The Twelve Days of Butterflies- Butterfly Gift Ideas 2016

12 Butterfly Gifts for the Holidays

Twelve Days of Butterflies 2016- 12 Butterfly Gift Ideas and Butterfly Gifts for the Holidays
Butterflies are a source of joy and inspiration to many. While monarchs and other winged beauties have departed for warm weather destinations, these butterfly gift ideas help keep them close to our hearts, while awaiting their triumphant return next spring.

They also present an opportunity to share the joy of butterflies with others…

Below are 12 fantastic gift ideas for a butterfly lover in your life or some ideas to pass along to someone trying to make you happy for the holidays. Over the next five Saturdays three new butterfly gifts will be posted, until I’ve revealed all twelve gift ideas on December 3rd.

Before I started this annual butterfly gift ideas list four years ago, I had no idea how many wonderful butterfly-themed gifts existed. I think this collection features some of the best and hope these ideas help you find the perfect butterfly gift for someone special in your life.

And now, without further ado…The 12 Days of Butterflies!

Featured Butterfly Gift for 2016

Day 1- Believe Monarch Butterfly Christmas T-shirts

A monarch butterfly tshirt design...for Christmas? You better believe! Comes in 6 styles and colors for your wearing enjoyment.Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

How many butterfly gifts capture the magic of monarchs and Christmas? Here’s one you can believe in…

A Chritmas tshirt that will make you Monarch Butterflies! Available in several styles and colors for your wearing enjoyment.

  • Choose from 6 styles of shirts including two women’s cut options
  • Available in several colors including green apple, forest green, black, and red
  • Design contest winner voted on by our community
  • High quality printing that won’t wash out of your shirt
  • Shirts are print on demand– most shirts ship out 2-4 days after order received
  • affordable weight-based shipping OR
  • Free Shipping on shirt orders totaling $60.00+
  • Order by December 14th for pre-Christmas delivery

Choose and Buy your Believe Monarch Christmas Shirt by Clicking Here

Day 2- Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mug and Snack Plate

Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mug featuring colorful butterfly art- butterfly gift ideas

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Mugs and plates are gifts that will never go unused…especially when they include beautiful butterfly designs to brighten your day.

Kaleidoscope butterfly stoneware snack plate eith beautiful butterfly artwork- butterfly gift idea

  • Watercolor Artwork by Oregon wildlife artist Dean Crouser
  • Made from glazed stoneware, good for featuring vibrant colors
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • 7″ snack plates great for serving sandwiches, salads, and desserts
  • 16 oz cups for serving small or large cups of coffee/tea
  • Secure packaging for shipment
  • 5 Star Customer reviews

Purchase a Kaleidoscope butterfly mug by Clicking Here

Purchase a Kaleidoscope butterfly plate by Clicking Here

Day 3- Adult Coloring Books

Flowers and Flyers Adult Coloring Book- Butterfly Gift idea for creative souls and for a little stress relief.
Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

After a long, stressful, election do you know someone who could use a little butterfly joy?

Botanical Butterflies Adult Coloring Book- Butterfly Gift idea 3

  • Stress-relieving activity
  • Artistic outlet for creative souls
  • Includes original hand-drawn designs
  • Butterflies, flower gardens, hummingbirds, songbirds
  • Single-sided pages, so no bleed-through
  • High quality pens and/or pencils for coloring available separately (if needed)
  • Ships worldwide

Buy Flowers and Flyers Adult Coloring Book

Buy Botanical Butterflies Adult Coloring Bookir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0052P61WO butterfly gift ideas

Find Gel Pens for Coloring Books  or

Coloring Pencils 

Day 4- Baby Cube Butterfly Collection for Raising Monarch Caterpillars into Butterflies

Baby Cube Caterpillar cage for Raising Monarch Butterflies- Butterfly Gift IdeaWhy is this a good butterfly gift idea?

With the deep decline of monarch population in the past decade, the monarchs truly need a raising hand, and raising butterflies indoors can increase their survival rate from 5% to over 90%.

The Poo Poo Platter is a bendable cage liner that will save you time cleaning up after messy monarch caterpillars.

  • Larger than traditional cube cages at 15″ x 15″ x 15″
  • Handles for your carrying and hanging convenience
  • Fine mesh keeps baby caterpillars in, predators out.
  • Two zippers
  • New to raising? bundle with how to raise monarchs downloadable guide
  • Add the Poo Poo Platter cage liner for easier cage cleaning
  • Comes with 4 floral tubes to keep milkweed cuttings fresh for caterpillars
  • Additional floral tubes available in packs of 6
  • 5 Star Customer Rated Reviews
  • U.S Shipping- order by 9am Wed December 21st for pre-Christmas Delivery
  • $7.75 flat rate shipping OR
  • Free Shipping on shop orders totaling $60.00+

Find Butterfly Cages & Raising Accessories Here

Day 5- Pretty Betty Butterfly Children’s Book

Pretty Betty Butterfly- a colorful picture book for children. The story is short and sweet, while the illustrations are truly magical.

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A short story with whimsical illustrations that will delight children and your inner child.

