The Great Wall of Florida Pipevine

Pipevine in a Florida Butterfly Garden- which two native pipevine species are host plant options for pipevine swallowtails across much of the eastern US?
Rosemary’s Florida Butterfly Garden

Community member ‘Rosemary’ planted this pipevine in her Longwood Florida butterfly garden just last year.

Rosemary says: “I planted this pipevine last year along with a passion vine. This year the blooms are amazing and the butterflies are starting to arrive.”

If you’re looking for a climbing vine that is a host plant option for pipevine swallowtails try:

1. Aristolochia durior or macrophylla (big leaf pipevine)ir?t=monabuttgard 20&l=ur2&o=1 Florida pipevine Рnative to the eastern US and recommended for USDA hardiness zones 4a-8b.


8 Pipevine Host Plant Ideas for your Butterfly Garden Here

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