the best gift to receive being I have the cages and use round platters the square ones would be great! Thank you for the knowledge and tips for keeping these beautiful creatures happy and healthy.

  24. I would love a tall baby cage and the sanctuary experience! My cage has been damaged beyond use and who doesn’t want to witness a huge flock of monarchs!!!

  25. Your work with Monarch Butterflies is so wonderful! I took part in a Monarch Butterfly tagging project in Minnesota many years ago. It is so important to do everything that is possible to save them! Thanks so much!

  26. I would be all for the Poo Poo Platter! What a great and practical idea to help raise catepillars!! So convenient too. Would be great to try this out next season!

  27. I purchased the Day 5 butterfly calendar as a gift for myself. It arrived yesterday and I love it!! I don’t think I would even have known about this handy style of calendar without viewing your 12 days of Butterflies posts. I look forward to 2021 being a fantastic year for all of us, and for our winged friends.

  28. I would love day 2, the butterfly masks to gift and a sculpture for myself.

  29. #8 Poopoo Platter would be great to give to a person who wants a fast convenient way to clean a cage. Just pull it out snd dump and rinse. I’d like #8 because I am tired of “missing” bits of grass that roll out from under things!

  30. I have truly fallen in love with all of Randy Peterson’s amazing sculptures! I work at a school in SWFL and I know several of our Science teachers, actually, all of our teachers and staff would love to receive at least one of his amazing sculptures! I know I’d love to have one of each and then I would donate one to our school for our Elementary school children to learn more about the incredible evolution of the Monarch Butterfly! My husband and I have been growing milkweed and raising monarchs over a year now! This past year we released over 279 in a 3 month span! Kept us pretty busy every day we came home to release so many of these beautiful butterflies into our garden and neighborhood!

  31. Love the Christmas tree ornament! What a great way to share seeds. Wish I had seen this earlier as I had already separated all my seeds. Will keep in mind for next year.

  32. I absolutely adore Randy Peterson’s caterpillars ? sculptures! I want one for my desk at work.

  33. I would love to give the raising monarch book to my nieces. They are very curious and have a thirst for knowledge on many things. They would enjoy this. I would love to have one for myself, too, to be honest. The monarch sculptures are divine, and I would surely love to receive one of those for sure.

  34. I would like to receive the how to raise Monarchs book so I can learn more about raising them.!

  35. I think the gift of the Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures would be a great gift for my Wife. I would enjoy receiving the support a Monarch colony, I think that is a wonderful idea.

  36. I would love to receive the Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures. These are beautiful for the house and would look amazing in my Butterfly room. I have the earrings of all the phases and I wear them all the time. I think the calendars are a great gift to give, as well as the ornaments with milkweed seeds.

  37. LOVE Day #12 Monarch Experience! My dream is to travel and see this in person one day! I have tagged my Monarchs thru your program and would love to see their final destination!

  38. The butterfly gift I like most to give or receive is Adopt a Colony. I like this gift best because it will help our friends to survive the economic down turn in Macheros and to preserve the trees on Cerro Pelon for for the Monarchs and for us to visit again when the pandemic is over.

  39. There’s a lot of great gifts but my favorite is #11 monarch cycle sculptures they are so real looking and they would look lovely on display. They would remind me of all the ones I raised for 4 years.

  40. I would love to add a Tall Baby cage with the clear mesh to my raising room, but the small caterpillar sculpture is just so so cool, too! It’s a beautiful work of art. But, another Tall Baby cage would be great . . . . I tried something different this year. I laid my tall baby cages on their plastic window sides, and used paper towels as disposable liners, and fat cat tubes to feed everyone. I had 20 to 26 cats in one tall baby, at a time, and everyone had lots of room to roam during their molts and searches for the perfect pupation space. They used the entire ceiling, though 4 preferred a corner close to a window. This configuration worked so well, I could even do quickee clean-ups using a 3″ paint roller. Despite the drawbridge being sideways, it still opened and closed easily and allowed me all the access I needed. My garden space is doubling this Spring too, so, I guess another Tall Baby is probably best for me, “pretty please?”

  41. i would have to say that #11, the sculptures by Randy Peterson has my vote! They are beautiful! after years of raising monarchs I can not believe the detail put into this product. So impressed with his talents. I love the books but after all these years of following Tony, I think I would know most of it from heart. Great teacher Tony!

  42. These are all great gifts but I will have to go with #12. What a great way to spread the enthusiasm surrounding these beautiful creatures and encourage others to join in the effort to save our beloved monarchs. I love that a portion of the proceeds are used to help protect the winter forests and keep the locals engaged in preservation verses devastation.

  43. For me it’s a tie between gift #10 , written by generous Tony Gomez and gift #12 Cerro Pelon virtual tour.
    Sharing Tony’s wealth of information begins the healthy Monarch journey and saving their habitat through support ensures they have a home to fly to ❤️

  44. The gift ideas are all great! I personally would love to receive the garden butterfly stake & the masks. Would also like a large cage & floral tubes. I need a new magnifying glass too.

  45. Love the Poo Poo Platter. This past Spring my husband and I planted 1,000 sf wildflower bed and 26 Milkweed. We had the cages and raised and released 85 monarchs. The cages sat on our kitchen floor and I was constantly changing the paper at the bottom of the cages. The Poo Poo Platter is a fantastic idea and will have to order some and suggest to family as Christmas idea.

  46. I love the sculptures but am trying to declutter so I would like to receive the new square poo poo platters as I could put those to good use.

    1. I would like as a gift for myself # 2 Since we are wearing mask at this time I think this would be a good tool to bring up the subject of raising butterflies.

  47. I love day 11 the monarch sculptures. They would look great in my monarch display room

  48. I would most love the Monarch Life Cycle Sculpture as they are beautifully gorgeous. I love and enjoy the monarchs. I would also use it to teach my students more about the monarchs.
    These sculpture’s look so real, Randy is an outstanding artist, wow!
    Thank you for this chance.

  49. I love all the Butterfly Days of Christmas. Most of all I like the poop catcher!!! ?. There are times when I have 18-24 caterpillars at one time and sanitizing my cage is a lot of work. Such a great idea! Thanks for all you do! ☺️ So Day 8 would be a wonderful day for me.

  50. First of all, thank you for all that you do for the monarchs and us followers. You have been very helpful to both! I would love to win the monarch sanctuary virtual experience or the tall baby mesh cage to donate to the young family who was so interested in following our experience of raising monarchs. I shared with them via Facebook and already sent them two books on raising monarchs.

  51. Loving the 12 Days of Butterflies but wish it could be Butterfly day EVERYDAY and with that being said… I need some poo poo platters! LOL I would love, love, love this basic item as a gift! It amazes me how much caterpillers poop! Clean up would be a breeze with this item, and to share my passion for saving these beautiful creatures, I will be ordering and gifting “Bringing Home the Butterflies” and spreading the joy of knowing you’re making the World a better place!

    1. I would like to give and receive the butterfly sculpture. I think it is beautiful and it would be a great conversational piece.

  52. I would most like to receive the poo poo platter that covers the entire cage floor!
    I currently only use the cages for butterflies that have already eclosed, to give them time to dry and strengthen their wings.
    Having the entire cage bottom covered as such would allow me to use the cages for raising butterflies in a much more hygienic way!

  53. I would most love to receive the Chrysalis sculptures AND an “adopted colony.”

  54. I would most like to give the printed book because I love getting others hooked on raising monarchs and having a book handy is super helpful in building confidence. I’d like to receive the sculptures so I could enjoy monarchs in my house year round!

  55. I have to say that the gift I use and will continue to use most is the poo platter. I have purchased one for one of my habitats and think it is the best thing every time I clean it out. Everyone should have one of these in every habitat!! Thanks for everything you do and for continuing to educate me on this wonderful monarch culture. Merry Christmas.

  56. I think gift #12 would be the best to give to anyone. A virtual experience of the Monarch sanctuary would be unforgettable! I hope to someday visit in person, but in the meanwhile, this would be a wonderful way to enjoy the experience!

  57. I’d LOVE to receive the floral tubes and rack… it’s such a smart system and would help me waste less milkweed !
    I’d LOVE to give the Monarch sculpture to my garden mentor… she got me started on my Monarch journey over 30 years ago tagging butterflies for the Monarch project at KU…. she no longer is physically able to tend to a garden and I know that sculpture would make her smile every day!

  58. All the prizes are fantastic! I would love to gift myself day 10 the book on Raising Monarchs. I would love to have it handy to page through it as well as using it as a reference. I’m so glad it came out in print!

  59. As a life science teacher & nature enthusiast I would love to win these prizes. I have loved the sculpture artwork since the first time you shared a picture of his work. I have it saved on Etsy just in case I ever have a couple extra hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket. I would love LOVE to win!

  60. Of all the amazing gift ideas, the Monarch lifecycle sculptures call to me the most. I imagine keeping them on my desk so that every day I am reminded of the amazing gift the butterflies give to me watching them grow to a J, form their amazing chrysalis and then hatch into beautiful, healthy Monarchs. That is when I take them out in the sun to air their wings. Many have used my hand as a jumping off point to their freedom and migration. I am reminded every time I see a Monarch of one of my babies that have returned to lay their tiny eggs, or to have some nectar from the butterfly bushes I planted for them.

  61. While all of the gift ideas are terrific, I would most love to give or receive gift #11, a butterfly lifecycle sculpture. The sculptures beautifully capture the magic of monarch transformation. My husband and I are only in our second year of supporting the monarchs. We have had some challenges in our life recently, as have so many people. Not only has raising and supporting the monarchs become a life-affirming activity that we can share, but also the monarch itself has become a symbol of transformation and hope. Thank you!