  • Sweet, simple, and engaging story
  • Wonderful introduction for kids to learn about nature
  • Colorful, endearing illustrations
  • Inspire the next generation of butterfly/wildlife gardeners
  • Two day amazon prime shipping or available on kindle
  • 5 star ratings from happy customers

Find Pretty Betty Butterfly Here

Day 6- Monarch Soap

Handmade Monarch Butterfly Soap w/ a heavenly Tangerine Mint Scent- Butterfly Gift Idea 10

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A unique, affordable, butterfly gift that might keep the recipient from ever washing their hands again… 😉

  • Animal-cruelty free, veggie-based soap
  • Tangerine Mint Scented
  • Highly moisturizing formula
  • Great Teacher Gift or for any butterfly lover
  • Comes Beautifully Gift Boxed
  • Many, many 5 star customer reviews
  • Affordable stocking stuffer!

Purchase Monarch Butterfly Soap Here

Day 7- Star of  David Necklace and Bracelet 

Star of David Monarch Butterfly Necklace- Hanukkah Gift Idea

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

An alternative gift idea to honor the traditions of your Jewish friends at Hanukkah.
Monarch Butterfly Star of David Bracelet- Hanukkah Gift idea

  • Simple, beautiful design
  • The Star of David represents King David’s shield, and is a symbol for Judaism and the Jewish community
  • Monarch Charm Comes in Monarch Orange, Hanukkah Blue or Purple
  • Silver Tone with 6 AB crystals for a more brilliant effect

Purchase a Star of David Monarch Butterfly Bracelet and/or Necklace Here

Day 8- Flight of the Butterflies

See the Monarch Migration as never before and hear the story of one man's search to find the missing monarchs. Flight of The Butterflies is now available on 4k, 3D bluray, regular bluray...and netflix!
Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

An amazing IMAX movie that can now be viewed in the comfort of your home…with cheap concessions and a pause button for bathroom breaks! ?

The monarch migration is one of the most amazing animal/insect migrations on planet earth, and anyone who sees it can’t help but somehow feel more connected to them after…

  • Some of the most amazing monarch migration video ever filmed
  • Watch on either 4k, 3-D bluray, regular blu-ray, netflix streaming
  • Explains how citizen science and one man’s persistence helped unravel one of nature’s greatest mysteries
  • Free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime

There are multiple ways to gift this incredible monarch movie experience:

8a- Buy a Netflix Gift Card

Flight of the butterflies is currently available on netflix along with many other movies and TV shows. Check out this recent list of the Top 10 Feel Good Documentaries on netflix.

If you know someone that has a TV and a wifi connection, but isn’t able to stream from services like netflix or amazon video, check out affordable options like the new roku streaming stick, which one (or both) of my parents may (or may not) be getting for Christmas?  ?

8b- Buy Flight of the Butterflies on Bluray DVD

8c- Buy on Ultra High Definition 4k Video

Day 9- Butterfly Garden Flag

Butterfly Garden Flag- Gift idea for those who bright colors, bees, and monarch butterflies.

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Beautiful garden decor always brightens the butterfly garden, rain or shine…

  • Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors
  • Some flags (like the one above) are double-sided…check descriptions
  • First garden flag? find a stand that can properly display it
  • Focus on flags with glowing 5-star reviews…there are plenty!
  • Free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime on many designs

Find Gorgeous Butterfly-themed Garden Flags Here 

Find a Garden Flag Stand Here

Day 10- Cloisonné Butterfly Magnets

Butterfly Magnets for your Refrigerator- 12 Butterfly Gift ideas

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

Your gift recipient will enjoy these beautiful butterflies on their daily trips to the refrigerator or bathroom.

  • Beautiful refrigerator decor (or for other metal surfaces)
  • 3″ width
  • Cloisonné is an ancient copper/bronze artform from the 13th century
  • Elegant yet affordable– $30.00 for set of 4
  • Arrives with card that explains the smithsonian museum piece that inspired it
  • Many ★★★★★ reviews
  • Gift wrap option available

Purchase Butterfly Magnets Here

Day 11- Give the Gift (Cards) of Milkweed & Nectar Flowers

Milkweed Seeds to plant for Monarch Butterflies and Caterpillars- Gift Ideas for Butterfly Lovers
Why is milkweed a good butterfly gift idea?

Milkweed is the lifeblood of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. It’s a valuable tool we can all use to help support the struggling monarch population…

  • Milkweed is the conerstone of a successful monarch butterfly garden
  • Choose over 25 milkweed varieties to fit your region and growing conditions
  • Milkweed is a must for those who want to raise monarch butterflies
  • Milkweed is the gift that will come back every year to support new generations of monarchs

One of the best ways to give the gift of milkweed is by giving gift certificates to online sellers that have a wide range of vendors selling milkweed. This means the giftee will be able to find almost any type of milkweed they are looking for.

Below are 3 fantastic online marketplaces to find milkweed seeds and also plants in the warmer months ahead…they also give the recipient the option to find other gift options if a garden isn’t in their immediate future.

11a. Ebay Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

For years, eBay offered the best big marketplace to find a wide variety of milkweed seeds and plants. It still probably has the widest selection of milkweed available, but the competition is catching up fast. eBay sells everything under the sun, and a good gift certificate choice for the budget-conscious buyer.

11b. Amazon Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Amazon has many of the same milkweed sellers as eBay, and more seem to be migrating over. Like eBay, amazon sells everything and a gift certificate here is a great choice for those who value product reviews from other customers.

