Viceroy Butterfly gets Stuck Inside a Chrysalis

Viceroy Butterfly Problems

While this viceroy’s chrysalis problems are something to laugh about, these monarch chrysalis problems can be quite serious.
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  1. I had a butterfly partially emerge today. I carefully helped it out of it’s chrysalis and it has miniature wings! It is alive and eating but I know it will never fly do to it’s deformity. It also have only one antenna but two proboscis. I read on your site that when a butterfly gets stuck it usually means parasites. However, the other chrysalides all produced healthy butterflies. It was a normal caterpillar and seemed to be a normal chrysalis. Do random deformities happen from time to time? I have been raising for 2 yearsand have never had this happen

    1. Hi Jill, i’m not sure how often ‘random’ deformities occur or if it’s disease related. You could try keeping as a pet or euthanize if it is having issues. good luck!

  2. That’s terrible, but our class got them to and three got stuck so we need to kill them to or should we wait it out HELP ME,

  3. I have a baby butterfly that has now taken 4 days to come just halfway out its crysalis. It looks limp and weak but still manages to emerge, bit by bit. Should I leave it be? Help it get unstuck?
    Mahalo for your reply.

    1. sorry to hear this Marcia…this is often what happens with OE disease, and less frequently, dehydration. I think the best thing for the butterfly would be to euthanize it.

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