  62. Personal favorites are the new life sculptures, but also the virtual material of the monarchs. It is difficult to choose only one. These in particular would be wonderful gifts for the individual who was a great gardener and promoter of conservation of the monarchs, but do to circumstances that are beyond their own control or status in life, are no longer able to physically or environmentally contribute to their desired hobby. But gifts such as no. 11, or no. 12, allows them some semblance of the monarchs and the ability to share their hobby with others.

  63. I would love the virtual experience. I miss the monarchs already. Released my last female on 11/20–way late for PA. Thankfully I still had a few blooms in my yard for her to nectar on before heading south. I’m hoping she made it! Being cooped up in the house with everything shutting down due to the pandemic I can think of nothing I’d like more than watching the butterflies vacationing in Mexico.

  64. I would love the fitted cage liners because it would make cleanup so much easier!!

  65. All of the gift ideas are wonderful, which make it hard to choose just one. I do love the Day 4 wooden puzzle and Day 12 virtual tour and all the seeds to help our monarch and give them plenty of food and shelter.

  66. I would love to win the day 7 Tall Baby Monarch Castle with drawbri dge and doors. I would gift it to my friend Donna that has few raising supplies. She just began raising Monarchs !
    For myself I adore the Monarch life cycle sculptures. It would give me something to look at during the long cold winter months when I’m missing my butterflies.

  67. I would love the fitted cage liners because it would make cleanup so much easier!! I love raising monarchs and added more cages this past year but they sure do poop a lot LOL!! Thank you and God bless!!! ❤️

  68. I love number 11 stages of a monarch statues they would make a wonderful gift to bring awareness to the life of these beautiful creatures also I would be estatic tod get these as a gift I am new at raising monarch I live in Maryland I raised 2my first year then 4 my second year and this year 13 woo woo so exciting thank you

  69. Day 1, 3, 7, 11 would be my favorite choices. This year having a baby cage made the difference being able to keep the caterpillars an chrysalis safe until they were ready to release as monarchs. I would love the garden markers for the garden and having more seeds to plant would be so nice! The sculptures are beautiful too.

  70. I love your news letter it has so much information. I am new to the butterfly world but learned a lot this pass year.

  71. I would love to receive number 8 the fitted cage liners for my cages. They would make clean up much easier and less worry about any caterpillars crawling underneath the regular round saucer liners. I need these for all of my cages!

  72. The sculptures are beautiful and so realistic! They would be a beautiful display to spark conversations about the importance of helping butterflies.

  73. The gift item I would most like to receive, or, to give is a Monarch Sculpture and stand!
    The Monarch is a beautiful representation of everything in the world that is good.
    It reflects feelings of freedom and peace and love.
    Such a lovely symbol of these virtues should adorn every home.

  74. I’m wearing the butterfly shirt as I write this and have been wearing my butterfly masks (very well made!) I hope I’ve ordered 2 square poopoo platters. I would LOVE to have the print butterfly book; what a super gift for a lady not so tech savvy. I could makes notes in it! Tony thank you.

  75. All of these ideas are great! Personally I would love to receive your book on Raising monarchs. I just know that it is packed with all the information and answers to the questions I have now, and have had in the past on my raising monarchs in Maine and in Florida!

  76. I would really like to gift myself the Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures. They are so pretty and would look amazing in our new house!

  77. Love them all but especially the virtual tour to Cerro Pelón monarch sanctuary in Mexico. I raise Monarchs and also give presentations on all local butterflies. One that especially was rewarding to me and enjoyable to attendees was when I spoke about the incredible journey Monarchs make each year. An actual trip to Mexico to witness the amazing site has been on my bucket list but have been putting it off. My husband and I were hoping to make the trip this year but he passed away in August (unrelated to COVID) and even now with COVID, it would not have been possible so I’d truly enjoy the virtual experience. It would give me another dimension to my future Monarch talks to be able to speak of my virtual journey.

  78. My small Master Gardener group here in SW Mo is installing an educational Monarch Watch garden.. at a local flower bed. Hoping to educate the public about the importance of helping Monarch and other beneficiaries insects.
    Would love the monarch cages in any size.. would catch the eye of the public to inquire. Will have informative metal markers for education al purposes listing pollinator plants and host milkweed varieties.

  79. I would love to receive #12 – the gift of virtually being down in Mexico where the Monarchs overwinter – it looks incredibly AMAZING! It also supports the Monarch Conservation in Mexico! 🙂

  80. Out of the 7-12 gifts, I would LOVE to be gifted Day 12 because one of my bucket list items before I die is to visit one of the sanctuaries. I already have purchased different raising materials, but I still would love those too because I will need more and more as the years go on and my raising increases. I had 100 monarchs at one time in The Flutter Hut (my butterfly house) this past raising season which gave me a tiny glimpse of what visiting a sanctuary would be like. I wish I could go so bad! It is a life goal, and I’ve thought about adopting a colony. This would be such an amazing gift! So thankful for your raising materials! They really are the best ones I’ve found!

  81. I would love the garden stakes or the virtual experience. The virtual experience helps to support the people in Mexico trying to save the monarchs.

  82. All these gifts are wonderful. I think my favorite would be the garden stake this time, but I would love any of these ideas. The garden stake would be perfect for my new butterfly garden. Thank you for this opportunity! Love this site for great information on helping the monarchs survive and thrive.

  83. Day 12 Monarch sculptures are the best of all these wonderful gifts!

  84. Day 12 would be my pick, I frequent Mexico every year but have never made it to see the monarch here. This would finish my bucket list!!

  85. It would be a great gift to get the Tall Baby Castle for Monarchs, but it would not be for me if I did. I already have the baby cube enclosure and it’s perfect. But the Tall baby enclosure I’d give to my neighbor who is going to be 11 years old next year. Teaching children about nature, especially these days, is so important. I know how much my husband and I enjoy watching and learning every year, when we raise & release monarch butterflies. I feel it would not only interest our 11 year old neighbor but her whole family as well. It’s better than watching TV.

  86. I would love the beautiful scripture to represent my love and dedication to raising and preserving the species so my grandchildren and their children can appreciate the beauty. I am teaching them the importance of every living thing no matter how small has on our survival as a world. Thanks

  87. Would love to give and receive the Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures
    they would be beautiful to display in my office and I could use them when I present my Monarch Butterfly program

  88. I would love to give “Day #11: Randy Peterson’s amazing sculptures to our relocated Panhandke Butterfly House in Pensacola, Florida so thousands of visitors could enjoy the amazing metamorphosis of Monarchs for generations to come. I would be tempted to keep them for myself but I know these belong as the showpiece of our grand opening this Spring 2021!

  89. I’ve been eyeing those sculptures ever since I first saw them on Facebook. They are exquisite. I’d choose #11!

  90. Day 8 The poo-poo platter would make all the difference in the world in raising caterpillars. Like all babies those little ones go a lot!!!

  91. I would love to win something I have all kinds of milk weed on my 5 acres

  92. #12 will make a difference. We all have family and friends who really do not need another thing but to be part of this amazing Monarch conservation is a very special gift. I would love it and I know a few folks who would too!

  93. This was my first year to have a butterfly garden. I was not prepared for raising monarchs. I didn’t see a monarch until late summer. I was so excited to finally see a monarch. I found some eggs so I went to a department store and bought an expandable laundry bag and started trying to raise monarchs. I like everything you have on your site. From the cages, floral tubes, seeds , books…

  94. I would choose Day #1 or Day #11. Something to decorate my butterfly garden, or decorate my home. : )

  95. I would definitely want one of the sculptures as I know many of my friends would love it as well. As a gift either for myself or for anyone else. They are absolutely beautiful!! And it would be our mascot all year round.

  96. While everything looks tempting I’m still rather new to raising monarchs and think I would benefit most from your book on Raising Monarchs.

    Thank you for all the information you provide us with, I’m learning lots in just 2 years. This year in Ohio was not good at least in Central Ohio saw few monarchs but they did stay only never saw them as caterpillars. Sad. Will try again next year!

  97. I would love to receive one of the monarch sculptures, they’d be so perfect to take with me and display when I do my presentations on conservation and gardening for butterflies!

  98. I would like to receive # 9 because I work with children who have trouble handling the caterpillars. This would make it easier for them to see them munch away in the tents. Teaching kids about this life cycle is truly a life skill that they can carry with them always. Monarchs rule!!!!?

  99. Tough choice! I think I’d go for the mini sculptures. We have girl scout trips visit our garden to learn about pollinators and do a release with us. The sculptures would be great to show them any parts of the life cycle that we may not have at the moment.

    Thanks for all you do!

  100. Of course I would love all the gifts. I have plenty of the mesh cages but would like to finally get the poop poop platters and some more of the short pegs and tubes. Gift 10 I have already purchased. I would love one of the sculptures especially the one with the cat and chrysalis and of course if you are a monarch lover gift 12 the monarchs virtual experience would be awesome. Knowing me if I don’t receive any of these gifts I’ll gift myself. Haha. Happy holidays and thanks for all your information and great products

  101. Sadly, I know you can’t ship (even a prize) to Canada?? because I’ve already tried to order supplies. However, day 12 would have been my choice to forward to my daughter’s special needs class. Her students would love it.
    Any of your prizes will surely be appreciated by the winners . Your ongoing informative emails are wonderful and still make it across the border! Thank you?? Ursula Schleen

  102. Day 10- How To Raise Monarchs PRINT Book would be the best because it would have all the facts and tips about raising monarch butterflies in one place that you can carry around.

  103. The print book would be the most helpful of all these. I tried just looking information up as we went along with our caterpillars, but we had a devastating turn-out & if I’d read the book, or at least had it as a handy reference, maybe we could’ve done better.