Buy an Amazon Gift Certificate Hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=ur2&o=1 butterfly gift ideas

11c. Etsy Gift Card for Milkweed Seeds and Plants

Etsy is a place for selling home made products and crafts, and that includes seeds and plants. This marketplace wasn’t on my radar until this season, but there are a surprising (and growing) amount of milkweed species available here from reputable sellers and home gardeners. A fantastic gift certificate for those who value home made goods and crafts.

Buy an Etsy Gift Certificate Click Here
11d. Zowie Zinnias-  Favorite Continuous Blooming Annual

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnias are a brilliantly colored annual nectar flower for butterflies but aren’t so easy to find in stores, making zowie seeds a great butterfly gift idea.

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnias are top notch annual nectar flower for butterflies but aren't always easy to find in stores, making zowie seeds a great butterfly gift idea.

Buy Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia Seeds Here
11e. Butterfly Organza Bags for gifting seeds

Day 12- Butterfly Puddler

A Butterfly Puddler is beautiful garden decor that also provides salt and minerals butterflies need. A great gift idea for your favorite butterfly gardener.

Why is this a good butterfly gift idea?

A Butterfly Puddler is beautiful garden decor that also provides salt, minerals, and water butterflies need. A great gift idea for your favorite gardener.

Butterfly Puddler with Beautiful Butterfly Design- Butterfly Gift Idea

  • Beautiful and functional
  • Comes with sand and instructions for use
  • 8.5″ L x 8.5″ W
  • Alternative butterfly design 6.5″ L x 9.5″ W
  • Weather resistant- won’t crack or fade
  • Shipping methods from economy to express

Purchase a Butterfly Puddler hereir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=ur2&o=1 butterfly gift ideas

Would you like more butterfly gift ideas? Click the following links to see the complete Twelve days of Butterflies from 2014 and 2015 or check out our new monarch butterfly shop

I hope you enjoyed The 12 Days of Butterflies for 2016. See you next year! Scroll down to post comments…
Share the Joy of Butterflies

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  1. They are all really great gifts. However the Monarch soap had to be my favorite!
    We just raised our very first cat and watched him emerge in time to migrate. So amazing. Will be ready for a full on 2017!

  2. All of these would be wonderful gifts but I would really would like to have the baby cube butterfly cage, poo poo platter and the beautiful mug. I’m new to raising cats outdoors and want to try raising them indoors to increase their survival rate. It’s such a good feeling when you see your cats emerge into beautiful butterflies!

  3. Hi Tony,

    I am new to this group and hope to participate more fully next year. I hope they will find the milkweed I started growing.

    I would select any one of the #11 gifts to give because, as I found out, it’s necessary before all to have the milkweed in order to attract the butterflies. And, with the gift card other accesories or monarch related interests can be bundled and shipped together. What a happy box that would be!

    Wish me luck in 2017!

  4. In choosing from gifts 8-12, I would choose gift number 12, the butterfly puddler. Finding sources of water and staying hydrated are very important to Monarchs as well as other butterflies. The butterfly puddler could be a very important source of hydration for Monarchs and other butterflies that could be fortunate to come across it when they are unable and desperate to find a source of hydration. It could be truly life saving! The butterfly puddler could probably benefit bees and other pollinators as well. For these reasons, I would choose gift number 12, the butterfly puddler, to give or receive.

  5. I love all of the gifts that are available. Being a butterfly lover, and with my nickname being ” Butterfly”. I raised and tagged 300 Monarchs during the migration. I currently have 25 butterflies that I am raising in my home at this time. I live in the state of Louisiana and the weather is unpredictable. I am currently out of work, due to a diagnosis of Lymphoma, and connecting with my butterflies, and having my first grand baby on its way brings me great joy and happiness. I love the puddler and the butterfly soap. All of the gifts are Awesome.

  6. All of the suggestions are really nice. My favorite that I want is the Butterfly magnets from the Smithsonian. For anyone not on Netflix, they now are allowing downloads to watch offline. I just downloaded “Flight of the Butterflies” onto my iPad Pro. I have seen it a couple times, but I never get tired of watching it and now that it is downloaded I can watch even when not online. Pretty cool.

  7. HI Tony!
    What a wonderful list of gifts you have posted.. and I have hinted to my family… Choosing is SO hard! I want them all!
    Regarding 8-12:
    The Zowie Zinnias would be a stunning addition to my garden, especially since they bloom long into October when a few monarchs are still around here in PA and need nectar plants. But I chose as my ‘Fave” the Butterfly Puddlers because I learned about the importance of puddling this year and this would be an perfect addition to my garden, and I could put them anywhere! So proud to have raised and released a record 200+ this year, I miss them so much already. I gaze out in my little back yard and am already pondering 2017 plans for my monarch/pollinator gardens that sleep in the brisk December air. I also look forward to helping friends with theirs next spring.
    Have a wonderful Holiday season! Anita

  8. The 2016 gift ideas are all so awesome. Best selection Ever. I love them all. But from tha day 8-12 ideas I would choose the butterly puddler. It is so sweet and Very much needed. I’m always looking for a little “just right” dish for puddlers outside or butteflies I need to keep for a few days before releasing. The cloisonné magnets are also a favorite . I have never seen anything like them. They are beautiful and unique. Thanks Tony..

