Halloween Butterflies with a Haunting Halloween Quote

Haunting Halloween Butterflies with a Halloween Quote + Monarch Butterfly Costume Ideas

When the viceroys take flight and few monarchs are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near halloween.

Check out these butterfly costume ideas for butterflies of all ages.

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  1. i saw a small plaque at my Dr.s office outside in their butterfly garden/outside waiting room that this garden was a certfied garden. How does one get such a sign for a private butterfly garden?

  2. We have had a nice long hot summer in Tucson. I have 10 beautiful green Pupas hanging in my greenhouse and 12 milkweed plants to support them, I’m currently setting up two more areas to grow more milkweed plants in the corners of my butterfly garden. The monarchs are doing better than ever here!

  3. Tony,
    I had a Female Monarch on my Aster’s all day yesterday ,fueling up with nectar for her long trip to Mexico .

    I reared a total of 121 Monarch’s this year ,has been a very good year here on my
    Flutter by acres Waystation .

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