  104. Day 9 would be a great gift to give or receive because fresh hydrated food for our caterpillars is a must and this looks like it would word really well!

  105. I would love to receive #12! With Covid, if you can be at the sanctuary in person to have this amazing experience then having it virtual is 2nd best. It would definitely make me want to go there and witness this in person even more!!

  106. I would like to receive #12 – the virtual Monarch experience. My husband and I planned a trip for Feb 2019, and Feb 2020 to see the Monarch sanctuaries in person, but had to cancel each year because of Covid. The way things are going, this may be my only way to experience it! I also teach preschoolers about the importance of Monarch conservation and planting milkweed, so this would be very inspiring to show them!

  107. I just received the email about the contest. My dream has always been to see the Monarchs in Mexico!! I became disabled two years ago and now I fear that travel can never happen. I am so into Monarchs!! I have always loved them but had an experience which truly enlightened me! My husband and I help raise someeach year. We plant and grow milkweed and other favorites of Monarchs! I would absolutely LOVE to win # 12 Virtual Sanctuary by itself or bundle if possible. During these COVID times it would bring such joy and light to myself and my family!! The COVID times have also made things financially difficult for everyone this year. Thanks for your contests and all you continue to do for our butterflies !!

  108. I would love the calendar and the cage. I can never have enough cages as I learnt from this last year raising monarchs. And the calendar is just one of my favorite Christmas gifts.

  109. All of the twelve days gifts are great, but for me day 3 would be a great gift. Unless you have a bottomless bank account, you can never buy enough plants for all those hungry butterflies. Seeds would be the best gift for a gardening butterfly enthusius.

  110. I would love to receive #9, the Floral Tubes & Peg Racks. I have your original white floral tube rack, but have experienced having the cats build their chrysalis under one of the levels of it and I then had to move it. While I have been able to successfully do so by following your great instructions, I would rather not have to do so. ?

  111. I would love to have the sculptures for my teaching displays! And the extra cages would keep my baby cats safe!

  112. I would want the Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience for myself and my husband to view.
    Why? My husband has helped me start and maintain my Monarch gardens. This would be an incredible experience to share with him.
    There is joy in sharing the love for Monarchs.

  113. I would love the Virtual(#12) presentation . .to show adults through children the wonders of butterflies.

  114. Day 7 – Just few days ago, we had temperature dropped to 40’s at night, and I had to bring in 3 butterflies, two of them had damaged wings. I had to cut my laundry mesh bag to cover and butterflies hung on to it. One flew away the next day when the temperature rose to 70’s, and the other two struggled to fly but didn’t. So I kept them with me indoor at night with fruits for awhile. I enjoyed them.

  115. My wife and I have raised Monarchs for eight years and have been blessed to release nearly 1800 beautiful butterflies over that timeframe. Our most recent focus has been on educating others about Monarchs and the importance of all pollinators. The Day 12 Monarch Sanctuary Virtual Experience gift would be an ideal gift to help us expand our outreach activities.

  116. Any would be great. If I must pick 1 it would be The book on raising butterflies’ it would be awesome to share

  117. I would like to receive day 10, I can never read too much abt raising Monarchs!

  118. All the gifts are wonderful but 10 The Monarch Book and 12 The Monarch Sanctuary
    Virtual Experience have my votes. The Monarch Virtual Experience gives monarch lovers a chance to be part of something that most would not be able to take part in on our own, and seeing the butterflies make it to their overwintering home, is like a reward for all the efforts on our part, to help them make it there. The Monarch Book ultimately wins my vote for best gift because it offers experience, support and guidance, in a hand held book form, to anyone interested in helping monarchs – and in the end, that’s what we all want to do! Merry Christmas!

  119. I would love the seed bundle, but it I read this correctly it was the book about Monarch raising that caught my eye. 10 is my choice.

    1. wow, tough choice! But I have been trying to hint to my daughter or my sister that I’d love the TALL BABY with drawbridge ( no luck!) . I had butterflies in 2017, and wasn’t quite ready, as I had picked out plants at a local nursery in FL to create a Butterfly garden and never got a chance to plant them until a month later as my husband was sick with Cancer and passed away a few weeks later. A few days after his funeral., I looked out on the patio and saw a ton of caterpillars on my milkweed and screened patio! i was so excited!! i didn’t realize that there were eggs on them when I brought them home! it was so special! but i was unprepared and had to go get the kids kit from a store with science kits, but it wasn’t big enough for my plant, but it helped . We had 3 cycles of butterflies that summer! so awesome! later that year I moved to WI in Nov and didn’t know that I had more eggs with me and they hatched in December! i had caterpillars crawling all over my apt with no way to contain them as everything was still packed! so i bought a mesh hamper bag to put over them! i got 2 butterflies out of about 6-8 cats, and was worried about releasing them up there with the cold, even though we did have a couple 60 degree days, there were no plants for them to eat, so we found a butterfly garden inside a museum in Milwaukee and took them there. Everytime we had the butterflies I felt my husband near. I was always sad to let them go. Next spring I regrew my milkweed but was on a 5th floor apt patio next to a river, I never got any monarchs I want to try again soon when i get to my new apt before Spring and the Monarch book would be great so I can learn everything I need to know. Sorry this is long, but I am very passionate about my butterflies and that special story!

  120. I think it would be awesome to gift or receive day 12. My daughter and I raised 8 monarchs for the first time this year and had so much fun! I would love to be able to see them in Mexico and be able for my daughter to see this phenomenon as well. I think it would be fascinating for both of us!

  121. Tough choices! Most importantly, to give and receive, I’d have to choose Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience. With the sanctuary having to close due to the pandemic they need all of the financial help they can get to keep themselves, the forests and the butterflies safe. That would be an awesome experience for anyone. Also, with all of the time I spend on your site the printed book (Day 10) would be fantastic for easy, any-time reference. I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had these past 3 years without your site. (Can always use another cage too, and Randy’s beautiful sculptures – breathtaking!) So many great gift ideas.

  122. I also would love to give or receive any of the wonderful Monarch gifts listed.
    My favorite right now though would be the tall baby cage.
    I have worn out my only tall cage these last few years hosting the beautiful Black Swallowtail caterpillars on my potted parsley plants.
    My Monarchs haven’t minded sharing at all!❤️

  123. The most logical gift to give or receive would have to fulfill my personal goal to preserve Monarch Butterflies. Adopt a Colony is that perfect gift. My grandchildren would simply adopt every one. They talk to the butterflies ? too!

  124. I would love to get Day 7…I think the clear view is so nice for the butterflies…they can climb up on all four sides and it’s easier to see them!

  125. I would love to receive Day 11- Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures! They are all so beautiful. To me they represent potential and renewal and I would love to receive them so I could display them in my home.

  126. All the gifts are great. I would really enjoy the # 10 day monarch chrysalis sculptures they so real looking . It would look great watching the almost emerge chrysalis all year waiting for the butterfly.

  127. I’m dying for a caterpillar sculpture!! They are just too cool. My house is really tiny — just 800 sq. ft. — but it would be a neat challenge to find room for a couple of the full size sculptures. My favorite is the one that’s turning a corner as it climbs.

  128. I would love gift #10!!! This book looks amazing. I have 3 grandchildren that have become avid hunters and over the last 3 years have studied everything on Monarchs they can find on you tube! My youngest is 3 and this picture book would be so nice for all of us to learn more. ? we will win this!??

  129. picking Day 9- Floral Tubes & Peg Racks for Feeding Caterpillars if only because I still need something more secure for holding milkweed for feeding. I would have liked the tall boy enclosure but, I have a cat that likes those too much!

  130. I love the day 11 gift!! They are very unique, and look realistic too. What a great idea and wonderful gift for someone to receive who loves monarchs!!

  131. I would like to be gifted day 10 book on how to raise monarchs. This year was my first year raising monarchs and I didn’t have a very good success rate. I belong to several groups including this one and also did my research before even getting started, but I still had a hard time. I know I shouldn’t worry too much about it, but it was really sad for me. Nonetheless I loved seeing the ones that did make it.

    1. Don’t be sad!! Last year was my first year, and I felt like each death was all my fault. In part, it was, but this year, was vastly different. There were still a few deaths, but I raised and released 28, and saved four tiny lives that never would have had a chance, otherwise. All my equipment is now sanitized and packed for the the season, and the “caterpillar nursery” (spare bedroom), is a plant nursery, until next August. So, chin up, keep studying and planning, and next year you’ll be all smiles, and so will your cats and butterflies! . . . hope this helps . . . .

  132. I would like the Poo Poo platter. I do not have one & it would make clean-up so much easier.

  133. I want to receive and give the fitted poo poo platters to go with the baby and tall baby cages I have and the ones I’ve already given to a daughter and her 10 children. We purchased the larger tubes/racks last month but weren’t aware of the fitted platters that could have been added to that order.

  134. I just love the milkweed seed ornaments! Perfect for this time of year. And love the butterfly garden seeds packet would sure bring more butterflies to anyone who loves them like I do. There were so many great gifts to choose from!

  135. Love monarch cage with our without drawbridge
    Have several common milkweed that had cats last year
    Getting into this fun part
    Want to make sure they survive

  136. Are you kidding? Can there be any better gift or prize than the virtual experience??? I have a dream to someday travel to Mexico to see the monarchs in their winter home. So hope this becomes a reality someday!

  137. Day 11. I love to marvel at the stages of the beautiful monarch butterfly. I share pictures with all my friends. I welcome neighborhood visits to share my joy in raising these miracles of nature. I would truly enjoy having the sculptures during the off season to remind me of what’s coming next summer & fall.

  138. I would love to give the tall cage to my grandchildren who love to look for butterflies with me and they get so excited! I would love #6 planner to keep me organized.