  9. I love the cube. Raised two monarchs this summer in my kitchen. It was so enjoyable watching the butterfly’s emerge.

  10. I like all of the ideas but guess I would prefer the Amazon, E-Bay, and/or Etsy gift cards because of the flexibility. Thanks for everything!

  11. Of the gifts 8 thorough 12, I would choose number 11 without a doubt! I need to find milkweed seeds that are best for my climate in north Texas. This would be so beneficial for the Monarchs that I have tried to raise for the past two summers. The Monarchs are so beautiful and I am trying to be more successful in giving them a place to lay eggs and to find lots of flowers for nourishment.

    1. I would love the Cloisonné Magnets and the Butterfly DVD. It is so difficult to choose, now I want the flag…LOL. I get so inspired and happy reading everyone’s posts regarding how many butterflies are being successfully raised! I also have Gulf Fritillaries cats right now in the kitchen eating their passion flower leaves. My grand kids are having so much fun raising butterflies.

  12. So many lovely choices, but I’d pick the Butterfly garden flag so that I could enjoy the beauty of Monarchs thru the dreary & gray winter days. And I have the perfect spot in mind for it!

  13. Beautiful gifts! I would love to have a Believe Monarch Butterfly Christmas T-shirt. It provides a great way to grab attention in advocating for our amazing Monarchs. I am the author or AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale. Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed holiday season and a successful New Year for all–including our Monarch butterflies!

  14. Although all the gifts in Day 8 – Day 12 are extremely difficult to chose among, I would have to choose Day 8–the video. This would allow me to share not only my love of butterflies, but also the beauty and the amazing journey of the monarch with my grandchildren.

  15. I raise Monarchs year-round since I live in San Diego. My absolute favorite supply item are the Baby Cubes! I have 2 of them and wish my other 2 were them instead of Butterfly Safari. That mesh is so amazing because no one can get out and it sterilizes with bleach. The viewing side window gives a crystal clear look at them. IF a 4×4″ one can be made, I’d have to have a lot of them!

  16. I would get the #12 gift–Butterfly Puddler. I can provide plants for nectar and milkweed for eating and water but to provide the proper salts and minerals–I’m at a loss. This would provide a gift to the Monarchs. By the way, out here in Los Angeles, I’m still watching the ‘cats’ grow–had two very large ones that disappeared just in time for the three new baby ‘cats’ that have been eating all week. I have a male Monarch hanging around–he likes to dive bomb my truck. Still Monarch time out here in the West…

  17. This past summer of 2016, I was blessed with a field full of monarchs.While they were difficult to locate in our region, I counted 100 caterpillars (I started placing bamboo stakes so I could count at first) The last two flew off in early November. I had to drive them to a more moderate location in order to enhance their survival. As I spent August through October, watching and sometimes rescuing a few, I discovered fellow Monarch lovers in our town, one actually works for Audubon and has grown and tagged Monarchs. During this time, people came to me and recounted terrible tales of caterpillars decimated by field mowing. This is a very rural agricultural area of Massachusetts and hay is a big business here. In 2017 several of us will launch a Monarch rescue operation which will be on call during the season to move monarchs to safer locations we will then manage. It is my hope that if we are successful here, we can replicate our effort. A gift from you of the wonderful butterfly cage will start my effort here on our property of 5+ acres, at least an acre of managed milkweed. Thank you. Sandra M. Whaley. The following link will provide people with some photographs of my effort last summer.

  18. I would love to receive the garden flag. It represents two of my favorite garden pollinators, bee and butterfly!
    I’d choose to give the beautiful butterfly magnets, since I could brighten lives for four of my friends if I give one each. It’d be a thrifty and meaningful gift.

  19. I would love to get the butterfly puddler for my monarch way station . I would also give one of these to my daughter to get her garden up and running . Also the gift cards with milkweed seeds is a great way to spread the word about milkweeds and monarch butterflies . I am trying to get people here in my small town to learn about monarchs and to plant milkweed . .

  20. All the gifts are beautiful and very interesting. I would like the best like for myself the Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnias-always ready for more flowers for the butterflies and the baby cube to keep my monarchs safe-some of my grandchildren would love seeing them grow and hatch. Ordered eggs for 1 of my granddaughters a couple years ago and was a big family hit! She called “screaming” with excitement when they hatched!

  21. Day 12 – Butterfly Puddler. I love beautiful, yet functional, items for the garden. Since I will making my garden even more butterfly-friendly in the upcoming year it would be a great addition to my garden.

  22. Hello Tony G!
    Thank you for all you do for the butterflies!
    I would choose 11b
    I would love this because then I could buy for others and for my own butterflies!
    Thank You!
    Merry Christmas! Tony G! And all butterfly lovers!

  23. I love everything you have to offer. Especially the butterfly magnets for the fridge! I would order them, but you don’t currently ship to Canada. What a shame, something that I hope you will change in the near future! Thanks for everything monarch butterfly!!

    1. Hi Linda, the magnets are from the Smithsonian, so I think they will deliver to Canada…please check with them through their website. As for my shop, I am exploring shipping options for Canada next year and will be sure to keep you updated, Tony

  24. I am teaching classes about Monarchs at our local high school and it would be very helpful to have the butterfly cube to use for my classes. They are so handy to transport and look like the best place to raise butterflies. I am a Master Gardener and we have a Monarch Way Station in our communal garden and do our best to contribute to the rearing of monarchs.

    The garden flag would also look great at the garden!

    Thank you,
    Bonnie Frain

  25. Of gifts 8-12, I would most like the butterfly migration DVD and/or the zowie zinnia seeds. Why? I just think it would be amazing and inspirational to watch the DVD. Looking forward to growing more monarchs in my garden this next year!
    And the Zowie Zinnias? They are so pretty!! I need them!

  26. I would like the milkweed seeds because I want to expand the varieties of milkweed in my garden and my granddaughters butterfly garden.

  27. Day 9- Butterfly Garden Flag: I would love to receive 3 of these as gifts. The first one to hang out in my front yard in our retirement community to let my neighbors and friends know where the “butterfly lady” lives. I am planting only Florida native species in the front yard, especially nectar and host plants for butterflies. I would put the second flag in the side yard which is a dedicated Monarch Butterfly Garden: all Florida native plants for Monarch caterpillars and butterflies. And finally, I would love to hang a third flag inside the screen house, just completed in November 2016, where I grow the milkweed plants to raise the Monarch butterflies, and not have to worry about running out of a food source for them. This screen house is also going to be the gathering place for classes and meetings of local groups focusing on growing native species, growing milkweed, and raising Monarch butterflies.

  28. I would love to receive the puddler…It would be such a great addition to my butterfly garden. It would also be a great gift to give because it is so unique.

  29. Would buy the flight of the monarchs for myself because of the beauty.And would buy for others for the educational aspect.

  30. Any gift that has a monarch on is a beautiful gift that I would be thankful for. Three years ago we lost a set of grandchildren. Abigail had open heart surgery only a few days old and the angels came to take her home at the age of 7 days. I planted many plants that would encourage as many butterflies that were possible. This last season I raised and released over 50 monarch and only lost one. I watched many hours as the female lay her eggs. I had 15 Black swallowtails that we released also. It gave me peace knowing and watching the different stages of this amazing gift that the Creator had created. I got a lot of wonderful tips from your e-mails and look forward to our season in the next new year. God Bless you and continue to give me and the other Monarch lovers helpful tips. 🙂

  31. The coffee cup is such a beautiful art piece. So that would be #1
    The coloring books are also high on my list.
    I also want to add that the two shirts are really cute!♡

  32. I would love to get the kaleidoscope butterfly mug! Nothing like curling up with a hot mug of tea on a cold winter night–and the design is gorgeous. I would definitely give one of the coloring books as a gift to someone else, though. Coloring is so relaxing, and everyone loves it! 🙂

  33. I would love the Baby Cube! Such a perfect gift for myself…why? I am new to raising Monarchs! It allows for more ventilation and places to form a chrysalis than my current rubbermaid bin 🙂

  34. I would love love LOVE to receive the Baby Cube Butterfly Cage! This past summer, I was pleasantly surprised to find dozens of eggs and caterpillars on the milkweed plants in my small yard in Northern Ohio. I was thrilled and honored to release 101 beautiful Monarchs! I’m looking forward to another busy season in 2017, and the butterfly cage would be a huge help.

    As for gift-giving, I plan to surprise several of my young friends with copies of Pretty Betty Butterfly. It’s no secret that I’m extremely fond of Betty and her garden friends! 🙂

  35. I would choose the raising cage ,for someone they really come in handy when raising the Monarch. I read how useful the cage is , which you can use inside or out. It would be great for beginners to start out with, I would love one thank you!!!!

  36. I LOVE the long-sleeved t-shirt just because it combines two of my favorite things- Monarchs and Christmas. I would love to give the kaleidoscope plate. It is absolutely beautiful and would make a wonderful gift.

    1. I would love the poo poo platter. I grew some milkweeds from seed for the first time this year. Only one bloomed and it attracted a lot of insects. The flowers were gone when the monarchs showed up but they covered my Mexican sunflowers. I love the coloring book and soap too for gifts.

  37. I would like to have the coffee mug to give or receive because it is so pretty and would be a great way to start or end your day.

  38. I really wanted the mug and snack plate..I just moved to my new condo and have been thinking about butterflies since I found your site..I have planted all kinds of milkweed seeds and when I get some more dinero would love to learn how to raise them!

  39. The baby cat cube (plus instructions) would be my first choice, as I am a novice butterfly/pollinator person. After two years of effort, I finally have succeeded in getting some butterfly weed seeds to germinate. And have also planted milkweed seeds and allium bulbs in a sanctuary space. Just starting out in this avocation endeavor, it’s all Christmas anticipation for me!

    My other choice for the 12 Days of Monarchs is the butterfly coffee cup, which would inspire me in the early hours of summer mornings to finish my coffee or tea and get into my gardening gear and get to work!

  40. I love all of this year’s gift ideas. If I could pick one I would choose the butterfly coloring book so I could color with the kids during the cold snowy winter while dreaming and planning for all the monarch eggs we will raise to butterflies in summer.
    Monarch soaps are awesome, affordable enough to to buy a bunch.
    Thanks, Tony, for all of your info and support for butterfly raisers like me.

  41. I would most likely receive the cup and saucer, why? Because who doesn’t like a great cup of coffee or tea and a nice shortbread cookie or biscotti? Besides its beautiful! And… anyone that knows me, knows I can’t have enough mugs! Some are so pretty they make it to the curio cabinet and never get used!