  139. I would love to receive gift #10. It would be a great reference book for me to use.

  140. I would love to get the Bring Home the Butterflies book. I raised my first Monarchs this summer and was always questioning myself on whether I was “doing it right”. The book would be helpful to quickly look something up without having to stop and pull info up on my phone or laptop.
    I would also give a copy to my daughter who just purchased a new home that is near protected wetlands and she already has seen many new birds, and should also have a lot of butterflies this summer. I’m also hoping she’ll decide to raise her own Monarchs next summer and the book might help to inspire her to do it.

  141. Hello. I would love to receive Floral Tubes and Peg racks. I have baby caterpillar habitats that I used this year when I raised monarch caterpillars inside. It was exhausting to go get the caterpillars new, fresh leaves every couple of hours! They ate like crazy! The floral tubes would be extremely helpful so I wouldn’t have to go get leaves as many times a day. It would make my experience of raising monarch caterpillars more enjoyable.

  142. I LOVE all the gift ideas. I would love to receive Gift #11..Monarch sculptures. I would display them where guests would see them…would be a great education tool to teach Monarch life cycle. Thanks for the chance!

  143. I lost a lot of caterpillars this year due to heat and who knows what other causes. I would like to have the book so I can have a more successful season next year.

  144. Personally I would love to receive any of the gifts for the 12 days of butterfly gifts but if I were to give one it would be the book. What better way to get someone interested in the process and help them on their way to becoming a monarch mother! I’m new to this process myself but I did release one monarch in 2020. Next year I’m planning a whole new garden and hoping to release many!

  145. I would like to receive the print book “How to Raise Monarchs”. I am the manager of a community nature park and have been raising Monarchs in our greenhouse for several years. This summer, I will be having classes for Beaver County Master Gardeners on how to grow Milkweed and raise Monarchs.. The book would help me organize and provide information for my classes.

  146. I love # 7, the tall baby Monarch castle. I’ve been raising Monarchs for several years using makeshift equipment. It’s worked fine but your products would make it easier. I actually purchased a butterfly cube for my brother and will be giving it to him for his birthday.

  147. Tough choice..#9 would make cleanup easier. I love #11 the sculptures are amazing!the kids I teach would love them. #12 because its a special experience thst should be shared.

  148. Day 7 – 12: I could use #9 to hold milkweed stems with less refilling. I think I might prefer the short pegs. Also I would love to participate in the virtual butterfly sanctuary, #12. The experience would be wonderful and the price to enter supports the work being done to help the monarchs.

  149. Days 7 – 12: I was going to get Day 12- Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience for myself. But I had issues with the payment options. This is a place I really want to visit. Day 10- How To Raise Monarchs PRINT Book. I bought the electronic copy a few years ago. I am very happy with this book. Day 11- Monarch Life Cycle Sculptures. These are beautiful. I wish I had someone to give one to. My tiny NYC apt with 2 cats (Meow type ^!^) would not make this very practical. What little room I have I will need for raising my Manhattan Monarch caterpillars. The little munchers (and poopers) take up a lot of the space in my apt. I can usually raise, at most about, 15 cats (not the meow type) at atme safe from the other cats (meow cats).

  150. Hi i would like to receive #7
    . one can never have enough cages!! ?

  151. Wow! I would love Day 11 as a gift to myself after my new-found love for these beauties! I could really use Day 8 as I plan on buying more of the tall mesh cages which work well when I keep the smaller cats I find on outdoor plants separated from my butterfly sanctuary until they get a little bigger We moved a year ago about 15 miles away from our old home and I noticed several monarchs so I bought a few milkweed plants. Little did I know it would turn into a full-time hobby! Great stress relief from my regular job and of course the 2020 pandemic lockdowns. My family says I’m the monarch butterfly mom of the year. Even my husband made it easier for our growing butterfly family by building me a 7 x 7 screened-in garden to keep them more safe. I honestly have no idea how much I have spent buying milkweed plants to keep them all fed!!! To date, I have released 211 monarchs over the last 8 months. We have lost many cats and butterflies too 🙁 but I feel like I have contributed to their population!! I have taken several hundred pictures and videos and I’m pretty sure I have caught every possible monarch activity but it’s not over yet as I currently have at least another 20 chrysalides waiting for their special day and a couple dozen cats eating every milkweed in site. apparently they aren’t interested in migrating any further south for the winter! I so appreciate all of the knowledge i have gotten from this site 🙂

  152. I love it all but would find the tall baby cage really useful! Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  153. I would like to give or receive #10, the “Bring Home the Butterflies” book because I ended up raising monarchs for the first time this year after planting my first milkweed and noticing that none of the caterpillars were making it to adulthood. Although I did a lot of research on the internet, I had to learn a lot through trial and error and it would be nice to have a reference book or to gift a book to help others easily raise monarchs.

  154. I see that I answered incorrectly if I am only to choose between gifts numberted between 7-12. I would still like to most give Day 12 for reasons already stated but I would most like to receive Day 10, How to Raise Monarchs. I am always learning new information on raising monarchs – when I think of how uninformed I was in the beginning, I know this book would help me even more.

    1. I would like to try the tubes that keep the milk weed fresh. I already purchased cages for Two of my great grandchildren to help them start raising butterflies. This will be my 3rd year to raise them. I really get excited.

  155. Wow! Love the gift ideas! Lots of great choices! I would choose the milkweed seed packs. I recently purchased your online book and am going to work on my methods to be more successful with monarchs that visit my garden. (Passing on info to husband!) I want to plant more milkweed varieties in different areas in my yard so I don’t run out like I did this past year! ( Thankfully, I read that you had heard butternut squash can be an alternative food and it worked for the last few hungry cats!)

  156. As a Monarch Momma, I told my husband to get me a new mesh Tall cage, a poo poo liner and more tubes! My caterpillars here in South Florida are overtaking the garden. Luckily, I have one tube set, so comb I my yard for cuttings! Keep up the good work. Thank you. Happy Holidays!

  157. I really love the lifelike small sculptures, but I would pick the virtual tour of the Mexican sanctuaries because that contributes money for them to continue the valuable work to preserve the oyamel fir trees.
    As a gift, I would pick the book on raising Monarchs to give to a friend who has asked me so many questions about what I’ve done each summer for over 20 years.

  158. Going to Mexico to see the Monarchs is my lifelong dream. Since 2020 was filled with Zoom mtgs & webinars, I think the virtual visit is a great gift to give or receive.

  159. I have already ordered the printed book of Raising Monarch Butterflies and will use it to start my new hobby. I would love to be able to raise my own milkweed so I will be needing seed. When I get the cage I need, I would love to have plant holders. I am very excited to start and help Monarchs survive.

  160. Oh my goodness, I’d have to pick #12 the virtual monarch experience. What a wonderful gift option! I wish I knew about them before the pandemic hit, I would definitely visit in person!!

  161. # 9 is a must-have for anyone who already has a cage. Keeping the milkweed healthy was tough and this looks perfect. We raised Monarchs at camp in 2019 (no camp in 2020 🙁 due to state closing of all overnight camps in CT). Watching the faces of our campers and staff as the butterflies emerged is something I will remember forever.

    A package of # 7, 8, and 9 for new enthusiasts is perfect.

  162. #8 for my choice, the fitted cage liner makes the clean up SOooooo much quicker and easier when the big cats are voraciously eating near the end

  163. #7 for me, if I were giving a gift. Anyone beginnings to raise monarchs would need one, and I’d supplement it with other supplies to get them started. Winderful gift to give and receive!

  164. I would choose #7 and #10 . Great gift ideas for a friend who is starting out on this beautiful journey. All wonderful ideas!!

  165. With so many great gift ideas it is hard to pick just one, but I guess i would have to chose the Print book because it would serve as my monarch bible! It is not always easy to find great advice on how to raise monarchs, but with a book like this I could have all the great info at my fingertips where I go, and then I could also read to the caterpillars in my butterfly garden! =)

  166. I would love to receive the Monarch Sanctuary Virtual Experience because I don’t know if I would ever be able to experience it in person! What a wonderful experience to see over and over again!

  167. I think days 9 and 10 are the best gifts in this segment. The tubes and racks would be a good gift for my granddaughter (age 8) who raised her first batch of monarchs last summer and had a time cleaning the cage bottom (or probably her mom helped). And the book would be a good gift for me because I like to have information right at hand.

  168. Lots of great gift ideas. I especially like the wooden butterfly puzzles. I love putting them together, then framing them. I also like the Monarch face mask. Can never have too many of them.

  169. Day 9.
    I’d love this for next season for my tall mesh container. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it will make it much easier to keep the milkweed alive & not waste it.

  170. They are all wonderful and too hard to choose! Perhaps the planner? I love her artwork.

  171. I would love to receive the poo poo platters because it would help my cage cleanup routine soooo much!! Thank you so much for doing this every year, I always look forward to seeing your monarch gift ideas!! God bless!!

  172. I loved all the gift ideas, but the tubes and holders were especially interesting to me. I raise Monarchs in Florida and often need to use cuttings to keep the caterpillars fed. The tubes and holders would keep the cuttings fresh and healthy. I also like the poo pads. It sure is an easy way to keep the cages clean. Thanks for all your helpful information throughout the year.

  173. To receive any one of these items would be a wonderful gift. But to give would be a dream come true.
    I am a first timer so to receive the tall monarch cage would be a blessing . This would be a treasure sharing this experience with my granddaughter. I would gift her with any of your gifts. All are unique

  174. Oh my, I would love the tall baby, tubes and rack, new poo platter, the tall baby castle, the planner.
    I am working on finishing a monarch waystation and getting it certified. I am sharing this with my 5 year old granddaughter who raised painted ladies from cats last year. The book would be educational for her, as would the planner. We are also going to tag, along with the release this year. All are awesome gifts, any would be greatly appreciated.

  175. I would like to receive the Raising Monarchs print book (in fact, it is already on my list!). I am a book lover and avid reader, and this would be a nice addition to my book shelf.

  176. #9 Floral Tubes & Peg Racks for Feeding Caterpillars– 2020 UPDATE
    I like them because it is easier to move the racks than the entire cage. They are great for limited space.

  177. I would love to have the
    Day 7- TALL Baby Monarch Castles with Drawbridge Doors ?– Raise Butterfli. I raised 28 monarchs this year and would love to have this to provide for even more next year. It would be a great gift and learning tool for my grandchildren to see the stages from caterpillar to butterfly.

  178. I would love the monarch sculptures or the Garden stakes.Beautiful gifts!

  179. I would like to be able to give a complete set of the Monarch sculptures to our Nature Center. The set would be a terrific educational tool and a beautiful display.

  180. I would love the virtual experience or the sculpture. I will be purchasing the experience just so I can support them.

  181. I would absolutely LOVE one of the butterfly sculptures!!! How beautiful!!!! It would definitely be a great piece in our home.

  182. I would love to receive the butterfly metal garden stake…… it is a cheerful reminder that better days are coming! 🙂

  183. The book on how to raise Monarchs. I have plenty of friends that want to know how!

  184. The gift I would most like to receive is the poo-poo plater. I pick up piggy poop, duck poop and parrot poop in addition to caterpillar frass. Anything that makes that easier is welcome. The gift I would give would be the calendar, it is so beautiful and I know it would make people smile and feel their hearts are lifted by the spirit of butterflies.

  185. I love the Monarch Sanctuary VIRTUAL Experience for myself, I never know if I will go there it would like being there.

  186. I would give #10 the print book because it would be a good reference source for someone to learn how to raise Monarchs. I would love to receive one of the sculptures. They are beautiful and would look great in my butterfly room.

    1. I would like to receive Day 8, the poo poo platter. This would make poo poo cleaning a lot easier!

  187. I would love the a butterfly garden stake, and an ornament with the seeds inside to give a friend. I am excited about this contest! Thank you and stay safe.

  188. Too many choices!!! Of all choices, my first pick would definitely be to receive one of the small monarch sculptures, especially the monarch chrysalis about to emerge! I think both green and emerging chrysalises are beautiful, but there is something so magical about them during that window before they emerge. These sculptures are simply gorgeous and the smaller size would be just perfect to remember our monarch friends year round!

  189. I would love to receive the Day 11- Monarch butterfly display sculpture…it would look fantastic on my table for the next Earth day event. Last Earth day event was cancelled….fingers crossed for next year.

  190. All the gifts look great, but if I had to pick one or two to either give or receive, I’d choose a butterfly face mask or a garden stake. They would last and could be used for many years, plus they are nice for anyone who likes butterflies, whether or not they raise them.

  191. I would cherish any of these gifts. My youngest granddaughter and I have raised monarchs for 5 years now. We both get so excited when we know a female has deposited eggs.
    The stakes would be a lovely addition to my milkweed garden.
    Who can use another house or popolo mat?
    Seeds for the variety would improve my ability to raise other butterflies.

  192. I would love to give/receive any of the wonderful projects, but, top 2 would be #7 (cage) for grandchildren to enjoy raising/releasing butterflies and #12 adopting a colony to support those who migrate successfully.

  193. #2 (ha ha ha) the PooPoo platter…bc it’s a poo poo platter!

  194. I would most like to get the Monarch Virtual Experience because I know there is little chance I may get to see the sanctuaries in person, and this would be a great alternative option. Seeing them has been a life-long dream, but as I get older, traveling is less an option.

  195. So getting a few copies of the book! My mom has been raising monarchs for 60 years and there is always something new to learn. And one for my friend and one for me too!

  196. I would love day 7 – the TALL Baby Monarch Castles. I’d love to gift it to my friend who just started raising Monarchs. She would enjoy it so much!

  197. I personally like the colorful monarch print book number 10. This would be a wonderful book for reference and also share with other people who have been interested in raising monarchs. After my first summer of raising 29 monarchs this past summer and sharing my experiences, people have come to me with questions.

  198. Would love to give and receive the monarch sculptures. They would be beautiful to place around the house and to use in my Monarch Butterfly presentations

  199. 100% would love to receive #11, the ready to emerge one is my favorite because it’s absolutely beautiful and my favorite part of rearing monarchs when they are ready to eclose!

  200. I’d give #7, the large cage. Unimaginative, perhaps, but who doesn’t need another lovely butterfly cage? I love my small one!

  201. These are all great ideas! Personally, I would love to receive the monarch sculptures. I’m especially eyeing the one of the chrysalis just before opening. That has always been my favorite part of the life cycle and, though I’ve raised hundreds, I am always still in awe watching my monarchs emerge.

  202. I would love to give #10 to my grandchildren. They love Monarchs and could learn so much by having the book

    I would love to receive #10. The sculptures are so beautiful and would look so good in my home reminding me every day of the winter about what is to come

  203. I would love to have No. 1. The garden stakes would let everyone know this is my space. This is where I go to just have peace and quiet from this busy and stressful world. The “butters” flying around bring contentment and smiles to me. My second choice would be No. 2. I make our masks and cannot find butterfly material…….so these would add to my “stash” and of course a Segway into the discussion of butterflies.

    1. Day 9 and 10 would be perfect ! I just released my first healthy Monarch! My wife and I are hooked! We absolutely love the process from caterpillar to butterfly!

  204. Kat Calhoun in CT = I would be happy to receive ANY of these great butterfly gift ideas 1-6. 3e is my top pick only because I’ve already ordered organza bags for gifting seed packets. I love the copper butterfly garden stakes, #1 … and would even like multiple colors of butterfly stakes. The face mask is generally not something I would want. However, in the time of pandemic, I would much prefer to wear a butterfly statement than anything else!

  205. Milkweed seeds variety packages would be great because once the Monarchs arrive you never seem to have enough milkweed.

  206. To give &/or receive: Milkweed seeds would be fun to try–I’ve never grown them from seed–there were varieties that I’ve never heard of.
    The Posh Garden Creatures Planner–cheery cover all year long–all sorts of goodies inside to help a person stay organized.

  207. I would be so happy to receive either of the garden stakes!! We have butterfly garden decor all around the yard, year round. The gift I love giving is the milkweed ornaments. I made several dozen last Christmas with two different size ornaments and two different types of Milkweed seeds. Not only do they look beautiful as an ornament you can also repurpose them after Christmas by planting more milkweed for the Monarchs. 🙂

  208. I totally love your site even tho I’m from Florida .I found 6 cats today after 3 months of storms ,I was in heaven .I love raising them ,this was my first year ,I had raised 39 monarchs and a few other species.Now I can start counting my Monarchs again .I love the mask 2020 yuk .And for giving it would be awesome to give the organza bag ,so cool .Thank you for all you do??

  209. I would love to give and receive Milkweed Seeds! They will make great gifts for my gardener and interested in gardening friends. There can’t ever be too much Milkweed in and around our Earth!

  210. I would absolutely love all the gifts but the one I’d like to gift to others or to myself would be the calendar as I could see butterflies all year round then and it looks like a very nice calendar. 🙂

  211. What great ideas for Christmas gifts! I would choose for myself one of the Day 2 masks, as it would put a smile on everyone that I encounter. For gifting others, Day 3 milkweed and nectar seeds would be great for my daughter. She just bought a house near where I release my fall butterflies heading off to Mexico. Her yard definitely needs a butterfly pollinator garden. My grandaughter would love the Day 4 butterfly puzzles. She was the one that got me into raising Monarch butterflies along with her this last Spring. Just what we needed, outdoor activity we could do together during the shelter in place due to Coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, this time will pass and things will get back to normal.

  212. The day 1 garden stake would be my favorite gift to receive. I love placing items like this in my garden, they add a nice touch to the plants and flowers. I also like the day 3 seeds, you can never have too much milkweed! I also like the day 6 journal, I like to jot down just a note or two daily.

  213. My favorite gift would be the beautiful organza bags…they would add a lot of color to my garden when placing them over seed pods! The best gift to give to someone would be the 6 pack of milkweed seeds! After all…you can’t help monarchs without milkweed!

  214. Awesome post!
    I would be so honored to be a winner! Unfortunately this season was a tough season on our Monarchs in CA. I feel that the soot from all the fires and the numerous days on end have affected our little friends. I would love to ramp up what I have since my habitats are now getting old and need replacement. I look forward to a fresh start in the spring and have hopes of better success in raising them to butterflies!!

  215. Enjoyed seeing all the gift ideas and look forward to seeing the next. 6. I loved the little seed bags the best. I often pass on seeds to friends. The personalized yard stake was also an awesome gift choice.

  216. Such wonderful gift ideas & products! The puzzles are a great idea for families during the Pandemic! We have been doing many with birds & butterflies!
    I just love the 6pack of milkweed seeds! My grandkids really enjoyed the activity surrounding the milkweed & butterfly cycle this year so the seeds would be great for the five of them! And the pocket calendar is wonderful & useful too! Beautiful & practical! The stakes for the yard are a good idea for many too! Great Choices!!!

  217. I love the masks and especially the seeds. Seeds are the gift that keeps on giving.

  218. Its so hard to choose! I think I love them all with such cheery/colorful choices! Any of these would make great gifts! But if i have to choose, it would be the butterfly face masks or the butterfly wall calendar- with the pockets to keep receipts, seed packets, appointment cards-a genius idea ?!!! Love it! ?