  42. I love the mug/plate, so beautiful and the caterpillar baby cube. We raised three last year and this looks like it would be so easy to work with.

  43. I would choose the Pretty Betty Butterfly coloringbook because this whole adventure into the magic of Monarchs was started because of my three year old granddaughter♡

  44. I would love to receive the green believe t-shirt. I would love this because of the colors. The green is beautiful and the monarchs really stand out. What a great way to notice them and start a conversation about them!

  45. It is a difficult choice, since all the gift ideas are wonderful. I would love to receive the flowers and flyers coloring book and the Cube cage. I never seem to have enough raising cages, especially since I raised over 270 Monarchs this year…. a rise from my last season’s count (I did order some, along with the poo poo trays). I love the Flowers and Flyers coloring book. I love to color over the long winter months. These beauties would be an awesome way to relax, color, and reflect on my butterfly raising experience this past season, which kept me too busy, to do much in the line of posting here, sorry. I also raise the Eastern Black Swallowtails. I love Nature’s beauties. I gotta throw in that I feed the Ruby throated Hummingbirds as well. Love them all.

  46. They are all amazing!!! However, my top two gifts are the coloring book and the butterfly book. Beautiful!!!

  47. I would chose the shirt ! I love the meaning ! The wonder the hope and magic of butterflies! The poo poo platter is pretty cool also as is the gorgeous mug and plate!

  48. I love the long sleeve in green best. I would love the butterfly coloring book to enjoy with my grandchildren. I am tempted to wish for the ‘baby protector’ but not sure I can do better than nature.

    1. Hi Jeanette, about 5% of monarchs survive outdoors. With some guidance and practice, you can increase their survival rate to 90%+ raising in an enclosure, so raising just a few can make a difference. ?

  49. Of the gifts I would like to get the butterfly adult coloring book for my daughter . It would help her relax and enjoy life a little more and the butterfly book for my granddaughter so she can be read to by her mother. I wish my daughter would slow down a little and enjoy the little things .

  50. The Kaleidoscope mug is beautiful and it would look great sitting on my table with steam floating out of the mug.

    What a wide variety of Christmas ideas

  51. For myself I’d LOVE to have the butterfly raising cage… This year I tried to raise several caterpillars and tried to make my own. It would be so great to have a good one!

    As a gift, I would choose the mug. Everyone uses mugs and this is such a beautiful one!

  52. I would like to receive the Bella t-shirt as I don’t have a Christmas shirt. It’s a plus that it has Monarchs on it. I appreciate that you provided a fitted t-shirt for those of us who like a fitted look. The next one would be the kaleidoscope plate, it is so pretty.

  53. I believe the best gift idea is the butterfly book for children. With this book we can teach children to care for our beautiful monarchs so that we can continue to save our beauties

    1. I would ❤️ Betty Book. My mom’s namesake. She has been gone 10 years and I truly believe in the sweet signs from above whether birds, insects or sometimes strangely placed objects! I don’t have grandchildren yet but would love to have this keepsake.

  54. I would love to receive the Kaliedescope Butterfly Plate. I gave a neighbor a similar plate last year of a hummingbird and she loved it, it currently hangs in her house as a decoration. I’m not sure if I would use the plate to serve treats or hang it up, tough decision. ?

  55. Wow! Really love the Kalaidoscope butterfly mug and plate. So original looking with a fresh design.

  56. All of the gifts are great, but my favorite is the Pretty Betty Butterfly book! I have a two-year old grandson, Luke, who is very curious. He loves when he sees butterflies outside, and I am looking forward to him helping me raise Monarchs when he gets a little older. We need to create Monarch awareness with our children and grandchildren!

  57. I would love to receive the long sleeve I Believe Tee in a Large Red. Or any color. Also, I would love to receive the Kaleidoscope Butterfly Plate! Hard to choose!

  58. I would give my grandkids PRETTY BABY BUTTERFLY… Abigail is 6 and Sawyer is 20 months. We raised our first monarchs the whole month of september. From gathering the eggs…raising the caterpillars …watching them turn into their beautiful chrysalis…then watching them hatch! After loving and raising 4 females and 2 males we released our 6 beautiful Monarchs on a sunny afternoon. My precious grandbabies were in awe, as was I. To experience one of God’s miracles together.
    I also love the Monarch Soaps!

  59. My favorite gifts would be the soap, because I would love to use it in my guest bathroom and the Star of David necklace because I have a sweet friend who would love receiving it as a gift.

  60. I would love to receive the monarch soap as a gift because I’ve become very interested in helping save them. I’m going to purchase several soaps for my sisters & granddaughters 🙂

  61. Pretty Betty Butterfly. I love reading to my great grandchildren. I have already purchased the shirts for my nephew and niece that sparked my interest in the monarch and have been helping me build my own garden for raising them. ??

  62. My favorite gift would be the Pretty Betty Butterfly book that I would keep with me so all the grandchildren could enjoy it when they visited.

  63. I’d love the Baby Cube Butterfly Collection for myself. Last week I saw a monarch caterpillar suspended from a pot wriggling out of its skin. By the time I got my phone camera on it was forming a chrysalis & I got it on video! I want the cube to raise more monarchs.