  219. I like the seed packets, butterfly face b masks and the butterfly wall calendar!

  220. I liked the masks and the ornament. The calendar is always a good gift as well.

  221. I agree with many who have suggested the Milkweed Seeds would be great gifts to give. The more milkweed growing, the better it is for our Monarch beauties. I also love the ornament and the planner. Raising Monarchs has been marvelous and mesmerizing!!

  222. I love all of these! Hard to decide, but have two favorites:

    The first is for giving. I love the seeds because these ultimately will help the monarchs …and all pollinators. Giving these helps educate people while proving food and nectar.

    The second is for receiving. Love the ornament idea! It’s an enchanting way to admire and remember the butterflies over the cold winter months. This is the gift I would love to receive.

  223. Great gift ideas!! The garden stake, seeds, calendar all would be nice to give or receive !

  224. I feel that the seed packages are the best gift to keep the migration strong in all areas possible.

    By planting more Milkweed we ensure the best possible opportunities for a strong flock

  225. Day 3 seeds will be the most beneficial. They will grow needed habitat.

  226. All are wonderful, but my first choice for giving to others or to receive myself would be the masks. We can show we care about BOTH other people and about butterflies by wearing these pretty masks. When I wear my Mother of Monarchs or other butterfly shirts, people ask what it’s about, and the masks will have that same effect. My second choice would be seeds for gardening friends.

  227. I love the butterfly garden stake. The butterfly calendar would be useful and beautiful.

  228. So many great gift ideas! I’d have to go with the butterfly face mask if I had to choose, because it’s such a great way to showcase my passion while staying safe. After all… I see so many football team masks!

  229. I would pick the garden planner for 2021. I love the nature artwork by Marjolein Bastin. She is one of my favorites. I like to keep notes and observations from my butterflies and plants. This would be a perfect gift for me!

  230. I would love the butterfly stake where i could personalize the garden. I would also love the milkweed seeds since I have a hard time finding seedlings.

  231. This is my first year raising Monarch butterflies and I simply love it! It is such an amazing process to watch them grow from the tiny eggs to the big beautiful vibrant butterflies they become! My daughter’s science teacher first inspired me last year to get involved and it has been such a beautiful process! I would love the garden stake to add to my plants inviting the butterflies to return. I also love the Christmas ornament which reminds me of them! Your website is beautiful and it is my go-to place for questions. Thank you!!!

  232. For myself, I would love the butterfly mask. I have been looking for one. For my kids, I love the butterfly puzzle.

  233. I would give the Butterfly Face Masks to my niece.
    Why? We raise Monarch butterflies together. I helped her and her Mother plant a Monarch butterfly garden. My Niece released her first Monarch with me when she was 2 years old. My niece is now seven years old and battling cancer. She needs to wear face masks constantly, not just when she is in the hospital receiving treatments. These butterfly facemasks would make her smile.

  234. I would love a butterfly mask because we wear them all the time now and it will show the love of butterflies I would give the gift of seeds to all my friends that show an interest in raising these beautiful creatures.

  235. I would pick the butterfly mask (white one). I think it’s a cute way to spread some butterfly love while staying safe.

  236. I would love the puzzle! I have an abundance of seeds currently, but seeds are a great gift. The planners are great little gifts for coworkers or friends.

  237. I would choose the planner. I love to record when I see butterflies, when I see eggs, and chrysalis, then the newly born butterfly. I can keep track of the success in nature. I will be tagging the butterflies this year, so this will certainly be a great way to know when what was tagged.

  238. I would love to receive a butterfly puzzle as a gift! Living in a senior community, so many people could enjoy it!

  239. I would love to gift my niece with the Joyful Butterfly Garden seeds

  240. I would pick the annual seeds as what I like best. I go out every year and buy annuals. I also love the idea of gift cards for milkeed plants or seeds.

  241. Monarch butterflies are my favorite..this past season was my second time to raise them and successfully released 29 beautiful adult Monarchs. I was able to involve my 7 year old grandson in the entire process of raising Monarchs and when we posted our pictures and videos to Face Book our neighborhood started a butterfly garden at our front entrance hosted with a large colorful butterfly and supplies of plants and milkweed furnished by our local electrical company, Liberty Utilities. So thankful for their help and support. Therefore, I would love the small organza bags with the colorful display of butterflies. I was able to save several seed pods from my milkweed and plan to share with my family and friends..the organza bags would be the best presentation possible for a gift of seeds and instructions. Save the Monarchs is so important and a good food source is necessary.

  242. I would love to give or receive the seeds! They’re on my list, actually. I like to tuck seed packets or saved seeds into birthday and holiday cards. Everything else is beautiful and I’d love it too, and would love to give it to others, but seeds are so much fun because I love planting them and gardening, I love flowers, and it helps actual butterflies. Plus, you’ll attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden! And then, you have the beautiful seed pods and fluffs in the fall, which are great for crafts. Milkweed pods are also used for pain cream, and I have bad arthritis, so I’d like to grow more pain-relieving plants this coming year. Seeds are just so full of promise. There’s something magical about putting them in the dirt and watching them sprout and grow into plants. Gardens and flowers are food for the soul.

  243. I would love the butterfly personalized sign. This was my first year saving butterflies and it’s wonderful. I raised Black Swallowtail Butterflies. I enjoyed it so much that I have already purchased Milkweed seeds for the Monarchs I hope to raise next year.

  244. I would love to receive the white butterfly mask because it is beautiful. I would like the organza bags to gift milkweed to people who don’t have any. This was my first year raising monarchs and I’m hooked!

  245. What a variety of great items. I’d like the 6 pk of seeds, I love all the different colors. The garden stake with your name is sweet too. It’s so hard to find my name on anything.

  246. I love them all. Tough decision, The Milkweed seeds or the calendar. The calendar is great idea for gifts and for myself.

  247. Love, love, love all these wonderful gift ideas, but what a wonderful why to celebrate the spirit of giving, by giving seeds! Either Milkweed or beautiful pollinator loving perennial flower seeds is something I would give and love to receive! The organza bags and clear fillable ornaments make it extra special. It’s literally IS the gift that “keeps on giving”, year after year, both to the receiver and all God’s little creatures that benefit from this simple gesture of giving nature!

  248. The masks are a sign of the times! The stakes would be nice in our community garden on Charlton Street in NYC.

    Last year I bought the Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds. I put seed bags filled with common milkweed seeds from pods I found in Riverside Park with Christmas cards or Milkweed Seed Ornaments that I made with the leftover fluf as small gifts. Everyone who got them loved them.

    For myself, working from home, I would like the calendar since I was always losing track of what day it was.

  249. I love all the gift ideas and newsletters. As a newby to raising and developing gardens for monarchs, the seed starter sets would be appreciated. Especially as these are very difficult to find in my zone. The gift bags are a great way to keep others informed about the status of the monarchs. I am enjoying this connection with others with the same interests and concerns about the monarchs. They are my guarden angels.

  250. i would like the calendar ,then each day you would see a beautiful picture for the day.

  251. I like the butterfly calendar and the jigsaw puzzle. The butterfly Garden is also lovely. I planted one of those seed mixes this last spring and it was absolutely gorgeous!

  252. I like the milkweed seed packs to give to others because seeds are a gift that keeps on giving. The butterfly mesh gift bags are also nice because they can be reused.

  253. I love the personalized Butterfly Garden Stakes. Honestly, can’t decide if i’d keep it for myself or give as a gift. I’d have to buy two.

  254. All of these gifts are lovely! I would especially like the butterfly garden stake and the milkweed seeds. The black mask with butterfly would be very useful at these strange times.

  255. I love the milkweed seed packet varieties and the butterfly puzzles. The seed ornament is also very cool!

  256. I have been saving/raising monarchs/swallowtails for a number of years. Just purchased tall bf cage last year. I would love the seed packets for my daughter as she has a greenhouse and raises plants for her abundance of cats that she gets in her veg garden. She can over winter many. The packets of seeds would be perfect for her. I love the seed ornaments for gifts. So pretty.

  257. I think the seeds are the best. Having milkweed host plants for butterflies is the best way to support hutterflies.

  258. My grandmother loved butterflies and passed the love for them to me as as child. She died when I was 5 and the sat of her funeral there was the most beautiful yellow butterfly dancing outside her home. I were oils live the butterfly stakes or the puzzle . To give away I would give the seeds to help bring more butterflies into other’s lives.

  259. I love all the gift ideas.
    Day 2 is my favorite because I need to redo my butterfly garden and I would love some milkweed and nectar seeds. I try different spots around my garden to if they will survive. The seeds’ option is the best way to save money and redo my garden.

  260. I would want the purple Monarch mask. With the changes in the world now-a-days, we are complimenting each other’s masks. When someone would mention my mask I would thank them and give my reason for choosing it. We need butterflies and other pollinators to survive in this world, plus the Monarch is just one of God’s beautiful creations.

  261. I would love to receive a butterfly metal yard ornament to put in our pollinator garden next summer! I would love to give the butterfly puzzle to my mom because we love doing puzzles together when we visit!

  262. So many great gift ideas! I would love the clear ornaments to make milkweed seed ornaments for my tree, or the butterfly puzzle because its beautiful and I’m a puzzle freak. Also, would love the calendar so I could see butterflies every day of every month.

  263. I would love the butterfly garden stake! I am a new monarch enthusiast- my 7 year old daughter and I raised and released 8 healthy monarchs this summer. We are hooked now! I’ve now bought and planted many, many native plants and made an entire bed to monarch waystation specs. I would love to have a butterfly garden stake to add some decor to it. I also think it would be fun if any monarch cats decided the stake was a good place to pupate from!

  264. Milkweed & Nectar Seeds would be great for my garden. I’ve been adding to it every year and have room for more plants.