  64. I love anything that teaches and educates so I am for the coloring books. My granddaughter and I love the new style books with colored pencils. She came for a fall visit from Las Vegas and got to see and hold, on a milkweed leaf, her first caterpillars. I live in the country on a gravel road which I believe draws them back every year, they puddle for the minerals. This year 36 out of 41 made it and hopefully are in Mexico. I could not squish with my fingers the chrysalises that were bad but I did freeze them and will put them back into the earth in my butterfly garden next spring. Beautiful gifts!

  65. In case another gift idea is needed after 7 days, how about a “butterfly puddler”? I have seen a couple of nice ceramic ones online. One could be designed with a Monarch on it. I think many including myself forget that butterflies need minerals and get them in damp soil or sand. I also liked someone else’s idea of a garden flag.

  66. Hi. This is so nice for you to give us a chance of a gift. I love the mini cube. I also love the Chanukah gifts. I have just started filling my dream of having a butterfly garden. At the moment I have my first 10 chrystalines. The Chanukah gift I would give to my granddaughter so she can where the pride of what we are doing in sunny Florida. The cube to have to give back to the environment.

  67. I would like to receive the Believe sweatshirt. I love the design, and love showing my support for Monarchs!!

  68. I would buy the book so I can take it with my Therapy Dog, Cheyenne, when we go to Motivate Our Minds and have the kids read it to her. ??

  69. I would love receiving the Baby Cube Butterfly Cage. I have 5 grandchildren and it would be wonderful for us to raise Monarchs together. The story book would be a nice addition and for me, the long sleeved T-shirt, love the image.

  70. It’s a toss up. It really depends on the recipient. I would probably buy the plate or the soap for others; of course, I already own a cage or two, myself.~

  71. I love them all, too. Could use a poo tray right now as just received the large cage and going to try it out next year. Love the mug and T-shirt as well. Would be happy with any of them.

  72. I would really like someone to give me a coffee/tea cup. I would also put another butterfly cage to good use.
    I think I will buy my wife a tea cup.

  73. I love a Believe tshirt and the mug. I had a hard time deciding between the mug and adult coloring book but the mug is more unique so I chose that.

    My suggestion for another gift idea would be a garden flag. A small flag to put outside during the holidays would be great with the Believe design on it in red.

  74. I would love to gift the monarch soap! It is so beautiful. I would love to receive one too as a guest soap and one to set in my bathroom and never use.

  75. The gift I like the best, so far, is the butterfly plate. I would like to have this because I could enjoy butterflies all twelve months of the year. It would also remind me of the the beauty and uniqueness of butterflies. I have enjoyed raising monarchs for two years now and I especially like encouraging other people to start getting interested in monarchs and in trying to nurture them in their gardens by planting milkweed.

  76. Not sure if this is where I comment for the drawing, but I ordered (and received) a Believe tshirt for myself and my granddaughter. I wasn’t sure if my grandson’s (9 & 12) would want one.
    Needless to say, an order for two additional t-shirts was sent yesterday, will have 3 happy grandchildren.

  77. I would love one of the Believe Monarch Butterfly Christmas T-shirts. It would prompt people to ask questions so I could talk about how to save Monarchs 🙂

    The butterfly coloring book would be great for the neighbor kids. Anything that gets them to think about nature is a great idea.

  78. I would love the poo poo platter for my husband!! We are both getting very ACTIVE in raising an increased # of monarchs since we are now retired. We even buildt a screened-in porch for our bigger project next year. (So excited). The reason I would give it to my husband is he enjoys keeping our work area sanitary & clean. He would be so surprised & pleased with this gift. Merry Christmas!!

  79. I would buy the baby cube cage.Because my sister and 1 nephew already released monarchs this year, I would try and encourage my 2 other sisters and nephews to try it.

  80. I would love to receive the butterfly cube because I have been raising Monarch Butterflies since 1980 and would love an “official” cage to raise my butterflies in. Instead of old jars and aquariums! Love all the ideas 🙂

  81. My goodness,all of the gifts are awesome!
    I’d love to buy the Betty Butterfly book for my son who is 4. We’ve been raising monarchs together for two years now and we both absolutely love it!
    I would love to receive any of these wonderful gifts,but if i had to chose it would be the baby cube to add to our supplies. One can never have too many!

  82. response to questions: I would love a believe T-shirt and baby cubes to start my new Monarch habitat hobby

  83. I am mesmerized by the life cycle of Monarchs. I’ve captured and raised to butterflies, caterpillars and am hungry for all the information I can get about them. I even am remodeling my first little greenhouse making ready to raise Swamp Milkweed for them this spring. I recently bought the coffee mug but would LOVE the plate and/ or the ladies tee, size S.

  84. Of the first seven butterfly gift ideas, I would like to give the “Baby Cube Butterfly Collection for Raising Monarch Caterpillars”. The reason is because I have one and it is practical in that one can use it for any butterfly larvae. I am currently using it to raise a Papilio rumiko – Western Giant Swallowtail which I found on my lime tree. It looked like bird poop but moved when I tried to knock it off so I am trying to raise the caterpillar in the Cube cage with lime tree leaves.

  85. The butterfly cage and poo platter are my wish gift. I rescue the large cats from my garden and it’s a lot of work keeping the little carry cages clean. I love your emails and info. You have helped me tremendously! Thanks!

  86. Star of David Necklace because I have a dear friend who would cherish this item. However, the butterfly mug is going on my Christmas list because I love it and want it and would use it every day.

  87. What a beautiful mug, perfect for monitoring the Monarch butterflies still hanging around south Texas. They will know it’s too cold to be here when they see the steam from my coffee.

  88. I would love more cubes and the poo poo platters. One can never have enough tents.
    I would give the Pretty Betty Butterfly book to my nieces and buy one for myself. It looks adorable.

  89. I want them all!! I have a butterfly garden and love all of them. If I have to make a choice I would chose the butterfly nursery cube. Observing their cycle and sharing this with my grandchildren would be awesom!

  90. Of the first seven butterfly gift ideas, which would you most like to give or receive, and why?
    I absolutely love the butterfly Kaleidoscope mug and/ or plate they are beautiful I love the design they remind me of a light and airy butterfly the plate could go in my front entryway to greet guests as they enter my home and the mug I would use everyday for my hot tea and remind me of Summer butterflies year round. I would also love to get a set of both of these items for my sister who loves butterflies just as much I do.
    Thank you, Lisa


  92. Love all the shirts & hoodies with butterfly on it – I am the crazy butterfly lady on the block!

  93. The children’s book Pretty Betty Butterfly! Over the years I have lead our local garden club in an ongoing butterfly program at our children’s library. Along with the kids, we have planted a butterfly garden and raised painted lady butterflies releasing them into their garden Now after two successful summers collecting and raising my own monarchs at home I feel ready to share the exciting process with the children! This book would be an excellent segway to this monarch project and after reading the story to the kids we would donate it to the library

  94. Thanks for the gift ideas both practical and pretty! I’d like to give myself the Butterfly Cube as I’ve been borrowing a friend’s for the 3 rescues I’ve done so far. I’m addicted now!!! And it needs the Poo Poo Platter since these little critters are very “productive”!!!

  95. I would enjoy receiving the kaleidoscope mug and platter set as I love all things butterfly. The gift I would like to give is the “Pretty Betty Butterfly” book. My 14 year old grand-daughter grew up helping me each season raising and tagging monarchs. It is now time to start teaching my 2 year old grandson about the monarch life cycle. He observed me raising monarchs this past season and I believe this book will help him understand more the wonders of nature.

  96. I would love receiving the Baby Cube Butterfly Cage. I am just getting started and next year will be my first year raising monarchs so it would be a great gift to get me started. It would also be a good gift to give as I have quite a few friends now raising monarchs.

  97. I would love to give as gifts the Baby Cube Butterfly Cages to invite my family and friends to raise the monarch butterflies, Thank you!! Lesly from California

  98. Hi Tony – Of the first seven gifts I would absolutely like to give and get the Baby Butterfly Cube. I’ve been keeping my babies away from the older cats by isolating them in plastic potato salad containers but they deserve so much more. I also have recruited some friends to join me in my Monarch madness and I know they can use the baby cubes, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  99. The Monarch bracelet is a perfect gift. As an accessory, it is the perfect size. The little Lady Bug as a clasp is a very nice touch. I love all things MONARCH!

  100. I would love to win the Day 4 butterfly cube. I have two small net houses, and managed to raise and release 20 monarchs from those this year, but they are so small it is difficult to add fresh cuttings without disturbing the cats.

  101. The gift I would like to give would be the butterfly cage because there are some young kids in my neighborhood who would love to raise butterflies.

    I would love to receive the mug and dishes to go with my other butterfly dishes.

    Nice items, Tony!

  102. Wow! I love the Monarch soap. I am going to give some to all of my friends.

  103. I love the shirts and the poo poo platter (I’m always surprised by monarch poo production), but I’d have to pick the Kaleidoscope butterfly mug. It’s too gorgeous!

  104. I live in CT. Are these butterfly houses recommended for wsrmer weather.


    1. Hi Dolly, the butterflies cages are used to raise monarchs from tiny eggs to butterfly. We raise ours on a 3-season porch in Minnesota and some people raise indoors. Here’s more info on raising monarch butterflies:

      Raising Monarchs at Home

  105. I LOVE those mugs. So gorgeous! And I have someone in mind to give one to…. 🙂

    1. Hi Kathryn, butterfly houses only work as butterfly garden decor…they might attract wasps and other small insects and animals.

  106. Is there a sizing chart for the t-shirts etc.? Perhaps I was not looking in the
    right place………..

    1. Hi M.M. There is a sizing chart link to click on when you click on each shirt style:

      Believe Christmas Shirts- 6 shirt styles

      1. Gift ideas ,note pads, book marks, otherwise neck scarfs, winter or dressy, maybe a cloth sun hat that can be rolled or travel.

  107. Hi Tony,
    Your shirt’s are beautiful ! Most be time for me to buy myself a present from Santa .
    Been hot here and we still have not had a hard freeze yet either .
    Had two Monarch getting nectar last week and found one on the ground this week after a hard rain,the poor female must have been hiding in our pine trees ,she had pine sap all over her wings and couldn’t fly .Gave her some nectar and she didn’t make it though the night .
    My husband is working on a Butterfly house on wheels ,can’t wait till it’s done ,I’ll be ready next spring for sure .
    I’ll send pictures later .
    Have a beautiful weekend .
    Flutterby Acres signing out .

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