  265. What a delightful assortment of gifts, to both give and receive!! I would love to receive the butterfly masks and the milkweed seeds, and know friends who would love to receive them too. I will pass this along to those who are kind enough to ask me if there’s anything I’d particularly like for Christmas!!

  266. My Butterfly Garden would proudly place your personalized garden stake in with all the milkweed. I would love to share the milkweed seeds with my mom. I got her started on Save the Monarch garden. She loves trying new varieties, perfect gift.

  267. I would love the garden stakes for myself. I really think they look nice. I would love the gift bags to give seeds to those who would love to have them. They would be so much prettier than a #10 envelope.

  268. I would love the butterfly stakes for my flower beds. All of my flower beds are geared towards butterflies and hummingbirds, so I would love to decorate them with these beautiful butterfly stakes. I love the idea of being able to customize them, as well. As much time that I spend outside, I would get to admire them everyday!

  269. I will love the milkweed seed packet of six. I have raised monarch butterflies for 3 years now in my small garden with store bought milkweed. It is so expensive. I have moved now to a bigger house and property and am so excited to sow these seeds in a larger area.

  270. This was a tough choice! I’d be happy if anyone gifted any of them to me, but I have to say, the garden stakes and face masks were my favorite. Prices were reasonable too. I’m just going to copy the link and send it to Santa right now! ?

  271. I love the organza bags for seeds! I gave away milkweed seeds to probably 25 people this year, and they would have been much more pretty in these bags. 🙂

  272. I love the butterfly garden stakes. When I walk my dog, I constantly tell people about my garden and the 43 monarchs I raised last summer. My garden is slightly hidden at the side of my house. Butterfly stakes put at the end by the front of the house will help them find it when they pass my way.

  273. The butterfly gifts that I would most like to give would be the milkweed seed ornaments from day three. I think this is a very creative, quick, and easy present to give people that they would really enjoy. I would most like to receive the butterfly puzzle. I have never seen anything like this before, and I think it would be a lot of fun to complete.

  274. I’d like to receive the milkweed seeds! I can’t plant enough milkweed which means of course I am always fighting aphids.

    1. BJ, I had aphids so badly on a few of my milkweed plants (I have approx 12+ plants). I made up some Vinegar water, sprayed the plants and have not had any problems, since. Good Luck
      Be safe

  275. Beautiful gift ideas!
    I love the monarch yard sign and LOVE the tree ornament filled with milkweed seed and fluff!
    The gift I would most like to receive is the butterfly face mask!
    COVID has been so troublesome. A beautiful butterfly mask is a wonderful way to brighten up the day!

  276. I would love to send my family and friends the milk weed seed packets. I would love the butterfly calendar. I just started this year growing milk weed and raising Monarchs. Raised 28 this year and what fun it was to share with everybody. It was such a blessing.

  277. The gift I would most love to give , and receive, would be the Milk Weed seeds. I live near a protected reserve in eastern NC. Behind my house there is protected land and I would love to spread the seeds there along my own land. That way there will be more than enough food for the butterflies. Every year my friends and family are amazed at the butterflies that are in my yard. I have all varieties. This was the first year I raised butterflies. I had Monarch as well as Swallowtails. It was such a satisfying experience. I have two small grandsons who I watch while my daughter and her husband are at work. This year was challenging .Trying to keep two rambunctious boys busy was hard. But my oldest grandson was so excited to help me. The first butterflies that hatched were in my kitchen. I was still getting a plan together. He saw them hatch and he loved it. Every time we were together he wanted to help me. And when we talked he always wanted to know how our butterfly family was doin. I hope our experiences teach him how precious nature is and how we can do our part to protect it.

    1. The seeds would be nice to have to plant in the spring with my First Grade Class in our garden area. . Oh how they love to watch the monarch caterpillars each fall. Would the plants provide the leaves we need to feed our caterpillars in the fall?

  278. Such great gift ideas ! Sending the email to my dtr for ideas for me 🙂

  279. I would love the organza bags. I love the butterfly stake too! Thank you for the chance to win.

  280. I would like to get the metal butterfly garden stake. Hard to choose among so many great gift ideas, though?

  281. I would LOVE to donate milkweed seeds and plants to a young family I corresponded with via Facebook this summer. I periodically took photos and movies of our trials and tribulations in raising monarchs. They were so into it that I sent them two books on kids raising monarchs. They LOVED it!!!

  282. I would love the butterfly yard ornament. I have quite a few yard art ornaments and the butterfly would e a great addition to my other pieces

  283. I would love to get the calendar and the planner. I would enjoy the beautiful pictures when I hang it at work. I use a planner every year and this will be a perfect one!

  284. I’d most like to receive the butterfly puzzle. My family loves to do puzzles together, particularly over the holidays.

  285. I love the milkweed and nectar plant seeds! An excellent gift to help our precious Monarchs. And the puzzle is amazing!! My daughter would really love it.

    1. I love the masks & shirts. The colors are nice and when I wear my shirt, I always get lots of compliments and questions about what we do. It gives me a chance to share my knowledge and hopefully encourage more people to raise monarchs.

  286. The colorful butterfly mask is perfect for everyone. I think we’re going to be wearing them for at least another year so this as a gift would be welcomed.

  287. Some great gift ideas! The butterfly masks are timely and I would love to have the white one. Seeds for a butterfly garden are always a great gift for butterfly lovers. This past year I’ve been reading about people putting organza bags on their milkweed seed pods so I like that they are being sold here because I didn’t know where to get them.

  288. I especially like the metal marker you can personalize and the butterfly mask.

  289. ALL OF THEM!!! What would be more unique than “counting down” the days until X-mas with beautiful butterflies to keep our thoughts and actions warm for the holidays! Absolutely all of them are welcomed with any of us this year!

  290. I would love to receive any of the milkweed seeds – so I can add them to my ever-growing pollinator garden. I have a few other family members with green thumbs who would appreciate them as well. My wife would absolutely LOVE that butterfly puzzle, as she loves butterflies as well as putting together puzzles. This puzzle is also a work of art that would look beautiful on a wall after it’s finished.

  291. I would enjoy the butterfly mask. I purchased the monarch butterfly evolution shirt at the beginning of the summer and get comments and questions when I wear it. I love explaining how I’ve now raised monarchs for two consecutive summers.

  292. I like all of them . My favorites are the puzzle, the masks, and the Christmas ornament.

  293. I would love to give the milkweed seeds to my nieces who have discovered the joy of watching butterflies grow. They are 8 and 10 and have developed quite a fascination with all things natural.

  294. I liked the butterfly stakes so much I ordered 3!!! Perfect gift for my butterfly loving friends.

  295. I like the idea of seeds so I’ll go for Day 3… I’d choose seeds because even though their size is small, they’d pack a huge punch in providing life and longevity for Monarchs. Having multiple varieties of Milkweed plants would also give me an idea of which plants would be better for the Monarchs I raise. I have the Tropical plants and although they are wonderful for the caterpillar and butterfly stages, they seem to be susceptible to many diseases in my area. All the choices are lovely…

  296. I would most like to give or receive Day 1, the butterfly garden stake. It would make a great addition to anyone’s garden ?

  297. I would most like to receive the hummingbird planner and the butterfly pocket calendar….but I’d give them as gifts too?

  298. Well depending on who I’m gifting for, I know the milkweed seed packs would be a great gift for anyone who’s looking to start their own butterfly garden. I have so many friends and family who see my garden and the monarchs I attract and raise, and would love to start a butterfly garden and monarch Waystation of their own!!! The butterfly & hummingbird calendar and planner is also a great gift!!! The butterfly and milkweed ornament is a very unique gift and I think my parents and close loved ones would love and appreciate receiving this gift from me because monarchs are something near and dear to my heart. As for me, I would take the milkweed seeds, ornament, planner or calendar!!!

  299. This was my first year of monarch tending. I bought my first milkweed when I was furloughed. It kept me going all summer long! I had worked long hours cooped up in a cubicle and no energy to spend outdoors. The subsequent layoff gave me new purpose with the outdoor world. I started working on the deck, buying more seeds and milkweed to feed my hungry guests. Everything is in pots at the moment. Once the deck is completely repaired, I want to start creating my butterfly and pollinator friendly garden. I’d love to have the personalized garden stake as a gift. I would want to give the seeds as gifts to spread my newfound love of monarchs. Since I’m on the gulf coast, I still have monarchs, fritillaries, and yesterday I had a gorgeous long tail skipper feeding on the milkweed!

  300. All the items are so creative and beautiful it is hard to choose. For myself and for our school butterfly garden I would choose the garden stake

  301. I really like the metal butterfly garden signs.. I am always looking for things like that to put in my gardens. The Milkweed ornament is beautiful! I also like the milkweed seed packets – It can be hard to find them or milkweed plants.

  302. I would most like to give or receive Day 1- Butterfly garden stakes. These would make nice addition to my butterfly garden.

  303. I would love to have the seed packs to add to my butterfly garden. butterfly weeds bring in the beautiful flying flowers into my Gardens for everyone to enjoy and for the monarchs hopefully to have a better year in 2021

  304. I would like to receive a cute personalized garden stake sign. I spend a lot of time tending my flower garden and even more time sitting on the deck admiring it and I would get a kick out of seeing that stake every day.

  305. The gift I would like to give is the Butterfly Organza Bags. I have some purple ones that I use to gift samples of essential oils. I have been saving seeds every year, I have many varieties of milkweeds, zinnias, Bee Balm, etc. We have many gardeners where I live, close to a Monarch Sanctuary. This would be a lovely gift. (plus some nice organic lavender oil for the gardener)

    The gift I would love to receive is the Butterfly stake with it engraved with our garden’s name “Grant St. Garden” We are a certified Way Station for Monarchs and we have passionflowers for Gulf Fritillaries and pipevine for Swallowtails.

    The gift that is good to receive as well as give is the ornament for the milkweed fluff, I love craft projects and that looks like fun! Off to get some!

  306. I like them all, but the ornament filled with milkweed seeds is beyond unique! Wow, what an idea!

  307. I luv the butterfly metal sculpture. Can always use the calenders! Thanks for your informative website!!

  308. I just moved from Florida to Georgia and I saw no monarchs here since Feb. I would love the send packages to try to bring more monarchs into this area. We have so many flowers around here but NO milkweed! I would also love to give that as a gift to encourage others to make natural homes for migrating butterflies!

  309. I love all of the gifts but I especially love the calendar and coloring book.

  310. Great gift ideas! Would love the butterfly garden stake and also more milkweed seeds, especially purple milkweed.

  311. It would be awesome to have the variety pack of seeds. That way I could plant milkweed types that are not sold in local stores. And I could share seeds with neighbors since there are 100 seeds of each variety. Our neighborhood would be filled with butterflies!

  312. I would love to give and get the butterfly calendar
    Would be great to have a new butterfly every day, but I will take every month!

  313. I will give butterfly calendar so nice to see butterflies every month

    1. This is a great guide with great gift ideas. I do think it could use some more products on the list. I would love to receive the seeds as a gift, I only have one type of milkweed in my yard and I would like variety.

  314. I think I’d like most to receive a butterfly face mask. It would be appropriate because I’m the “butterfly lady” at the school where I teach, and it would be a wonderful symbol of new life on a necessary evil part of life right now. I think I’d be most likely to give a butterfly garden stake because I have several relatives and friends who like to garden, have pollinator gardens, and like to decorate their garden with artwork.

  315. They are all so lovely and unique, with very high quality. I would love to receive the Natures Inspirations Planner and would definitely give the garden stakes to my friend, my sister’s and myself!

  316. I would like to receive the 6-pack of milkweed seeds to give to the women that I teach to raise Monarchs. I have TONS of common milkweed seeds, but I think it would be nice to give a different variety of seeds along with the common seeds.

  317. since we need mask for school, love the mask and would be a great way to reward our students who help out with the garden! personally, asking for the beautiful calendar..

  318. Great ideas! I would love to give the ornaments as gifts. My daughters (25 and 30) and I had so much fun watching, recording, photographing and raising monarchs while they (the girls) lived (although the monarchs were living in the house, too!) with us during the pandemic summer. The ornaments would be beautiful reminders of the time we spent together learning about monarchs.

  319. It is very hard to choose since all of these are so good ! I like Days 1,3,5. Seeds for butterfly weed are very important to become host plants for the liberty’s survival.
    Thank you for all that you do to promote our wonderful monarch butterflies !

  320. All of these are amazing gifts!!! I probably would pick the garden stake so I could enjoy seeing it all season in my milkweed gardens. What a fun idea!??

  321. I absolutely love the butterfly puzzle!! That would be a perfect Christmas Day activity for our family.

  322. I’d love to receive or give gift three. This would draw and nourish more monarchs. I love knowing I’m helping the population!

  323. The butterfly gift idea that I would give would be the butterfly organza bags. They are so beautiful and perfect to add milkweed seeds in. I chose this gift idea because I want to see more people turning parts of their yard into pollinator gardens. No matter how big or small a garden, one plant can go a long way. Getting at least just one person to see how important it is to protect monarchs and provide a habitat for them will make my day. I’m a true testament of how powerful a person’s involvement can infect others. I love Monarchs and if it wasn’t for my neighbor introducing me to them, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

  324. There isn’t one of these that I wouldn’t love to have as a gift. I especially love the masks and the Milkweed and Nectar plant seeds are a great gift idea for someone new to butterfly gardening. Might encourage them to get started. The wall calendar is great. You can still have butterflies when the butterflies aren’t around. All great gift ideas.

  325. I’d like to give AND receive the milkweed seed packet varieties to see which grow best in my garden and which seem to be preferred by monarchs and other butterflies, We enjoyed raising butterflies in our Baby Cube so much this past summer that we shared the experience and a Baby Cube with friends and will be gifting one to our grandkids this Christmas. I also love the idea of the planner to keep a record of our observations!

  326. I would love to receive Day 3 as I have been teaching my 8 year old great niece all about the Monarchs and she absolutely loves them and is so proud when she let’s them “fly free”. The seeds will be for her to plant her own little milkweed garden and to have fun learning everything she can. She can’t wait to begin again next year! She would be so excited and blessed to receive these seeds of love to help the Monarchs.
    Thank you so much for having this contest!

  327. These are all such lovely gifts it is hard to choose! I would love the personalized garden stake- it would be such a nice addition to my butterfly garden!

  328. I love puzzles so I choose the large butterfly puzzle as the best gift. When it is Winter butterfly lovers can work on the puzzle while dreaming of Spring.

  329. Such lovely gift ideas. I would love to give the garden stake, personalized, with a pack of milkweed seeds to my 3 young cousin’s. They are curious and would love watching the plants flower and attract the butterflies. As well as watching the catapillars munch and grow!

  330. These are all such lovely gifts it is hard to choose! I would love the personalized garden stake- it would be such a nice addition to my butterfly garden! I might even get another to gift to my kids- who have their own butterfly garden in their yard. So fun!

  331. I loved the garden stake. What a great idea for my gardening daughter. I had never seen wilkweed seeds before. I have been wanting some other than common milkweed. I always get a planner every year. Everything is beautiful.

  332. I think I’d like to receive the butterfly puzzle the most! Because we’re spending more time indoors now and with the cold winter coming, it would be a welcome distraction that also takes you back to fonder memories of monarch raising in the warmer months!

  333. I would love the garden stakes or butterfly calendar. The garden stakes would be a wonderful addition to my butterfly garden. The calendar would be a great way to have butterflies in my life the entire year while helping me to keep organized.

  334. Love the Butterfly Stake. My son would love the Milkweed seeds. He lives in Anoka, MN and is trying to get a butterfly garden started

  335. I love the butterfly garden stake – who doesn’t want butterflies in their garden year-round? I sure do! I’m also very inclined to make a seed ornament for myself!

  336. Everything here is lovely, but I would love to give or receive the 6 pack of milkweed seeds…because you can’t have too many milkweed plants!

  337. Love most of them! My top choice would be the puzzles. My kids and I do many puzzles in the winter, and these are bright, colorful and have cute , interesting pieces as well. I would love to have one of my own and wouldn’t hesitate to get one as a gift.

  338. The Butterfly Garden Stake would really be an eye catching addition in the garden. I love the height, nice and tall so it can be seen over all those Milkweed plants! The personalization makes it clever and whimsical. Would love this in my butterfly garden.

    1. I love all of the gift ideas, it’s difficult to choose! For myself I would love the puzzle. For gift giving, I would choose milkweed seed packets so that others can experience the joy of raising monarchs.

  339. I love the butterfly stake and the planners. I use both extensively and two of my friends would like them

  340. Really love the personalized signs and Butterfly Masks. I love to put signs up in my Butterfly garden which is getting bigger every year. I love wearing different masks when I go out. My husband change them up. We’re going to be wearing them for a while so why not have fun with them.

  341. I would like to give the milkweed seed packets – particularly the tropical milkweed which I haven’t found where I live. I am always promoting Butterfly gardens and giving milkweed pods to friends to get them started, so these would be great as gifts.

  342. I love them all….I think I’d like, above all, would be the Butterfly/Hummingbird Planner. I like to record when I see my first male & female Hummer & then the last date I see them & I record all my info on raising Monarch’s from first sighting, to finding eggs, hatchlings, the entire cycle ending with total of my release for the season. So that would be awesome!

    1. I would love to have the milkweed seeds bc I can’t find them and the organizers that away I can plan my next year gardens then I would like the masks bc some people are not even allowed in their own yards ty

  343. I’d love the milkweed seed packs! I have been rooting cuttings and sharing milkweed with friends. They are always so excited when the see their first cat! This would be an awesome treasure ! I could really “share the Monarch love.”

  344. Each gift is fantastic! Personally, I would choose the milkweed filled ornament. It would look great on the tree, and you can spend time admiring the tree and planning your butterfly garden for next year.

  345. So far my favorites are the butterfly garden stakes. Since I spend so much time in the garden it would be a gift I could see 10 months out of the year.

    1. typically I would love the garden stake, but this year my favorite would be a shirt or hoodie to bring me cheer during these difficult times being stuck indoors.

  346. Oh man these are all such great ideas! I think the one I’d love to give to any butterfly fan would be the Christmas ornament. So beautiful and so timeless ! Thank you for this !

  347. I would love to receive a butterfly stake because it can be placed in a butterfly garden to enjoy while I pull weeds or look for caterpillars to raise, to admire while I’m waiting for real butterflies to visit, or to just add beauty to my garden. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has enjoyed teaching students about the butterfly life cycle for over 30 years.

  348. Ohboyohboy! Tough call. I’m gonna cheat. I’d LOVE to get the puzzle, What fun!! But I think I’d give the seed gift cards to ETSY. Amazon does NOT need us. Etsy is now a bit commercial, but it’s still better than the Amazon streamroller.

  349. I love the butterfly personalized signs and the gift of milkweed.

    I am starting a new butterfly garden and those gifts are just what I need! And the spheres with milkweed inside? Adorable!

    1. I love the seed packets and the ornament filled with milkweed seeds, and the butterfly pocket wall calendar.

    2. What great ideas! I am all about receiving seeds! Can never have too many butterfly plants and flowers! I just love watching the butterflies and releasing ones I raise knowing they have plenty of food around to survive!

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